Mahindra XUV500 Maintenance Cost

Mahindra XUV500
Rs.12 - 20.07 Lakh*
This car model has discontinued

Mahindra XUV500 Service Cost

The estimated maintenance cost of Mahindra XUV500 for 5 years is Rs 32,740. The first service after 3000 km, second service after 10000 km and third service after 20000 km is free of cost.

Mahindra XUV500 Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

Select Engine/Fuel Type
List of all 6 services & kms/months whichever is applicable
Service No.Kilometers / MonthsFree / PaidTotal Cost
1st Service3000/3FreeRs.2,540
2nd Service10000/12FreeRs.3,540
3rd Service20000/24FreeRs.7,290
4th Service30000/36PaidRs.5,740
5th Service40000/48PaidRs.7,890
6th Service50000/60PaidRs.5,740
Approximate Service Cost for Mahindra XUV500 in 5 year Rs. 32,740

* These are estimated maintenance cost detail and cost may vary based on location and condition of car.

* Prices are excluding GST. Service Charge is not including any extra labour charges.

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Service User Reviews of Mahindra XUV500

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  • Xuv 500 W4

    Very nice performance, service cost is not high, safety is very nice 👍, overall is a good, very nic...Read More

    By manish panigrahi
    On: Jul 08, 2021 | 177 Views
  • Overall Satisfied

    Overall rating is satisfying. But, servicing is not good. The comfort is a bit lower than expected. ...Read More

    By suprokash sarkar
    On: Mar 28, 2021 | 184 Views
  • Nice Cabin To Be In.

    Bought in October 2020. w11 opt black and I think that was my best decision I took the car to Kashmi...Read More

    By abrar khan
    On: Feb 05, 2021 | 1267 Views
  • Great Car With Very Low Quality Material Interiors

    Low-quality plastic shows true color after 2 years. Service center response on any item broken is ve...Read More

    By sudeesh
    On: Nov 07, 2020 | 63 Views
  • Good Car But Some Things Which Can Be Improved.

    Good car but the availability of the spares is not good at Mahindra service stations.  Als...Read More

    By abhishek gautam
    On: Oct 03, 2020 | 55 Views
  • Never Buy This Car.

    Never take any car from Mahindra. Me crying, frustrated. Very bad service got a new car as it a scra...Read More

    By deepak kanwar
    On: Oct 02, 2020 | 88 Views
  • Bad Experience - Do Not Buy It.

    1. Maintenance cost is very high. 2.Service centers across India are there only to raise exorbitant ...Read More

    By souvik kumar
    On: Sep 29, 2020 | 119 Views
  • Stunning Performance With Adventurous Thrills

    My brother using this car. It is an amazing XUV500 car. We go for a trip to Manali on that and the r...Read More

    By hansraj ucheniyan
    On: Jul 30, 2020 | 81 Views
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Compare Variants of Mahindra XUV500

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • XUV500 W4 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
    Rs.1,199,775*EMI: Rs.27,350
    16.0 kmplManual
    Key Features
    • XUV500 W4Currently Viewing
      Rs.1,223,088*EMI: Rs.27,887
      16.0 kmplManual
      Pay 23,313 more to get
      • ABS with EBD
      • Dual Airbags
      • Rear Defogger
    • XUV500 W3 BSIVCurrently Viewing
      Rs.12,30,924*EMI: Rs.28,060
      15.1 kmplManual
      Pay 31,149 more to get
      • XUV500 W5 BSIVCurrently Viewing
        Rs.1,291,077*EMI: Rs.29,405
        15.1 kmplManual
        Pay 91,302 more to get
        • XUV500 W6 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
          Rs.13,38,433*EMI: Rs.30,453
          16.0 kmplManual
          Pay 1,38,658 more to get
          • XUV500 W6Currently Viewing
            Rs.13,63,428*EMI: Rs.31,010
            16.0 kmplManual
            Pay 1,63,653 more to get
            • Multifunctional Steering Wheel
            • Smart Rain Sensing Wiper
            • Automatic Climate Control
          • XUV500 W7 BSIVCurrently Viewing
            Rs.14,18,313*EMI: Rs.32,246
            15.1 kmplManual
            Pay 2,18,538 more to get
            • XUV500 W5Currently Viewing
              Rs.14,22,850*EMI: Rs.32,337
              Pay 2,23,075 more to get
              • XUV500 AT W6 2WDCurrently Viewing
                Rs.14,29,000*EMI: Rs.32,469
                16.0 kmplAutomatic
                Pay 2,29,225 more to get
                • XUV500 AT W6 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
                  Rs.1,451,000*EMI: Rs.32,972
                  16.0 kmplAutomatic
                  Pay 2,51,225 more to get
                  • XUV500 W8 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
                    Rs.15,10,524*EMI: Rs.34,302
                    16.0 kmplManual
                    Pay 3,10,749 more to get
                    • XUV500 W8 2WDCurrently Viewing
                      Rs.15,38,194*EMI: Rs.34,925
                      16.0 kmplManual
                      Pay 3,38,419 more to get
                      • Hill Hold Control
                      • Touchscreen Infotainment System
                      • Alloy Wheels
                    • XUV500 W7 AT BSIVCurrently Viewing
                      Rs.15,39,488*EMI: Rs.34,936
                      15.1 kmplAutomatic
                      Pay 3,39,713 more to get
                      • XUV500 W7Currently Viewing
                        Rs.15,56,175*EMI: Rs.35,308
                        15.1 kmplManual
                        Pay 3,56,400 more to get
                        • XUV500 W9 1.99Currently Viewing
                          Rs.15,59,000*EMI: Rs.35,378
                          16.0 kmplManual
                          Pay 3,59,225 more to get
                          • XUV500 W9 BSIVCurrently Viewing
                            Rs.15,88,943*EMI: Rs.36,057
                            15.1 kmplManual
                            Pay 3,89,168 more to get
                            • XUV500 AT W8 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
                              Rs.1,594,000*EMI: Rs.36,162
                              16.0 kmplAutomatic
                              Pay 3,94,225 more to get
                              • XUV500 AT W8 FWDCurrently Viewing
                                Rs.15,94,306*EMI: Rs.36,169
                                16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                Pay 3,94,531 more to get
                                • XUV500 W10 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
                                  Rs.15,98,454*EMI: Rs.36,251
                                  16.0 kmplManual
                                  Pay 3,98,679 more to get
                                  • XUV500 W8 AWDCurrently Viewing
                                    Rs.1,603,660*EMI: Rs.36,380
                                    16.0 kmplManual
                                    Pay 4,03,885 more to get
                                    • Touchscreen Infotainment System
                                    • Hill Hold Control
                                    • 4 Wheel Drive
                                  • XUV500 W10 2WDCurrently Viewing
                                    Rs.16,28,626*EMI: Rs.36,937
                                    16.0 kmplManual
                                    Pay 4,28,851 more to get
                                    • XUV500 AT W9 2WDCurrently Viewing
                                      Rs.16,53,000*EMI: Rs.37,478
                                      16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                      Pay 4,53,225 more to get
                                      • XUV500 Sportz MT AWDCurrently Viewing
                                        Rs.16,53,000*EMI: Rs.37,478
                                        16.0 kmplManual
                                        Pay 4,53,225 more to get
                                        • XUV500 W9 AT 1.99Currently Viewing
                                          Rs.16,67,000*EMI: Rs.37,783
                                          16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                          Pay 4,67,225 more to get
                                          • XUV500 W7 ATCurrently Viewing
                                            Rs.16,76,1,34*EMI: Rs.37,989
                                            15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                            Pay 4,76,359 more to get
                                            • XUV500 W9 AT BSIVCurrently Viewing
                                              Rs.17,10,118*EMI: Rs.38,748
                                              15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                              Pay 5,10,343 more to get
                                              • XUV500 W10 AWDCurrently Viewing
                                                Rs.1,714,460*EMI: Rs.38,856
                                                16.0 kmplManual
                                                Pay 5,14,685 more to get
                                                • XUV500 W11 BSIVCurrently Viewing
                                                  Rs.17,16,319*EMI: Rs.38,902
                                                  15.1 kmplManual
                                                  Pay 5,16,544 more to get
                                                  • XUV500 W11 FWD DieselCurrently Viewing
                                                    Rs.17,22,000*EMI: Rs.39,022
                                                    15.1 kmplManual
                                                    Pay 5,22,225 more to get
                                                    • XUV500 W9Currently Viewing
                                                      Rs.17,30,409*EMI: Rs.39,209
                                                      15.1 kmplManual
                                                      Pay 5,30,634 more to get
                                                      • XUV500 AT W10 FWDCurrently Viewing
                                                        Rs.17,31,984*EMI: Rs.39,248
                                                        16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                                        Pay 532,209 more to get
                                                        • XUV500 R W10 FWDCurrently Viewing
                                                          Rs.17,31,984*EMI: Rs.39,248
                                                          16.0 kmplManual
                                                          Pay 5,32,209 more to get
                                                          • XUV500 AT W10 1.99 mHawkCurrently Viewing
                                                            Rs.17,32,000*EMI: Rs.39,249
                                                            16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                                            Pay 5,32,225 more to get
                                                            • XUV500 W11 Option BSIVCurrently Viewing
                                                              Rs.17,41,319*EMI: Rs.39,459
                                                              15.1 kmplManual
                                                              Pay 5,41,544 more to get
                                                              • XUV500 Sportz AT AWDCurrently Viewing
                                                                Rs.17,56,000*EMI: Rs.39,781
                                                                16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                                                Pay 556,225 more to get
                                                                • XUV500 AT W10 AWDCurrently Viewing
                                                                  Rs.18,02,660*EMI: Rs.40,833
                                                                  16.0 kmplAutomatic
                                                                  Pay 6,02,885 more to get
                                                                  • XUV500 W11 AT BSIVCurrently Viewing
                                                                    Rs.18,37,586*EMI: Rs.41,594
                                                                    15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                                                    Pay 6,37,811 more to get
                                                                    • XUV500 W9 ATCurrently Viewing
                                                                      Rs.18,51,363*EMI: Rs.41,915
                                                                      15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                                                      Pay 6,51,588 more to get
                                                                      • XUV500 W11 Option AWDCurrently Viewing
                                                                        Rs.18,52,000*EMI: Rs.41,931
                                                                        15.1 kmplManual
                                                                        Pay 6,52,225 more to get
                                                                        • XUV500 W11 Option AT BSIVCurrently Viewing
                                                                          Rs.18,62,586*EMI: Rs.42,151
                                                                          15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                                                          Pay 6,62,811 more to get
                                                                          • XUV500 W11 OptionCurrently Viewing
                                                                            Rs.18,84,191*EMI: Rs.42,645
                                                                            15.1 kmplManual
                                                                            Pay 6,84,416 more to get
                                                                            • XUV500 W11 Option AT AWDCurrently Viewing
                                                                              Rs.19,70,576*EMI: Rs.44,578
                                                                              15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                                                              Pay 7,70,801 more to get
                                                                              • XUV500 W9 2WDCurrently Viewing
                                                                                Rs.20,00,000*EMI: Rs.45,223
                                                                                16.0 kmplManual
                                                                                Pay 8,00,225 more to get
                                                                                • XUV500 W11 Option ATCurrently Viewing
                                                                                  Rs.20,07,157*EMI: Rs.45,401
                                                                                  15.1 kmplAutomatic
                                                                                  Pay 8,07,382 more to get
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