HONDA CITY : Best to drive in any CITY, Perfect handling.

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HONDA CITY : Best to drive in any CITY, Perfect handling.

After driving it for 5 years, I can proudly say that Honda CITY deserves to be at the top in the SEDAN segment with the price range it offers. Weather you want to drive it like a sports car on the highway or like a convenient vehicle in the city having a lot of traffic. Well, let me take you through its best parts and very few disappointed ones. So, here we go..... Best parts :: 1. Interior design and parts - The interior is dual toned, makes it look luxurious, The dashboard is big and classic, All the necessary details are there in front of you. You get music mode, volume, channels change buttons on handle also, makes it convenient. It beeps if seat belts are not used. There are enough small storages, specific for cups/glasses, elbow rest as well. On the driver door, you get buttons to slide up/down for every window, buttons to control mirrors, and yes central locking system as well. So, you see, these things are handy. Wait there's more..2. Exteriors : From outside, It gives a hard and a beast look, from front to rear, sideways. This car having a sleek design from front helps to cut air resistance and helps to accelerate at more pace. The build quality is rock solid, although the paint doesn't seem to be same as that. Parking it under the direct hot sun light, may affect it's shade. Well, it did for me. But I've been parking it out almost everyday. 3. Comfort & Space - Much more comfortable, than you can expect in this price range, in terms of seats, the range of sliding the seats from front to rear Or let it be inclining it at almost from 80 degrees to 145 degrees, Well, that's a lot to allow any sitting postures and leg room for the driver as well as others. The quality of the seat covers are actually very good, I still didn't need to change them. 4. Handling - This is the best part of it that i love the most, Handling is so smooth and superb, Power steering helps a lot. Trust me, I've driven it on 170-175 Km/H on NH1 highway with a lots of luggage, It didn't even vibrated a little. 5. AC & Sound System - Never had to think about changing the sound system, It came with enough BASS and TREBLE. AC system is powerful, cools down the car with in minutes.6. Engine and Mileage - HONDA is known for its powerful engines, Engine is efficient, being a petrol engine, doesn't require much maintenance, Mileage is around 12-14 in city, 18 on highway. Gives best when driven in around 80-100 on highways.With so much pros, here comes few cons as well : 1. Suspension and Shockers : I think, the life of suspension and shockers is not that much which i expected, had to change within 3 years.2. Ground level : I had changes Tyres, with 17" alloys, that made it's ground level very low, have to be careful when driving over the high speed breakers.Well, that's it for the cons, I really had to think hard to get them, these are the ones that i accept. Never the less, this car is trust worthy and never had to face any issues related to engines or anything except punctures, hehe. I highly recommend this car to my mates, Recommending here too, Give it a test drive. But trust me, after driving this car, I didn't love the handling of any other car than the City one. So, welcome the CITY to your home. Hope my review helps. Regards, Varun.

By varun chauhan
On: Nov 26, 2016 | 1571 Views
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Dec 2, 2016 10:49:38 PM

Yes, i agree with the ground level issue, that is basically because of the shockers. They dont handle the weight while on speed, then breakers hit the car from below.

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      On: Nov 26, 2016 | 1571 Views
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