Continental UltraContact UC6 Tyre: 4000 Kilometre Review

Published On Oct 15, 2022 By Tarun for Kia Carens

The Carens’ new Continental tyres have gone through rigorous testing through the monsoon season

Kia Carens UltraContact UC6 TYRES

In August, Continental sent us their UltraContact UC6 tyres for review. We put it to use on our most important fleet car, the support and production car, the Kia Carens. Now, four months and almost 4,000 kilometres later, the tyres continue to support us without any hiccups. 

The Carens has gone through several recces and uncountable shoots. This means the tyres have driven through damaged, muddy, and less friction wet roads, and even rocks and water puddles off the road. And even after this, we were impressed to see that the wear and tear has been minimal. Through all, the tyres have maintained their good quality and balanced experience. 

Kia Carens UltraContact UC6 TYRES

These tyres are claimed to be monsoon specialists and throughout the wet road conditions, the UltraContact UC6 tyres offered adequate grip. This remains the same even while taking sharp turns or going through hilly roads. As per Continental, the wet road performance is enhanced by the tyres’ Aqua draining system, Aqua channel, and Chamfered edge technology. With this, the braking performance also seems to have improved and we felt more confident in emergency situations. 

Kia Carens UltraContact UC6 TYRES

The tyre noise was also low and the road noise was less translated into the cabin. Hence, we got a comparatively quieter cabin experience, which keeps the passengers a bit more comfortable. 

The lovable monsoon season is just about to end. With the roads drying up, we’ll have the space to test out the same features of these tyres on regular surfaces. Continental claims that these tyres also improve fuel efficiency, which we would have loved to test.

Kia Carens UltraContact UC6 TYRES

However, the Carens production car is leaving our fleet by the end of this month. You can watch the Carens long term review below. 

Date Acquired - August 20, 2022

Kilometres reading when acquired - 12,500

Kilometres done till date- 16,597

Highlights - Less tyre noise, Quieter cabin experience, improved wet road performance, and better braking performance. 

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