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Enhance the fragrance

Published On Jan 11, 2013 02:38 PM By CarDekho

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Generally a person is judged more by the cleanliness inside his car than the outside. Many people eat in their car and this makes it stinky on the inside. For this reason, car perfumes came into existence.

We get our hands on the recently awarded and a lot spoken about Involve Your Senses. We tried the gel-based perfume that comes with a lemon fragrance. The good bit about this perfume isn’t just the aroma, but also the option open the cover, as per your requirement of attar.

After using it for a week and a half, we recommend this gel-based perfume for those who prefer these types of perfumes. The black case of the perfume also looks classy and subtle than the other perfumes, which makes look good aesthetically also.

The other perfume that we used from this company was the spray-time.  Again, apart from the aroma of the perfume, what impressed us was the aesthetic design.

The sides are rounded and not sharp for better feel of the bottle and also better safety as well. The fragrance is good and one spray lasted for a few hours, which means lesser use of the perfume.

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