10 Reasons Why Bikers Switch To Cars

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Bikers have very strong communities around the globe. They travel together, feast together and share an unbreakable bond. But often there comes a time in every biker’s life when he/she has to hang their helmet and strap on a seat belt. So, why do bikers undergo this switch? Let's find out.

1. All Weather Protection

Bikes give a sense of proximity to all things around the rider. The exposed nature of riding is what makes the biking experience exhilarating, and at times wet, dusty or injured with hailstorms. Cars on the other hand, offer complete protection to the driver from all types of weathers. It helps you escape water filled streets, harsh heat from the raging sun and the wrath of the storm god with ease. So, if you live in an area which is harshly affected by changing weather, you are probably should add two more wheels to your ride very soon.

2. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

With increasing number of motorised vehicles on the road, a friendly tap or forceful slap from one vehicle to another is imminent. And if you get caught in the middle of any such incident, you would be a lot more safer if you were strapped in a metallic cage. Even without the involvement of a foreign entity, riders can slip on uneven tarmac and injure themselves. A car is any day much safer than a bike and this is one of the biggest reason as to why people should make a shift.

3. Goods Carrier

If you own a business, a day will come when you will have to carry something which might not fit on a motorcycle. At that time, you will either be forced to hire help, or become a burden on your friends or family who own a four wheeler. If you often have to transport large articles and are forced to hire help, buying a car makes perfect sense.

4. Pollution Under Control

In rush-hours, a biker not only fights his way through the traffic, but also battles the exhaust smoke coming out of the heavy vehicles. This smoke is highly injurious and causes permanent damage to the body.  A car provides pollution-free air conditioned environment to the driver in which he/she can navigate in peace and clean.

5. Couch Comfort

Cars are undoubtedly more comfortable than bikes. For people suffering from backache or slipped disc, travelling on a bike becomes very troublesome and causes continuous discomfort. A car provides better support for the body and the drive is also more comfortable as well as jerk free.

6. The New Born

One of the biggest reasons why bikers make a shift to cars is the arrival of a new member in the family. Carrying a baby on a bike is highly unsafe as safety is not always guaranteed. Also, the exposure to extreme weather conditions and the pollution is harmful for the child and should be avoided at all times. Buying a car to carry the baby is a must do for all the parents.

7. The Knot

Gadi, kapda aur makaan (car, cloths and house) are the new three fundamental pillars of marriage. No matter which bike you own, a car is a prerequisite for getting married. So, if you are planning to tie the knot soon, go to your nearest car dealer and get a shining new car.

8. Carpool

In metros, your office might easily be more than 30km away from your home. In such a situation, it's much easier to carpool and take your colleagues along with you. This will help you save money, and make the journey more enjoyable.

9. Social Factor

The society is always slightly apprehensive of bikers. If you rather own a bike than a car, you will be seen as an outcast. To fit into a society, you need to match their mindset and get yourself a car.

10. Road Trips

Bikers have their own share of fun on trips and rallies. But going on a road trip with friends or family is a lot more convenient in a car. The passengers groove to music, enjoy some munchies and sit relaxed while approaching the destination. Carrying luggage is also a lot more easier in a car than on a bike. If you constantly travel, and enjoy the company of friends, then get yourself a car.

So, these are the factors which make bikies give up their love and passion and adopt a more sophisticated lifestyle. And owing to one of the above mentioned reasons, it is certain that you will soon be spotted in a four-wheel ride, if you have not already made the shift.

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