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May 28, 2013: India's second largest carmaker, Hyundai Motor has now finally stopped the production of its entry-level sedan, Accent , which was launched about 14 years back in India. The car has however lost the charm it had some year back, it also had a CRDi powered version, which was discontinued in the year 2007. The company has also removed the Accent from its official website as well. The reason why the car could not lure buyers is the fact that it didn't the facelift timely, so it was comparatively the oldest in its league. Also, Hyundai i20 became the new best-seller for the company, which serves the purpose of both a premium hatch and being over 4-metre car, it also attract the buyers who love to own a big car. One more reason behind its discontinuation is the company's new focus on the compact car, which will sit between the existing i10 and i20.

Hyundai Accent price list (Variants)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price    
GTX Tornado  (Discontinued)

1599 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 7.5 Lakh
DLS  (Discontinued)

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 7.16 Lakh
CRDi  (Discontinued)

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 7.16 Lakh
VIVA CRDi  (Discontinued)

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 6.99 Lakh
VIVA ABS  (Discontinued)

1599 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 6.46 Lakh
VIVA  (Discontinued)

1599 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.1 kmpl
Rs 6.26 Lakh
GLS 1.6 ABS  (Discontinued)

1599 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.4 kmpl
Rs 6.26 Lakh
GLS 1.6  (Discontinued)

1599 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.4 kmpl
Rs 6.04 Lakh
GLE CNG  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, CNG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.56 Lakh
Executive LPG  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, LPG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.55 Lakh
Executive CNG  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, CNG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.55 Lakh
Executive  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 16.36 kmpl
Rs 5.18 Lakh
GLX  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.0 Lakh
GLS  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.0 Lakh
GLE 2  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.0 Lakh
GLE 1  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.0 Lakh
GLE  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 5.0 Lakh
Gvs  (Discontinued)

1495 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 4.5 Lakh

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  • S
    Siddhant on 28 Aug, 2017
    The Hyundai Accent one the best aerodynamic power full car but unfortunately the company discontinue the model so far i am very much disappointed but here what I request to Hyundai reproduce with add some better feture... 1
  • B
    Bharat on 13 Jun, 2017
    The Hyundai Accent one the best aerodynamic power full car but unfortunately the company discontinue the model so far i am very much disappointed but here what I request to Hyundai reproduce with add some better feture... 1

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Hyundai Accent Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Diesel Manual  13.1 kmpl 8.2 kmpl
Petrol Manual  13.2 kmpl 9.0 kmpl
CNG Manual  13.2 km/kg 12.2 km/kg
LPG Manual  13.2 km/kg 12.2 km/kg

Hyundai Accent review

Hyundai is primed to take on the compact sedan's street triple as the scout is here to rake the fight to pure commuter's range with the release of Hyundai Xcent . This five seater vehicle from the Hyundai's tray also accommodates the votes of the majority of audience for its superior picture perfect product. This model is offered in petrol as well as diesel versions to choose from. It is stitched over the Grand i10 and the pick list is widened by making it available in couple of variants. The all new Xcent, well, not all that new because, while retaining the standard factors that it is known for, it also manages to impress with added utility features that are not usually seen in this segment. The exterior is dressed up with chrome, and chrome, and a lot more of chrome. The stylish set of 15 inch alloy wheels is available for the top end, whereas the mid range variant is fitted with 14-inch clean silver alloy wheels. The diesel trims are decked with a second generation 1.1-litre CRDi engine that displaces 1120cc and is packed with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. It sticks to its lineage of Grand i10 by retaining the same engines. The petrol trims are integrated with a 1.2-litre Kappa Dual VTVT petrol engine that is based on a DOHC valve configuration teamed with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox that has a mind of its own when it comes to torque distribution. Arguably the most comfortable of the lot, it has got a motor that packs a lot of punch. Performance clubbed with comfort, the Xcent offers a spacious cabin and a seating that can safely be called a couch. This is a performance packed engine that can put most cars to shame. True to its heritage, this is a machine that is easily swayed into almost any category. The dash that's been stripped down to create a stunning inside by spreading a theme of dual tone beige and black color scheme that is hit by a blue illumination, making this vehicle undoubtedly one of the best looking inn on wheels. Equipped with functions like air conditioning, an automated temperature control, electric power steering and push start/stop button makes this car fun to ride, looks good and is a proper brit muscle. This attempt of Hyundai to redefine practicality has payed off by launching its next generation vehicle now with a better face and more 'race effects'. The mid range and the top end variants have a 4-speed automatic transmission gear box adds to the 'X- factor. Want a performance oriented vehicle with a bit of style? Then this car is a decent alternative to the other offerings. An expensive but fine machine and convenient for city errands. Hey, extra features costs money. Need we say more for what to pick, while the mileage too stands in support by squeezing a 24.4 kmpl from diesel and 19.1 kmpl from petrol.


The very first look at this well built figure that's called Hyundai Xcent will succeed in leaving an imprint on the heart of the car lovers. A major facelift to this well pampered vehicle is to refurnish it with not just a little, but a lot of chrome. The front fascia has a wide windshield which are fixed with a pair of wipers. Integrated with high intensity head lamps, the headlight cluster steals all the appreciation for a trendy appearance it displays. Around it there is a radiator grille in chrome and engraved a company's badge in the center. A trapezoidal air dam with a chrome surround is integrated to the bumpers that are in body color. A pair of round shaped fog lamps are fitted in the front bumper that adds to its style. The frontage has a final touch up with the bonnet having fine character lines. The outside rear view mirrors as well as the door handles are in body color giving a uniformed layering to the overall picture of the car. Whereas the rear bumper is in body color along with couple of reflectors to it. For the top end variant, while the the ORVMs are in body color, the door handles are in chrome finishing. The external mirrors are decked with side turn indicators as well. As a safety function, a side molding is provided too. A unique tail light cluster enhances the look of the car from the rear view altogether. A chrome furnished strip with Hyundai written on it is attached to the boot lid.

Exterior Measurements:

With an overall length of 3995mm and a width of 1660mm, it stands at a height of 1520mm. A long wheelbase of 2425mm is capable of giving a spacious leg room inside. The front track has a width of 1479mm while the rear track sits at a measure of 1493mm. A decent fuel tank storage capacity of 43 litres is offered.


Editor's Take : The interior styling of the Accent has aged, but it still looks good even compared to the competition.

The Hyundai Xcent insides have been given a precise detailing which cannot fail to impress even if unnoticed. There is a multi functional steering that has an integrated audio control as well as a Bluetooth connectivity. An advanced 2-DIN music player with USB support and an Aux-in port along with CD and MP3 player is additionally teamed with a radio tuner. Then there are electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors on both sides, whose switches are handy and fitted on the driver door arm rest. A push start/stop button is offered, which adds to the utility value. There is also a cooling glove box unit. The passenger convenience is increase by providing adjustable head restraints to the rear seats. The driver side power window with auto down function is at. An electric power steering system is offered that makes the driving job way too simpler and easier. The passenger side sun visor is offered with a vanity mirror. The driver seat height adjuster gives an improved flexibility in making the seat arrangements as per the personal preference.

Interior Comfort:

The occupants are pampered by comforts like adjustable rear seat head rests that offer a better seating position. A back pocket to the front seat can be stuffed with handy and important things. Then there is a rear seat center armrest that supports a cup holder to it. The storage capacity is further increased by providing front and rear door map pockets. The lighting in the cabin has been addressed by offering front and rear room lamps and additionally blue interior illumination.

Interior Measurements:

This compact sedan has a boot space is 407 litres. It has a fuel tank capacity of 43 litres. This cabin has a decent leg and shoulder space that makes it comfortable for all the occupants.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's Take : The acceleration of the Accent is good for city and even for highway driving.

The five speed manual transmission gear box is coupled with second generation 1.1-litre engine in the diesel version. Along with a potential of reaching a whopping 160 kmph, this vehicle can cross the speed limit of 100 kmph effortlessly in about 16 to 17 seconds. Whereas the petrol engine based variants accelerate to 100 kmph mark in almost 16 seconds and can attain a maximum speed of 145 to 155 kmph without much hassle.

Engine and Performance

Editor's Take : The 1.5-litre petrol engine of the Accent is decent and even the fuel efficiency is moderate. The performance of the sedan when compared to competition is also good.

The petrol version is equipped with 1.2 litre, Kappa dual variable timing valve train engine which displaces 1197cc. It has a capacity to produce a maximum power of 82bhp at 6000rpm. It generates a maximum torque of 114Nm at 4000rpm. This motor is available in a five wheel manual and a for speed automatic transmission gear box. The diesel variants are equipped by a 1.1 litre, U2, common rail direct injection fuel supply system that has a displacement capacity of 1120cc. The maximum power generated by this engine is 71bhp at 4000rpm and a peak torque of 180Nm at 1500 to 2750rpm. Under standard conditions, the CRDI teamed with a 5 speed manual transmission, gives a decent mileage of 24.4 kmpl.


Editor's Take : The fuel economy of the Accent is decent, however there are vehicles with higher fuel economy as well.

Offered with a 1.2-litre petrol engine, this variant is based on DOHC valve configuration that is integrated with multi point fuel injection system. The manual trims generate a mileage of approximately 19.1 Kmpl, while the automatic version produces a fuel economy of 16.9 kmpl. Whereas, the diesel version is equipped with second generation CRDI engine that is capable of delivering an impressive mileage of 24.4 kmpl.

Power of Hyundai Accent

Editor's Take : The power produced by the 1.5-litre engine on the Accent was good a decade ago, but the growing technology has made lower displacement vehicles more powerful.

The 1.2-litre Kappa dual VTVT petrol engine has the potential to generate a maximum power of 82bhp at 6000 rpm. It produces an impressive torque output of 114Nm at 4000rpm. The diesel trim is also great in producing a maximum power of 70bhp at 4000rpm and a maximum torque output of 180Nm at 2750rpm.

Braking & Handling

Editor's Take : The Accent is one of the best handling sedans of its times and even today it is good. The Accent’s ride is also pliant and even its braking.

The efficiency of an automobile is hugely dependent on the braking system and this has been addressed quite well by the manufacturers of this Hyundai Xcent. An advanced anti lock braking system is offered in the S Option as well as the SX option trims, which facilitates in efficient mechanism. Conventional disc brakes are fixed to the front wheels, while the rear wheels are affixed with drum brakes. In order to glide smoothly over uneven roads, an efficient suspension is required and this has been taken well care of by the designers. The front axle is equipped with a McPherson strut with coil springs and then the rear axle is fitted with a twist beam type of a mechanism. The electric power assisted steering system plays a role in enriching the handling of this compact sedan. By having a tilt adjustable steering mechanism, there is a feasibility to adjust it according to the driver's preference.

Safety & Security

Editor's Take : The safety feature son the Accent includes seat belts and engine immobiliser.

After all that is said and done, the choice always boils down to the protection, a vehicle can provide to the occupants. The heavy built of Hyundai Xcent keeps you grounded all the time ensuring that the vehicle is stable and balanced at all speed levels. On the inside, there are air bags for the front passengers, which further enhance their safety, in case of a head-on collision. The car can face possible threats, while it is even parked anywhere, then such theft issues and unauthorized access can be taken care of by the engine immobilizer feature, which has been incorporated into this compact sedan. To top it all, it has an anti lock braking system that takes care of slippery roads and keeps the car . The rear bumper has a safety aspect that has a pair of reflectors incorporated into it. There is a central door locking system, with which the driver can simultaneously lock or unlock all the doors, by just pressing a button. Another couple of crucial aspects which this compact sedan has are a pair of front fog lamps affixed in the bumper and the rear windscreen defogger that helps in extreme weather conditions. The instrument cluster does a lot of multi tasking and has several alarms and buzzers for the driver's attention. These include door ajar warning lamp and the driver seat belt notification. Other intelligent features that have been equipped for adding more utility are a smart keyless entry, parking sensors to identify the objects when reversing, while the camera shows it on the ECM display.


The base variant is fitted with 14 inch steel wheels that have full covers. The mid range trim is equipped with 14 inch alloy wheels, over which the radial tubeless tyres of 165/65 size are affixed. The top end trim has a strong set of 15 inch diamond cut alloy wheels that are covered by the radial tyres of size 175/60 R15 offering great control on the road.



1. The face is stunningly classy.

2. Good fuel economy. After all, the mileage does matter !!!

3. Great performance by the petrol version.

4. The cabin is quite spacious.

5. There is an impressive leg room.




1. Could be provided with leather upholstery.

2. Mileage of its petrol version can be further improved.

3. Acceleration is off the mark.

4. The noise of its diesel engine is quite disturbing.

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Hyundai Accent in news

Hyundai Discontinues Accent, focus on new Compact Car

Hyundai Motor, India's second largest carmaker has now stopped production of its entry-level sedan, Accent, which lost the charm it had some years back. In fact, the company has removed the Accent from its official website as well, further indicating the discontinuation of the car. A report published in Livemint now claims that a company official has confirmed the same to them, without disclosing the details. Read Full News

Posted On | May 28, 2013

Hyundai Accent hatchback: India awaits the launch

With the release of Accent Hatchback at Montreal Auto show, the Korean automobile giant Hyundai entered in the market with third-generation of Hatchback car segment. Read Full News

Posted On | May 07, 2011

New Hyundai Accent in 2012 sneaked

Hyundai Motors is making an official representation of Hyundai Accent in the New York Auto Show on 20th April 2011. The Korean auto company is looking for fresh ways to reveal the new look and features of the Hyundai Accent. Hyundai is aiming to put the various features of the car to the front. Coachella is one of the music festivals in California sponsored by Hyundai auto mobile company. The auto giants is planning to exhibit the car features and attractive look through this particular event. Read Full News

Posted On | April 21, 2011

Hyundai Accent 2011 available at Rs 501,900

Hyundai Accent 2011 will come with a price tag of Rs 501,900 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the South Korean silently launched the retouched version of Hyundai Accent. The company with the unveiling of the new edition in the car model also revealed the prices. The new edition of Hyundai Accent gets a transformation which makes it look more savvy. With the chrome finished front grille, the exterior is changed. A revamp in the waistline molding is now crafted with chrome inserts which was earlier body coloured. Read Full News

Posted On | March 23, 2011

Hyundai Accent refreshed version launched

India's second largest auto giant Hyundai silently relaunched the popular sedan Hyundai Accent recently. The sedan successfully captured the Indian auto market and is all set to woo the Indian customers ponce again. Hyundai is once again counting on its old horse in order to surge the sales. The smashing sedan has not changed much, there are slight changes made in the sedan. Read Full News

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