New Maruti Swift to be more frugal

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The undiputed king of domestic car market Maruti Suzuki India which accounts over 45% of the Indian car market said that the company's new Maruti Swift has gone under complete transformation to make it more fuel efficient.



Maruti Swift

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The older version of this car was among the top selling premium hatchbacks in the country. This new version might come up with 1.2 L petrol and 1.3 L diesel engine in the market. The car as said will be longer that its elder sibling but smaller than the Maruti Swift Dzire. The car will deliver a better mileage. Several steps have been taken to increase the mileage of the car, the main stress is laid on the weight of the car. To reduce the weight the metal fuel tank is replaced with the plastic fuel tank. This will improve the mileage of the car to about 13%. Apart from this the new plastic fuel tank in the car is about 30-35% lighter in weight as compared to the metal fuel tank, and are also corrosion-free, durable, non-explosive and easily recyclable.


Maruti Swift

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This will be the first major change that will come in the car after it was launched in the year 2005. The price of this new hatchback is not yet revealed by the company. As per speculations the new Swift will be manufactured at the Manesar plant in Haryana.


Maruti Swift

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It is expected that the petrol variant may return a mileage a of 20 kmpl whereas the diesel variant may return a mileage of 23.8 kmpl as claimed by the company. The figures claimed by ARAI are totally different from this, as per ARAI the petrol variant may deliver a mileage of 17.9 kmpl and the diesel variant may deliver a mileage of 21 kmpl.At present Maruti India has Maruti A-Star, Maruti Alto, Maruti Gypsy, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti SX4, Maruti WagonR, Maruti ZEN Estilo and Maruti Kizashi under its portfolio.

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Asked By RAMAKRISHNA 07 Jul,2011 06:44:21 PM


Reply By Rajesh K Sharma 12 Jul,2011 04:43:04 PM

Dear booking of new swift is on, and delivery is expected to be in mid of Sep-2011

Reply By vel murugan 12 Jul,2011 06:00:03 PM

Good Evening I Want Swift Rate

Reply By Rajesh K Sharma 12 Jul,2011 06:40:41 PM

Add Rs30000 to existing price.

Reply By Sai 13 Jul,2011 07:24:20 AM

Dont they have any alternate material for Tank??? Its a pathetic Plastic, In case of any major accident it increases chances of potential explosion.

Reply By Rajesh K Sharma 13 Jul,2011 09:35:27 AM

It will not explode, as explained in news, plz read the news in Economic tim

Reply By amit walavalkar 13 Jul,2011 12:44:30 PM

would like to know swift S-concept is also gona to launch in india/mumbai would like to know the price also & scheduld when?

Reply By Nikhil 13 Jul,2011 02:46:25 PM

Guys, are there any changes made to the body or looks?

Reply By praneeth reddy 15 Jul,2011 11:04:13 PM

ya the bookings are gonna open shortly within 2 or 3 months

Asked By CarDekho Team 07 Jul,2011 07:12:51 PM

The New Swift is planned for a August launch.

Reply By anil 12 Jul,2011 03:32:56 PM

Please Advise The Diesel Variant Price.

Asked By Jawahar 12 Jul,2011 09:12:17 AM

September 1st week

Asked By JAY 12 Jul,2011 11:33:49 AM

What about pricing? Disel variant specially....?

Asked By rajnish mishra 12 Jul,2011 11:55:21 AM

when new swift arrive? send new swift picture

Reply By Shubha 13 Jul,2011 09:58:44 AM

We had booked the new swift in Jan with one of the leading dealers in Bangalore. Yesterday we got a call from dealer that official launch date is announced to be Aug 15th and would get the delivery somewhere in october

Asked By backer 12 Jul,2011 12:29:43 PM

Asked booking dete new shift king,,,,,,,,,,

Asked By nani 12 Jul,2011 01:27:04 PM

what a model & what a desining but model small in pictuer

Asked By MKB Anand 12 Jul,2011 02:38:27 PM

Wat about the durability of the plastic tank...

Asked By Abdul salim 12 Jul,2011 02:55:26 PM

I need to bay a new car so i need online loan support

Asked By Ravi Asopa 12 Jul,2011 03:45:28 PM

Please give technical specification and ground clearance of new swift 2011 including type size

Asked By Ravi Asopa 12 Jul,2011 03:47:14 PM

wish to sell my Aveo 1.4 (August 2010 make) black colour

Reply By Kapil 14 Jul,2011 10:07:35 AM

At what price u r offering

Reply By Ravi Asopa 14 Jul,2011 11:35:32 AM

Best price I can get around 6 lacs

Asked By ranjita 12 Jul,2011 06:06:41 PM

what would be the price of new swift with petrol engine?

Asked By S k Nair 12 Jul,2011 07:10:25 PM

when will the New Swift be launched in Trivandrum (Kerala)

Asked By Swapnil Borekar 12 Jul,2011 07:28:37 PM

Hi this is Swapnil from Nagpur(Mhaharashtra), i already booked a swift in april 2011 and also told the showroom people that i would like to convert it into new model of swift 2011, so plz let me know if maruti launches swift in august 2011 then when will i get the delivery of the car?? Kindly reply my querry plz.

Reply By prasad 13 Jul,2011 02:44:48 PM

Hi Swapnil. I'm from coimbatore. I have book Swift VDi on april 2011. Just today i got a call 4m my dealer that they are delivering new model swift to all the customers those who are waiting in queue for the delivery. They got a letter as well 4m me regarding this. so contact ur dealer.

Reply By prasad 13 Jul,2011 02:48:08 PM

Hi Swapnil. I'm from coimbatore. I have booked Swift VDi on april 2011. Just today i got a call 4m my dealer that they are delivering new model swift to all the customers those who are waiting in queue for the delivery. They got a letter as well 4m me regarding this. so contact ur dealer.

Asked By sk ibrahim 12 Jul,2011 08:33:19 PM

what price of Maruthy swift diesel h.back at goa teritory and when will be awailable

Asked By Krishna 13 Jul,2011 06:33:45 AM

If i book the same model when you deliver in Hyderabad. what about SX4 New models.

Asked By devendra sharma 13 Jul,2011 08:15:37 AM

how many price difference between new and old swift

Asked By rewanth 13 Jul,2011 08:37:07 AM

what will be the new futures in new there any ZDi model in new swift?

Asked By RAMAN SHARMA 13 Jul,2011 11:21:05 AM

which month new swift come in market,what is diesel varient price in bharuch gujarat

Asked By RaviArjun 13 Jul,2011 11:57:42 AM

Hi, Is the new maruthi swift available in automatic transmission gear in kerala..plse advise.....

Asked By bhavin 13 Jul,2011 11:59:24 AM


Reply By yash 15 Jul,2011 11:34:14 AM

sir i am the yash verma aer i

Asked By sunny 13 Jul,2011 12:05:19 PM

New plastic fuel tank may give more fuel efficiency but what about the wear & tear - breakage resistant which more concern about the safety of the user. Please explain the plastic material quality defnition through the media. Price and other upgraded features on the new model maruti swift which needs to be competitive with other brands / models of the same car group.

Asked By BHATHAL SS 13 Jul,2011 12:05:50 PM

New maruti swift looks good, shall be excelent if it gives the promised mileage,But they have blundered by providing plastic fuel tank.The tank shall be susceptible to leakage incase the car hits a ramp or high object,certainly the tank shall not last the life of the car.I am a maruti user since 1988 and was waiting for the new model of swift,but now I have started looking for another brand.

Asked By rkjain 13 Jul,2011 12:10:56 PM

I read in the Newspaper Mail Today of 09.07.2011 that Maruti is coming with Swift Automatic Transmission, where as I contacted 2-3 dealers in Delhi and they denied having introduced Automatic Transmission model. Can any body confirm the information as i wanted to book an automatic transmission Swift.

Asked By CarDekho Team 13 Jul,2011 12:14:53 PM

There is a possibility of the new Swift having a automatic varient, we would know only at its launch in August.

Asked By Munawar 13 Jul,2011 12:40:25 PM

Is the booking started in kerala..

Asked By JAMAL 13 Jul,2011 02:46:37 PM

I like to book a MARUTI SWIFT CAR (DIESEL) Please advise regards jamal

Asked By MOHAMMED IQBAL 13 Jul,2011 03:26:53 PM

Regarding issue of this plastic tank,I don't think, the most selling car company in India- Maruti- is going to impliment a 'life threatening modification' in it's product.They must have done proper research before the proposal.

Asked By sahil bajaj 13 Jul,2011 05:48:53 PM

give me the quotation asap

Asked By somajigoma 13 Jul,2011 06:43:05 PM

plastic petrol tank to decrease the weight? then why not plastic body and perhaps plastic engine plastic ac and everything else plastic so that the weight will be so low that perhaps it will sail without any fuel? maruti is known for its poor quality chassis doors and what not! many of us curse the maruti cars all substandard third grade(AS THERE IS NO FOURTH OR FIFTH GRADE DISCOVERED YET) products as compared to hondas ,general motors toyota and hyundai.

Asked By Ranjeet 13 Jul,2011 08:37:28 PM

Maruti Suzuki is known for light weight product which deliver more mileage, which is what we Indians ask a Dealer, rather than asking how strong it is built? Will my family be safe in an accident? What is the thickness of metal used? The best built cars in India have poor after sales service (Fiat Palio, Opel Corsa, etc.). Either go for a car that is high on mileage with compromise in its build or go for a car with heavy build and less mileage. Choice is for the buyer, which one to buy.

Asked By gopal patel 13 Jul,2011 09:08:46 PM

if the car is delivered late no use to pu

Asked By rahul 13 Jul,2011 09:10:02 PM

just tel me how much price is increased in new swift vdi abs.

Asked By vinaades for safety has been improved in this upgrade model??he upgryak 13 Jul,2011 10:06:58 PM

hello, well can u tell me what are the safety's has been improved in this upgrade model, and any interior has been changed??

Asked By balbir chandel 13 Jul,2011 11:27:41 PM

dear sir, iam very found of swift car kindly book it and gave me delivery first ten personilty.

Asked By Kulpreet Singh 14 Jul,2011 12:22:35 AM

Can someone clear the DZIRE is also getting changed ?? or it is only SWIFT ?...plz let me know as i have boked a Dzire in June...

Asked By Raghunath 14 Jul,2011 10:26:31 AM

Well, seems nice. If Maruthi brings down price with Volks Wagen this will fetch market other wise will be a flop. As far as Southern states VW has fetch the market as PoLO is a good car on their price.

Asked By sudhir 14 Jul,2011 02:59:42 PM

please tell when will new dzire came .

Asked By ravi 14 Jul,2011 05:15:20 PM

i want new swift at now pllllllllllllllllllll try to understand

Asked By s.ravinder 14 Jul,2011 05:16:48 PM

hyd dealar phone number

Asked By k.t.sasi 15 Jul,2011 07:34:38 AM

I need full opetion maruthi diesel swift car in kerala thirssur next month what documents need for purchasing. iam taking car with bank through

Asked By BHUPESH UPPAL 15 Jul,2011 11:39:16 AM

can you tell me if dzire is available in CNG (gas ), What other options I have in this Range (SEDAN) with gas facility

Asked By satish 15 Jul,2011 11:53:09 AM

i am dying 2 see new avtaar of swift & 2 know more about its safety features & price.....

Asked By mangesh 15 Jul,2011 01:13:55 PM

when new swift lounch! because i have already booked it!

Asked By mrs.violeta Dos Martires Fernandes 15 Jul,2011 05:39:00 PM

When is Maruti going to come up with a fully Automatic car?

Asked By m.d.desai 16 Jul,2011 04:52:19 PM


Asked By milind 16 Jul,2011 06:51:06 PM

When is new swift going to be launched in Yavatmal? When can i book it at Yavatmal? Thanks

Asked By arjun 18 Jul,2011 09:28:33 AM

hello, i booked my swift ldi in march endind. but now the dealer is saying that we would get the new swift. i wan to to know that how many sub variants will be there under diesel like ldi or vdi.......??? as soon as car arrives to the dealer. will any preference be given to us like 1st delivery......??? do answer

Asked By santosh 27 Jul,2011 04:51:08 PM

when it's booking is open ?

Asked By d.ravi 11 Sep,2011 11:48:51 PM

i had booked in the month of june when shall i get car delivery


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