Worst service for Volkswagen in chennai by abra motors

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Pros : Car is good

Cons : Service is not good by abra motors

I own a Polo car, which met with an accident, damaging the car bottom/ oil sump. The car was handed over to Abra motors. Abra Motors, Chennai surveyed the car on 24.01.2014 and informed that the oil sump had a crack and it has to be replaced. Insurance surveyor inspected on the same day and approved the value of about INR 26,500, against INR about 48,000 raised by the dealer. Mr. Muthuvel Murugan of Abra Motors informed that the car will be made ready on 31st January. When I enquired on 31st January, he informed that there were damages in the engine and therefore the parts value of about INR 3,45,000 has to be replaced. I was shocked and surprised and enquired in detail. He mentioned that oil pressure was low and hence the bearing has scoring marks and therefore he is suspecting that the crankshaft and the related parts must have been damaged.  When I asked that there was no low oil indication in the car which is supposed to warn, he explained that the low oil indication is not oil level, it is low oil pressure and it will not appear, if there is slight pressure.   I again clarified with him that, if there is no pressure warning, then it must supply oil to the critical parts for which he mentioned that the low oil indication must have come when the incident happened. I mentioned to him that no oil indication warning appeared and I also confirmed him that if there was no indication at the time of handing over the car on 24.01.2014. He has no technical reason to clarify my doubt. Hence, I requested him to coordinate with the insurance and convince them to accept the engine related damages due to the accident.  After rigorously following with Abra Motors daily, 7.02.2014 they informed that insurance denied to approve the engine damages and they mentioned that we need to pay about INR  65,000 for rectifying the engine, besides the insurance approval on the oil sump parts.  I mentioned to him that I am totally dissatisfied to pay any amount when I have invested on the Volkswagen the costliest car in the market along with extended warranty payment and also having Insurance covering bumper to bumper through the policy referred above. He replied that I have the following three options:   1. Rectify the car as per the insurance approval on oil sump parts and pay about INR 6,900 for oil etc.,Muthuvel Murugan informed that Abra Motors does not recommend this , as the engine might seize at any time. 2. Rectify the car as per the insurance approval on oil sump parts and pay about INR 24,000 for oil seal, oil etc.,. This is not safe but ok to use the car. 3. Rectify the car as per the insurance approval on oil sump parts and pay about INR 65,000 for bearings, oil seal,oil, etc.,. This is recommended. I have now confirmed to Abro Motors/ Mr. Muthuvel Muruganto rectify the car as per point 2 recommendations and informed him that I will be making a complaint to you on this cost of INR 24,000.  I am not convinced on the above recommendations, since the accident should be covered either by insurance or by extended warranty scheme.  Moreover if the engine bearings and other parts are getting damaged without oil indication warning then it is design fault by Volkswagen. With all the above additional payment for full car insurance and warranty, why I should bear additional cost for rectification charges?

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  • Ram |12 Feb,2014 11:06:18 PM

    Why Abra motors is silent on this review. The insurance company is equally responsible to see the car is back to road. Why VW is silent on this. If no reply is posted in 10 days time I will not buy this car.

    Anish |18 Feb,2014 03:04:58 PM

    I too was intending to buy VW polo but if this is how they reposnd to customer grevances then will have to think before buying it...shall keep an eye...

  • dr.Rakesh handa |11 Jun,2014 12:05:03 AM

    after reading this review i am second thought about buying this car. this really rediculous. actually all the dealers behave in the same fashion.

  • ramadan bashir |03 Oct,2014 02:44:43 PM

    my vento engine sizzed up in 500 km, when i oppened engine found that many parts were missing in factory assembly itself. the mechanics who oppened the engine showed me many places where the parts should have been fitted, but forgotten by vw factorys peoples. that means i was running withot some levers and pumps and all. suddenly

  • Senthel Vasu |20 Oct,2014 12:19:24 AM

    Same thing happened to me, I own a VW Polo 1.2 TDI bearing the registration no TN 05 AQ 8985.My earlier issue was Steering Box issue, My car steering Box was replaced thrice still the issue persists. I took my car for 2nd service which is on my 30,000 kms i specifically mentioned that when i drive my car on unever roads my steering wheel shakes and i hear some noise from the steering Box added to that whenever i drive my car above 80kms speed and apply brakes the steering wheel shakes, Mr Hassan chief mechanic of Abra motors took a test drive along with me & Mr Hemanth (Customer Care Manager) he said this is common in all the cars, I was totally shocked, But its my mistake to choose a Volkswagen instead of Maruthi Dzire which is the best car for Indians who offers good customer service they dont give lame excuses stating this issue is common in all cars.Coming to the point on 14th Octomber 2014 i was travelling my car by 11.00 pm there was pit in the road, I tried to avoid the pit but suddenly my steering was very hard to turn (The hardness was like when you try to turn your steering wheel when engine is turned OFF) because of that my car took a bump and Immediately i stopped my car inspected i found oil leakage then i turned off the engine and with the help of few local people i parked my car near granite factory in chittor highway,Gudipala road. Next day i towed my car and took it to ABRA motors there the Service advisor Mr Arif attended and gave all the information, He said Oil sump will be covered in insurance but the Half engine has to be changed due to the aluminium particle will be gone inside the bore so keep your pocket filled with INR 2,50,000 (Aprox 4000$) which gave me a heart attack, We lifted the car in the ramp noticed oil sump is broken but didnt removed the oil sump unless or until removing the oil sump we cant predict either there is an engine issue, He also got my signature from No Objection letter for reparing engine, As soon my car hit the bump i turned off my ignition keys, The engine did not turn off by itself so it means the engine or the crank shaft is not damaged. One question what if VW dealer Abra motors turn on the engine after i leave my vehicle in workshop just to earn money ???? Since the engine damage or Seizure is not covered by the Insurance company.I am 100% sure my engine is good, Only the oil sump has to be replaced, why abra motors is giving false statement without knowing, Its a crap company with poor service with plastic smile on their face,So i took my car from Abra motors chennai India to Kun Volkswagen (Chennai,India) there i met Mr Loganathan service advisor treated me well, cleared all my queries with patience, he didnt made me to wait for a long time, He disconnected the batter terminal from my car in order to prevent my car cranked by mistake, He said if you turned off your engine immediately after impact then your engine will be good, which i felt good, My question is why i still have steering issues in my car even after replacing my steering box thrice which led to an accident, Do we indians pay you fake currency or only germans pay real currency to get quality car, There is a limit for my patience i think you are aware of Rolls Royse Story used as Garbage collector in India, I hope volkswagen would not push me to use my car to collect Garbage in my Neibourhood. All i ask i want my steering box to be fixed. I think i am asking a reasonable service for the money i paid. I feel irriated to drive my car with this issue. ABRA MOTORS will steal your money even if your car is in good condition, Go to Kun Volkswagen they do great Job.

    ANAND |21 Feb,2015 10:58:01 PM

    i know you will drive the car after hitting dai nee evlo periya badunu theriyum da osyla kudukum bothu vangi elathayum matikita outsidela periya alloy vangi potukuta pichakara naya unakelam ethuku da german car poi tata la vanga vendiyathu thanu illana busla poda poramboku

    Senthel |17 Mar,2017 04:28:53 PM

    Otha thevidya paiya, Nee car vangi andha car problem panna theriyum da lavada, Anand nee Abra motors la work pannura nu theriyum da lavada

    kannan |14 Apr,2017 07:42:39 PM

    avana nee ena da thitrathu thevdiyaluku porantha thevdiya paya amblaya iruntha vada pota .

    senthel |24 May,2017 02:23:04 PM

    Dai poramboku, Send ur mom or wife ill show them i am ambalaaya nu... you assole

    anand |14 Apr,2017 07:52:04 PM

    mudaliyara da nee elam echa badu pota thevidya paiya

  • Ganesh Thiyagarajan |23 Oct,2014 12:59:12 PM

    I feel sorry for the author but I too had very tough time with ABRA motors. I took my car (8 month old) to ABRA motors Ambattur as there is a noise while steering the wheels. They said it is because the strut bearings got damaged and it can be replaced under warranty. They delivered the car late night (no commitment on delivery and we should be ready to wait from 2 hrs to 4 hrs to get your car) and i drove for 500 meters and i realized another rattling noise coming under my car. I again took my car to service station (25 kms away from my home) and they said ball bearings got damaged this time. I was furious on hearing this and i spoke to Customer relation head and he said some stories and finally said it can be fixed under warranty too. I waited for two days and they delivered the car. After 3 weeks I can hear metal cracking noise while I steer the wheel to extreme left. I am now an unhappy customer and thinking to take my car to TVS motors to fix the issue. I have one advise to Volkswagen - PLEASE DO NOT SELL YOUR CAR IN INDIA - there may be few happy customers but too many unhappy customers here. I have started advising my colleagues and friends through social media that DO NOT BUY VOLKSWAGEN VEHICLE. Unless you enhance/revamp your service and maintenance, India is not a place to sell your car.

  • Ganeshbaalaji |08 Apr,2015 01:08:01 AM

    Vw abra motors Mr sriram is very good and kind person whenever i left my car at abra ambatur vw vento highline tn32ay5333 for any problem are general service they will give the car on time they are supporting 24/7 we have a another car in bangalore also in banagalre all vw service center are worst for any service for my bangalore car we will come to chennai and leave mycar in abra motors even tho i am travelling 900km for my service abra motors are very good in service and reliable When i met with my car accident in chennai i left my car in vw sundaram motors they are charging more than abra motors in sundarm they informing 125000/ as i am getting same quote from abra for 87000/- mean while in sundaram they i need to change all things in my front end in abra they scanned my car these are the parts should be change then i towed my car from sundaram to abra motors ambatur kindly dont tell if you people could not able to drive CAR dont comment like this i think some people are not worth for vw D Dear vw kindly dont sell your car to these types of local people they will write like this only the best car for ever

  • Suganthi |25 May,2015 08:34:00 PM

    very much unsatisfied with the car ..we bought the car (new polo) on 20.05.2015 . It was not even two days(i.e less than 100 kms) and surprisingly while i was driving i happen to see the clutch plate not functioning well. This was informed at the showroom during the time of getting the car registered and they said its new so it will start functioning well as u drive...but unfortunately i was stuck up in the middle of the road. It may be due to manufacturing defect. I want my clutch to be replaced with a new one. Not at all satisfied :/

  • Thamim Ansari |17 Jan,2017 03:22:39 PM

    I have brought used VW polo 1.2 TDI (2011) model. I don't feel any major problem after i drove 3000 km with in two days. But i felt some minor noise at bumps in both front and rear wheel suspension. then when i drive my car around the speed of 60-80km the staring not responding fairly( if i turn and hold my staring wheel slightly either left or right after if i released my staring wheel it doesn't come to their actual position. Mean straight position) i don't know reason for this issue..

    Thamim Ansari |17 Jan,2017 03:25:20 PM

    Please could some one help me out to where i should produce my car for this issue?

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