Think before you book a Polo!

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Cons : Extremely poor customer service

If you are booking VW polo, please think again! You may be in for a surprise for many issues like I have undergone for the last 75 days. Further, if you are booking the car in Bangalore, please do not go to Elite Motors! They totally lack knowledge of Customer Satisfaction!

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  • Nagesh |24 May,2010 11:55:59 PM

    I took a test drive today,It is a good car but leg space is very less..People like who are 5'11"(like me ) very difficult and also height is very less compared to I10/wagon R.

    shrish |09 Apr,2012 12:39:31 AM

    Why you are comparing with Wagon R,,

    Jayant |04 May,2012 01:30:13 PM


    nadna |19 Dec,2012 04:02:11 AM

    You are right.. the leg space is very less. i think polo needs to think seriously about it. I am 6.1 and if I am in driving seat the person in the rear has to put his legs in his own lap. boot space is less. But i like the feel factor of this car. even though the space is less i like it bcoz of the looks. i booked one today.

    jignesh |12 Feb,2013 02:57:28 PM

    polo- legs space is poor , seating is very uncomfortable , its only 4 seated car , the peakup of car is very poor compare to etios liva and i10 . its a well of petrol , milage of car actually comes 12km/lts if u drive above 120 than it comes 10 but inbetween 70-80 spped it gives 15km/lts . dealer network is very poor . if u r above 5.6 feet than dont buy this car the roof height is less than other car.

    darknight |08 May,2013 12:30:13 PM

    Did you hear about height adjustable seating in the hi-line??? Dude.. I am 6-1.5 and my dad is 5-11. We travel with me driving and my dad sitting behind me.. jus lower the seat height.. and pull the seat forward..

    Rohan Sharma |03 Sep,2013 04:59:44 PM

    I am also planning to buy Polo Diesel Highline and i am 6.2. Will it be a good option as i really like this car but not sure about the interior space.

    Jomy Joseph |09 Apr,2013 07:42:18 PM

    Did you Drive Punto 90 HP ?? This week or next New Punto Evo is launching...

  • prithvi misra |25 May,2010 03:25:35 PM

    In elcectronic media add you are claming that POLO will 22 km/lts sevice on bad road , but on print media you have given only 12- 13.5 km /lts service . Why such difference ?????

    ajay |23 Nov,2010 08:31:35 PM

    abe diesal aur petrol ka diffrence nahi pata kya

    Piyu |23 Jan,2011 06:17:55 PM

    Then, buy it from electronic media Hahaha...

    Prad |06 Mar,2011 10:10:38 AM

    Well actually, there is a difference between the disel engine and petrol engine.A disel engine is much superior in mileage and power,but needs a hell lots of maintaince...While petrol has more refinement and needs lesser maintaince and has greater life when compared to the disel engine..So the disel engine gives 22kmpl,while petrol gives 17 kmpl.This will again vary in the city conditions and highway condition.In city we use more fuel due to traffic, hence more breaking and accelration,while in highways its not so.

    RAJESH YADAV |09 Apr,2011 09:16:04 PM

    12-13.5km is the correct one

    sujit Banerjee |02 Aug,2011 03:49:54 PM

    I was told by a dealer that the customer feedback is 13 kmpl. german cars are high on everything but low on mileage Beware!!

    chauhan |19 Jan,2013 12:03:51 PM

    i am getting 17-19 in city and the best i have got on highways is 25. polo diesel trendline.

    Ravi |22 Feb,2013 12:55:45 PM

    Dear Mr.Chauhan, What is the speed you are maintaining? I am getting 13 to 15 in city and 18 to 19 on highway from my Highline model. I am maintaining constant 90 to 100 KMPH in highways. I am having a driving style of jentle shifting of gears. Eventhough this is only my avg mileage of my polo hl.

  • Prakash |25 May,2010 09:50:55 PM

    I got my new Polo today. The vehicle features are fine. However, I agree with Nagesh that it will be difficult for a tall driver to fit in. I would like to comment on the performance after driving for some time.

    Sagar |24 Feb,2011 01:15:06 AM

    This is not to mention here.

  • Prakash |25 May,2010 09:53:06 PM

    Prithvi, To my knowledge the media add may be refering to the diesel version of Polo. FOr petrol version, the mileage indicated is 17.3 kmpl!

  • s ramesh |25 May,2010 10:30:00 PM

    i want to buy a new polo but rate is very high and isaw the car in showroom today it looks very nice

  • khaleef |26 May,2010 12:01:19 PM

    hi,can anyone help me getting the right on road price?? which one would be best petrol/diesel?

    PARTHIBAN |02 Jan,2011 11:12:54 PM

    if you use your car just for short travel around 20 kms u can go for petrol....or if u use more than that u can go for deisel which is more fuel efficient

    Darshan Bharat Jain |11 Jan,2011 03:34:32 PM

    wat is mileage of polo in diesel

    CarDekho Team |11 Jan,2011 03:55:09 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Volkswagen Polo diesel gives mileage of 15.5 kmpl in city conditions and 21.0 kmpl on highways. For further queries you can send us your contact number on our id and one of our auto experts will assist you as soon as possible. Thanks

    stephan |04 Feb,2011 12:47:04 AM

    i got a new diesel polo today but i think its rev is to high when on the highway can somebody tell me what speed it reaches before the revs are 3000rpm?

    daksh yadav |06 Jun,2011 12:59:35 AM

    5th gear 3500rpm and the speed will be nearly 160 without any vibrations but spares are high not affordable looks are awesum ...and dnt buy it moti nagar delhi they are useless basturds good for nothing rascals...

    RAJESH YADAV |09 Apr,2011 09:16:50 PM


    Shelly Bassi |30 Mar,2012 01:52:04 PM

    I hv got polo diesel some 2 months back and it actually gives me 17 to 18kmpl within city (thanks to my city beautiful roads ) and 22kmpl (for sure) on highway..provided u handle ur car well..

    Sujit Banerjee |02 Aug,2011 03:51:32 PM

    i don't agree with your calculation.... diesel ar would be worth for atleast 75-10 kmm of run considering the high vehicle price and high maintenance cost... diesel vehicle also have less life as compared to petrol engine

    spm |10 Sep,2012 05:44:26 PM

    if road tax 8% pl add 13% on car rate.

  • Srikanth Reddy |26 May,2010 02:34:07 PM

    I have seen a polo car in secunderabad show room, features are good but driver seating is not comfortable and also i have a doubt on milage because diference is more in petrol and deisel model

    ajay |23 Nov,2010 08:34:05 PM

    kya hai yaar tu

    ranjit |03 Dec,2010 11:16:01 AM

    Maintain decorum on this forum because it's for civilized people. thank you

  • Prakash |26 May,2010 04:48:23 PM

    Yesterday, I got delivery of Polo (Petrol version) booked in 2nd week of March, 2010!! Thanks to the dealership (Elite Motors, Bangalore) who collected 4.5 L from me at the time of booking with the promise that the car will be delivered in 2nd week of April and later collected balance 83K in mid- April 2010 and revised the promised date to 4th week of April, 2010! I was worried about the money I paid them as the dealership never felt obliged to keep me informed on the status of my booking and when to expect delivery. Neither the employees nor the Director of the company feel bad about the unethical practice they have indulged in. Hence advise all Polo lovers to think before you book a Polo with Elite Motors, Bangalore. If you book the vehicle tomorrow, probably the delivery will be effected when Toyota Etios will come on road!! This happens only in India because we Indians are peace lovers and willfully accept such things as Destiny! I hope and wish VW review their decision of appointing this dealership! Jai Ho!! PS: I will revert to you friends with my comment on car performance after driving for some time.

    Giri |05 Dec,2010 10:12:46 PM

    I accept you on the unethical practice .. Its not only the director and employees of Elite motors,Blr. Its happening all over India so, it should be the director of Volkswagen India .......... or is this the practice of these German car companies .....i enjoyed that in Skoda showroom in Chennai...they treat u like take it or leave it.

    florencepandian |20 Jan,2011 09:41:45 PM

    The samething wsa happening for me also.i was booked a polo last month and paid 6.23L,but till date they are not delivered the car,even they wont say the status of mine.Here in madurai polo dealer name is RAMANI CARS.Whats the hell going on in ramanicars,God only knows when ? i get the car,it is much and much sad and bad experience regarding this car.

  • atul |27 May,2010 02:17:05 AM

    Polo is booked since feb in doon and till may last not a single car is delivered not even test drive is available! Wox has just sold 1500 cars in since march,they are cheating indians by not supplying cars in time and taking advance money for many months.On a base prize of 4.34. on road prize is abt 5.30! Ihave a quotation is the comany or the dealer out to swindle a customer in the name of a german car! sorry Inspite of very good ad campaign , they have lost customers after a initial flutter. I Waited almost 1 year for this car and feelcheated with its engine and waiting period. Atul S Dehradun

  • prakash vala |04 Jun,2010 11:15:54 PM

    I just booking polo yesterday but dealer says waiting is four month booking.andone morething is that the price on road is different then onroad price on net which one is correct ?

  • Prakash |06 Jun,2010 05:14:57 PM

    Hi All! I have Polo - entry level, Petrol version. After driving first 500 km, I find that the mileage is just around 11 km per liter of petrol on Bangalore roads. Please note that the car is being used in Bangalore city conditions where we drive between 1-2-3 gears( we rarely get a chance to go to 4th gear!) I would like to take a longer ride on the highway and then assess the mileage!! The driving comfort is too good; I love my POLO for this reason. Other features are good

    piyush |16 May,2011 08:39:34 PM

    Hi, i am planning to buy a hatchback, this is gonna be my first car. I am confused amongst VW polo, i20 & Fabia. pls. suggest. further there seems to be Rs. 1 lac difference in middle variants and high end variant. is it worth paying that differnce to get the fully loaded variant. i am looking for petrol one.

    madhulika |22 Jun,2011 11:11:20 AM

    Fabia is more comfortable than Polo. I have taken the test drive of both the cars.I felt that Polo is cramped and is uncomfortable for tall ones.

  • Col Kakkar |06 Aug,2010 08:15:39 PM

    Whats the ON ROAD price of petrol polos in Hyderabad?

  • Manish Dhawan |16 Aug,2010 02:09:04 PM

    Hi there Friends i am planning to book my polo within a day or two however i want to know few things from u guys as you are driving it, a: Mileage (Delhi Roads) b: AMC package (is it worth it) c: Maintenance (cost on an average) d: Performance My second option is Swift VXI what u guyz suggest which one is better . thanks for the support

  • Dr. Kuldip Jaswal |16 Aug,2010 07:29:38 PM

    please suggest about volkswagon polo petrol highline does its 3 cylinder has anything to do with its efficiency

  • mohan raman |20 Aug,2010 07:22:25 AM

    The waiting to drive a VW logo is a real pain. I booked my car with Phoenix cars Calicut in June on the assurance of the Managers that car will be positively delivered by mid August. As on date the tricky sales manager gets away from his promise and advised me to opt for refund of Rs.50000 paid as booking advance as the delivery is indefinite. I understand that one Manager is leaving the dealership as no more tolerance on this existence of Devil and deep sea. I booked by taking a Bank loan the date of which for final disbursement will be over in few days. If I opt for cancelation I will be loosing all Bank charges on processing and my interest on advance payment.

  • M Raajendraprasad |22 Aug,2010 12:53:04 PM

    hi,polo loking is very nice,i am planning to book in next month

  • RAJIV |01 Sep,2010 10:34:32 AM

    Think before booking a Polo.they do not deliver in time. I have booked the car six minths back but yet to get it. the showroom Manager at Coimbatore(M/s Ramani Cars) is giving false assurances. It appears that he is a dealer for Nissan Micra too and wants to push this vehicle since the margin is more. Servicing is very poor. Even for a small spare you have to come to metros.

  • Prakash |01 Sep,2010 09:52:33 PM

    I agree with Rajiv and Mohan Raman about the abnormal lead time for the car. I too had a bad experience of waiting for my car booked in Elite Motors, Bangalore - I got the delivery after ~ 10 weeks! That too after paying the invoice value with the booking and balance one month in advance of the delivery. Looking at the repeated instances with various dealerships across India, it appears that VW seem to having some problem in rolling out this model! On the other side, I have driven my POLO (entry level - Petrol) for around 6500 km in the last 3 months and I find it an absolute beauty to drive! The mileage in Bangalore city driving varied from 11 to 14. On highways, I got upto 17.1 km per liter. Steering response is excellent! However, I still maintain this car is not suitable for tall people.Rest all - full marks to POLO! I hope the company will do something about the delivery time and dealer network as many people in smaller cities are afraid about service issue!

  • Tarun Jain |01 Sep,2010 10:58:02 PM

    Hi everyone i m planning to buy polo petrol entry level only doubt in my mind is that polo's maintenance will be more than swift ?? please reply with u r practical experience tarun jain Delhi 9711755739

  • Chandresh |08 Sep,2010 01:17:03 PM

    i am not saying not to buy polo but pls chk these first.... 1.Milage 11kmpl 2. low height 3. low leg space 4. 3-4 months booking time 5. rate too high

  • SIDDHARTH SHAH |08 Sep,2010 03:20:16 PM

    I got my POLO Petrol (Trendline)delivered in specific time mentioned. Till now i am staisfied with the performance of the car after driving it for more than 2000 kms. it has given me average of 14.54 kms/ltr.(Highway)with AC.lets see how it goes in future when certain expences occurs!!!!

  • hemant |12 Sep,2010 11:41:30 PM


  • lalitpatel |14 Sep,2010 11:04:51 AM

    I went to Baroda dealer to see Polo (P) tradeline and had a test drive. I experience low head space, low leg space and on the top of it poor response of man who was showing the car. No response from him, only yes or no to the questions we asked. Not showing features and its superiority over other cars. I plan to drop polo due to this poor response. I feel that if their attitude is like this at the time of inquiry then what will be their response when something happen to car...!!!! sometimes, good product fails in the market due to attitude of their sales people. Lalit Patel

  • Deepak |20 Sep,2010 12:49:08 AM

    I have taken test drive today.. rush was madening at the Moti Nagar Showroom in Delhi but afetr have a test drive I was not convinced with the engineering as the engine is too noisy and car also vibrates if you give higher acceleration than reqd.. just give extra acceleration in the standby position and u'll feel the vibration in the car.

  • Kakul |24 Sep,2010 10:50:52 PM

    The car is looking good from outside but performence is not as per the details given millage is just 12-13.

  • Pradeep Rajpure |28 Sep,2010 07:17:23 PM

    I got my Polo Diesel delivery on gokulashtami.Driving it regularly from last 20 days. It's very Noisy compare to other Diesel cars. When inquired the company ,their response was It's German Engine & it's bit noisy.But franckly it's very noisy.Service support very poor.

  • MIRZA FEROZ S BAIG |09 Oct,2010 02:32:51 PM

    Friends i m planing to buy Polo Comfortline(D) whether it will wise decesion to buy Polo against Swift Vdi?both cars have same waiting time, but cost little bitt more in polo,,plz tell me wht to do.....?

  • sankarasubramanian |18 Oct,2010 11:01:10 AM

    i wanted to book a i have second thoughts. let me get some more feedbacks before i decide. RS

  • dorji wangchuk |20 Oct,2010 11:47:04 AM

    I am from Bhutan and wanted to buy a polo car which is VW collaboration manufacturer in India. It should be good car but I have not seen nor driven the same car. I just wanted to buy as it is VW which is good car in German manufactured. I tried but could not reach positively to the nearest dealer. The kolkota dealer's cell phone is all the time switch off mode. There are no dealers in Assam and i wish to try in Delhi. Please advise before I go for it. Thanks dorji wangchuk

  • shiva |21 Oct,2010 05:01:58 PM

    I had a test drive on Polo today. I feel comfortable booking the same. I want to know whats the booking exp you have had....of late. Shivrs

    Nitin |06 Dec,2010 10:46:18 PM

    I had paid Rs. 50000/- to book it. I booked it in mid of October

  • Arun |26 Oct,2010 09:27:37 AM

    Hi, i have booked polo disel in bangalore 2 days back. I drive 1000-1500 km per month city & highway. Guys let me know what mileage i can expect in city and highway. Since i am buying a disel version 1st time i am not sure of the maintenance cost of disel cars.

    Virender Paul |11 Nov,2010 06:51:02 PM

    I had a desiel polo in Delhi It gives 14 KMPL in tank ful to tankful Can you try some other car because You have very little leg room in rear seat and VOLKSWAGON Public on sevrice front is worst

  • Anoop |27 Oct,2010 04:09:13 PM

    Go for FIAT EMOTION DISEL MULTIJET ENGINE, If you are conscious about the money are spending.Initial cost, Spares cost,Millege wise Punto is better than Polo or i20. Great Car getting a millage of 20Km/Ltr(with AC) FIAT EMOTION DISEL MULTIJET ENGINE rocks.Leaving back all the plastic parts issues, Rest everything is perfect. Great Engine Ample Power,great comfort in seats and space. Bluetooth technology is also very good I connect my E73 to my car, it pairs once i get into my car and its my world inside my car. Great Blaupunkt Speakers.Service wise TATA service Centre helps a lot. A Car for India roads..Shock absorbers are superb. Great value for money car.

  • Reghu |28 Oct,2010 02:23:16 PM

    I am totally agree with the totally unprofessional approach of Elite -Bangalore We booked the Polo-Trendline Petrol( Flash Red) on June,19, 2010 and was assured that it will be delivered within 3 to 4 months ( Latest by October First Week). Very difficult to get any of the Elite officials on line because they simply will not attend the phone. I had to do a few personal visits to their Hosur road show room to get the update.Till September end they were giving the feed back that the car will be delivered as committed.After 4 months of booking they are telling that there is a shortage for Flash Red cars and it may be delivered by November end only!!! ( i.e. after 5 and a Half months !!! ). They were generous to tell that there is a white car available and if required you can take it. In general the customer service of Elite - Bangalore is extremely poor and unprofessional.

    Karthikeyan |30 Nov,2010 06:05:55 PM

    I completely agree with Reghu. The Elite motors' service is really poor. It was a pleasant wait of 4 months for me to get my Polo (1.2 trendline petrol) (booked in April and got in Aug 2010). But, I was waiting for 3 more months for accessories and finally got it done outside. They also messed up with my tax papers and still I don't have the proper one with me. Now, I am following up with them to get back my money that I paid for the accessories. So, please beware of the dealers in your locality. VW have to scrutinize this carefully, otherwise they are going to lose the brand image in India.

  • nrchoudhary |30 Oct,2010 02:33:21 PM


  • ARUN |30 Oct,2010 06:20:04 PM

    hello, i visited vw for polo today. look is good, interior fit an finish is impressive and it looks like a decent and mature car. but i didnt test driv it , so cant comment on handling, steering and vibrations. the above said milege informations are worrysome. I am now confused what to do???

  • sharad |01 Nov,2010 12:19:11 AM

    i liked the car, it is coming with 3 cylinder engine. i want to know what difference does 3 cylinder engine makes as compared to similar power 4 cylinder engine.

    faizz |28 Apr,2011 04:11:10 AM

    Yo 1.2 comes with 3 cylinder and 1.6 comes with 4 cylinder. It is the power, the pick up and also the company claim 4 cylinder gives u a better avg. which i think is crap lol petrol is just rise like a bitch so 1.2 will be a good call. *petrol or diesel*

  • Praveen Bagde |11 Nov,2010 03:43:16 PM

    I want to purchase Polo, its features are good but driver seating is not comfortable and also I have a doubt on milage because diference is more in petrol and deisel model but confused which is purchase for more milege as well as durability. I read so many comments on web its price in literature is different and on road is very high difference and what about space of driving seat. I am planning to book my polo within a day or two however I want to know few things from u guys as you are driving it, a: Mileage (Nagpur Roads) b: AMC package (is it worth it) c: Maintenance (cost on an average) d: Performance My second option is Swift VXI what u guyz suggest which one is better. Thanks for the quick support.

    Virender Paul |11 Nov,2010 06:54:06 PM

    Don not Buy a polo I am having a polo Desiel from last three months Getting in and out of polo is a difficult for the people more then the height of 5'8 and in rear seat it is not possible three adults

    kshiti |19 Jan,2011 12:23:35 AM

    why 4 nagpur roads.. y not 4 gondia

  • nishi |14 Dec,2010 04:14:36 PM

    Guys ... I am planing to book a new VW Polo (Volkswagen Polo Petrol Trendline 1.2L).Please sugesst me that featurewise this car is gud or not? Also if anyone here who is using this car plz welcome and suggest me that is it gud deal to go with VW polo? Thanks

  • CarDekho Team |16 Dec,2010 12:36:57 PM

    The VW Polo is a very well built car, its got typical German build and fit-finish. The Polo Petrol is powered by an 1.2litre 3cylinder peppy and efficient engine. Comfort level is typical VW. A very good choice overall. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Gauri |20 Dec,2010 04:51:17 PM

    hi.. i wnt to ask tht betn Polo 1.2L petrol comfortline & Hyundai i 20 which one is better option in terms of price comfort durability & features.I am from mumbai.. thankzzzz

  • CarDekho Team |21 Dec,2010 04:45:01 PM

    The i20 is anytime better in the performance and power department, but the Polo wins hands down due to its German engineering and better fit finish. The i20 makes more sense as its got better cabin space and a larger rear seat. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    faizz |28 Apr,2011 04:06:11 AM

    help me alsooooooo cardekho team.

  • raags |05 Jan,2011 01:33:35 AM

    I have booked the car in sep 2010 from day 1 m thinking about the rare seat space can any one suggest me I am 5.11 all my family members are above 5.5 and weekends I will drive to my village where roads are very poor in condition... Thanking you in anticipation....

  • mandeep |08 Jan,2011 09:21:58 PM

    menu ta eh dil valean di gaddi lagdi hai i love u polo.

  • Sugandha Chatterjee |23 Jan,2011 08:28:30 PM

    i want to knw whether trendline version comes in grey color..?? or silver maybe.?/

    rohit antal |31 Mar,2011 09:58:03 PM

    it is available only in red & white

  • tengseng |31 Jan,2011 04:27:06 PM

    I'm interested in buying polo comfortline and was wondering when will the delear in Guwahati open for booking. Also what will be the price in Guwahati please inform. By the way I am residing in Shillong Thanks

  • charan |03 Feb,2011 11:24:57 PM

    purchased a polo trendline petrol from jaipur yesterday, and drove from jaipur to alwar (about 160 kms), it was very surprising when i felt that i may be driving a diesel engine car, i dont know friends either my car's engine has some problem or volks wagen produces such kind of noisy petrol engines.... kindly help

    piyush |16 May,2011 08:40:45 PM

    Hi, i am planning to buy a hatchback, this is gonna be my first car. I am confused amongst VW polo, i20 & Fabia. pls. suggest. further there seems to be Rs. 1 lac difference in middle variants and high end variant. is it worth paying that differnce to get the fully loaded variant. i am looking for petrol one.

  • Rohit Antal |26 Mar,2011 03:35:16 PM

    May someone tell me about the post sales activities such as maintenance and spare cost of polo

  • sunny |27 Mar,2011 10:07:23 PM

    i am planning to buy a diesel car and confused with polo , i20 and swift.... please give some idea on maintenance cost, mileage, resale value... which car would be better for me as i have to drive around 1600 km/month

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  • chandrasekharan |07 Apr,2011 06:13:38 AM

    I would like to know the delivery time if I book my vw polo petrol with vw dealers at calicut. Also let me know the latest offers and best deals for polo 1.2L Highline

  • Pramod Dhiman |09 Apr,2011 03:02:08 PM

    100% agree with you,hv booked VW POLO more then 100 days a go, till toady VW or its dealer not able to give me alocation. This is the failour of VW and its network. this is the worst service witch i m experianc now a days..Think 100 times..............

  • Kishor Doshi |21 Apr,2011 08:39:07 PM

    I have booked a Polo petrol trendline car for Mumbai. Taste drive was pleasant and interiors as well as outer look very nice. But I am surprised with the comments about the engine making noise. If that is the case, and if leg space for driver is not enough, it will disappoint me. As regrds the dealers service , I am yet to experience the delivery schedule and other services.

  • GSA |24 Apr,2011 02:16:47 PM

    After reading all reviews I dropped booking polo. Thinking to go for i2o or figo

  • faizz |28 Apr,2011 04:02:11 AM

    HELP HELP HELP HELP :) Hey guy I need some HELP real quick, Im planing on buy the 'new polo 1.2 diesel highline they claim the mileage will be about 18kms(delhi roads). I would wanna know if that is really true or will i be just waiting a lot of my money; Power of the car seems low but is it really? I took a test drive but it was pretty good. Im 5'11 and i had no problems in getting in or out & i sat on the back seats as well and they seemed pretty okay, so i dont know what u guys are talking about. But anyhow what are the maintenance cost gonna be like?? If you could help me quick it would be great cause I know the guy there and he has my car ready for me to roll hahaha HELP HELP HELP HELP :)

    faizz |28 Apr,2011 04:04:07 AM

    And also is it the best buy ? I mean it will cost me 8LACS.

  • harish kumar.r |13 May,2011 09:00:37 PM

    Really help full,I'll go for PUNTO

  • sridhar |05 Jun,2011 11:22:49 PM

    Iam from Coimbatore, they are not able catch out the problems and whenever they commit the delivery they are honoring this is not first time third time. I can't tell only the dealer( Ramani Cars ) VW is also involved. I given the complaint till now they are not taken any action, still my vechile is with the dealer, iam frastated in this issues. German's are quality consius in this VW is O

  • daksh yadav |06 Jun,2011 01:01:44 AM

    go for fabia its better than polo and punto bt dnt have resell value

  • Rajeevan |27 Jun,2011 03:26:57 PM

    i want to buy a diesel car pls guide me

  • Mahesh |29 Jun,2011 07:30:37 AM

    Elite motors is the worst,i have been to Elite motors last week, they surely lack knowledge not only knowledge they don even know how to treat their customers. if this is the case it will be hard for VW to survive here.

    sreekanth |29 Jun,2011 07:31:21 PM

    Yes these people dont have good knowledge. Also the response to the customer is extremely poor. Everytime I call the service reception and ask for some person the standard answer is He is busy, I will ask him to call back in 5 mins as if it is recorder voice. But they dont bother to call back. Though the dealer is to be blamed for this attitude, VW should take the responsibility and see to that customers are not put to hardships like this. After all we pay a premium price compared to suzuki, hyundais, ford..... Even at the time when I went for a test drive, the attitude of the dealer was like Buy it or leave it Even then I went for the car hoping that more dealerships will come up in another 2-3 years and the car remains problem-free during that period except for the periodic maintenence !

  • Gurjot Singh |16 Jul,2011 11:23:12 AM

    Hi, I am a teenage boy and I need a car . Earlier I was intreasted in buying a polo highline petrol , but then I heard about the roumors about vw polo so I decided to collaspe my decision and I looked foward toward the fiat punto emotion diesel could you please help me out in the correct choise.

  • Harsh |22 Aug,2011 12:55:20 PM

    hello,i have decided to buy Vw polo Diesel highline .is it worth buying a Vw polo highline?or should i go for any other hatchback?in approx cost of Polo diesel highline ?

  • ramesh |04 Oct,2011 01:04:14 PM

    when m asking about vw polo.... ma frns told me that..... there is some technical problem in this it right.... maintenence is very high.... shild i buy or not...? give me suggetion pls....

  • Anshul |15 Oct,2011 12:04:59 PM

    It has only been 10 months since I bought my Polo diesel but if i could, I would return it!! The amount of noise it makes is crazy within these 10 months it has been to the service center atleast 4-5 times with the problem still remaining unresolved. Today the customer service guys tell me it is because of your driving!!! If a car begins to give problems from the first month how can it be driver error!! Few of many problems include: - Breaking noise - It whistles like a truck - they can't resolve it yet , according to them it does so only on slope ( am i supposed to be ok with the fact that a car does that on a slope!!!) - Horn - Single horn but the right side doesn't work - mystery till date - Rear suspension - I open/close the rear or front door and the suspension makes a noise I will not even start with the engine noise - with all these problem that is the least of my worries! I moved from swift to polo and what a mistake that was!! Don't buy from KSM motors(Navi Mumbai) - horrible after sales service , they are rude and aren't aware of the technical issues, speaking to the top most guy there also didn't help!!

    Prakash Rao |12 Sep,2013 08:20:12 PM

    wish i had seen this post earlier ... am a 1 week old owner and the nosie is is not very comforting ( Diesel comfortline POLO) Pickis alsonot thatgreatcompared to i20

  • ambuj |31 Dec,2011 07:48:35 AM

    tell me the exact millage of polo petrol

  • arif |03 Mar,2012 09:56:30 PM

    never book polo. it will be nightmare if u book it. its will be a white elephant. and also aftersale service is worst

  • arif |03 Mar,2012 10:05:11 PM

    very true i as am volkswagen owner advice all of , not to buy a volswagen car

  • ram |05 Mar,2012 11:52:08 AM

    wat is exact mileage of polo in diesel

    Arvind |25 Jul,2012 06:34:50 PM

    Hello Ram, I have purchased a VW Polo diesel (Comfortline) Model in Jan 2012 from ELite Motors. It has been 7 months I am driving in bangalore traffic. In city condition it gives 17-18Km/l. On highway its 22.The comfort and driving is quite good as compared to swift . 5 people along with luggage confortably fit in. Service wise its a little headache as you have to run around them but they are coming up with new service station in Electronic city by the end of this year. Inititally the Grears were a lilltle sticky but on daily use it became ok. Hope this feedback helps you .

  • ram |05 Mar,2012 11:53:43 AM

    Polo or i20 which is the best car

  • Abhay |28 Mar,2012 07:14:21 PM

    I agree i have a VW Jetta.Its a prob with the brand they have no customer values.i have had a horrid experience with VW

  • Asif Malik |31 Jul,2012 01:36:40 AM

    i want to buy a diesel version car between Rs.5 to 7 lac. so please can anyone suggest to me what is the best car now a days.

  • Rajshekar |02 Nov,2012 04:28:21 PM

    Hi All, Anybody pls comment on my query having in Vw polo Diesel highline. 1. Mileage in City 2. Mileage in Highway 3. Maintenance cost compare to Swift diesel & i20 diesel 4. Waiting period for diesel Vw polo after booking 5. Maintenance cost after running 2-3 years 6. Initial cost compare to Swift diesel & i20 diesel ALSO PLS COMMENTS, Since I will drive per day 30KM in city & 3 month once to my native around 600KM up & down. Which type fuel is best to my according to my usage? Since I am planning to buy this is my first CAR-?¦.!!!!! Somebody pls help. You can cal my mobile no# also to share feedback -?? M:09945456536 (Bangalore no#) Many Thanks in advance.

  • ada |11 Dec,2012 01:17:56 PM

    its Excellent vehical

  • sujan |26 Jan,2013 08:44:50 PM

    if any body tell how to book volkswagen polo diesal trendline and booking cost and how many days to come that car after booking please please

  • Sagar |19 Aug,2013 06:32:56 PM

    Could any one let me know in I20 dieasel sportz and polo higline dieasl which is worth to buy in overall perspective?

  • Prakash Rao |12 Sep,2013 08:13:38 PM

    I took delivery of my new Diesel Polo ( comfortline) last week. I feel the pickup is little less at low RPMs and the noise is also much more...I was using a Verna ( 2007) before. Am a little disappointed At high speeds (120-140) the car is very good but the engine noise is very annoying ...

  • Jaikrishna |05 Oct,2013 02:30:28 PM

    Hi Dudes , I like your suggection on my concern ,I like to have polo and when i checke my avg travelling will be 600 Km / month so what do you think better for me deisel or petrol? and any one can give me an idea about the yaerly maintance cost......

  • manojgodhani |25 Oct,2013 12:13:25 PM


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