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Rating of Tata Safari

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An excellent product soured by Quality and Service

for DICOR 2.2 EX 4x2 BSIII
On: Dec 03, 2008 | 3147 Views

This is a really nice SUV. I got it for making ocassional business trips by road & covers 500 - 600 kms a day in my visits at least twice a week. At highways we drove at 170 kmph without any slight vibration.Interiors are very good. pick up is also fast. My friend is having a scorpio wherein we found the car vibrating at 150 kmph. Safari is comfortable, lookwise it is good. Safari is just different in my feelings.It has to be bought with a dream and with a passion wherein it fulfills all your needs quite well.I somehow do not like if somebody is discussing about a Scorpio or like.May be there are some internationl SUV brands, of course better but nothing really matches this indegenous Safari Dicor in any angle -in my view.I cannot imagine driving any other Iron Box.So this is my SUV forever. But is only meant for deep pockets. the running costs are so high and mantainence is also expensive. Customer Service: Tata has set new standards of poor service in the industry. The dealers are not trained to handle customers, the online customer ?helpdesk? is non-responsive, the mechanics/foremen are neither technically sound, nor trained to handle customers, the backend staff at the service station are ill equipped. Overall the Tata Motors service network is a farce. I wonder why the company has not sacked its Chief Service Officer yet. He has absolutely no right to hold that position. If this is the after Sales Service that this person has created and delivered, he should be removed immediately. In fact, the Chief of Quality(if such a designation exists in this company) should also be sacked. Final Recommendation: If you want an SUV, and cannot afford an Endeavor(or above), you will have to settle for Safari. However, do not keep your expectations high(or even normal). If you spend 10 lacs of your hard earned money with lesser expectations, you are likely to enjoy the ownership of this vehicle more. Though i must give it to Tata(and Mahindra) for offering a good engine at this price point. If Tata is able to differentiate its services for the Safari, I am sure the sales would go way beyond their current trends.

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