Tata Nano nice car at affordable price

By for Tata Nano 2009-2011 from New Delhi 2011-07-25 11:10:33.0
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Pros : Spacious and comfortable interior, low cost.

Cons : noisy engine, fair gear shift.

Look and Style I purchased my new Tata Nano one year back. I am very much happy to get such a nice car at such an affordable rate. Tata Nano is a good looking car like old Maruti Zen estilo. When it comes to looks wise, well what more can you expect with the Rs1 lakh cost. My Tata Nano price me Rs 1.25 lakh on raod. Comfort Tata Nano interiors are very spacious and prive a high quality of comfort. Both rear & front seats are very spacious and comfortable. One will not be tired even you travel 800 Kms non stop. Pickup Tata Nano's engine pick up is really fantastic, one can overtake very fast after shifting to 3rd gear and reach up to the maximum speed of 100 Kms. Mileage I am getting a fuel efficiency of 21.00 Kmpl with AC and 19 Kmpl without AC on highways. It is very much suitable for city roads and good enough to get through the traffic of India, Best Features Ride quality is good and handling of Tata Nano is very nice. In addtion to this there many features which attracts me. Its very hard for one to get such features at such nominal cost. Needs to improve Engine of Tata Nano makes very much sound. Apart from this Tata Nano gear shift is fair. Tata Motors has to improve the gear shifting. Other than this Tata Motors has to introduce a power steering in its small car. Overall Experience Overall Tata Nano is a affordable car, having excellent features like center locking, tubeless tire and a very excellent fuel economy. Tata Nano review as the India's cheapest car.

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  • Prasad |25 Jul,2011 02:17:08 PM

    What affordable..?? last week in kerala, a nano & Autorikshaw clased and 4 people died. The fun is that the died persons were those travelled in nano. Is it affordable to give your life for such a car?? Autorikshaw is more secure than nano.

    vijay |27 Jul,2011 11:05:36 AM

    Arrre Mr.Prasad, Dont you think you are just fooling around.You can get data from ARAI which is a govt body for safety features of NANO.it has passed all the tests and out in market.FYI it is also running successfully in NEPAL and Srilanka. People talk all shit when technology is available and they are ignorant. I can tell many cars that have the same problem as written by you.Even a BMW had the same case as you wrote. EDUCATE YOURSELF OR ELSE DO NOT COMMENT WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY

    anil |27 Jul,2011 11:28:32 AM

    Mr. Vijay you can't cheat yourself we have three cars, WagonR, Santro and Nano and believe me earlier we have a maruti 800 that was a much much better car than NANO not much difference in the on road prices. Why you peopole get fooled so easily. NANO in no way comes at a cheaper price. It is not worth Rs.1 lakh the material and parts are not of a car. This is something else please shell out Rs.50,000 thousand extra and go for Maruti 800 instead of NANO, in case u wish to purchase.

    Nilesh |27 Jul,2011 04:48:58 PM

    Anil... Your Maruti 800 has already started phasing out since April 2010. Maruti 800 is not available in 13 major cities and it will be completely phasing out by 2015 -16. And still which you get it is of price range of 1.8 to 2 lakhs. There is a difference of price as well. The logic behind to intro Nano was for Indian family who drives bike with their wife and more than 2 kids. Here if you see bike cost 60000 onwards on road; whereas if you invest few more and then you can drive home safely with the whole family who really can't afford or don't want to invest 2 lakhs of rupees for the CAR. Before writing anything kindly consider the circumstances as well. Dear Prasad your rick for private use will cost you at 90000. For Comfort and A/C you paying extra 10k to 20k. Big deal right.

    anil |08 Aug,2011 04:36:11 PM

    i just dont want anyone waste hard earned money in a Nano; if u have limited resources go for a second hand car it would be much better. Just drive a Nano only the first time drivers will appreciate it; because their is nothing in it and the car is not meant for poor people; each and every spare part and accessories are too expensive did u know that. Aur Haan agar kisi bachhe ko jise koi khilona na mila ho us kuch bhi doge to achha lagega samjhe. Agar jyada hi satisfaction hai to Nano kharid lo phir meri baat yaad ayegi.

    Prasad |27 Jul,2011 01:38:17 PM

    Why depend on certifications when you have real incidents in-front of your eyes?? Are you a pretending fool or a real fool?? Certificates wont save your life. Do you know who TATA's are? Do you think they cannot get a certificate from ARAI ?? believe your eyes. Nano is just an egg shell. You told about BMW. How dare you compared BMW with this stupid car shaped autorikshaw ?? NANO's problem is the engine location and the the light weight structure. Please don't try to educate others when you itself are in blindness.

    irshad |28 Jul,2011 03:10:58 PM

    hello prasad..myself is from kerala and.i am living very much near to the place of accident..isaw both nano as well as autorikshaw( ape), for your kind information...4 members out of 9 in the autorikshaw lost thier ...it was true that speeding nano hit the auto...still you are not convinced you check the photographes from malayalam daily. don,t be exited to see 9 members in one ape...its usual here..after the collision auto was in upside down position..so when putting forward some comments..check what the reality is...

    Prasad |29 Jul,2011 08:36:52 AM

    NANO is the superb car i ever seen, Its an innovative and excellent product. It will beat BMW and Benz. Its the pride of India. The journey is very safe, even safer than a s class benz. Its cost is very affordable. Its not an autorikshaw. Its has no defects. Its a perfect CAR. ok guys????? Mr Irshad, I made the comment based on the newspaper report. I have not seen the incident live. But, the safety of NANO is never a matter of debate. Its just an egg shell. Its my opinion and u can have yours.

  • Anil |27 Jul,2011 11:20:14 AM

    TATA NANO three wheeler hai; OK; i think you are from TATA Group or working over ther; because no one else ever praised this CAR; or may be you had purchased or driven a car for the very first time; just try out other cars you will feel the difference. Nano mein Ghussa maro to pichak jati hai; Wire nikal jaye to company wale hi theek karenge wo bhi 4 din mein; koi mechanic use hath nahi lagata kyonki uske spare parts hi nahi milte bazaar mein; nano ke spare parts luxury cars ke spare parts ki kimat par milta hain wo bhi sirf company service centre par; bahar kuch nahi milta (e.g. Clutch Wire for Maruti WagonR Rs.360 (company service centre) outside Rs. 200, Santro Rs. 380 (company service centre), outside Rs.230 and NANO Rs.780 (only at company service centre, not available outside)

    Nilesh |27 Jul,2011 05:05:59 PM

    Dear Anil, The story what you have said is same when I had Fiat Padmini and newly launched 800. In those days too Fiat spare parts were much cheaper than Maruti. 10rs for the lock of the door for Fiat. And the same used to cost 100 rs for the lock of Maruti 800. This technicality will remain for few years and later you will see Nano repaired on the road with the parts available in the market. History always repeats so such fight should not be done. Will you compare Merc spare parts with your Santro or Wagon R though now Merc is easily available in the market. NO... Because comparison cannot be done nor you will allow you Merc to be repaired by road repairer. STATUS. And the price of the spare parts you know it. And yes even me not working for TATA.

    ARUN |03 Sep,2011 06:20:45 PM

    Hi, First of all price of spare parts mentioned by you is a piece of bullshit. In case you are worried about expensive spare parts ( which is a untrue),Take the 99 rupees per month mantainence contract offered by the company.

  • brijesh |27 Jul,2011 02:05:30 PM

    I read first time in my that with AC car give more mileage than without AC.... hahahhahahah

  • kalaichelvan |28 Jul,2011 08:32:35 AM

    Hello friends as for as nano is concerned it is not a car of any of the catagory that it exsists in market ( Sedan and Hatch back ) It is out of scope from a luxury, performance and comfort cars. It is just a bike with four wheels to drive in city traffics saving us from pollution and summer heat. Other than this there is no comparison to be made on this car. May MNC car companies are trying to input their new model of car in india to capture market with low and affordable price and you people think twice and go for a good one in market rather debating on this issue. Nano is not a car it is a redefined bike with four wheels and AC

    Prasad |28 Jul,2011 08:58:29 AM

    I agree to kalaichelvan. He told ryt. Its not a car and cant be compared to any of the cars. but for comfort & AC we are paying something more as Nilesh told. But dear friends, please don't argue about the safety of this car. That factor is also something like a bike. Its an innovative product as TATA's claims. And here Nilesh & Vijay wants to prove the same, may be because they already owns this toy car and may be feeling guilty of losing their money now. Don't worry friends, try to get another good car and be happy. Run this NANO as a taxi in the autorokshaw stands and earn more charge for the cost of luxury & AC. As you told, in Nepal & Srilanka the NANO is run as Taxi. so you can also do the same. hahhaa.. But Take care of the passengers ......

  • FM SAHOO |28 Jul,2011 11:59:06 AM


  • Ranjit Reddy |28 Jul,2011 12:57:39 PM

    Hi, Nano is almost as a price of an auto rickshaw, so any one planning for a commercial business with auto's can take nano.. you can offer better service than auto rickshaws.

  • Aritra |29 Jul,2011 11:29:39 AM

    u can get a good used maruti 800 @Rs.80000 to 1 laks, Alto with in Rs.1.50 laks. If u increase the price of Rs.2 laks u will get santro. So whay u should invest 1.25 - 1.50 for nano.

    Aritra |29 Jul,2011 12:09:45 PM

    but getting new car @Rs.1.25 its really affordable for indian customer. middle class indian now think for a car. and whatever its obviosly saffer thant a two wheeler. Now a two wheeler starts from 60000, and in u invest few more u can enjoy ur journey with ur family.......

  • t.raghu |29 Jul,2011 08:13:07 PM

    i want new nano models

  • Harish |30 Jul,2011 03:41:17 PM

    Dont think only about car price. Think about fuel price and mileage also.. Which Indian car you can buy with a price of 1 to 2 lacks with a mileage of 35 kmpl???? Yes NANO is the pride of INDIA.... and we all are waiting for the launching of TATA NANO Diesel model. The real dream car of a middle calss INDIAN. Stop Debate and salute TATA.

  • John mathew |22 Aug,2011 11:21:37 PM

    Pay rs70 and u can buy one kg of chicken and pay rs.350 and u can get one kg of mutton and both of them are called meats so i hope u understood my logic the more money u throw the more the better

  • john joseph mathew |22 Aug,2011 11:28:38 PM

    Everyone person has to adjust his life according to their capacity for eg,a person who has a two bedroom house will look down and criticize those who live one bedroom flats and in return three bed room people will do the same thing to two rooms wala so u cannot stop the dirty trend of the world so be happy withwhat ever u have and thank god

    Suresh |22 May,2013 02:56:02 PM

    Super! this is how life is to be lead! ;) john joseph mathew u r great!

  • deepak |30 Aug,2011 01:45:55 PM


  • rasi |04 Sep,2011 10:41:17 AM

    super car i miss that car

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