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Tata Nano is better then we expected

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So at last the Tata Nano has hit the roads in India. The car is expected to break all the records in India. I saw a Tata Nano review by a news TV channel. First thing which is commendable in Tata Nano is the space in side of the car. During that review i noticed one amazing thing and that the Tata Nano engineers has fixed the speed limit at the level of 105 kph though the engine it very much capable of producing more speed then 105 kph. By this we can understand that how sensible the Nano engineers were for safety of customers while manufacturing Nano. The speed has been made limited because at a speed of more then 105 kph there is a danger of tumbling of car. Other then this the car has been loaded with safety features like Seat belt and fog lamps.

On: Mar 24, 2009 | 712 Views
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