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Look and Style Look is good, Style is good Comfort Comfort Level, we have a doubt since the vehicle cannot really manage with Indian Roads Pickup We cannot go even at 20km speed in bad roads of Chennai. We have landed up paying Rs.34000/- within 5 months of Buying and before 2nd Service. And Maruti claims they have a good design, when we went for first service, there were 4 vehicles for the same problem. And second breakdown within 5 months and they say it is engine seizure..... Nice Pickup only for MARUTI and their Service... NO AFTER SALE SERVICE by them except for billing and taking money from the Customers.... Mileage Not bad. But we are unhappy for other reasons. Needs to improve Many Venhicles have problem of engine seizure and for our vehicle : on further inspection they found that the engine has seized due to non availability of lubricating oil which has leaked out since the oil filter has damaged due to external impact .So they are not in a position to claim the same under warranty or insurance. Overall Experience Everything is fine, they could not give us any damaged part of the vehicle and they could not even show the same to us even after repeated requisitions to them. They from Indus Motors have written a mail to MARUTI stating that they are getting vehicles of Zen Estilos for ENGINE SEIZURE PROBLEMS and they are not able to handle the same. First of all, the oil filter set is very low touching the groundand the casting is aluminium which is very low quality. They have requested for IRON Oil filters. And MARUTI has said that they will pass it to their TECHNICAL Team. I dont know when it will happen ????

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  • Sivakumar |29 Dec,2010 03:46:25 PM

    Yes, I too accept the Same. One the Worst vehicle design from Maruti. Oil Filter placed at the bottom of the Engine with a normal casing which can be damaged with even a small stone hit forcibly. Earlier version had Iron Casting casing. This is a Badly Designed road for Indian Roads. Especially for Chennai roads. And service, Hats off to All the Maruti Service Centre. Only Money taking is there main principle. Don't even have time to answer to customers complaint and never ready to Give any replaced parts to Customer even the if amount exceeds 10K. And for problems in Engine they will go for Topping of AC. Excellent . Keep up the good work Maruti..... Till Customers Wake UP.......

  • Sivakumar |29 Dec,2010 03:49:45 PM

    A Small Change in the Comment Posted Earlier. This is a Badly Designed VEHICLE for Indian Roads. Especially for Chennai roads

    G H |18 May,2012 11:33:19 PM

    A fundamental problem with this vehicle is that when you change to second gear, even if you slow down slightly, the engine does not have the pulling power to get moving again. It seems ridiculous to change to first gear in a car moving at about what is usually a comfortable low speed for second gear.

  • Pandiyarajan |29 Dec,2010 03:51:02 PM

    Of course, This is a bad design. there were many people with this tough struggle and MARUTI / ABT is not acting on it... except for collecting payments and pushing the vehicle out. Sales is main and After Sales NO Support has become motto for Maruti Team as well as ABT... I had met atleast 3 customers facing the same trouble at ABT Ambattur.....

  • KUMAR SAURAV |30 Dec,2010 11:29:32 PM

    Hello everyone!!......i am planing to have estilo, but after reading these comments...i am quite confused, if i wont go for estilo then for which vehicle near to the same range. please if do discuss its more advantage and drawbacks. Thanks

    Rashmi |05 Jan,2011 05:56:01 PM

    Hello everyone, This message is to caution people who comment on the goodness of this vehicle, the vehicle is good, only till your roads are good, otherwise the oil filter which is set so low in the new model of Zen Estilo will hit on any small piece of the bad road..... Wow! you can sit idle in the road for say 45 mins for your service person to pickup the vehicle for service....... Then you meet any sales person who spoke great to you about the vehicle, will not respond to you and say that they do not know technical things of the vehicle.. Then they will make you wait to see the Branch Manager, who will wait inside the room and say he will come from outside. Finally, you meet him, he will try to tell you that the problem is external and he can do nothing for this kind of problems...... U go to the Service centre, they will give you a waiting area, where there is no AC nor fan with lots of Mosquitoes to help you. They will take their own time to conclude and not give the damaged parts.... Even if it is written there that it is your right to ask for the same. The first point in their board is ask for the damaged / replaced parts of your vehicle. But they will while away and not give you any damaged part, since they have just covered up and not serviced it. There is a small problem but they want to earn. Then why are they making customers suffer for the same ? ONLY MARUTI KNOWS AND IF POSSIBLE, EVEN NOW THEY CAN CORRECT THEMSELVES. SINCE old vehicles of MARUTI even 15 to 18 years old OMNI is working GOOD. But today technology is going to do what ? Cheat customer and take money for their service departments... Can there be someone who really put their mind and rectify these kind of problems ????????? I DOUBT ???????

  • Anbuvizhi |06 Jan,2011 04:44:30 PM

    I AM FACING A WONDERFUL SITUATION TODAY ......... MY VEHICLE IS STUCK ON THE MAIN ROAD OF CHENNAI. We had taken back vehicle after engine service from Indus Motors Kattupakkam of Chennai on 28/12/2010. And we were not in station for almost a week. We are using it from day before yesterday that is 4th January 2010 for 4-6 kms per day. Locally from office to house and house to office. Today we had used the vehicle for some 20 kms and vehicle is stranded at T.NAGAR on the road. Had to take Auto to go back to office. NO RESPONSE FROM ANY SENIOR OF MARUTI..... And noone can reach them, It is really a nice time for MARUTI people to earn money with their service department ..... I dont know whether they have given me a defective vehicle ? Someone should help us out........ We need a Solution on this......

  • rajnish |11 Jan,2011 12:26:29 PM

    Friends all of you are commenting on the customer care of Maruti or a particular dealer. You should be aware of the fact that Maruti is Market leader only because of their after sales services and customer care . I am also a Maruti customer and never met such a response. The car Estilo is very good as far as its cost is concerned. In its price range this is one of the best cars. If you are not satisfied with customer care of Maruti then try once the customer care of Tata, Hyundai, Ford or chevrolet . That will be an eye opener for all of u.

  • rajnish |11 Jan,2011 12:30:33 PM

    Bad luck friend, I can't believe you, I am also using the same Car for last 3 months and all i have to do is to fill the tank and check the Air pressure in tyres. Touch wood, I feel this is the best car among its segment. I feel sorry for you.

    Muthuraman |08 Feb,2011 02:57:58 PM

    Well said my friend. I bought my Zen Estilo on 10 Aug 2010. 12500 kms till date.No problems. What i have to do is to fill the fuel ,check the tyre pressure and rest is to drive safely. Feeling Sorry for Anbuvizhi (Disturbed Customer of Zen Estilo) But only problem of my car is little noise inside the vehicle while driving(Cant able to sort it out)

    Sanjeev |29 Mar,2014 08:26:23 AM

    Rajnish and Muthuraman, I dont agree with you. I have faced the low power problem as well in this car. There seems to be a design issue with the engine. Thankfully this car has been phased out, but the engine may still be used in other models !!

  • S S HAJRA |13 Jan,2011 04:37:10 PM

    Hi Freinds The above comments are really genuin?.Pls somebody tell me about the oil filter problem. Had anybody taken such pain? Actually I am a prospective customer to buy it within two weeks.

    pradeepkumar |03 Feb,2011 08:13:38 AM

    dont buy any maruti vehicles, as yesterdsay only my engine seized becuase of oil pressure light. i dont know what is the outcome, today i need to go to the service station and have to see? in the extreme case, i thought of going to consumer court against maruti.

  • Gajarajan.S |17 Jan,2011 02:35:43 PM

    I am confused whih such varying comments

  • Gajarajan.S |17 Jan,2011 02:40:12 PM

    I am totally confused with both the type of comments on the same car both in favour and against. Especially some comments which are too technical creates a doubt whether this could have sent by the competitors. Car dheko must accept only such reviews which are supported by their contact number so that it can be verified by nthe other customers or if the report false, we can go with our decision. I hope car dheko will take this suggestion

  • Anbuvizhi |20 Jan,2011 04:11:23 PM

    Dear All, We have faced this trouble and using the vehicle only for good roads right now. Since we have taken the vehicle loan for this vehicle, we have to maintain it for some time to come. If you need any clarifications, we can give the scanned copy of the invoice and the service bill too. We really do not have any grudge against Maruti. But when a customer faces the trouble and nobody to help us out. We had to write the same. If you intend to buy this vehicle, keep good relations with the Sales person so that you will be able to get support for proper service of your vehicle. This is 100% truth and our vehicle was billed for purchase on 30/06/2010. We had taken delivery on 14/07/2010. Our first service within 1st month made us pay Rs.2466/- 11/08/2010. And the second one was within 5 months and due for second service where we paid Rs.28,025/- on 28/12/2010 (vehicle break down and given for service on 19/12/2010). Whatever written here are situations faced by us badly..... That is truth. You call up from anywhere and give complaint, they will attend to it... But they are taking more money from us for their Design Problem. People in ABT and Indus Motors have written to Maruti about this problem and we had seen it in their machines and their premises. Maruti had replied saying that they will forward it to their technical team....... Still problems are problems. Middle Class people buying and spending for a new vehicle is burning issue. Please understand this....... and also note that there were 4 vehicles with same problem at the time of our first service. And second time, there were 3 people minimum as what we noticed. No faulty material were handed over back to us....

    sridhar |24 Jan,2011 08:51:52 PM

    Dear Anbuvizhi, i feel sorry for your bad experiences and the bad episodes.... Hope your problem get corrected by some procedure... Actually i got the information from the Maruti users that all Maruti vehicles with K Series engine have similar problems. For example some people who have purchased the new K Series Swift vehicle too have this low oil filter problems.... I am buying small car.. I have almost selected three cars.... Maruti Estilo, Maruti WagorR (New), and the Santro.... after reading your comments i am really scared to buy the estilo... but i so amazed by the wonderful design of Estilo.... If you have time, i want to discuss with you telephonically.... My phone number is 08016686371.... Please message me .. I will then call and discuss... I will be grateful to you , if you share with us.....

  • Arunprasad |20 Jan,2011 04:28:28 PM

    Dear Rajnish, Hajra, Gajarajan and all. I hereby confirm to the above points. The oil filter placed at the bottom is really a trouble some. Infact you can visit any of the Service Center and have a bottom view of the Zen Estilo and get it verified by you. This really a very bad design by Maruti Designers. Becos when the Filer breaks open (for a small stone hit) the oil drains out within a minutes and that the end of your Engine if run unnoticed. And in all circumstances you will not be able to hear Whether your Oil filter in Hit with something. You will be able to notice it only after you keep seeing the Dashboard for Oil light to flicker. Better Suggestion don't take Zen Estilo now. Wait till the issues are sorted out by Maruti. I admit to the statement of Anbuvizhi. I had seen several mails written by Service Center Heads to maruti regarding this particular problem and atleast 2 car standing in the shed for the above mentioned same problem.

  • laxman |24 Jan,2011 01:00:50 PM

    I think this problem has happened with the rough and wrong handling of the vehicle. I am a proud owner of estilo and had been using since last 10 months I am getting good performance both fuel and physical. The service centre at nagpur provide good service to all costomers, even free check ups. or it may be the problem of the partcualr service centre. I would request the maruti suzuki to pull up that particualr service centre for best quaility management and providing customer satisfaction.

    Pavithra |24 Jan,2011 04:18:43 PM

    Dear Mr.Laxman, I understand your concern towards customer satisfaction. The person who drove the vehicle had been and have been driving all kinds of vehicles. He has gone to Family Tours and Official Trips by many vehicles (like Maruti Omni, Ambassador, Santro, Getz, Accent, Logan, Scorpio, Verna, etc....) by road and he driving even for a week together. He had been driving with his family and he really was driving at less than 20km speed. If it was first instant, then I agree to your point. But this is the same problem with that same vehicle second time. Will you really like to see a problem with a New Vehicle in 5 months time ? I feel Maruti has to do justice to this kind of technical problems. If there is no problem with Maruti Design, why not a single person who is technical answer our queries ? Till today, there is no response from MARUTI..... This bothers us a lot since our boss has still got a vehicle which is of 1993.... It has some small problems. But the vehicle is still performing good. If only we have problem and we are rough driving, why the other fellows had similar problem, when we visited for first service as well as the second issue problem ? Can some one really understand that there is a problem ? And why the Service Person showed us the mail stating many vehicles are coming with such problem and they needed technical assistance and MARUTI had replied that their Technical team will come back with some solution on the same ?

  • N.Rajan |16 Feb,2011 10:15:01 PM

    Dear friends - Anyone can give the final view about the Oil Filter issue and sizer of the engine

  • CarDekho Team |18 Feb,2011 03:42:08 PM

    There is no oil filter or sizeure issue with the Maruti Zen Estilo. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • manisha |27 Feb,2011 09:41:10 PM

    I just test drove the zen estilo today and fell in love with the car.But after reading the above reviews, i am scared to buy this car. Do you think that Maruti would have corrected this issue since the above comments are 7 months to a year old. Could somebody guide me. Thank you

  • praveen |28 Feb,2011 05:02:58 PM

    i talked with many users of estilo.some of them are using this car since from 2009. no had found such a problem. i have booked estilo dusky brown last week. so with no doubt u can buy this car. just watch the road. u can find that the number of estilo are increasing day by day .

    vijay |17 Mar,2011 10:10:02 PM

    same problem happening with us when we go to the office in rainy day we didnt see bad road and breaked our oil filter and front portion of the car.

    anand |24 Nov,2011 01:32:44 PM

    Estilo came after wagon r, which means it is a model that has come to fix the issues of wagon r, say the box look, or the over height for a small car, too much wide space for the rear seat less trunk space. Also wagonr gives an omni effect, but if you test drive an estilo you will feel more luxuary and feel like driving a car. Estilo looks great in design, height is optimum, unwanted space inside is removed and added as additional space in trunk. Overall its a great car, but problem is our people always like the big ones, so they try to tell wagonr is good and not this. I would have agreed if estilo was first launched before wagonr. This car is for new buyers who need comfort and style...

  • praveen |28 Feb,2011 05:05:39 PM

    i talked with many users of estilo.some of them are using this car since from 2009. am from kerala.here is the most worst raod in india even though no one had found such a problem. . i have booked estilo dusky brown last week. so with no doubt u can buy this car. just watch the road. u can find that the number of estilo are increasing day by day .

  • Dr sanjay palimkar |04 May,2011 01:21:14 AM

    I am using this car since last 7 months. its a nice car with good look good mileage.i have read all above complaints but i think new zen estilo is a very good car in this segment.small problems can arise in any vehicle if ur driving is rough.

  • shivendra pandey |13 May,2011 03:11:50 PM

    dear friend i m also totally confused to by this car,i read for all comment to estilo,there are many comment to goes negative what i do...any one tell me what,s going this....

  • Anurag Sharma |09 Jun,2011 09:53:06 PM

    I am planning to exchange my 2006 -Maruti 800 (AC). I thought about Alto K10. I took a test ride but the vehicle does not satisfy me fully on all aspects of the vehicle. The sales person from the dealer suggested that as it is a Demo car it will not give you the complete pleasure of driving. For complete satisfaction of the vehicle you need to have a new vehicle that I can get only when I purchase it. During the discussion I happedn to discuss about Zen Estillo. The sales person told me that its a really great performer. However when I read all the comments here I am in a dillema whether to think about taking Zen estillo or go with a much reputed Alto K10. If there is any persona who can giude me with the technicalities of the vehicle must be appreciated. Thanks & regards Anurag Sharma -Pune

  • deepak |25 Jun,2011 11:59:55 AM

    I am facing the same problem with Ritz oil filer got damaged but some how feeling lucky not to bear the engine seizure.Yes i fully agree K-series engine has problem with oil filter location without any protection.This seems to be a common problem but overall vehicle is great.Maruti has to do some good for the customers like us in the board.I am taking up this issue with Maruti will update after every response.

  • jahir |11 Jul,2011 01:03:05 PM

    i want to purchase this one. Pl. suggest .

  • Deepanshu |04 Aug,2011 01:17:02 AM

    Too bad and too sad to read about estillo, my dad drives a ford so I know how lame the service guys are! So I thought maybe maruti is real good but then the k series and its low engine with oil filter breaking like bonechina cups is freaking me out. I know sales guy won't tell the truth so tomorrow when I go for test drive I will test ride it in rural road of a nearby village if the hole on road makes the sales guy and its engine cry, I will know my answer. Lousy maruti this thread opened almost one and a half year ago and they haven't found a solution yet.

  • Gagan |21 Aug,2011 03:05:49 PM

    yes.. itz a Technical fault in the Designing of the engine of the Estilo. i have completed 10 000 kms and u know wot, Two times i caught in serious trouble due to damage of Oil filter and Draining out of Engine Oil. The Oil filter is Situated at the lowest part of the Car ''Which is too Bad'' and there is no Protection is provided by the company for this. ''No Safety Sheet etc'' and when this kind of problem occurred, we have to suddenly shut down the engine Coz if we cant do that the engine can ceezed. and problem also increased due to disablement of Brakes and Power steering of the car with off engine.... Damm.. its like a Horror Nightmare..

  • padma |27 Sep,2011 11:27:56 PM

    I want to buy this car....and exchange it with my maruti alto... ...but after reading reviews.....i am confused...should i buy the car... :(

  • rakesh |02 Oct,2011 07:30:13 PM

    .but after reading reviews.....i am confused...should i buy the car.

    Avinash V.Hebbar |03 Oct,2011 06:27:18 PM

    Rakhesh, If you enjoy smooth driving, defenitely go for this car.

  • sanjay |10 Dec,2011 12:25:22 PM

    It is a serious problem with the K-Series engine.. i too have faced the same problem. Maruti has to attend this problem.

  • Mangesh |10 Dec,2011 10:52:15 PM

    I also wish to buy the same and getting very much confused. I am the pride owner of Maruti 800 ac which is still in very good condition n never trouble me. What about ZEN Estilo? Plz suggest me which car i should buy?

  • harpal |13 Dec,2011 08:17:58 PM

    I wish to purchase Estilo but confused after viewing coments should i buy thesame,Pl sugest

  • JRam |29 Dec,2011 04:56:18 PM

    Hi I also thought of taking zen estil due to itz look & more offers given by dealer. Now i am also scared to buy zen. If engine and ground clearence is same for wagon-r & estilo, will the same apply to Wagon-r? But i have not seen any body complaining about oil filter issue when i googled ? Really confused now!!!

  • Madhu Rao |03 Feb,2012 03:05:06 PM

    Keeping aside the Oil filter issue, i think the issue largely rests with the service centre & partially with the customer who is driving the vehicle. I bought Zen Estilo in Feb 2011 and till now have clocked 13,200 kms. I use the vehicle for 50 kms every day (except on sat/sun) and have done a couple of long trips as well. Till date i have not faced any problem with the vehicle on the road. The only issue i have is, at times the reverse gear does not fully set in and need to be careful. But for that.. i am enjoying the vehicle. I get a mileage of 17 without AC (as i do not use much of AC (Bangalore)). I used to drive M800 earlier (drove for almost 50K) and moving to ZE has been great to me..

  • sandeep mohanty |18 Feb,2012 02:30:54 PM

    I'm planning to buy Zen Estilo next week.Please suggest me sould i go for this or look for anything else?

  • Abraham Easo |14 May,2012 05:28:15 PM

    I want to buy a maruti estilo LXI BS IV within few months. Kindly sugget its metit and demertis.

  • Ajay Patel |17 Jul,2012 11:56:47 AM

    I am also a prospective buyer of Zen Estillo. Can anybody give me suggestions regarding Oil filter problem? Has this issue resolved???

  • Roy |05 Jan,2013 08:41:11 AM

    I am planning to buy Maruti Zen Estlo , Please suggest any comments and suggestion as early as possible.

  • jose |17 Jul,2013 08:49:11 PM

    my zen estilo was given to indus motor service for power steering problem.after service the problem became severe.their cleaning service is the worst you can find anywhere in india.thank god, they have called me and agreed for a free checkup and service.

  • srinivas |10 Jan,2014 12:53:22 PM

    want to buy estilo come to know abt oil filter problem please inform me new developments of this issue in new cars and other major issues

  • Rajaprakash I M |13 Mar,2014 06:11:24 PM

    I am an owner of maruti Suzuki Zen estilo.I am also one of the sufferers of oil filter problem.I faced this problem when driving on mysore road.My car oil filter hit the road hump and the filter was damaged.At that moment(5:30 am) not even tollfree no and finally maruti breakdown gave us the no of kalyani motors,Ramnagar.they suggested us to drive the vehicle to service station though we mentioned about oil leakage.we filled with some extra oil and drove the vehicle halfway till the car stopped all of a sudden and dint start.Then we again called and informed the kalyani motors when they told that they will bring the towing vehicle.They made us wait till for two hours and then bought the toer and towed our vehicle to kalyani motors.We were informed then that engine was seized and had to replace the half engine which costs about Rs40000.When we reported the problem they are now telling that they dint advice us to drive the car!!!!!!.what a reply by kalyani motors wow!!!!!!!hats off to them.Lovely liers.Im going to report this problem further and try to solve my problem.

  • muntu |06 Nov,2014 01:15:18 PM

    I would like to buy hatchbag cars for hilly terrian kutcha road with good ground clearance. suggest me which cars i shoud prefer....

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