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  i had test driven ertiga diesel out of sheer anxienty it had created all these days and at first sight i lost the interest in the vehicle as the looks from exterior it resembles (replica) ritz and this very look makes one disappointed and while hearing the price for the top model to be any where between 10.5 lacs i had to laugh and one should be insane to pay this price for this vehicle . maruti you have disappointed and it is worst the wait   Look and Style poor   Comfort ok, but lacks luggage space   Pickup good   Mileage ok as per spec   Best Features nothing spectacular   Needs to improve on pricing and boot space   Overall Experience not satisfied  

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  • Uday |24 Apr,2012 07:03:12 AM

    Completely surprised to read your comments. You must be the only person to talk negatively about the Ertiga. But one thing is certain. If you cannot be pleased with the Ertiga, you cannot be pleased with any vehicle on earth!

    rohit |27 Apr,2012 07:40:49 PM

    Mr. Uday the above copmment is totally right...i mean if a buyer paying more than 10lack why shud he go with this ertiga car...see the car its just looking like a swift....even i shud say swift is better than ertiga.. so @10lac i am not satisfied with this vehicle at all...

    uttam |01 May,2012 05:28:36 AM

    Rohit for ur kind information the price of top model diesel cost 9.54 lakhs on road in delhi and top model has all the safety feature,so according to me price is almost fine. I bought this car yesterday (Ertiga ZDI) will give my feedback about ride quality and mileage soon..!

    Rajasekhar |01 May,2012 04:04:22 PM

    Dear Mr.Uttam congrats to uuuuuuuuuu.I have booked Ertiga ZDI .Can you please tell me about the pick up of this car when seven people sit inside. and also tell me about milage and your experience .if possible send me some pictures. becoz am in abu dhabi .

    pawan |10 May,2012 05:52:09 PM

    7 people in ERTIGA 2nd row people will feel uncomfort its not much wider than Xylo or innova For 6 people the car is good pick up is good AC is also good if you booked ZDi its ok but you go for LDI which is good for money you can put central locking from outside good and put silver Vcool of RS 25000 you will get best instant cooling Now a days people like LCD screen instead of system you can put that in LDI you can put reverse camera wich will be more better than ZDI only power windows will not be there

    harshad |06 May,2012 10:33:59 PM

    hi I want to buy zdi ertiga, but waiting is very long, in delhi its in live stock ?and if i can buy from any other state then can i take service any service station?

    HS Anand |07 May,2012 12:24:34 PM

    May I request you to give the news on mileage in city and highway conditions. An honest feedback shall be of great help. HS Anand

    aditi |09 May,2012 05:56:27 PM

    Ertiaga ... finally lost the intrest. Gentleman said the cost of the vehicle is too high .. i totally agree. I have opinion that i put 1 more lac for the XUV / Scorpio which has got the powerfull engine and rugged power.. look is stunning. Ertiga..1.3 ltr.. hope this vehicle will not ask to empty the vehicle on the slope (ghat)area.. i feared... sorry ertiga...Wish you all the best

    Vikas Goyal |30 May,2012 12:04:09 AM

    Agree. XUV is costing 11 - 12 lacs and has higher engine capacity (1450 cc). Ertigo has 135BHP v/s XUV has 200 . this means you can drive at 140 - 160 with good control over vehicle. Ertigo is good as it has same engine like Dezire - price should be less then 8 lacs for top model in Diesel. I have decided to wait for XUV500 or similar model. If it takes time then Scorpio is good

    pawan |10 May,2012 10:03:56 PM

    Brand new ERTIGA will give you around 13kmpl diesel worst depends on drive you should have patience while driving no speedy on highway You should drive the vehicle at the speed of 60 kmph on highway in city you should be in 1 or 2 gear properly dont drive car on 3 or 4 in low speed this cause loose of pickup and nuts bolts gets loose after 10000 kilometers if you drive on 120kmph your dash board vibrate Important for NEW CARS BUYERS:- REALLY IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOU MILEAGE RUN YOUR CAR ON HIGHWAY AT THE SPEED OF 60 KMPH BEHIND THE BUS OR TRUCK THIS WAT UR MILEAGE IMPROVES BCAUSE WHEN YOU DRIVE AT 60 KMPH YOU PUSH AIR OF 25% WAT YOU DRIVE SO IF YOU RUN UR CAR FOR BETTER MILEAGE THIS IS HOW YOU GET MORE MILEAGE

    Uday |12 May,2012 02:09:04 PM

    Thanks Pawan for your useful tips. Improving mileage by driving within speed limits and knowing when to change gears are very basic things to know which unfortunately some very experienced car drivers are also ignorant of. Many car drivers do not try to understand the finer points of car driving. These ignorant and reckless drivers not only misuse their cars but put their own lives in danger as well as those of other road users and innocent pedestrians. Driving within speed limits results in saving of fuel, saving your car from avoidable wear and tear, and of course, saving yourself and others from accidents.

    pawan |13 May,2012 10:54:40 PM


    Rajan |16 Jun,2012 07:55:34 PM

    Hi ! I want to remove all the doubts that exists in the minds of people about Ertiga . I own a Ertiga Diesel -ZDi since April . I was one of the the first customers to receive the car in Chennai . I am just amazed at the performance of the vehicle . I have done around 300 Kms so far including 3 highway long hauls . Let me tell you ... A ll the guys in Ventos/Innovas , Fiestas , Manzas and Vernas etc are amazed by the performance of this vehicle on the highway. I stopped by at a BPCL Bunk on one of the national highways , after by passing all the above type of cars and after giving the throttle a spirited pump for a short while ( It touched a 160 KMPH so efforlessly) .Believe me , I am a regular highway mile cruncher and I fing the stability , ability to pull 5 adults with luggage equal to 3 more adults with ease , is phenomenal in the Ertiga. The engine is really smooth at top speeds and the breaking with BS is bang on target. The AC , actually chills after a while , even when the outside temperature was around 39 degrees in south Tamilnadu , when we did that strech of long haul. The average mileage you get is around 17.5 Kms to a liter of Diesel, when you do about say 95-100 kms per hour Speed. Which is really great compared to the 10's and 10.5 's that you get from other cares like Innova ,which is a critical criteria when you are deciding on a family car. Ertiga scores very well , when you have a family of say 6 people . Ofcourse , If you are 5 guys , then with the third row folded , we have very good luggage space. Now thats a winner all the way . Innova has a superflous extra length of a quaretr foot , which makes it an irritant to other cars in parking spaces . Its also plain Jane design , when compared to a much better and easthetically oriented design like Ertiga , as acknowledged by all Auto car reviewers of repute in India . Innova guys with the 2000 plus CC Engines just are unable to match the performance of Ertiga on the highways. I am so glad that I selected the Ertiga. Maruti badge is also a kind of Hallmark symbol for all of us . So folks all that I would say is , just go ahead and book your Ertiga's . It is a swiss army knife of a car from Maruti and dont listen to silly and unnaturally critical guys , who are arm chair reviwers.Ertiga has shook the gut out of all the competitors and this I say as a customer of Maruti for a couple of decades and that is a fact. Ignore the doubting Thomas's , who couild also be envious competitive car makers stooges . Ertiga is a winner all the way and that has reflected in India Incs booking fiugures of the Car in just 2 weeks of its launch . Long live Maruti , the respected and reliable badge from India.

    Guruprasad |03 Jul,2012 09:15:26 AM

    Thanks Rajan. Very objective analysis.

    jit |04 Aug,2012 01:16:54 PM

    Yes Rajan , What you have written is absolutely true as I bought my Ertiga ZDI on the 13th April 2012 , I was also one of the first buyers in North Bengal . I live in Darjeeling and I have had no reason to complain as I drive in the hills most of the time and I have clocked about 1300kms and the overall perfomance is very satisfactory and yes being a Maruti Suzuki is an added advantage , so I suggest all the doubting thomas's who have not driven the Ertiga should should first drive the Vehicle over a period of time and them comment. Cheers

    Uday |12 Aug,2012 12:02:15 PM

    Thank you, Rajan, for your first hand User Review of the Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga ZDi. You are perfectly right when you say that the critics of the Ertiga are all armchair critics who have not seen or experienced the Ertiga themselves. Your comments, coming from an actual owner's experience have laid all their baseless criticism to rest and placed the facts before the world. Now potential car buyers who are in two minds about buying the Ertiga (after being influenced by negative comments), will now be able to take a decision on buying the Ertiga diesel after reading your comments. Well done, and best wishes.

    yaseen |01 Dec,2012 07:09:56 PM

    Nice car, but since it is smaller than innova and xylo in terms of dimensions and engine size, the price should have been 7 lacs at max.

    anjan |24 Jan,2013 10:50:20 PM

    hi rajan can you please tell will it be goog in rough road condition. if the road condition is not good will this car will ask forr maintainence as compare to BOLERO of mahindra. i am confused which one to buy either ertiga or Bolero. which one will you advice. the road in my place is not well.

    Rajoo Rangarajan |04 Jun,2014 10:50:57 AM

    Thanks for your detail views which is very helpful, when people are in a dilemma to choose from different vehicles. After seeing your detailed review, I booked one got one.. As mentioned by you, I really enjoy the drive. I went to Tirupathi in a very normal speed of 70 kms, there was no engine sound at all. breaking is really fantastic ABS system works so well in Ertiga. I fixed one arm rest in the driver's seat row. Especially on long drive where you need not shift gears much, it is really very helpful. Probably Maruti can look at the extra comfort fitting. This is there in Innova along with the vehicle. But very uncomfortable. I am very much satisfied with the vehicle really. It was my son's choice apparently after going through several reviews and physical verification to the nearest show room (Cars India). My family with my lovely Pet son (doggy) we enjoy long drives with great comfort. Long live Maruti....

    prasad |19 Feb,2015 10:36:51 PM

    Yes,true to every bit. I too purchased an ldi Ertiga 3 years back. No regrets .It moves like a PASSWORD PROBLEMS: WINDOWS: Please ente bird on highways. But onr e should make use the potentiality of the rpm in gears. - prasad Bangalore

    Nantha |30 May,2012 12:38:29 PM

    Hi Uttam: Congratulations to you for getting the car. Any update on your experience and performance

    anuj malhotra |30 May,2012 01:43:25 PM

    Dear Mr Uttam, am really looking forward to go for ertiga deisel,just in a dliemma about its performance with sucha small engine,as uve already purchased n are using it,,kindly share ur views n driving experience .thankyou !

    shamanth dwarak |31 May,2012 08:51:45 AM

    hello mr.uttam, i was just looking for some user reviews. as we are planning replace our maruthi versa for ertiga diesel kindly give your feedback about your actual driving experience. regards shamanth.

    arvind |05 Jul,2012 10:43:03 PM

    hi uttam....wat is ur experience now after using the ertiga for more than two too has booked the same model . pl advise arvind

    Arpit |04 May,2012 01:11:43 AM

    The price of Ertiga ZDI is 910,000 (On Road Price)

    sundar |10 May,2012 02:37:57 PM

    I completely agree to the coments of thanikachalam. this vehicle is not recomendable. As it doesnt has space, pickup or drive pleaseure.

    R S RAO |02 Aug,2012 11:53:56 AM

    My dear u r wrong. I have test drive this twice. Engine is roaring while taking pickup. Last row is like last row in RTC bus. Seats quality is not good. Try to get down from last row , u will really feel the lack of proper design. Maruti have spoiled the design of good expected car. Overall low marking car.

    Murali |18 Sep,2013 12:37:08 PM

    I also have bad exp with my Ertiga VDI, after first service m ycar engine got engine start problem if my parking lights are on for 10 mins, battery is completely discharging and some one has to pull the car to start. Working with the showrooms guys to fix the problem and really disappointed with this :(

  • p k pund |29 Apr,2012 12:02:43 AM

    ertiga diesel

  • shailesh singh |30 Apr,2012 06:42:53 AM

    nice car....

  • irfan |01 May,2012 09:07:40 AM

    I had test drive of ertiga at panvel simran motors, since i have swift vdi, when i get inside ertiga the feeling was very different, ertiga is taller than swift and can see road very comfortably, handling was very smooth driving like a compact car, i drove with 3persons. I have no idea aboUt the mileage ,my swift vdi is giving 20/km on highways with a/c. i have booked ertiga vdi, i hope it will not disappoint me.....

  • jai |02 May,2012 04:15:23 PM

    hi while reading all this comments , i feel for a Indian family Ertiga is a good chooise, so i am going to have one today

  • vimal |02 May,2012 05:02:43 PM

    Already booked ZDI . Let's see....

  • VIJAY |04 May,2012 07:02:13 PM


    pawan |10 May,2012 05:53:33 PM

    7 people in ERTIGA 2nd row people will feel uncomfort its not much wider than Xylo or innova For 6 people the car is good pick up is good AC is also good if you booked ZDi its ok but you go for LDI which is good for money you can put central locking from outside good and put silver Vcool of RS 25000 you will get best instant cooling Now a days people like LCD screen instead of system you can put that in LDI you can put reverse camera wich will be more better than ZDI only power windows will not be there

    Uday |12 May,2012 08:00:42 PM

    No. There is no choice available in either Petrol or Diesel engines. There is only one engine each in Petrol and Diesel. The correct engine specifications for the Petrol & Diesel Ertiga are: Petrol: Engine type:K14B1373 cc VVT, Power:95ps@6000rpm, Torque:130nm@4000rpm & Fuel Efficiency:16.02 kmpl. Diesel Engine type:D13A 1248cc DDiS VGT, Power:90ps@4000rpm, Torque:200nm@1750rpm & Fuel Efficiency:20.77 kmpl. Hope the details are useful. T

    SANJAY |27 May,2012 12:10:38 AM

    Most of those people who give negative reviews about the ERTIGA have not owned one. I understand that they are more oriented towards performance. Don't just go by what people say, experience your self. My first advice, Never decide on a car by expert review or books, please touch,try & feel it for yourself. Let me tell you, I am the first one to own an ERTIGA Zdi in TRIVANDRUM,Kerala. So far I have clocked 650km including city & highway trips. Here are my honest views about ERTIGA- Exterior looks like a blend of SWIFT & RITZ. But I really don't like way it looks from the front.It is neither an MPV or an SUV, ERTIGA is a FAMILY UTILITY CAR.(I still don't buy to the nomenclature of MARUTI as LUV) Just 2 feet longer than the SWIFT, ERTIGA can easily accomodate 7adults with reasonable comfort, as the front & middle rows can be slided according to the comfort of the passengers seated. With 7 passengers,the car could easily cruise at 90km/hr at ease.There is a turbo lag which was evident in low revs but that fades off once you touch 1700rpm and above. The best acceleration is achieved above 2000rpm. Power delivery is smooth, body roll is minimal(despite a higher ground clearance & higher centre of gravity). Thanks to the tweaked suspension,even the 3rd row passengers are seated comfortably, without any back ache or body roll. The driver seat with height adjuster is really good & it gives a better riding position for 6footers like me. I could register an average of 17.10km/ltr in combined driving(city & high way). The best avg is delivered at a speed of 70km/hr in overdrive. You will realise the improvement in quality to a great degree(unlike previous MARUTI cars)- right from the quality of fan switch gear, seat belts(height adjustable),brakes work well with ABS & EBD & an ultra light steering wheel.An excellent stereo system that delivers good sound(less noise).Even the A/C is powerful enough to cool the entire cabin. The drawbacks are Lack of luggage space, difficulty in alighting from 3rd row for elders & lack of a touch screen system in Zdi. Overall it is a packaging miracle for MARUTI, which will allow an average extended Indian family to be together in a comfortable monocoque like this. Finally I feel that the pricing could have been better if they had only two variants Vdi for 8.40Lakhs & about 9lakhs(on the road) for Zdi.

  • madhu pavithran |05 May,2012 10:30:48 AM

    Mr.Thankachan,there will be something wrong with you?

    thanik |06 May,2012 10:13:54 PM

    no of bookings in near future will reveal the success my dear pls wait and watch before conclusion and decide yourself that wrong is within you

  • Rohit rana |05 May,2012 06:30:27 PM

    Ertiga is a good car as compare to toyota innova.the milage of a ertiga in diesel is also good.

  • Rohit rana |05 May,2012 06:30:33 PM

    Ertiga is a good car as compare to toyota innova.the milage of a ertiga in diesel is also good.

  • ronit |06 May,2012 02:29:27 AM

    as the maruti ertiga top model price is 10lacs its better to buy 2Ritz at 12lakhs. So think about it before buying maruti should reduce the rate of ertiga

  • santosh |07 May,2012 05:50:49 PM

    I am Purchase this car ertiga vdi model good car as compare innova is Zerox same copy and good look more space and fine drive

  • aditia |09 May,2012 06:00:55 PM

    will not agree ... more space .. i'll put 1.5 lac more and have the xuv / scorpio ... more power and rugged feeling... all the best to all.

    pawan |15 May,2012 11:58:48 PM

    The quality of dash board in XYLO and xuv 500 not good people are complaning and after sales no good service parts not available XUV 500 once engine is down no one can open the engine its very compact only good mahindra service centre can repair people are selling cars in 2 months with RS 1 lac less the steering control system not good i went to test drive xuv 500 the quality not good buttons going wrong i trying to put the volume down it went up its all confusing voice control not working properly

  • saju hani |13 May,2012 09:23:55 PM

    my dad booked ertiga intead of innova.. Will c what will be the result.. Thanikacharan thankyu for the comments..!!

  • roopa |21 May,2012 05:15:47 PM

    i have booked ertiga petrol plz give me the suggestion about that so that i can have idea either to buy desire or ertiga

  • anu |25 May,2012 07:19:10 PM

    You are mistaken the price you have quoted is very high it is not 10.5 highest model in desile zdi is costing Rs 862772 ex showroom Pls correct yourself

    pawan |26 May,2012 11:47:19 PM


  • shamanth dwarak |31 May,2012 09:07:07 AM

    hello uttam, nice to know you have purchased ertiga diesel.even we want to go in for one but a bit confused between diesel and petrol.please get back with your practical experience.

  • pra |12 Jun,2012 09:56:41 AM

    more confused after reading all the reviews. Feel like hammering my head . prakash.bangalore

  • Basav |15 Jun,2012 12:58:28 PM

    Hello All, I am planning to buy Eartiga Vdi, can some one suggests me if it is good or not. I am looking for performance of the car. I test drive the car and felt like i am driving Swift VDi. Please share your comments

    pra |24 Jul,2012 05:24:28 PM

    Basav, I'm driving ertiga Vdi from May 10th and clocked 4500 km till now. If you are looking this car for family purpose go for it. If you look a car with SUV/Sports car in mind, this is not the right car. Overall Ertiga is a good car and Value for money. Best Regards.

  • Vivek Sawhney |24 Jul,2012 09:12:09 PM

    Hi, got my Brick red VDI one week back in Gurgaon. The waiting period was 12 weeks but got it in 5 weeks and the dealer Apra Auto were very helpful in the speedy delivery. Have driven 500km and it has been a sheer pleasure. Ertiga has the driving pleasure of a sedan with the space of a MUV. The pickup up is superb, managed to outspeed the likes of Scorpio, Innova, Xylo, XUV on the highway and that too with a load of 5 adults and 3 kids (age 8-14). The drive was comfortable for all. The AC was chiling even at outside temp of 43 degrees. In Gurgaon the on road price was 8.67 lacs which I feel is value for money looking to the flexibility of the vehicle in terms of seating- u can have combinations for seating 2, 4, 5 7-8 and luggage space. Agreed with all three rows seating not much luggage space, but then which vehicle is offering luggage space with seating for 7 people - NONE. Have to test the power in the hills now. Only concern is the mileage since I got just 10km/ltr on first tankful. Maybe I have been used to driving petrol vehicles so need to adapt myself to driving a diesel vehicle and also too much idling with the AC on in the sweltering heat. But YES I am happy to driving my ERTIGA.

    Jagdish Peswani |16 Aug,2012 04:45:23 PM

    hi vivek maybe you show car to ur dealer in first service. sometimes rpm setting can be issue for mileage. i have got 14kmpl in city and 19kmpl in highway. i own a zdi

  • acr |24 Nov,2012 12:37:40 AM

    i am plan to next month byeing new Ertiga but some pepole are advaiced to me ertiga is not revalue this is correct pl. advaice me.

  • TARUN JAIN |03 Mar,2013 08:46:01 PM

    i am planning to buy ertiga vdi. presently i own alto lx, when i went for servicing of alto i met an ertiga customer .he suggested me not to go for this as it roars while going uphill with 5 adults inside.he also suggested there is no space for luggage if u travel with 5 adults and 2-3 kids as last row will be occupied by kids. If u put a stand on the roof it gives a taxi feeling. Please suggest,

  • m a kalam |06 May,2013 08:23:11 AM

    But this car is lack of leather seats

  • SIYAD.S |21 Jul,2013 03:38:53 PM

    I have 700 km journey /month. Ertiga Diesel or Petrol is best

  • Gajanan |18 Sep,2013 10:05:32 AM

    i am plan to next month byeing new Ertiga but some pepole are advaiced to me ertiga is not revalue this is correct pl. advaice me.

  • prince mishra |02 Oct,2013 10:45:37 AM

    Ertiga ldi ,,,,planning to buy on d eve of dhanteras ,,,,waiting for festive offers....will come or not ...?

  • suresh |25 Oct,2013 06:11:35 PM

    We are planning to buy Ertiga on this diwali.Hope it will fulfill our needs.

  • NIKHILESH |30 Oct,2013 02:21:31 PM

    I have gone through all the reviews. Trust me its very hard to find which comment is really genuene and which is fake...but yes its fact whenvever u see the review of any vehicle u will c 50 to 60% negative I am going for it because i love maruti cars. i had alto lxi 2002 model still giving 15 km/hr average totally depends as how u maintain and drive ur vehicle..treat ur vehicle like your family member it will last long with u without any complaint...So ertiga here i come

  • Anand kumsr |15 Dec,2013 03:01:01 AM

    Ertiga has bad cd music player. Speakers are not suitable with system inbuilt system is not upto the mark

  • Ravi Bhanarkar |15 Dec,2013 03:04:06 AM

    Same problem here speakers burst at very low volume. Reported to maruti sbout it but waiting for reply@canada Calgary Alberta

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