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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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Don't buy XUV 500

By for Mahindra XUV500 from Gurgaon 2012-01-28 22:58:02.0
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Pros : Great looks

Cons : Inferior quality material + unsafe to drive as breaks suck!

Look and Style : Great. 

Comfort : Good 

Pickup: Good 

Mileage: Good 13-14 Kmpl (I drove on the highway for 700km). My car is now 1500 km driven. 

Best Features : I bought XUV 500 W8 on Jan 15 and this is the list of issues I have faced in last 15 days: The car has been manufactured using the worst quality material. So it's not a low-cost car, its a cheap car with inferior quality material and you end up spending the money that has not been spent on it. Think before buying it as any 16L vs XUV for 13L but the cost of fixing things up makes up for that 3L difference. Mahindra service centres and engineers have no answers to my questions.

1. Brake drums are rusted. You can see it from outside. Mahindra blames the vendors. For evidence, check any other car/ SUV on road and you would know what I mean. 

2. Wipers are bad quality and if it rains and you use them, they leave a scratch on the windscreen. It may not happen in the first 2 minutes of usage. It can be so bad that you may want to change your windscreen.

3. Windscreen is single layered glass. Small pebble-touch can cause it to crack/ break. I have already replaced mine. I really thank Mahindra service centre for doing under warranty; however, it has scared me as it can happen again.

4. The beautiful headlights and are made of bad glass. I have driven my car 1500 km and there are spherical shadows in the headlights from where the light passes through.

5. Aux unit does not work. Engineers have agreed that it's a cause of worry in all the cars. You can test it using your iPod. You would not be able to hear the sound in all the speakers/ there would be continuous noise in audio quality.

6. The awesome red coloured central screen switches off and on, on its own. You wanna try it, open the box on top in the centre of the car, right above the console. Bang it a little harder, your touchscreen is likely to reboot. Please don't be happy if it doesn't as it may happen at any time. The surprise is the fun part. 

7. Hard suspension! You drive any car/ sedan/ SUV and you drive your XUV over the same speed breakers. You can feel the difference. XUV would throw you in all directions and you would feel all the bumps.

8. Here is the shocker! Brakes suck! hand break is so bad that the car can slip any side depending on the side of the slope you are with your hand break pulled up. Try pulling the car up on a slope if you don't believe this. (Please do so under supervision as it may cause an accident. I drove the car in Simla and experienced this)

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  • vaibhav |28 Jan,2012 11:19:30 PM

    tis was reali helpful review as nobody wud hav 2 bother 2 thk twice for tis car , its a complete no no at d 1st thought.altho i neva had mch hopes frm mahindra yet neva thgt it wud b such bad .

    Rabinder singh |12 Jun,2012 05:32:27 PM

    Dear dont crip,quote a reasonable price I will buy from you.

    Nitin Singhal |18 Jun,2012 10:27:28 PM

    if you want, buy my xuv500 , model W8,november2011 , 15000km ,

    anil |20 Jun,2012 04:55:19 PM

    nitin ji plz call me on my mob no. o9300277071 i wanna buy your suv thanks and regard anil agrahari

    arora |27 Jun,2012 12:14:19 AM

    xuv5oo silver colour brand new .to be delivered on 8th july.1 lac premium.

    arpit |23 Jun,2015 10:42:11 AM


    NITIN SINGHAL |10 Jul,2012 11:28:49 AM

    anil ji, if you want to buyXUV 500 , plz call me on 09811066725

    Shrey singh |10 Jul,2012 10:36:35 AM

    i want to buy ur xuv 500. Plz call me on 9415665965.

    NITIN SINGHAL |10 Jul,2012 11:33:53 AM


    gaurav nayak |26 Oct,2012 04:23:24 PM

    y r u selling out ur xuv.. is der reaaly any prblm in xuv?

    Kashan Khan |23 Dec,2014 08:00:06 PM

    Dear Nitin, Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with us. BUT i have already purchase the XUV 500 W4 model now i am worried. Already i am facing problem related to wind screen. Actually i was driving and suddenly one small pebble hit to windscreen and got a big crack in it. I just want to know the Mahindra peoples changed the windscreen under insurance or under warranty. Could you please confirm as i also want to change the same. it will be helpful if you could spare some time for me. Thanks & Regards, Kashan Khan +91-9758202786

    Shrey singh |10 Jul,2012 10:37:18 AM

    i want to buy ur xuv 500. Plz call me on 9415665965.

    vignesh |10 Jul,2012 07:37:52 PM

    how many rupees

    nitin |11 Jul,2012 08:53:54 AM

    vignesh ji, amount Rs 14,50,000/-

    arora |02 Aug,2012 11:45:15 PM

    new xuv5oo ready showroom delivery @1500000/- up regstrtn 2nd ownership for the buyer.

    chintan mistry |07 Feb,2013 11:01:48 AM

    how much cost of ur used xuv, and tell me its registration detail and colour

    Nikhil |22 Apr,2016 11:26:31 AM

    8533878133 sell it to me

    Darshan |01 Dec,2016 03:37:35 PM

    I am selling

    Sanny |16 May,2016 09:01:36 PM

    Yes coll me

    arora |27 Jun,2012 12:13:02 AM

    xuv 5oo silver colour brand new ..to be delivered on 8th july is for sale. 1lac premium.2nd ownership.buy before price hike.

    ravinder |10 Aug,2012 11:24:26 PM

    I have buy 80000 primium and Iamfirst owner

    sarab |02 Nov,2014 12:35:08 AM

    Good one......Rabinder Singh ji........i own an XUV and i am all GAGA for it.....frankly for the price you pay it REAL value and all you need from a car....i fail to understand how can people compare it to the expensive SUV or expect similar featyres/comforts...........itne paise mein itna hi milta hai!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shah vraj |20 Mar,2016 02:31:18 PM

    Ok dear buy this car for me and you can Pay for all this for 3years Dear you will come know in just 1/2 years Thats the car which is the bad cars in this year

    robin |10 Jul,2012 09:44:07 AM

    soory who ever writen above is not a XUV 500 CUSTOMER he is misguiding the XUV customer any body who want to buy XUV first go to the XUV owner ask regarding of XUV or call Relation Manager form Mahindra XUV Dealer. Plz first feel it then tell your experince .Thanku

    inderjit |18 Feb,2013 08:28:39 PM

    i agree with you. I am not satisfied with this article. Yes breaking problem is there in car, no other plm in car.

    Anandh |29 Aug,2012 05:02:52 PM

    I agree with the article. I also have a XUV and there are a ot teething problems. The brake for example is rather untrustworthy.

    Vijayendra |15 Jan,2013 05:48:49 AM

    Give me your Relation ship manager number not from Dealer direct from Mahindra, I have Mahindra Scropio given complaint more than 5 times in 3 months given car 4-5 to Mahindra service center 4 month old Scorpio I hate this.. Sound from break Service center worked on that 3 times in last 4 months, vehicle going left pulling left side given 3 times at service center in 4 months still same problem, 2 gear vehicle is switching off, given for servicing 3 time in last 4 months is it a new car I paid 10 lakh rupees for .. I have been cheated by Mahindra

    Arun |23 Sep,2014 07:39:21 PM

    hey I got the same problem in my Bolero SLX but they say it is in all the vehicles. Its actually the fuel pump failure to switch off sometimes but u can overcome that if you properly drive your car. Rev it before releasing the clutch in the 2 gear.

    jazz |24 Sep,2014 01:08:06 AM

    I agree with the article as most of it is true except u cant get all of the gizmoz in one car in the indian market,, most cars in India are substandard so ther u go.

    vaibhavv |14 Dec,2012 11:50:15 PM

    guys i have been using w8 awd since dec 11, there have been problems but the performance have been better then land rover. whatever teathing problems i hve faced Mahindra has gracefully accepted and replaced all parts free of costs unlike the other cars. i know that for sure

    abs |11 Feb,2013 07:17:05 PM

    Well said vaibhav i am using the car from august 2012 all the parts i had a problem with have been replaced And yes the relationship managers are new and inexperienced. we all were at one time , but they are willing to listen and offer the best possible - they replaced my windscreen, wiper, brakes and power window - total charge i paid was 73 ruppees -for adhesive

    Kishore Menon |17 Dec,2012 02:08:28 PM

    I was one of the first to buy XUV more than an year ago. I have had problems with the touch screen, headlights, clutch etc but they have always replaced it quickly free of cost. I have driven it for 15000 KM to Coorg, Andhra etc and I am happy. Expect teething problems with any new product. It is the question of how adventurous or safe you want to play... I took a chance and I am proud that an Indian company has achieved this much. They are not sitting idle. The one my friend bought recently doesn't have many of the issues I had. It is how you look at a half-filled glass - Half Full or Half empty. I think XUV is half full.

    Aditya |11 Jan,2013 03:01:18 PM

    You say so but as we have bought it , it never failed us and has proven to be the best of the lot though it has some brake issues it is a wonderful car so thk twice before commenting on it.

    Aseem |28 Jan,2013 07:12:24 PM

    @tubbytb.... I dont know which car u are using.... coz im facing none of the problems mentiones above

    Bhavpreet |14 Feb,2014 01:00:37 PM

    itz an osum car no drawbacks it's suspension is 2 gud! d car goes 170 without saying anything.. osum.. iitz worth it! its completely value for money! #mahindra good job keep it up..

  • nitin chhabra |29 Jan,2012 10:56:34 AM

    Thanks for th review buddy.. I was confused b/w th New INNOVA & this 1,, i guess i will go for the innova itself.. thanks

    jery |03 Feb,2012 04:04:08 PM

    u r mistaken ...u will regret

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:14:52 PM

    people who bought mahindar crap regrets even more, mahindra sells trucks face it even their showroom salesman know that, they are crap vehicles and thanks to competition we hav so many good choices in the market i wouldnt even waste my attention on mahindar crap.

    Nipun |21 Aug,2012 12:35:45 PM

    That's something really funny I have read in a while. You know what, Tata makes trucks. Does that mean their mobile service won't be good? You're simply saying a product is bad because other product from a company isn't good. Besides this, I really feel you're a 10-year old seeing what you have written. For god's sake, grammar?!

    vijit sharma |30 Aug,2012 09:55:59 PM

    i m planning to buy XUV anyone plz guide weather to go for it or not or any other choice in this range

    harsh |10 Sep,2012 10:44:59 AM

    you shoudn't buy a xuv 500 becouse it has a huge waiting list and bad quality plastic and glass. YES ! , I EXEPT THAT IT IS GOOD LOOKING AND FULL WITH FEATURES BUT IF YOU BUY THIS CAR YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT

    vikram |23 Nov,2012 10:47:34 PM

    mahindra cars are a blot on humanity

    dr. tarun |11 Dec,2012 06:55:27 PM

    i have xuv 500 w 8 , white colour, 1900km.. noe i wana sell it, bcoz my brother bring another one..

    Geetesh |28 Dec,2012 04:35:04 PM

    Hi Dr Tarun, Please let me know your selling price expectation on your XUV? -Geetesh.

    anand |11 Feb,2013 01:19:54 AM

    whats your demand, your selling prise

    raj |09 May,2015 04:41:43 PM

    Sir please call me

    Sudhin |06 Dec,2012 01:32:29 AM

    Hi Nitin, I know This XUV500 really sucks.. go for Innova yesterday i fought with service cneter guys they not even know about customer satisfaction.Do you have escalatio matrix n? I need to escalate this.

    nilesh adhav |25 Jun,2014 01:36:10 PM

    Innova has got only good suspension and nothing else.....Try running it above 90km...u will see the difference between XUV and innova....still xuv is one lakh cheaper than innova...

  • rishabh |29 Jan,2012 12:38:37 PM

    i think u r ryt at some point but xuv is a complete package wid some worries. 1- abt engine 3 l difference enhance ur mileage on da highway as well as in city wid a ease in pickup n torque. dat is not exeptionally well in its rival. 2- now da screen matters if u used audi a4 screen their is also same response. u know buddy u don't expect dat ur car screen work as ur phone screen. n ON AND OFF prob is not coming in my car till yet. so pls check it out.. 3- gear shift pattern is so cool in dis car dat enhance feeling lyk a sedan drive. wid a great responsive steearing. now dere is always a some worries in a car but when we saw its price with its features(better den even fortuner) it's a complete budget car.....

    ajay |01 Feb,2012 10:17:09 AM

    beter than fortuner?????wat r u talking abt???? the fact is dat more than 60% of indian buy car just for its look....n da same is happening with XUV.... fortuner has no competetor till yet....the product and service quality of toyota is extremely high...far better than mahindra....I think we must wait n watch for its long term performance as u cant review a car just by using it for a month or 2....

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:04:41 PM

    abs brilliant n true review, we own scorpio n xylo one of the most pathetic cars ever, yes ever and dude these mahindar idiots even abused me on fb when i reported issues, their showroom people, their salesman and the overall comp culture is pathetic, simply shameless, it all starts when u walk in a mah showroom, they are no where near to high end suv's in short its better to buy a 20 lac suv a proper suv then buying 3 pieces of crap. enuf said.

    ramesh |17 Aug,2012 05:00:55 PM

    Abe chutiye..... mahindra ka culture kya ghanta pata hai tereko...... xuv500 is just awesome.... i have purchased it.... just mindblow....vehicle...... u idiots first try to under a diff between a SUV , MUV & UV's... the start posting comments... u bloody blank heads....... there gand mei dum hai to call kar mereko my number is 09986926070

    shan |12 Jan,2013 12:03:46 AM

    your language speaks volume about you.. and ur xuv 500/mahindra

    drsabri |27 Aug,2012 06:34:49 PM

    I bought XUV 500 W6 model after selling my brand new Innova G (8str) Diesel bought from Harsha Toyota on 27th Feb12. It was rubbish to drive Innova after having Scorpio LXt model for 5 yrs without any issues. There was a scrape in the under body of the Innova and even a v.small speed breaker would scrape the vehicle and after it was raised on the machine there was a scrape. Fortunately I sold it for 60thousand loss and bought XUV on 7th May, except for the CD Player which was replaced twice by AMPL, Ranigunj, the vehicle is brialliant. I went along with 7 doctors to Mahabaleshwar/Pune/Panchgani and achieved 13KMPL with Full AC all the time. Innova's engine is under tuned and underperfomed one wth only 102 BHP power.

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:08:35 PM

    most people who r arguing with u and defaming ur comments are mahindar salesman and other staff of sales team, they are abusing mostly everyone who is opposing their bad quality pathetic products on social media so dont bother, stick with the truth i m with u after wasting my money on scorpio n xylo i have every damn right to criticize this cheap company and its pathetic products, dude dont worry let the competition come from abraod they ll be wiped out from here, and these people even remarked me that i was not suporting indian brands to which i said when u cant even listen to feedback n improve ur prod how come u are a better indian brand comp to other country's car who r working their butts off to make an awesome prod, this is mahindar, and they r utter idiots

    Sreenath |23 Jun,2012 05:58:38 PM

    for arguement sake... what's the surity that who talks sense and who talks non-sense...? if people who are for mahindra can be termed as show-room staff for mahindra, how about people who are against mahindra that can be termed as show-room staff for toyota or elsewhere...!!!?

    pacchu |07 Aug,2012 09:09:44 PM

    i agree withu bharat and thank god that i decided to wait and watch, i had a first look at this vehicle in the mumbai airport and felt this was the vehicle for me but after a test drive my priorities were very clear the centre console kept on failing...............the wait was worth the effort and now i have bought a duster

    vikas rana |21 Oct,2012 11:37:42 AM

    toyota hasrecently recalled its cars due some major issues ......do u know dat ....so plz dont praise toyota ,,,,, and xuv 500 is value for money ,,,,,,,dont mis guide ...others

    aakash |29 Dec,2013 09:16:04 PM

    hay fool fortuner have launched long back and and still its the same and xuv is new to the world just 3 year over and its still developing but fortuner have lots of disadvantage no features low milage cannot cross more then 150 where as xuv has crossed 210km

    sanjeev |03 Feb,2012 11:53:35 PM

    fully agreed with rishabh

    tubbytb |01 May,2012 03:13:40 PM

    Dear frnd, I wish highway drive is what we would do on all days! and gear shift...I think you may want to see if you want a car with cool gear shift and an overdrive gear ..gear 6 or a car whose wiper units are not defective, headlight bulbs dont loose their effect after a few kms of drive, brakes are dependable, alloy wheels are not rusted (folks plz do chk the wheels if you buying W8), the electronically adjusted mirrors do not make noises everytime they fold, the great navigation system works, and the touch screen is not so lousy!

  • hanibal |29 Jan,2012 07:24:59 PM

    I have heard good remarks about this car,no problem what so ever about the brakes and poor suspension.the car that i saw did'nt have any marks on its wind shield. I would also like to ask why you have given high comfort rating in the chart if you were having problems with the cars suspensions?

    dharmendra |28 Mar,2012 05:55:48 AM

    Hi friends, I had also tested XUV500 and I found some good pints and some bad. Good Points are:- 1) LOOKS 2)Stylish 3)Comfort is good 4)Looks value for money in a short run Bad Points:- 1)Cheap quality plastic, rubber who may start to produce unplesant noice after some period of time, they are not like Toyota or skoda ect. 2)Parts are costlier as compaired to there quality same comparision as above. 3)Its basiclly a same as Scorpio from power tarien side only we are paying more for looks ect. 4)so many features are there with cheap quality, please notice most of them are not repairable you need to change complete set ex.screen,push buttons ect. 5)out side grills and the tin sheet is not up to the quality level, grills may produce noice after some period of time and the sheet is very thin, you can feel it by knocking. 6)Doors are very heavy and the supports for them are not that good enough so after some time they also can start to produce sound. All in all I can say the machine is good but compromised in quatilt, may be because of price, since thay need to fit all of them sofesticated fetures.

  • Manoranjan |31 Jan,2012 10:39:09 AM

    I was going to book the so called SUV 500 but now I think it is better to wait till Ford Ecosports comes.

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:11:34 PM

    nice choice, i would suggest u to wait more for even more choice if u can wait till oct, yeah even i like to buy these segment of quality suv's then buying mahindar crap

  • jery |03 Feb,2012 04:02:52 PM

    this looks like a cooked up one realllyyyyy ..whoever wrote this y lyingggg

  • crazydriver |04 Feb,2012 11:59:07 AM

    I think you cannot really expect everything in 12 lacs. It all depends on your budget, you get what you pay for. Obviously you cannot expect the class Honda or Toyota would offer in the same segment but almost double the price. Those of you are thinking of getting fortuner, can also review BMW X1 - starts from 22L Overall I think XUV is a good package for the price. If you are streching yourslef really to have an SUV just fr the heck of it, I will suggest don't do that. Instead go for a decent sedan like new Honda city fully loaded and classy satisfying all your needs with great looks and much lesser the ice.

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:13:38 PM

    yes very well said, a sedan especially diesel sedan like verna would be a great choice, we bought verna along with xylo n scorpio and the diff is day n night in every aspect of the vehicles, verna is cheaper than mahindar crap and is well yes well worth the money, i highly recommend it

    chirag |14 Oct,2012 11:38:50 PM

    hey..!!! though verna is good choice at all the time...but have u ever noticed that the all parts except engine and gearbox are mounted on different plastics.....if at times any accident is there then we have to bear 50 percent of the plastics and they are priced much higher....so i think if we are comfortable with price of car than we must also think about the maintence part also..!!!!this is the reason i am not buying xuv500 and going for scorpio.....i think except bumpy ride quality there is no suv better than this within this range ...and you can also check that every month scorpio is the seventh rank holder among all cars sales in india....!!! apart of these have u ever seen any european car with plastic mountings..???....and we all say that european cars are best...bcoz they are father and mother of auomobiles...!!!!!.so plz think that what is the basic structure of any car..!!! i through with the xuv structure....shield is plastic, fenders are plastc ...bumper is such that if any one hit it then i have to bear full price of that and if any plastic mountung cracks then it may damage other parts also..!!!!! so plzz mind that what is the basic structure of any car..!!!!

  • K P Singh |08 Feb,2012 06:47:22 PM

    I saw the car yesterday and it surprised me with the kind of leg space it has for the last row, its really tight and moreover there is hardly any space for even a single suitcase with last row open. So if you have to travel with minimum luggage, it is as good as a five seater only. Spending 12 lacs for a five seater, not really worth

  • dr.norden lepcha |08 Feb,2012 10:36:06 PM

    thanks buddy.....for opening my eyes...mahindra veshiles always has breaking problem...it is just a media hype..this vechile is overnight success..luckily i didnot book this vechile.people are waiting for so long..open ur eyes.

  • samh khalid |10 Feb,2012 08:35:50 PM

    Guys I think XUV is much better than Innova2012,it costs around 14L ..wat specs it come with for paying this much of money..XUV offers features a bit like fortuner..but you think those two's price at diff levels... If u planing t buy Innova...I say its not worthy...

    chirag |14 Oct,2012 11:40:08 PM

    only features cannot decide the investment of such a huge amnt

  • pawan |11 Feb,2012 12:11:11 PM

    sir u r right I have also booked the xuv 500 but not intrested in taking thr delivery as for the given reason. 1.dash board noice on running the car in low gears. 2.seats are not comfortable 3.breaking problems is there. 4.hard suspension

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:15:55 PM

    seats are stiff and as pathetic as xylo, its very heavy car, i hope u cancel ur delivery and wait for more coming choices in the market, good luck

    inderjeet singh |24 Jan,2013 09:09:05 PM

    bad car hai yaar :-{

  • GEETESH TYAGI |16 Feb,2012 05:34:15 PM

    should i go for xuv 500 or wait for ford ecosports

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:17:23 PM

    u can wait till november of 2012 to see even more choices in the market, please buy the quality car for ur safety and comfort of ur family then buying mahindar's crap, mah sells trucks and anyone who disagrees is a mah salesman

  • biju |19 Feb,2012 10:18:45 PM

    thanks for ur review. I have gone for a used captiva 2010 model after repeated test drives of xuv 500.

  • Mohammad Karvan Khaja Moinuddin |20 Feb,2012 04:12:16 PM

    hopely its right that XUV is little confused with interior and technical problems but look wise its pity highly atttracting so its better to wait and see wats d problems will once mahindra delivers 10000 vehicles, bcoz same thing happened with XYLO previous its like a small elephant later the model changes from its size and again now the front grill of XYLO copied like XUV so mahindra is nothing but COPY & PASTE policy strategy in my opinion.

  • markiv |22 Feb,2012 01:10:24 PM

    tata aria is a best option in this price range. if you don't belive me. ask for a test drive or ask any owner of this muv

  • mks |01 Mar,2012 11:03:32 AM

    U are an complete Ass hole with o knowledge of cars fucker go to hell

  • ankit |02 Mar,2012 12:20:34 AM

    if u feel innova is better...i dont understand y ppl like innova....its again a bhed chaal engine noise in innova is like a mini truck... wanna experience? switch of the engine after a bit of drive. power in the car is hard to find.... in short its a car to sit in th 2n row only... with a driver. boss no car is complete... its just to set your priorities.... even innova has problems...

    Kartik |12 Apr,2012 10:08:59 PM

    Dude, you are very right, but you see we Indians do not take pride in things manufactured in India. If this same car was made in the same way by a company like say Hyundai, then these guys who are crying about it here would be raving about it. You see Phoreign ka maal acha hota hai. Every car sold in India has its share of problems but since they are FOREIGN companies, they do not get critisized. To all the haters out there all these so called FOREIGN cars are also made in INDIA . So people grow up and stop cribbing. A psecial Note to the reviewer You dumbass, the car has DISC brakes not DRUMS So first get your car right and then Crib about it. To the rest of the Haters You have so many problems with fit n finish and all then why dont you just go and buy a CBU (Completely Built Unit). Yea it will set you back a minimum of 30 lacs taxes. When i say CBU's, i mean the likes of BMW, Merc, Audi and above. And in the SUV section you have the Honda CRV at the lowest end

    bharat |22 Apr,2012 06:21:24 PM

    aur haan bmw is much better than 3 pieces of crap like XUV

    aakash |29 Dec,2013 09:22:42 PM

    you are very right these people don't know what to appreciate they think all indian products are worst ..they themselves don't know their own cloth and underwear is also made in india and they still wear it what a fools company is from foreign and the material is imported from india without knowing

    jazz |24 Sep,2014 01:19:35 AM

    Nice one

  • Dr.Gopal |09 Mar,2012 11:53:53 AM

    Very true evaluation. The car from Mahindras stable is always like this in the initial few years. Need a lot of trial and error to rectify this by r&d wing of Mahindra. the Booking overis just a hype

  • sourabh chaturvedi |12 Mar,2012 12:41:17 PM

    fucked car no usage only wastage of money..company has cheated its only a comfortable 5 seater vehicle.with hard suspension.....even whipers are of infeior quality......gprs is only for seeing not for working.......in my opinion it is better to buy a ambasder than suv 500....fooling your self if you are a suv lover.......

    Nikhil |27 Oct,2012 08:26:55 PM

    I dont agree, GPS works from may my india.. here in MH it is correct and have used it for my recent 1000km journey and it was accurate.. may be you are new to the system.

    jazz |24 Sep,2014 01:20:34 AM

    Stay at home .walk 2 work

  • ashish |18 Mar,2012 09:59:35 AM

    thanks for enlightening, actually people are up in grabs for anything that comes cheap

  • Yudhishter |26 Mar,2012 07:51:08 PM

    In start i also like this car but after reviewing these comments i suggest that we can go with Safari or scorpio. Thanks for opening my eye.

  • Varinder Singh Jaswal |02 Apr,2012 06:14:57 PM

    Tks a lot for your valuable comments. I had the pleasure to drive Sccorpio Hawk and were quite satisfied with the performance of that car. And now I was thinking of buying XUV500. But after reading your comments its definitely NO from my side. Its better to put some lacs extra and buy a decent secure car. Tks again.

  • Gaurav |06 Apr,2012 09:22:42 PM

    I've bought XUV500 last month & have completed 5000 kms. Since the inception, I can hear knocking sound from the engine in almost all the gears. After bringing the problem to service center, they say it's because of high speed diesel & Mhawk engine does not goes well with speed diesel. Now I'm using normal diesel with System D solvent as advised by them but the problem still persists. Apart from this breaking is also not very effective.

  • Jose Maliakkal |13 Apr,2012 01:46:08 AM

    Hi It is a mixed feeling on above comments. So I would appreciate if Mahindra Management can put their comments Regards

  • Amit |16 Apr,2012 10:27:43 PM

    Hi, I heard few common complaint about XUV 550. Keeping aside the plastic and other cosmetic problem, I could pont out few major issues. 1 Poor Breaking system 2 Poor Suspension 3 Knocking sound in engine I feel these are serious techinical problem which needs to be sorted out by M&M on critical basis. Does anyone taken it up with M&M? If yes what is the outcome? Im contemplating to buy XUV 500. However above problems making me to think twice whether to by or not. Please mail me amit9215@gmail.com if any one has any answer to it. Thanks,

    wizardboy |11 Jun,2012 11:26:57 PM

    hi frnd....m also in d same situation as u....i have test driven XUV500 thrice on different vehicles and different roads and the first problem that occured to me was poor braking, rigid suspension and to add for the comfort the third row seats are just for namesake, poor quality plastics used in interiors and m very sure that the problems will aggrevate over the time of usage...i myself have opted for Innova and will cancel my already booked XUV.

  • Ravi |17 Apr,2012 08:50:50 AM

    I was planning to upgrade from Honda city VMT model to SUV . After reading the above comments I am scuptical now !!. I am very happy with Honda quality and have not spend a single buck except filling air in the car for last 30 months. IF Mahendra does not match the quality expectations would it be worth the upgrade after adding few more lac just to feel that u drive an SUV. Please advice if this upgrade is worth !!

    Raman |17 Oct,2012 09:08:13 PM

    An upgrade from Honda to Mahindra - You will repent it!. If you have Honda experience, stick to Honda or Toyota. No American, European or Asian Manufacturer comes near Japanese Quality manufacturing.

  • viraat patel |20 Apr,2012 11:02:26 PM

    The knocking sound from the engine occurs as the gear may be higher than the required try out 3rd instead of 4th upto 45km speed. the XUV is heavy, and needs a lot of pull out torque to accelarate. As it is front wh. drive it needs 10-15 % more engine rpm before the next gear change. With this above method I am getting good performance. Breaking, sudden appli. of breaks results in squeking -loud sound. m model i have At tyres with powerful road grip, and i expect it. However upon breaking hard at 60km /hr, i have felt some sideways swaying. just some of my observations. before passing adverse comments, pl. note that interiors of M&M vehicles are more rustic. plastic in xuv is not at the entry level xylo level, it is much better, but for those who are used to the finish of japanses sedans, will be upset.

  • Ammen |23 Apr,2012 02:44:40 AM

    I got an XUV booked recently therefore I was on look out for reviews by real owner. After searching the net extensively I came across few discouraging contents, which have placed me in sear dilemma. The most repeated concerns by owners (posted between Nov 11 to March 12) were:- 1) Engine noise (knocking sound does occurs while shifting between 2nd to 3rd gear. 2) Brakes not up to the mark. Produces screeching sound. Now were ABS, EBD sleeping ? 3) Suspension not comfortable for off road drive (most Indian roads with pot holes can be termed as off-roads). 4) Cheap plastic used for interior ambiance. 5) Most gadgets got problematic within few days of use. 6) AC cooling not up to the mark. 7) Over all Suv Luxury Factor missing. On the basis of the comments my synopsis is that it may be value for money BUT like most chinese products. They look attractive, cheap and latest but no guarantee of service life. I am not aficionado of foreign brands, thus I don't consider Fortuner to be a barometer to evaluate MM xuv. As Fortuner itself is not a pedgree SUV, its a derivative made from a pick-up truck platform used in Australia (called toyota Hilux) specially designed for Asia. But after reading the comments, i feel XUV has to travel few more miles to achieve its goal.

  • hiren bhatt |25 Apr,2012 07:39:36 AM

    what u are saying is totally useless. becasue even crorepati people wont buy car without testdrive, the point on which u r talking like hand break quality, abs asiistance, audio system, breakdrum corrosion, unwanted spherical enhancer head lights, totally worthless. becasue i have tested it, when i got test drive that xuv had alreadycompeleted its 27000 kms, eventhough i have not heard any sounds, nor any breaking problems. you might be knowing maximum problems will get identified during testride vehicle, and you know how people test the vehicle. mahindra is a classand brand for value worth, it gives hard rock solid body, chases, and good plastic quality deshboards, even i have ride scorpio in the farm, hilly area where u cant imagine road condition but i have not faced single problem even in balancing of tyre also. dont blame any such statements as xuv500 are peoples dream car.

    mahesh |18 Jul,2012 11:24:09 AM

    Agreed but what about the grinding noise from front disc brakes? They keep on eating the brake pads..i took my car 4 times in a span of 15 days but still the noise is coming....even left suspension is making noise ....very bad experience after spending more then 15 lakhs.............

  • hemant parulekar |25 Apr,2012 05:39:07 PM

    I have booked XUV5OO but now these reviews put me in confusion , please provide some experts comments by a technical person

    Dr. Suraj |29 Apr,2012 11:21:41 PM

    Aree Yaar ,Dont listen to all this crap,Just go for XUV. it is worth the Money

    rahul virmani |05 May,2012 04:06:02 PM

    yes u r right

    Ammen |30 Apr,2012 01:38:04 AM

    Think logically, no technical expert can claim the XUV500 is flawless. Even the owners, designers, engineers who created the vehicle cannot guarantee 100% on it. A product when put in application reveals the verdict automatically. You shall get true reviews from owners. This is the only tried and tested method. Even a big company like toyota has to recall its car prius when it faced some serious issues. They too discovered the problem when put in use. Like you, I too booked a XUV 500 on 13 April, but got the booking cancelled 2 days back. The dealers were hesitant to do so and literally were forcing me let it continue. My friend is upgrading to fortuner 2012 although he got an xuv in Feb draw. Give a thought when the features in a vehicle increase so do the problems. Best way is to wait for the factory to improve its quality after feedback from the drivers and rectify its shortcomings. I think after doing so you will be happiest to buy it as you will have full confidence in the vehicle you are driving.

  • santhosh |01 May,2012 02:32:22 PM

    hi dude, am really confused !!! want to go for a diesel vehicle. pls guide me which to choose. 1) XUV 500 2)Innova 3) ford ecosport or any other ?

    Ammen |02 May,2012 12:51:35 AM

    In the existing scenario my first choice would be Innova (its a great tested MPV and owner bet on its performance). But if you can wait Renault Duster is coming up this month or latest by June 2012, approx Rs.9 lacs. It would be wiser if you can have a look before finalizing. Btw, Ford Ecosport is 1lt petrol engine mini suv. You can book Innova (which has 2-3 months waiting period) and in the mean time have a look at duster. For XUV you may have to make some compromises in quality and performance. Few serious niggles are yet to be attended by the company. Or wait for at least 6 months if you have a heart on XUV.

    Santhosh |03 May,2012 02:45:08 PM

    Thanks Ammen ! between Ford Eco sport and Renault Duster ( both r diesel ? ) which one u suggest ? Wht is the mileage both gives ?

    Ammen |04 May,2012 02:32:02 AM

    Renault is diesel and Ford ecosport has both 1lt petrol and 1.5 lt diesel variants available. Well its too premature to comment on any of the Suv presently. Proper analysis is available only after they hit the roads. FYI,Ford is bit longer than duster. Duster is coming in 4x2 and 4x4 options. Mileage: Ford diesel 18 kmpl and Renault duster around 11.5 kmpl.

  • Ashish |01 May,2012 11:31:06 PM

    I too have a Mahindra XUV and as far brakes are concerned, company is now changing the front disk so its been resolved. As far milage is concerned, i drove it for 2500 KM and I have got an average of 16.4 on Highway and 15.6 in City. Also this is a SUV which is not meant to drive fast like cars..

  • faiyaz memon |03 May,2012 05:20:33 PM


    Mohammed |24 Aug,2013 06:02:50 PM

    XUV dont buy...now i am facing many prblm.

  • santha soruban |04 May,2012 12:22:33 AM

    I hope M&M people are listening.There are some reviews which are indeed damaging and have made me back out from the idea of going in for the buy.My brother has plans to cancel his booking. The same problems where seen in Scorpio.We have 2003 and 2007 models of scorpio.Braking is much better in the newer car. If M&M has responded to the bashings from some customers there may have been improvements already.M&M may please respond or else here go two loyal customers from the clutches of Mahindra, whoose cars which we have owned for over 20 years .

  • jitesh kakkad |04 May,2012 06:02:00 PM

    Hi friends, I had driven scorpio and innova at 120 kmph, there is no comparison,innova is much much better. scorpio feels unstable, there is a lot of noice of wind etc. has mahindra improved on drivability of suv? XUV owners please reply

  • barath |08 May,2012 04:59:25 PM

    i never thaught xuv 500 suks.thanks for all off u for the comments.

  • Pradeep Singh Negi |08 May,2012 06:16:34 PM

    Interested in booking the XUV. Took a test ride but not more than 3 kms. Liked all the comments but want a clear suggestion without being biased. I request XUV owners only to comment on this as they are the users. Should i wait for 6 months till the M&M rectifies all their existing problems??? Would highly appreciate the response.

    Ammen |08 May,2012 10:33:05 PM

    Mahindra XUV has not been used in foreign markets yet so they launched it in India to get the feedback from Indians and in return benefiting them for doing improvement and modifications for forthcoming international launch (in Australia, Chile etc). You can say we are experimental rats. So its wiser to wait for few more months. Btw, other international car brands generally launch vehicles in india after doing so in other countries. May be they are bit outdated but still tested well. As you requested the XUV users may comment. Please note majority of XUV users don't have the technical knowledge about automotive. That's the reason few get deceived with the looks, the same has happened with xuv buyers. Many have learnt about the niggles in it from there friends or colleagues. We should welcome all comments and in the end of the day use our own will after thorough market research.

    Pradeep Singh Negi |09 May,2012 06:57:48 PM

    Ammen....Thanks for ur feed back...i highly appreciate it. Ur right about the comments part but sometimes what happens is that people put forth their comments without knowing much about the product hence wanted actual users to contribute. My plans have definitely taken a back seat till i hear that the existing problems have been resolved without much of the manufacturers defect.Thanks!!!

  • Sanjay |09 May,2012 10:24:39 PM

    Ammen, your comments make a lot of sense. I started out as an enthusiast, test drove the XUV and turned a fence-sitter. Last week, after a lot of thought, I went and booked a Fortuner. This is not about India and loyalty at all as some people here suggest, this is about your hard earned money, I would not like to throw away good money to prove I am a patriot, that would be stupid! Thank you.

  • Ammen |11 May,2012 02:29:50 AM

    XUV prospective buyers !! Please go thru the list of issues in xuv a Member named: SDP of www. team-bhp. com has posted on the discussion forum and did a brilliant job. The following issues in XUV 5oo were reported by different owners. This member made lot of effort and compiled them for easier reference. I was flabbergasted after going through all the 68 issues. If you want to report update on any issue, you can use the following list: 1 Brakes don't feel effective 2 Grinding noise from the brakes 3 Scraping noise from front left wheel during acceleration from 20-40 kmph 4 Vehicle pulling to the left 5 Power steering lightness reduced / fluid leaked (Hard steering) 6 Steering mis-alignment (~10 degrees off center) 7 Tyre quality (JK/bridgestone for vrrraju) / tyre squeal 8 Steering column hits the toes when steering is turned and clutch is depressed 9 Screeching sound/vibration when steering from LtoR or RtoL 10 Rust formation on wheels/around brakedisks 11 Gear shifting not smooth 12 Clutch Throwback & clutch hardness 13 Regular and continuous noise during acceleration 14 'Thuk Thuk' noise/vibration from right front wheel / Suspension noise 15 Wheels appearing like \ / 16 Engine response is sluggish 17 Vehicle failed to start 18 Infotainment system issues (restart, hangs, BT not working, UI, OneHourMode, mileage indication) 19 Need to shout to get heard while using the integrated bluetooth 20 Crackling sound from speaker 21 Clock shows incorrect time (lags) 22 Fan-noise from infotainment system too loud 23 Reverse camera image take time at startup as the infotainment system boots 24 GPS not getting a satellite lock / Not working at all. 25 AC giving hot air (inconsistently)/ Not working at all 26 Outside smell/air seeping in even in the internal air-circulation mode 27 AC gives out a foul oudor when u turn on the car after it had not been used for over 2-3 hrs 28 Coolant leak from thermostat 29 Cruise-Control (not engaging/switching off on its own) 30 Triangular dark spot in RHS headlight 31 Low beam intensity went down 32 DRL illumination too feeble 33 Left side LEDs working inconsistently 34 Bulbs especially stop lamps getting fused 35 Front door not closing/opening properly 36 Windows rattle when lowered partially 37 Passenger side seatbelt keeps on hitting the door panel 38 Creaking/knocking sound from the boot lid as soon as you open it. 39 Rattles from door panels 40 Rusted hinges 41 Hissing sound near the passenger door when vehicle in motion 42 Driver side ORVM hits window beading when closed 43 Front passenger door locking - weird 44 Low mileage (11kmpl on mostly highway usage) / wildly fluctuating mileage 45 Security alam goes off without any reason 46 TPMS warning/error 47 Reverse parking sensor malfunction (false STOP warning) 48 Start/Stop not working 49 Engine-Check indicator light comes up 50 Airbag light glowing 51 Hill-descent/ascent erroneous display 52 ABS light glowing 53 Autoheadlight flickers when operating the stalk 54 All dashboard lights blinking with beeping sound 55 Rattling sound from the instrument panel 56 Front seats squeaking 57 Rear AC switch LED not working 58 ODO has a black line (crack?) 59 Dirt getting caught in numerous crevices 60 Front bumper cladding becoming loose 61 Wiper speed (Initially fast, then slow) 62 Wheel-cap holding clips break easily 63 The cluster switch ( On the left side of tachometer ) stopped functioning 64 Rubber cap missing from top of the shock absorbers 65 Water pump making weird noise 66 Hill-descent did not work 67 ODO got reset once 68 The Silver color on Gear knob and door handles (inside) have started to give way_____________

  • vinay ldh |23 May,2012 02:16:48 PM

    bhai showroom ja ker check kero pls 1 bar car ki chaat plastic di :)) omg main is car layi 4 month to crazy tha .. i change my mind now this week i buy ford endeavour bye bye mahindra 15 lakh main plastic ki suv nahi leni mujhe i hate mahindra cheat with all of ui guys

  • abeir |24 May,2012 08:37:39 PM

    hey hi Tubbytb ..thanx for the valuable inputs,i am also a XUV owner but i need to speak to you on phone or in person .can u plz mail me your phone no .

  • Pappachan |28 May,2012 03:31:01 PM

    I bought the XUV 500 last year. I got it in the first phase in Bangalore. I spent around 13 lakhs. I had my share of worries before buying the xuv. But i must say it is a GOOD vehicle. It does have its share of problems the ones i faced was things like the brake being a little weak and the clutch being hard. But when i gave for service they fixed it all and now its much better. Trust me i have driven 7000 kms on this car and its a total delight on the highway. driving is so effortless!! I had 2 Innovas before this, and i can tell the difference. When an innova approaches 100kmph, it would make sounds and rattle. On the xuv there's a beep only then you would know that your at 150 kmph! i Have touched 185 kmph on this monster!! try that on an innova. and for those who say that plastics make noise in the xuv, it happens even in the innova. infact its worse. it makes u deaf! it happens when you drive with a higher gear. I drive fast. I go on long journeys. Ive got children who are 6ft tall. and I do want something that meets the eye. My answer was the Xuv. If your a person who'd rather see the interiors and girly stuff lik tht then please urself go buy an innova. The xuv is a man. Its got character like no other. no wonder it won the rally championship in bangalore this year. proud of this tottally indian product. I forgive its shortcomings. It always has something awesome to back it up :) Im just an Xuv fan And no i am not a mahindra salesman!

    Ravi Ramu |10 Jun,2012 09:50:51 PM

    Terrific Mr Pappachan. Thanks a ton for your comments. I have just booked a XUV today and look forward to receiving the car. As an owner in the last 8 years of an Innova (2006), Scorpio(2004) and Fortuner (2010) I can categorically say that the Fortuner is the worst vehicle of the lot. The braking is horrible in the Fortuner and it's certainly not value for money. The Innova rattles after 100 kms ad its plastic is just better than poor. The Scorpio has provided yeoman service for the last 8 years and represents the best value for money. Plus the folks at India Garage in Bangalore are always helpful. I expect to enjoy the SUV when I take delivery in August 2012. Amen.

    prafful |16 Jun,2012 01:24:06 PM

    I strongly agree with u Pappachan... XUV is greatest vehicle built in India built for India... How many of us has seen touch screen players in cars/suv before XUV.. a simple touch screen system costs 50k...Mahindra has gifted its buyers with a lot of accessories with the car...i have driven 20000 kms and not faced any problem... be it hills or plains...people who were used to sedans are buying XUV and they find its driving hard...first get used to SUVs then try an XUV...u will enjoy it...the only difference b/w fortuner and xuv is the suspension and power which comes at the price of 10L extra..u hav to decide..

  • ramakrishna reddy |29 May,2012 04:52:19 PM

    It is better to go for Ertiga. It scores in all departments and have good space for 7 people. If perticular about suv then stretch a little and go for skoda yeti a superb suv

  • chandra shekhar tripathi |30 May,2012 11:47:12 PM

    dear i want to book but is it really advised not to go for this car ..as owner what is your experience kindly share your views..........

  • Vinod Kaul |31 May,2012 02:40:46 PM

    too much confusing - well i am sure there are many Mahindra guys out there & many competition guys out there. But yes there are many with genuine feedback... But if you ask me the whole conversations & feedbacks give an impression there are many problems with the SUV - so ideal would be to wait & watch. but now if one has the urgency to buy a vehicle & choose a vehicle - that too SUV !! what to do guys ?? Budget is constrint being stretched from 11L to 13 L dont want to buys City or equivalent as have already one. So choices are limited (innova looks now too old it is slightly longer & for a pure city ride with occasional long drives looks litle bit overkill). So i looked at Ertiga - am from Delhi : during test drive I found that the AC really is not effective for Ertiga...any feedback on this point of Ertiga : except AC i found it perfect (a little bit less space for the back seat occupants !!)

  • mahesh babu |02 Jun,2012 12:18:04 PM

    hi i am too much confusing if buy xuv 500 or innova or Fortuner bcz I have booked XUV5OO but now these reviews put me in confusion , please provide some experts comments by a technical person or XUV owners

    fgg |18 Nov,2014 05:17:56 PM

    Diffuse hhhhh hhhhh fhhh

  • Rex |03 Jun,2012 06:48:32 PM

    I am planning to book on 8th June, I read all the comments, I took a test drive ( for a change 15kms on Greater NOIDA expressway)it was W6. My experience says. Sitting: Bad seats, cheap plastic but well positioned seating, clear views, there is enough space. If seat is not comfortable I can get new seats done, not a challenge for me. Plastic sucks, but what can you do you are not paying enough to buy everything. I believe its a Thali dish where you get some bits good and some bits bad. Diving : I didn't like the balance of car I drove at 180kmph, breaking was good but drive was bumpy, i was not feeling very safe. I am hoping W8 has better grip. On test drive they don't give you W8. I need help if anyone driving W8 AWD. Mileage: No complains I just need help from someone who can confirm if W8 AWD has better grip on the road and there are no problems with the gearbox. I am not worried gearbox, breaks, suspension and grip on the road. If it ticks these boxes I am buying one. Thank you.

  • chauhan |08 Jun,2012 10:57:51 AM

    no problems as such ,4500kms , its all cooked up story , its an awesome car and full value for money ,at last its ur wish to buy and dont listen to these cooked up stories ...!!!

  • Vikas |09 Jun,2012 08:38:54 PM

    Be it crap, cooked up or whatever, we all know there is no smoke without fire. IMHO, the best strategy and that's what I am going in for, is to wait for some more time as SUV horizon is changing and by year end there will be more options to look at.

  • pratish |10 Jun,2012 11:36:23 PM

    dude U are absolutely right. i have got an xuv500 bought in feb2012 from the first day brakes are making some grinding noise pathetic car cabin has started making noise mahindra people say bosh is still finding solution for brake sound that means car was launched with out testing the brakes. mahindra doesn't care about people they just want to sell there car plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my humble request plz don't go for XUV500 pay some more and take INNOVA awesome car

  • SARAVANAN |12 Jun,2012 08:03:09 AM

    I was confused with the New INNOVA & xuv ,thanks a lot man i will go for innova .

  • Mahendra |12 Jun,2012 06:43:28 PM

    I was thinking to go for XUV but now my mindset is clear nd I would rather go for Innova or Altis

  • sahil |12 Jun,2012 07:37:45 PM

    XUV is a damn good car.my xuv has done nrly 12000 kms.yes dere is a noise in brakes but they are safe.even fortuner has the same problem but it doesnt mean that xuv is not good those who love innova (taxi) jst test drive xuv and the other assholes i think some of them are members of toyota because innova sales is very much effected by coming of xuv.i have booked 2nd xuv on 08 june so guys jst use your brain and jst go for test drive

  • Ammen |13 Jun,2012 10:57:31 PM

    You are the lucky one, who has faced no issue so far. Read less good and more bad stories reported by REAL owner on Team-bhp .com. Clutch failure is one more major cause of concern.

  • pradeep |19 Jun,2012 02:49:21 PM

    I bought my XUV in 3rd week of may, driven 2100 km so far . the suv is awesome and fun to drive. took it to Saklespur, chikkmagalur ,and kemmangudi, MAN its pulls like a beast and smooth over potholes ... i hv a verna ,,its been a good car but was very careful with bad roads..but xuv is meant for bad roads.. infact it took it off road too in saklespur(not hard core 4X4 off-road),, its was fun all the way. pm for videos /pictures. electronics of the car are 90-95% fine, but not 100%, thats fine as that remainging 5-10% is merely luxary gimmicks, u wont mind missing them them. most of the features are awesome. some of the best features 1. angle head lamps, lights glow when we take turn ,either left or right. 2. automatic wiper - works really well. 3. moods lights inside car- really kewl 4. suspension - great on soft & medium off road.(hard core off-road - not tested and not meant for ) 5. overall-invincible beast. some of the flaws, 1. low beam and high beam moslty focus on left side. coverage of low beam area also needs improvement. 2. cruise control sometimes stops workings( doesnt really matter on Indian roads-either ways dont gets worried, stop the car, turn off engine and turn it on , it would work fine. ) 3. cd player- while using mps cd, changing songs track from one folder to another another is not user friendly . best use cd with just music tracks not folders . 4. wanted to fix rally headlamps- 4 out 5 car accessories said its not advisable as there are sensors in the bonnet which when triggered accidently while fixing the rally-headlamps, would open the airbags, and warranty would take a hit. so driving without rally head lights . dont know if its a bliss or curse.

  • g.s.ganesh |26 Jun,2012 12:29:50 PM

    I am having a suziki grand vitara. Though it is an imported vehicle it has its own problem. The clutch has failed in 15000 km and it was replaced on warrenty. Alas the clutch has failed once again at 21000 km. This is the condition of imported vehicle. For spares you have to wait at least for a week as it has to come from Noida. It is always better to go in for a locally made vehcile so that faults can be attended even in remote corner of the country,

  • Kapil rajput |26 Jun,2012 04:48:43 PM

    Really lots of issues with so called international SUV. No comparison with fortuner, endever, captiva, Safari n CRV. They r well establish products. Mahindra is selling XUV just b,coz of BHED CHAL of indians. Infact if talk about driveability n comfort even Aria is better options.

  • umair |12 Jul,2012 05:48:46 PM

    If your budget is below 16 then safari storme will be the best choice n if it is around 10 then duster is nyc

    john |13 Jul,2012 06:49:30 PM

    Have been fairly happy so far,.Big problem is the service center in Bangalore is far out of town(whitefield).My vehicle had to travel 15 kms to change a bulb and also to repair a door latch.they are overworked too and need 2 days to repair the same !!Mahindra take note

    xx |10 Aug,2012 12:04:48 AM

    i heard that they will be opening one shortly near ur house.

  • rashu |16 Jul,2012 03:30:35 PM

    i was really shocked to see all the comments posted above... scorpio - more then 10yrd old in Indian Market and sold worldwide. xylo - used extensively as public carrier. XUV 500- i have test driven XUV which has done 12000 Km and pending for service, with NBS Internation Mumbai. People are crying for quality of plastics think again and compare it with ever car in its range and u will smile becoz its better then others. Wipers causing windscreen to scratch LOL very much possible if blades are broken otherwise not possible with new car, and was not there in TD vehicle. Breaks - go to service center they will replace it with smiling face. Some facts abouts XUV- if your vehicle has some problem which will take more then one day of rapier mahindra will give you another XUV to use, it will pe picked up from your home for service center by driver and u will paid for diesel this appies for routine services. you will be given 24*7 road side assistance. my friend has the XUV bought about 2 month ago, after a month he got a call from Vehicle development and Sr Manager- Marketing from M&M as about feedback meeting of 1.5 hours...which other car has this much to offer... DONT BUY IF U DONT LIKE... I have booked it in June and will get delivery in next 10 days :D

  • sanjay |18 Jul,2012 05:28:27 PM

    Guys between XUV & Innova, XUX is defently better in goodies u get and look wise its awesome and much faster than an Innova. If its gona be like buying this year and selling it the next year and moving on then XUV will be a choice but for longer run is XUV worth it? I mean how many used scorpios or MM vehicles u have seen which has clocked 1Lakh km's and in running condition..For peace of mind Toyota is better. Dont look at feedbacks that we like only Firangi products, customer feedback needs to be taken seriously which lacks majorly in MM.

    Drsabri |31 Aug,2012 09:34:05 PM

    Sanjay, there is no doubt about some good feature of Innova as I had it for just 2 months. Its shocks are great, but its engine is under performed and under tuned so that no issues props us, thats why its only 102 Bhp. While coming to Hyderabad from Gulbarga, I had to shift in 3 gear to over take as it wont zoom past a slow moving truck and even a small speed breaker used to brush the under carriage. Forutnately I sold it on 29th April 12 and bought XUV W6 model and now no worries about speed breaker or power...M&Ms service is unparalled, they will come to pick the vehicle and drop it back, any issues you can escalate to Anand Mahindra and he will promptly get back to you.

  • Pawan Rao |19 Jul,2012 10:58:51 AM

    Yaa..seriously guys I also facing Many problem in my xuv500 and planing to go consumer court against Mahindra..

    Kiran Penmetsa |21 Jul,2012 12:09:56 PM

    i have been reading all the comments which are posted on the forum. there has been enough aurguments on xuv VS innova VS fortuner( i dont know y) but can any one suggest wether i should go for XUV or DUSTER or should i wait for the ECO-SPORT..!!!!

  • pankaj |22 Jul,2012 04:43:06 PM

    I totally agree vd the above complaints reg poor quality components used,as poor sound system,touchscreen smtims goes off on its own,nd so many.My major complaint is its WINDSHIELD GLASS as it broke up onits own vd hairline in two rows,i complained ds to K.S. MOTORS auth service centre JAIPUR,7 days ago nd still not got favourable reply from Co.very poor feedback.now mthinking to go to forum.I respect nd support INDIAN CO.but no compromise in quality and service,vise multinational co's ll drag u out MAHINDRA..

  • navin |30 Jul,2012 04:52:55 PM

    i am driving my xuv sice a month.i hv driven almost 5000 km,and agree all these problems,on high speed like 110 km/h break dosent work ............helpless, chahe jitna jor laga lo .before driving see rust on break drum ,,,jai ho,hum to hath jod kar sir jhuka kar bhagwan aur anand mahindra ka naam lekar ghar se nikalte hai,on low beam thr is light appears in form of line..............

  • navin |30 Jul,2012 04:56:38 PM

    i want to sell my one month old 5000 km driven,black colour xuv

  • navin |30 Jul,2012 04:57:04 PM

    xuv on sale

  • JS |31 Jul,2012 12:24:31 AM

    All those who have some concerns , check this link before buying the XUV. These are the experiences of all the XUV owners and the current issues they are facing.These issues run into 47 pages. Maybe dealbreakers for some people. Search teambhp xuv-500-niggles-their-solutions

    karthik.t |06 Oct,2012 12:17:37 PM

    guys!!!! after reading all these what i feel is,it is better to go and have a live interaction with the person who owns a XUV may be it is your friend,relative or a neighbour,dont waste time reading the fights between these salesmen.,one says it is the best the other says it sucks

    AnIndian |20 Nov,2012 11:55:13 AM

    I owned almost all vehicles form Mahindra and I can clearly say that there is no other vehicle [considering the price range] who can offer a very good engine and overall package. They have true value for money vehicles name it a Bolero, Xylo, Scorpio or XUV I have owned all these, yes its true that they all have issues. As it says Nothing is perfect, these vehicles are also not perfect. Yes, Toyota is also a good vehicle and no one can say that is if trouble free...Toyota recalls 2.8 million cars to fix steering, water pump. I have seen some one commented on Merc, just imagine you and your family going for a marriage and suddenly your car is dead in a heavy traffic.. it happened to me with the brand new Merc... it never ever happened with a Mahindra.. this is so called German Quality... We always find ourselves happy when it comes to blaming an Indian Product. Can any one suggest a vehicle under 15 Lacs having these features - ABS / EBD, 6 AirBags, ESP, Hill Descent Control, GPS. If you want a problem less car.. Don't buy a Car.. get a Taxi and enjoy the back seat ... Be Indian and Try to Buy Indian.. or at-least stop cribbing on Indian Products....

  • sumit |05 Aug,2012 12:49:43 PM

    look people, honestly, i am expecting my xuv8 to be delivered in next 1.5 months, and after reading all of ur comments i m really worried about my decision, i dont care about the cheap plastic interior or anything but i do want mahindra to ensure me that the engine will not be as crap as their interior. now how do i decide???? please help...

    Aman |06 Aug,2012 01:45:58 AM

    Sumit, think 100 times before buying ! How would you feel to get a new vehicle dismantled in front of your eyes. This is a true frustrating fact. Owner's faced clutch failures, break pad replacement, rattling noises, infotainment system flaws and many other things which I dont remember. I am not an owner but have been accompanying my friend to workshop few times. The post above you of JS have rightly suggested to visit Team-bhp auto forum to read more about niggles. Go thru it before making any decisions. Better safe than sorry, bro.

    xx |10 Aug,2012 12:11:27 AM

    People wont understand dear. unless and until they face the issues . let them buy and cry. Mahindra can only make bullock carts not professional vehicle. u need guts to make one which they dont have.

    ADS |29 Aug,2012 06:06:38 PM

    go for fiat linea and enjoy the drive on and off roads with good clearance, sporty look and drive is pleasure. XUV as such is ok only for five seaters. Last row is very uncomfy. Waiting for Ford ecosport means waiting a year after it delivery starts to see all is fine as happened for XUV

    S. Fernandes |31 Jan,2017 02:16:11 PM

    Yes, XUV 500 does have the above prblm ie wipers are of poor quality that leave the windscreen foggy & scratch mark, headlight glass is of poor quality, power window cork/teeth wheel is made of poor quality plastic as also confirmed by mechanic, gear box prblm which was replaced under warranty, poor suspension and rusty brake drum, breaking not so good, rear ac cooling not upto mark, side electronic mirrors noisy as mentioned above. Not so good a car!

    drsabri |31 Aug,2012 02:48:42 PM

    Sumit, go for it. I booked XUV after selling my 5 years old scorpio LXT model which had done only 51K without any issues. Look today scorpio is a stable and good looking SUV onthe Indian road. Initially i was also confused reading comments on TeamBhp website about niggles so went ahead and purchased Innova G (8str) on 27th Feb from Harsha Toyota. But never liked the ride and power of Innova as its engine has been developed to under perform and under tuned so it doesnt give you issue. No doubt ride quality compare to Scorpio was great but ground clearance was so low that even a very small speed breaker would make huge noise so much so that in just 2 months of ownership I was disappointed but fortunately sold it for 13 lacs thus loosing 60K and then bought XUV (March 12 mfg) on 8th May from AMPL in Hyderabad. Its W6 model so less electronics than W8 so, so far no issues except CD players was replaced twice and the driver side door has to be closed harder. Mileage is more than 15kmpl on highway and power is too good, if you compare Innova is crap in front of XUV. By the way I have spent 13 years in western countries and I can tell you this is the best XUV/vehicle I have ever owned and driven. Its pure pleasure to drive and enjoy.

    SR |31 Aug,2012 03:36:38 PM

    I second that. Although it's been only 1 week since I bought it, I have driven it for 1000 kms without any issues. There will always be some faults - in any car - anywhere in the world.

    Raman |17 Oct,2012 09:12:55 PM

    cancel the booking and go for Elantra latest version if you are ok with car. Or if you want an SUV on Monocoque platform, go for Renault duster. Better and cheaper. Otherwise, you can also consider the tried and trusted Innova. If you can spend some more, you can go for 18 lac range SUVs. Cancel now and you'll be happy!

  • Adil |17 Oct,2012 05:55:00 AM


  • Rajesh Sivadasan |20 Oct,2012 01:38:42 AM

    I am a proud owner of XUV 500 since last 4 months and have driven around 10,000 KMs. After buying XUV I have stopped using my other 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler. Even for small distance I use XUV. I am not an automobile expert but what I feel is it's worth the money spent. The sheer power it delivers is awsome. I am not too much worried abut the small issues mentioned above. If you want these issues to be covered better buy a Mercedes. I have reached a top speed of 190 km/hr while driving with my family members on expressway and no one even could notice it. 100 - 150 is so smooth. I have not driven other highend brand cars but I am satisfied with what I have. But you know there are no end to wishes ... and I too have many but no issues with this car. The torque, turbo and power is what I like about this car. You don't feel you are driving a diesel car. I would definitely recommend XUV if you can't afford a BMW or Merc.

    Nikhil |27 Oct,2012 08:31:00 PM

    2nd your opinion.. i also like the drive and comfort the car offers for long journey..

    Pramod Kumar Eleti |07 Mar,2013 01:47:45 PM

    I recently purchased black xuv500 and still discovering and digging things. Audio system is not so up to the mark as much as I expected.

  • nil k |05 Nov,2012 04:19:54 PM

    lol fr those loosers who dnt evn knw wat xuv is exactly n postin coments.m a proud owner f XUV.n its a SUV lik nvr befor n nvr aftr.m happy thrilled n satisfied wth my choice.

  • sanjay |11 Nov,2012 01:07:24 PM

    Xuv front seats are giving me a nightmare. I've been driving for nearly 40 years, but it is only in this vehicle I'am getting intense back pain every time I drive it. There is absolutely no help or solution from their dealers either in Mysore or Bangalore. Any suggestions from you folks?

  • abhipsa shrotriya |18 Nov,2012 04:02:20 PM

    I m nt able 2 decide 2 buy a XUV500 or renault duster can anyone help me please

  • Naveen |09 Dec,2012 08:21:44 PM

    I just wanted to add some comments for fans of Innova. It is a crap. I took a test drive, I could not understand why it is has got so much postive reviews. It is like driving a truck. I had first taken a test drive of Xylo E8 and really felt the gear box and shifting was hard and not smooth. I found xylo e9 much better and met my expectations. This was until I took test drive of Innova, I found it worse than Xylo E8. Now coming to XUV 500, I dont think Innova is in the same class. I am still confused why people buy Innova, reached following conclusions: 1. Typically people who have a driver, would prefer innova. Mostly because of Toyota's name and are not really into driving SUVs. 2. Before XUV I think Scorpio was an option but its body roll would have been a negative for people looking for big car (not SUV) 3. It may be true that Toyota has a good quality overall. I had this confirmation from actual users. I believe you can drive this vehice for 100K without major issues. I would believe XUV would do much better than that. Anyway I dont want to drive a car beyond 100k so I dont care if it runs beyond that. But for me I maintain my car regularly. I have driven a ford car for 10 yrs without major problems. I would do the same with XUV 500. 4. Last seat is a night mare on Innova, the sole reason one would buy this big car. The last is ok only for short drive of 1-2 hours. If you are driving 6-7 hours on highway, last seat will cause motion sickness to anyone. This for example in not the case with Xylo. Is it due to soft or hard suspension?

  • de |26 Dec,2012 03:21:28 PM


  • dastoor |04 Apr,2013 03:46:07 PM

    Hi , Well I had an innova which was almost 8 years old and gave me no problem , but since it had lived its life so decided to see other cars and found the XUV totally loaded for the price . The look is fantastic and they have actually overloaded it with lot of electronics . I did like the vehicle and bought it . 21st March 2013 .....Let me tell you I have a Prado Landcruizer Toyota as well, the pick up that the XUV has is fantastic . Yes I agree that the breaks are very very weak for the power that the vehicle has. I shred to dream what would happen in case of emergency braking. My XUV had its share of teething problem the moment I took it over 120 the steering wheel was shaking so much that I thought it would come out. It was a big surprise for me since after paying that much I would have thought this is was an NO NO since this could have caused accidents. I called them up from where I was and they asked me to bring the Veh to the workshop. What I didnt like is they wanted me to bring it their and refused to provide a pick up and drop. Anyways i didsend it to the work shop and they said it was a wheel balancing issue. I hope so since I would now drive it over the weekend on open roads to find out what was the actual issue.. But as of now not many issues just driven 660kms after reading all what has been said above I am wondering if I made the right choice ???????

  • dastoor |04 Apr,2013 04:56:15 PM

    HI anyone who has bought the XUV in 2013 and still facing these problems ??? I just bought mine in March 2013 and i see the disk brakes having rust marks ????? isit normal. also the car over 120 just worried the steering wheel wobbles spoke to the engineers and they said wheel balancing issue ?? has anyone had the same problem??? What is the cure is it truly a wheel balancing problem???? Worried dont tell me 15.5L down the drain....

  • sunny |02 May,2013 10:28:34 AM

    I dont agree with what Tubbytb is suggesting, well i think nobody has drove this car more then what i did. My XUV 500 has just completed 80,000 KMS ( Rural area driving mostly). Have changed tires once and Bushes (Rough Rides). yesterday, replaced AC gas I highly recommend XUV 500. No other SUV can have such luxuries as XUV. Great Avg. 18 kpl on Highway if you keep speed at 100-120kms) 14 kpl in City area. Breaks were having prblem but Mahindra is now replacing it for free. nice Maps and digital stuff inside which you wont get for this money.Nice control at high speeds, Seating is comfortable with lots of space. Windscreen doesnt have scratches yet, which could be becoure taking good care of car but will check it out with service center if they have seen such a problem. will be booking 4 by 4 today, Would be Second XUV in Company. -Sunny

  • mani |26 May,2013 11:06:54 AM

    i think its a big suv budget luxury car ..i have bought the xuv 500 on 24th may 2013 ..its gud mileage and sudden pikup its hossom

  • anand |23 Jul,2013 10:44:53 AM


  • mahender yadav |06 Oct,2013 09:13:17 PM

    total kabaad car...my life big mistake to buy this scrap. car kay naam per kalank h xuv. Mahindra is so wrost company. MY life black day to buy this scrap......i waste my hard work money on this wrost car

  • nikhil |15 Oct,2013 05:12:21 PM

    I faced almost all same problems, my touch screen flickers at times, some time reverse camera wont work i have to put the gear in neutral and again put in reverse for reverse camera to work.. glove box is not opening now some problem with switch. if i take sudden cut or sudden break of the vehicle my song automatically changes, head light is not pointed but very bright its crap... wiper blades worser it will always make some shaded on screen difficult in rainy night rides... breaking is also very poor i feel some times not stable even with ESP... Only good thing is mileage around 15.0 to 15.3 highways and pickup... but 9-10 bangalore city... pickup is awesome but some times engine stalls in second gear (i mean without pressing accelerator but some time it will accelerate its own i totally confuse is any body faced this problem).... worst vehicle.... mahindra build this vehicle without much good engineering.. its body and features copy from SsangYong and used all local vendors (not matured enough) to get all features which is just working... same as some china toy car...

  • Sujit Singh |23 Oct,2013 01:29:24 PM


    jahangir yar khan |16 Nov,2013 02:50:09 PM

    @sujit, anything in mumbai ? I wish to buy a suv. less driven. Just sold my scorpio. call me on 022 61404919.

    ajay |16 Nov,2013 03:59:29 PM

    thanks Sir for enquired about Xuv,I try to give you the best service apart from all this rumour which is came from old user of Xuv,please try the new version of XUV.

    sujit singh |20 Nov,2013 04:55:30 PM

    thanks Sir for enquired about Xuv,I try to give you the best service apart from all this rumour which is came from old user of Xuv,please try the new version of XUV.

  • jahangir yar khan |16 Nov,2013 02:48:26 PM

    The aggrieved parties should send a copy of this entire thread and comments to anand Mahindra. he seems to believe he has made the world's best car in the segment/class. This would be an eye opener for him.

  • Sujit |16 Nov,2013 04:01:11 PM

    thanks Sir for enquired about Xuv,I try to give you the best service apart from all this rumour which is came from old user of Xuv,please try the new version of XUV.

  • IMRAN KHAN |23 Feb,2014 10:06:54 PM


  • Dinesh |07 Mar,2014 07:30:17 PM

    After looking at this thread, i feel its mostly salesmen's talk from Mahindra and Toyota . And that is It!! To Cardekho.com, Can you please make one ammendment to your comment moderation system, which will help a lot in understanding who is who in such talks. Add The IP Address if the person on the thread and make it public, this should help to some extent. This thread is not helpful at all.

  • Sujit Singh |08 Mar,2014 07:31:08 PM

    Dear all,if you want to purchase XUV500 or thinking anything about XUV500,then please call me on my this no.07798888747(Pune).I can help you for the other products of Mahindra also,

  • Ram |12 Mar,2014 08:02:50 PM

    Hi All. I have spent good time reading the entire blog. It carries lots of value information before buying the XUV or not. I am planning to buy this car this month. W6. I would like to know if we still have the same problem in 2014 model. 1: Pulling to left 2: Bad Breaks 3: Clutch Problem 4: Bad Gear shifting 5: Head light problem I would really appropriate comments & suggestion from users directly.

  • ramam |05 Apr,2014 12:07:59 AM

    Hi all i bought xuv in 2012 not all problem as u said but yes breaking problem on sleepy road only. if still problem check your breakpaid :P head light is awesome , suspension some time not good :( gear box is ok smooth. i already drive 60000 km no problem with gear. rest every thing is ok .

  • vk |23 Apr,2014 09:14:39 PM

    Lot of improvements made by Mahindra in last 8-12 months. If someone had asked 2 years back how is XUV would have said - don't buy. After driving one from last 6 months.....i would say go for it. It is not a perfect vehicle (no vehicle is perfect, like a perfect wife) but it is a good vehicle with good road presence, very nice handling and overall comfort n performance. I had read some reviews that handling of pot-holes at high speed is not good....well max I have touched is 120 km/hr (I am a safe driver) never felt a thing. Then someone said it is above 140 km/hr you feel the bumps....my question how many time do you drive at 140 in a country like India. XUV is a very good (not perfect) city & highway vehicle.

  • nitin |24 Jun,2014 02:42:11 PM

    i want to buy xuv W6 model. Can anyone tell about the discounts been offered currently?

  • shakuntla |09 Jul,2014 07:44:42 PM

    I havepurchece a Xuv 500on 7 july 2014 in krishana auto pathankot. many who says that the brakes, gear box are not good they are wrong. the pickup is nice, the brakes are nice, the AC are very power full and the best thing is that you cant watch video while driving.overall the car is nice company has done.

  • Prashant |14 Jul,2014 10:00:35 AM

    Ihad been driving XUV5OO for the past one year have done almost 20000 km. Most of them are long drives. One main problum I have felt is with the breakes. While cliping at high speeds, we loose the confidence in breaking distance. I had felt it a couple of times, and some how managed to escape smoothly.May be I was in the GOOD LUCK zone during that period!!!! Second part is the interiors, not that great in performance, gives creeking sounds at times.many a times its irritating.But over all performance , its very poor, If u want good car and Service do not buy XUV, Mahindra is experimenting on our money just like microsoft, Spares and Service quality is really poorthat's why service centers are always full of faulty XUV's and for smallest of service issues waiting is 5-7 days, and each of the fault needs three times visit to service centre, If you want to buy a suv for keeping at the service centre and not for use on road , XUV 500 is best choice. ALL THE COMMENTS ARE VERY TRUE I M NOW TRYING TO GET RID FROM THIS VEHICLE BUY SELLING AT ANY COST!!

  • Honey Singh |09 Aug,2014 03:54:58 PM

    Itni he kamiya hoti to pehli ‚¹ 10 Lakh se uper keemat wali SUV ki 1 Lakh quantity sell nahi hoti

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  • Sanjeev Rajput |29 Aug,2014 10:15:49 PM

    Dear friend whatever written above about xuv 500 is wrong. I have bought w8 model on 24oct, 2013 and driven 45000 km 90% on highways. I have not faced even a single problem mention above. It's all depend how you are driving the vehicle. I m very much satisfied with the car. As stiff suspension plays a vital role in car's driving dynamics. On slow speed suspension is stiff but on highways it's perfect. As car will float like a boat on high speed may lose control. Broken wind screen it can happen in any car. If Hand brake is engage than if you try to move the car in first gear, not possible even if you hard press your right foot. So please don't misguide the readers xuv is a very good car and ride quality is better than ford endeavour and Toyota fortuner.

  • zubair |04 Sep,2014 02:49:43 PM

    my friends i think to buy xuv500..can u adivce pls

  • Arun Arora |17 Sep,2014 10:53:40 AM

    Service you blame. On my smartapp i posted a concern. got a call from Relationship Manager. Engineer visited my plave and got the fault rectified. Its a Value for money car. Stop blaiming you just wrote for the sake of it. Please give details of your vehicle, engine no chasis no and registration no do you really own ?

  • srinivasa y v |22 Oct,2014 06:55:11 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy XUV-500 FWD W8, can you please suggest on this, still you are facing problem? Let me know the exact results.

  • gahshs |20 Nov,2014 03:17:29 PM

    W. Ihhh

  • Satish |04 Jan,2015 07:17:04 PM

    I have an XUV 500 and in two years it is full of problems. I got this from G 3 Motors Malad, Mumbai and this service station is absolutely hopeless. My brother has an Innova and this is a far superior car and worth than Mahindr

  • manvinder |12 Jan,2015 10:37:25 AM

    its a great car to buy an indian suv great car buy it you will have a great time with it

  • prashanth |30 Jan,2015 09:28:02 PM

    iam planing to buy w8 should go 4 it r not pls let me no if aney problms in 2015 model.

  • sanjay soni |11 Feb,2015 09:18:58 AM

    Xuv 500 is nice car

  • sumit agarwal |12 Feb,2015 09:44:34 PM

    Same fucking things i do noticed

  • Mr Raj Thomas |15 Feb,2015 02:52:34 AM

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    sreejiswami |25 Feb,2015 10:35:23 PM

    nice car xuv500 w8👌👌👌

  • dheeraj |10 Mar,2015 10:14:45 PM

    Awesome 2012 mein li thi 51k chal li Fortuner ki baap hai xuv Rough car to drive Break ek baar 100 ki speed pe kheech k mar k dekh lio akele mein whi zaam ho jati hai ...... Koi dikkat na hai

  • Dilpreet Singh |21 Mar,2015 12:02:06 AM

    hello free I want to sell my brand new xuv. I just bought it couple of days ago. nothing happen to it .I am selling it because I and my whole family is going to USA.so anyonewilling to buy then check here

    Ankur |25 Mar,2015 03:03:35 PM

    Hi Dilpreet, I am interested to purchase it. What is the color of the car and Odometer reading. Regards Ankur

  • subhash |26 Mar,2015 07:46:19 AM

    Hi everyone here, the comments review posted here is just his view. I own one since 2012 and I am happy with the car. Its very good to ride, no such trouble what's mentioned here, done 40000+ km so far. There was a recall from mahindra to fix the break,p

  • harsh bansal |26 Mar,2015 10:30:41 PM

    I want to buy suv .. Which is ruff and tuff and super comfort. Which option is best among toyota innova new scorpio and xuv500

  • dr prashant jain |08 Apr,2015 12:05:12 PM

    i hv got XUV w4 n safari storm ... i dn suggerst any 1 for mahindra its customer care is total bull shit u should rather go 4 safari dicor or storm if u wish 2 b happy in future gud luck

  • abhi |01 May,2015 02:02:19 PM

    i wasted my money by just takin the XUV , within 15 days of purchase my xuv clutch is jammed

  • anand |25 May,2015 04:05:36 PM

    hello everyone..this is good one

  • Gfsgjk |10 Jun,2015 12:17:52 PM

    Hi testing the app

  • Puneet Bhatnagar |28 Jun,2015 08:28:54 PM

    I have a Honda city since 2006 n looking for a second car along with that. zeroed down to XUV 500 and Toyota altis. plz suggest which one shall I go for. my city usage is around 45 km/ day. and enjoy driving to nearby places during school holidays.

  • vipul maheshwari |04 Jul,2015 12:45:59 PM

    I was also a owner of XUV 500,I was facing the same problem,I purchased XUV 500 when it was launched but I was the biggest fool to buy XUV 500.

  • Hugh |08 Jul,2015 07:28:29 PM


  • jayesh |29 Jul,2015 12:29:50 AM

    Before buying the car please make sure thay ds guys give you in written that dy'll give you good after sale service coz dy got the wrost service i have ever experienced. I bought xuv500 from nbs international chowpatty

  • clkckffl |30 Jul,2015 05:34:57 PM


  • jaydeep |30 Sep,2015 12:02:01 AM

    Worlds third class car dont buy even free of cost

  • sangam |18 Oct,2015 01:44:24 AM

    Worst car from mahindra...looks good..but very poor quality material used for both interiors and body meta sheet..upto front fender board fibre is used..this is main draw back,car is not safety and so many issues..

  • hari |28 Nov,2015 01:36:21 PM

    Bad car in the world because mahindra had no change I the back now also interior ald S F***k car in India msm

  • Vikas malik |02 Dec,2015 06:51:15 PM

    Sell it to me bro..

  • siddharth mehta |07 Dec,2015 06:56:59 PM

    What crap..all the claims made by this person are in correct. I have bought the XUV W10 and find it a great buy. The vehicle has features that are not even offered in a 30Lac SUV. Great interiors and fantastic drive experience.

  • Aadarsks |13 Dec,2015 04:40:31 PM

    Hey. .....man.....xuv500 got all four disk brakes..and you say that the brake drums are rusted

  • Aadarsks |13 Dec,2015 04:41:09 PM

    Hey. .....man.....xuv500 got all four disk brakes..and you say that the brake drums are rusted

  • lovey kukreja |21 Jan,2016 12:43:09 AM

    I love xuv 500 i brought silver color w8 model new model this is best car yar smooth drive fully comfrt no issue thanks to mahindra

  • adarsks |28 Jan,2016 10:01:58 PM

    I owns an xuv500. .......the powerful thing has gr8 acceleration and top speed. .......and could even beat the more powerfull fortuner From your comment. ..I think that you really font own this car .....this car got all4diskbrakes andyousaythedrumsrusted

  • Ashok |16 Feb,2016 11:19:03 PM

    IT'S A VERY GOOD SUV' because i bought a xuv and it always keeps me safely in turnings and from accidents it has 7 airbags

  • shah vraj |20 Mar,2016 02:27:12 PM

    Yes this all is true Cozi got the 1 xuv500 From with this mahindra hed given 100 xuv500 in the begine When this car was lounged So ya i am sorry to say But its the costly car in the mahindra cars Mahindra will guve you this xuv500 in 1500000 laks but after that he will asked you to pay your money behind this car surivers So plz dont buy this car

  • anirudh Sharma |22 Mar,2016 09:07:22 PM

    The best of suv segment cars we can get in the market at such a good price and that too with such fuel efficiency, thanks to its Front wheel drive. Its brake assistance lets you to drive at 140km/hr and stop within 50 mts with least self bothered.

  • dinesh |02 Apr,2016 04:52:29 PM

    Not buy is car ,because one city 16 l and 2 city 14.5 w 8 2w how to prosebal. ........

  • arjun g kumar |03 Apr,2016 09:19:48 PM

    Hey.guyz i am proud to say that in own a xuv500.coz..for the past 1.5 yrs am using xuv500 W6 ..I drove about 45000 km and still it looks and rides like brand new...my tyres are remaining for about 20000 km...feature wise am soo happy with it...

  • arjun g kumar |03 Apr,2016 09:23:49 PM

    ..I like to say that I worthy for the money u give ..and also for each 10000 service it only costs about 2100-2800 aprox..the Mhawk140 engine really thrills u with its awesome perfo.I use to travel above above 135 km/h in ares near to us with clear roads.

  • arjun g kumar |03 Apr,2016 09:25:50 PM

    As am speeding above 135km/h .still I have enough courage to go beyond it.its breaking is efficient with ABS.EBD,ESP,4 wheel disc breaks etc..it's ride is lil bumpy but it's awesome.....

  • Ashok |19 May,2016 02:54:31 AM

    Xuv 500 .. Hard suspension it will throw u in all directions

  • Guru |15 Aug,2016 08:01:58 PM

    Very smart. Good. Stylish. The young Suv and my loving car

  • vivek |24 Aug,2016 10:09:16 PM

    What happend to these mahindra guys... Its just a suv with 17 models. Even anand mahindra may be confused to explain each model in mahindra xuv. Models should be 3 or 4. I think no vehicle is having such bloody 17 models, how can a sales representative explain about all those models. Starting 12 laks to 18.5 lakhs. Basic model should be 12 lakhs and mid range has to 15-16 laks and topend should be 18.5laks. If person can bare 14 laks, he may chose middle range or he may come to basic model. What is the necessary of all 17 models.

  • Guru |07 Sep,2016 06:02:15 PM

    My dream car xuv500

  • Tamoghna Banerjee |25 Nov,2016 04:30:19 PM

    Irrelevant comments, most of them. W-8/10 2016 - an excellent buy with fierce features & abundant control. Good on difficult terrain & brilliant on open roads. Don's spread ill about a rising & shining Indian car manufacturer - in time wud be a global giant !

  • Jeevan |10 Feb,2017 11:29:37 AM

    Nice car xuv 500

  • Pankaj K |07 Mar,2017 04:05:05 PM

    I just wanted to ask that Is the AWD version really helpful? I mean not as a true offroader but to drive in hilly areas or snow regions.

  • jaswant saini |16 Mar,2017 09:53:18 PM

    Good car : most of ppl talking they who r not even took test drive of vehicle,i bought this ,is v good vehicle value for money,it has super features no car can give u in this range overall superb👍👍👍

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