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Ist Fault reporting within 1 day of Hyundai EON purchase

By for Hyundai EON from Mumbai 2011-11-26 16:05:55.0
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Sir, With great Enthusiasm & Expectations I purchased an EON car immediately on its launch in India (DELHI) on 8th October 2011 thru MUMBAI Dealer Shreenath Motors Pvt Ltd.,(SHOWROOM AT chembur)!.Fully believing & trusting the Big Slogans that Company has used on their Website.The CAR was delivered to me the day it was Launched in MUMBAI- on 24th Oct.2011. But On day one itself, I found Car had defects/faults. My Car Details are Veh Reg.No MH03BE0866-VIN No: MALA351ALBM010825- Customer ID C2011100098 1) 1st FAULT REPORTING on:  25/10/11 (within 24 hours of delivery of Brand NEWLY LAUNCHED CAR !! After the delay of 7days-Car picked up for repairs:01/11/11. These faults are of very SERIOUS NATURE.

(a)NOISE OF BELT (even with or without Aircon) 

(b)BODY VIBRATES TOO MUCH-WHEN RPM/SPEED INCREASED. (c)BIG NOISE WHEN STEERING WHEEL FULLY TURNED-BOTH RIGHT/LEFT-ALSO WHEN SUDDENLY TURNED --EVEN LITTLE! I sincerely feel I have been CHEATED with a faulty/defective vehicle. I was called to take delivery stating the faults have been rectified so went to the showroom on 07.11.2011 BUT, TO MY HORROR & SHOCK- In respect of my Orignal Complaints The following observation was very evident:




3) Car develops NEW NOISE & other faults NOT fully rectified when tested: 7/11/11. The complaint also registered with a call center on 1800-11- 4645 Mr.Shabir Complaint No: 1-67550661 dated 8th Nov.2011 Once again I went to the showroom to check on the status of my complaints- since I had paid FULL AMOUNT from my savings- and NOT taken ANY CAR LOAN!

 But to my utter dismay- 

4) Test Drive for accepting Delivery reveals NEW FAULTS/DEFECTS: -on 20/11/11 

a) Power steering feature- lost & not working (NO POWER STEERING)

b) VIBRATION levels INCREASED much MORE THAN the previous reporting. 

c) Sound in Engine-NOT RECTIFIED- fully. 

6) No TEST Reports/OK Certificates produced from Dealers till today. TOOK JOINT TEST DRIVE on BOTH VEHICALS- along with Technicians& Sr. Sales Exec. Mr. BHAVESH.-for comparisons of Performance between SHOWROOM TEST DRIVE CAR UNIT & MY ABOVE UNIT. ON 20/11/11. 

All above faults/defects –old & new in MY UNIT brought to notice/& also admitted by THEM. Have Written extensive letters to HYUNDAI India & HYUNDAI WORLDWEB, and have informed them that SORRY, UNDER ABOVE CIRCUMSTANCES NOW CAN NOT & WILL NOT ACCEPT THE SAME UNIT AGAIN. DEMAND A REPLACEMENT OR A FULL REFUND- Subhash Thakker. Awaiting some positive response from Company.

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  • m k virparia |27 Nov,2011 02:41:13 PM

    No experience of this car.

    ni |24 Jan,2012 06:17:10 PM

    thanks for review. i have plan to buy but u have save money and time.

    wd |20 Nov,2014 07:00:15 PM

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    huuh |07 Jul,2015 03:37:28 PM


  • NARESH |28 Nov,2011 11:17:29 AM

    Thanks for this review... i have a plan to take this..but you saved me,,,,LOL, Now i'll go for Hoda BRIO..... thanks again

    sathishwaran |23 Dec,2011 11:14:26 AM

    If you are planning to fell in well knowingly, Nobody can stop you!!..Buy the Honda brio...feel it later!!!!

  • Surendra Kumar |28 Nov,2011 05:56:31 PM

    Thank you very much, we are also planing to buy EON, this will help us to think about it again

    Rajasekr Th |28 Jan,2014 10:18:17 AM

    Thanks for review...really u've saved most of the commomn people

  • neha hada |29 Nov,2011 03:24:08 PM

    i dun think so .. even brio has a lot default..back side look is quit strng nd breakin of mirror possibilities is more thn other designs ... Eon has a great market.

    srikanth reddy |17 Dec,2011 11:11:18 AM

    no neha brio glass doesnt break even if u hit wid a giant rod

    puneet |24 Nov,2014 01:06:18 PM


  • vinay |29 Nov,2011 08:38:02 PM

    I boought this car 2 weeks back. I did not get any kind of FAULT. Dont go with some one feelings. Check out and get experienced. For me it was great car and value for money.

    surjeetthakur |30 Nov,2011 11:44:03 AM

    i am also planning to by this car but now i would rethink. thanks for detailed review.

    mahesh |11 Jan,2012 04:16:34 PM

    i purchased a k10 vehicle after driven eon. K10 is far far better than eon ,compared with reasonable price ,riding comfort, pickup, smooth gear shifting , i think eon is compared with 1994 diesel ambassidor

    Ritesh Madhok |28 Apr,2012 12:52:08 PM

    First of all congratulations on your buy...and you rightly said, that K10 beats Eon on many grounds but so as with EON. Where Alto K10 comes loaded with more powerful engine, Eon has got the better mileage, looks and space. Cheers!!

    sunil |22 Nov,2015 09:17:11 PM

    Gud review.will help lot of people

    dr bharat |19 Aug,2012 06:16:16 PM

    its true.thank u.

    Pritesh |07 Sep,2012 09:13:29 AM

    I suppose if 1 in 100 cars has defect, emotionally reviewer will write all bullshit things which doesn't even exist. He needs to sort his things out with company, and not distract other ppl from decision making. Few f above reviews may be true, but not all. Don't go for test-drive vehicle, go for actual user of Eon car & do a test drive there. usually test-drive vehicles i seem are fine-tuned, so go for the latter option.

    Rahul |06 Aug,2013 10:47:00 AM

    And who offers people test drives on his vehicle?

  • naresh |30 Nov,2011 12:02:52 PM

    @Neha jee I am a mechanical Engineer moreover have a good knowledge about styling of the cars. If you see the brio from side view than you can assume if somebody hit it from back side,,1st bumper going to damage like any other car, and back glass is tend to open upwards, so no chance of breaking the glass. Moreover it is already passed the crash test and have a high success rate in Thailand. Only issue is boot space which is just 175 liter its obliviously less than EON. but see the benefits of EON. Engine same as Jazz,,its mean a high level of weight power ratio. Good styling in its segment interior look and space is better than Swift i10 ritz.. ac power strng front power window child lock is in just less than 4.5lakh( in delhi) WHAT ELSE YOU WANT in this price from Honda???

    zendercage |12 Feb,2012 08:15:04 PM

    the guy who said all about the fault in eon first make sure he has not deunk when driving and actually he had a car or not. i have eon and there is no probloms what so ever in less than 4 lac it is the best car and feature , looks are freat . go foe it

    Abraham |10 Jun,2012 08:19:31 PM

    sir i have planned to buy EON car can you say your wishes

  • Naresh |30 Nov,2011 12:04:15 PM

    *typo - see the benefits of BRio

  • d.k.ghose |02 Dec,2011 01:53:11 PM

    no comment at present as i have no idea.

    naresh |02 Dec,2011 04:32:51 PM

    So get An IDEA

  • vinod ramaiya |04 Dec,2011 02:23:40 AM

    I have no problem with EON...I m driving EON since Diwali .. feel smooth driving ..much better control than ALTO , on higher speed (100 )..I drive the my EON on rough/plain roads with my 3 friends for distance above 500 km long drive ,all feel much better about pick-up,control,fuel economy as with help of gear shift indicator ..back leg space may not much comfortable as compare to i-10 r other similar cars , but much better than ALTO..If any one have to buy alto,beat, nano..try the test drive of EON u may found the difference as EON is 814 cc,so compare only with 800cc segment ..IN 800 CC SEGMENT THERE IS NO BETTER CAR THAN EON

    AMOL |07 Dec,2011 04:32:02 PM

    I AM ALSO HAVING THE SAME EXPREIANCE, and satisfied with my white eon Magna o. only drawbacks are , the gear shifter keeps shaking,and back leg space is not comfortable for heighted people. i have drived it more than 1000 kms on the very next day and driven it at 120kms, its was amazing on Pune Banglore Highway......I am happy with Eon

    geomi |14 Jun,2012 04:18:54 PM

    I don't believe all Eons are like this. May be this is an odd case. I do driving eon and feels very comfortable. Obviously power is less compared to 1000 cc models. You compare with 800 cc levels. Definitely Eon is a nice car.At higher speeds it has very nice control.

    chinmoy seth |21 Feb,2014 12:54:28 AM

    I could not find any gear shift indicator in my EON D-Lite+, which I just bought in this month !

    praween prakash |23 Sep,2015 10:33:04 PM

    I want to buy eon please suggest me

  • Praveen Turankar |04 Dec,2011 07:04:19 PM

    I bought this car on 1/11/11 from Eros hyundai Nagpur and have no problem till date. smooth riding, nice pickup, and excelent control, good fuel economy a value for money car. definately better then alto & k10 in looks & styling. The only problem is the service of their dealer. They are very sloe in processing.

    Yashraj Talan |15 Mar,2012 04:21:58 PM

    @Praveen u r lucky 2 have bought it @such a good date! 1/11/11!!!!!!!

  • mohit bajaj |04 Dec,2011 08:12:21 PM

    i m thinking to purchase eon. but...................,

  • DR RAGHU |07 Dec,2011 07:00:22 AM

    Your complaints point to a defective manufacuring problem. You must write to Hyuandai immediately ;keep all your complaints in writing and do not rest till your car is replaced. Under warranty they have to replace a defective car. All the best!!

  • Vishal Bairagi |07 Dec,2011 02:11:20 PM

    Dear All Before Buying a newly launche car there are few very minor things which need to keep in mind before when you purchase a new car.. 01.At the time of New Launches of the car the company use to make sure you check the the KM.. 02.Some time showroom owner dnt have Test drive vehicle at show room so they use showrroom cars for test drive.Make sure you always have a choice of same colour,Modle so that u can select you on choice car This might happn with MR.Subhash Thakker. He might not got a chance to select the modle in EON..there may be a chances that mr subhase got that car which is been used in absence of Test Drive Vehicle..there are many Rough Driver at showroom who use the new car badly..and many more People come at showroom for test drive.. 03.I had purchased My EON on Diwali .before Buying it i have checked the basic following things 01.Engine Sound. 02.Km the car already Runned befor we purchase 03.Scraches Marks ,Dent 04.Accessory quality 05.Tyres Quality wheel 06.At take a ride for same two modle ..IF there is difference in same modle ..then no doubte chage the modle And at the last THink before 100 times before you close your Purchase of car THanks & Regards Vishal Bairagi Vishal_brg@yahoo.com

    Nagendra das,bokaro |02 Jan,2012 09:10:50 PM

    I m also cunfused but i think that maximum peaple are happy with EON & few are unsatisfy so i'll go to buy shortlly..

  • Debbie |07 Dec,2011 03:53:51 PM

    Hi ... I'm planing to buy the Eon shorthly Have done the test driving they are excellent and Price is cool!! suite my budget .. Most of all I'm so much in love with the outer interior... Im single working female and this is going to be my first car purchase.. Yet its scared me to death now of all this mix- comments..above..listed Please can somone advice me.. ? I'm still on hold... Thanks Regards Debbie

    Naresh |08 Dec,2011 09:50:23 AM

    Le Lo ,Koi Problem nahi hai.... IMO wait for 3 more month collect money and buy Honda BRIO. in 4.4lakh they are giving AC,PS,PW and Central locking. you will get Drive pleasure,Space,Powerful engine, and trust of HONDA, ENJAAY

    DEBBIE |09 Dec,2011 02:13:15 PM

    Hi Thanks But Honda BRIO is out of my budget!!.. But thanks perhaps will decide on EON -magna.

    S V Rao |02 Dec,2012 08:16:57 PM

    In that case, you should go with proven track record, go for Maruti suzuki Car to play safe.

  • rogen |09 Dec,2011 01:24:34 PM

    I am planning to buy Eon Sports Model Give me some clues

  • amit kumar yadav |09 Dec,2011 05:56:14 PM

    planning to buy...lets see.....

  • RAJKUMAR |12 Dec,2011 05:09:48 PM

    iam planning to buy eon era.. weather i can go it r else any other suggestion.. plz let me know quick

    passang |13 Jul,2012 02:55:44 PM

    Hi!! EON (megna plus)will lead you to your expectation as my first car was alto x cite top model its good!! Later i sold off cause of small. Now I with eon magna plus which is EXCELLENT!! in all expect!! no doubt in every field. JUST GO FOR EON MAGNA PLUS. Be careful there is many variant in eon? you'll like the car for sure!!! I challenge you! Family car with full of power and comfort.

  • sandip |13 Dec,2011 04:07:21 PM

    initially i had plan for eon but after reading these reviews now i am confused.

  • janu mansuri |14 Dec,2011 11:26:56 PM

    i want to buy EON but confused aftfr reading rewiews.Pls guide.

    Hussain |27 Dec,2011 07:52:39 PM

    i am also planning but the bove comments makes me rethink about EON I beleive every one have their own perception...

    vikas |28 Dec,2011 06:39:03 PM

    i'm also planing but.......... :(

  • JayaSingh Alex |18 Dec,2011 09:44:26 PM

    hai all friends do nt confuse with EON .its the car suitable for caaaam family use. not for racing.so in this segment i think eon is best

    Nagendra das,bokaro |06 Jan,2012 08:54:13 AM


    Kalpesh |13 Feb,2012 06:41:06 PM

    Excellent Comment....thx....people are here compare EON (4 lacs price) to honda car which is start from 4-5 lacs.....i am also thinking to buy EON Sportz model. That will my first car, and i believe in god so i will not face such type of fault....and i hope u also....thx again.....

  • ashok kukreti |19 Dec,2011 11:02:11 AM

    I book Eon Megna optional car but reading the experience of car owner I am comfuse and re thinking about to purchage. Kindly guide.

  • DIPANKAR DEHINGIA |22 Dec,2011 07:37:35 AM

    I was thinking to purchase a eon magna o.But now i have to think on it.Because from your experiences.Although i can purchase a Beat LS within this range.Not much difference in case of price.

    sathishwaran |23 Dec,2011 11:29:20 AM

    If you want to go for diesel car.. Beat is ok.. But for a petrol car Eon is best...Value for money..

  • hemchandra |25 Dec,2011 10:21:14 PM

    what happened?did the company replaced the car?is the company helpful?

  • G S Bhatt |28 Dec,2011 11:38:32 AM

    I purchased EON Magna(O) just after its launch from Sachin hyundai Bareilly. I am most satisfied with its pick-up, comfort,interior,control and its fuel economy.There may be bad experience for some one but I love my EON very much just like as my own body parts.Thanks a lot for Hyundai Motors

  • anand |28 Dec,2011 04:26:57 PM

    tell me should i bye or not

  • s pavan kumar |07 Jan,2012 11:45:18 PM

    See the experiences of each individual is unique. Hence, go for test drive once, twice, thrice so on... till one gets good idea and than can take decision to buy or not to buy.

  • swarna |13 Jan,2012 09:37:55 PM

    Thank you for posting such an elaborate review. I was planning to take one but now i will better think it over again.

  • RAKESH KUMAR |18 Jan,2012 05:22:32 PM

    what special we have in EON magna and megna optonal. should i go for magna

  • mohd iqbal |18 Jan,2012 07:06:43 PM

    I feel that most car manufacturers in India only think how to make money by selling their products they never think of buyers safety. I think the buyers should always look for the cars which are safe for them and their family to drive.

  • dr.susanta |19 Jan,2012 02:00:25 PM

    hey frnds m also planning 2 buy eon magna....plz som1 guide me wat r d thngs 2 luk 4 before buying dat car??

  • mania |19 Jan,2012 09:31:14 PM

    m planning to buy EON but after reading i re-think n want 2 know what will be d max. KM reading in meter so dt we can assumed car is nt used by coustumer,Manager n any other rough driver for performance test drive at showroom.

  • madhavan |20 Jan,2012 03:24:11 PM

    i am planning to take eon d-lite plus lpg guide me about lpg version

  • ashwini |21 Jan,2012 09:41:47 AM

    plannin to buy a car, still undecided between i10 era and eon sportz or magna kindly advise

    Kalpesh |13 Feb,2012 06:48:07 PM

    same here boss.......any body can help us???

  • Sumer |22 Jan,2012 02:27:13 PM

    i have booked EON Sportz during the last two weeks, but now i'm confused. Please help !! Will the company improve the gear from vibration.

  • usha aind |23 Jan,2012 06:27:36 PM

    royally confused now :( to buy or not to buy a magna lpg

  • Sudheer |25 Jan,2012 04:02:42 PM

    Planned to buy eon magna.Buy this review i got confused to to purchase this car.Because this is going to be my first purchase.

  • Maddy |26 Jan,2012 06:23:40 PM

    Ohhhhhhhh God......Realy Realy DIL KO SAKUN MILA.......I just booked EON Era . Today i got comment frm one of my frnd that i just made mistake by booking EON........But by getting comment here I think i am absolutely RIT...This will be my 1st car frm my pocket at AGE 25....So i m exited...realy

  • sujatha.b |29 Jan,2012 10:13:15 PM

    I am planning to buy a automatic car . new hyundai eon d-lite has gear shift indicator. I want to know what that means. whether it is another automatic car or what is the function of the gear shift indicator how it operates in a car Can you guide me.

    kalyan |29 Mar,2012 11:47:48 PM

    gear shift indicator means it indicates at what speed which gear to b used

    kalyan |29 Mar,2012 11:50:43 PM

    hi plz can u guide me whether to buy eon 09986175553

  • Mansoor |05 Feb,2012 07:16:00 PM

    Undoubtedly EON is a good car, But Every individual has his own opinion. 100% people can not be satisfied by any product or service. So, please do not get confused, take a test drive and decide yourself....By the way I am also planning to buy EON.

  • Ankit Tyagi |06 Feb,2012 01:20:50 AM

    I had already planned to buy EON but after reading these reviews i am very confused so let me know should i go for EON or ALTO.

    navneet kumar |10 Feb,2012 04:14:43 PM

    Go for K10 i also planning for it

  • Joy Das |08 Feb,2012 05:55:48 PM

    Among dis two cars which will be the best car for Indian market for dis year=hyundai EON or ALTO K10???? plz give me a suggestion...

    navneet kumar |10 Feb,2012 04:12:40 PM

    Go for K10 i also planning for it.

    Raj |22 Feb,2012 08:33:09 PM

    Eon is great car in our budget..i owned that its really nice.giving around 15-17kmpl in LPG and 19-21kmpl in petrol as average. Gear vibration is less now as compared to old eon(oct,nov outs)....

  • navneet kumar |10 Feb,2012 04:09:36 PM

    I am confused between EON vs K10 after reading above comments, Pl guide.

    Vishant |26 Mar,2012 12:11:29 PM

    you cant compare K10 vs Eon, K10 is far better car in terms of performance.Also in long run hundai maintainance too expensive,hudai spare parts are also too expensive.My friend bought hudai car within few days viper got bend and in first free serive to repair viper they charged Rs5000.

  • sankarcbz |12 Feb,2012 07:21:56 PM

    Hyundai eon is real value on money but not safe for our life .my friend new eon car got power steering failure in 2nd day after vehicle delivery just 400km in a highways and got crashed in highway divider and got upside down but company is not accepting their fault and threat that they will not accept their fault and u will not get insurance if the claim from company . hundai eon =worst design good interiors =unsafe car of year .

  • s a sasatsangi |17 Feb,2012 05:44:01 PM

    i am planning to buy Eon Dlite , please suggest whether I should go ahead or find some other option, because after going through these reviews , I am scared.

  • pratik |18 Feb,2012 12:58:22 AM

    i am planning to buy this car. its a superb car...........

  • Amar |25 Feb,2012 01:59:13 PM

    Please, do submit the performance of New Eon Dlite Plus 2012 model. As I am planning to buy the same as my first dream car. Plz. plz. give me your valuable suggestions.

  • VENKATESH |02 Mar,2012 12:01:02 PM

    planning to buy eon after viewing the reviews, why dont company people answer for some problems like power steering failure and some say that it is not easily negotiable in the humps, and also very little foot space on the rear side.

  • ketan |03 Mar,2012 12:36:41 AM

    sir kya aapki problem solve hui............. i want 2 buy this car desperately....even other buyers of this car...please do respond

  • noordin |06 Mar,2012 08:33:07 PM

    i am planning to buy eon but after viewing the reviews i am confused please help

  • primarykey |08 Mar,2012 11:23:29 AM

    iam planning to buy EON please advise on the power steering features of this car

  • satish jadhav |15 Mar,2012 01:16:16 AM

    which is the best car in lpg , pls suggest me-- hundai eon magna/wagon r /

    Rahul |02 Apr,2012 06:19:30 PM

    wagon r

  • sonu |20 Mar,2012 04:35:56 PM

    I m planning to eon d lite plus, i m from nepal here the price of dlite is abt 10 lakh indian currency, after buying such expensive car, can i get a good responce, becus buying car is buying gold here, so plz suggest me cleary so yhat my hardship money doent go to waste

    Deep.. |17 Dec,2013 07:06:44 PM

    10 lac??Its too much for this car.... I know I am commenting on this after one year so no use in suggesting, but its really waste of money.. I hope you didnt buy this car..

    Deepika |17 Dec,2013 07:07:48 PM

    *buy this car in '10 lac'...

  • Gourab Chakraborty |28 Mar,2012 03:48:53 PM

    I m planning for Eon Magna LPG. How is it? Please help !!! Should I go for Eon Magna LPG?

    Rahul |02 Apr,2012 06:18:34 PM

    As per my opinion, do not go for LPG version, rather its better to go petrol and get CNG/LPG Fitted outside,

  • Rahul |02 Apr,2012 06:16:47 PM

    I am planning to purchase the same, but after going through this review, I am quite disappointed and shocked, now thinking of an alternative.....

  • tahir Hussain |02 Apr,2012 09:53:52 PM

    donot buy eon .go for alto k10

  • Tomy |09 Apr,2012 10:53:15 PM

    I bought EON Magna on Jan, 2012. Till now I drove 3050Kms and I am very satisfied with its performance. The best part is its Mileage which gave me 24Km/litre in Highway(driving from bangalore to cochin) and 19Km/litre in City. At top speeds of 110km/hr the car is still in control and it has got good braking capability.

  • Navin |12 Apr,2012 04:48:23 PM

    To all........There is no product in the world, in which all the customers are satisfied. If you would read the review of other cars, you would find many negative comments. Upto 85% of EON customers are competely satisfied & only 15% customers are dissatisfied. So comparative EON is an excillent Car in its own segment. Exterior is good. Myself being of 6 feet tall, my legs fits well comparative to Chevrolet BEAT. Eon have better boot space in front 2 seats, back seat is bit conjusted,but BEAT also have the same conjusted space. Luggage space is huge. The best problem rectified is: Gear Vibration is been rectified in new 2012 version. Go for EON Delite Plus @ price of 3.5 Lac. on road. For accessories you can install it from outside: Power window, Stereo, Car cover, sunfilm. So I recommend to buy EON. Performance is good, no doubt in style. Hyundai Brio has its own segment, so dont compare with EON.

    Amar |14 Apr,2012 06:38:49 PM

    Thanx... for sharing your personal experience...

  • Abhinav |24 Apr,2012 03:34:14 PM

    My Father has purchse eon and it running smoothly all are rumorous but gear shaking problem but not any sound just vibrating is all about 3 months

  • Satish G |19 May,2012 01:49:07 PM

    I have purchased Eon-Era before two months and satisfied with the performance, space, interior, pickup, mileage. Only the thing to consider is AC effect is good but pickup sluggish with it. Otherwise the car is good by all the means in this segment and with this price, 3.70 Lacs.

    siraj hasan |25 May,2012 11:07:49 AM

    hi satish even i face the same issue of sluggish pick up in ac but the ac is too cool that i need to switchit off very often and maintaining a practice of using the ac on 4 and 5 gear this way the performance doesnt drop.

  • sandeep singh jamwal |20 May,2012 01:18:08 PM

    I have purchased Eon last year nov 2011 and i am satisfied with the performance, space, interior, pickup, mileage,much better millage then alto k 10 ,though alto k 10 enginne is 1000 cc and eon engine is 800 cc but eon performance is better as compared to alto 800 cc , and if we compare alto 800cc vs eon over all eon beats,in look ,in interior and performance etc yes its is costly but nt so much costly as compared to the looks and performance of alto 800

  • anirudh nigam |20 May,2012 09:38:03 PM

    sir i am searching a car in the range of 3-4 lakh but i am just confusing which car is best for me eon megna or eon sportz ?....is i take right descion ? bcoz i heard eon facing so many problems if its have than tell me sir

  • anirudh nigam |20 May,2012 09:40:31 PM

    sir i am searching a car in the range of 3-4 lakh but i am just confusing which car is best for me eon megna or eon sportz ?....is i take right descion ? bcoz i heard eon facing so many problems if its have than tell me sir

  • sai praneeth |22 May,2012 11:37:15 AM

    i am thinking to buy eon magna , is it better than alto k10 and lxi , how is the performance ?

    CarDekho Team |26 May,2012 06:37:01 PM

    Eon is certainly better in looks and spaciousness than any other car existing in the budget car segment, it has got a light steering which makes it easier to ride in the city traffics, interior wise too Eon has got better fittings than its main competitor Alto, so overall it feels great from inside. But as far as the engine capacity is concerned, Alto K10 has got more powerful and refined engine, thus helps in a better ride. Alto K10 has also got the better fuel economy in city ride conditions, but on an average (City + Higways), both are neck to neck. So Hyundai Eon too proves it to be a nice Car. Cheers!!

  • anjali |22 May,2012 11:44:08 PM

    M confused between Honda Brio n hyundai Eon.. Plz suggest me which car should i purchase.. Plz reply as soon as possible..

  • Siraj Hasan |24 May,2012 06:55:05 PM

    Hi guys if comparing to Honda ofcourse a very good brand which can delivery a quality but at a higher price and similarly in maintaining it too. Hyundai being a second most brand in india to sell after suzuki which in result easy to maintain with its spareparts and other costs. technically if we see any car is designed for a particular taste and requirement for eg. some prefer power against mileage or design over durability, so mostly buyer has to compromise and settle somewhere as his personal requirements there comes the choice of car which to buy, but i personaly feel as a owner of EON hyundai has launched it bringing the most common factors like design power cost and mileage at reasonable level where it gets easier for finalising our choice. no doubt 1 in 100 might face some faulty issues but this happens in every brand / model of cars. i say till now EON is the best on 800 cc segment in cost mileage power looks quality and low maintenance. happy and safe Driv[E]on

  • kalpana |27 May,2012 11:56:08 PM

    Hi to all ... i too plan to buy eon. but i hav the same little confuse.. Alto Lx / Eon.. Regards. Kalpana nagarajan 94427 10985...

    Geomi cherian |14 Jun,2012 04:30:23 PM

    Eon is really a nice car. i own it. Compared to alto far far better.Very good handling at high speeds. I don't have any problemss with this car.

  • shivam |15 Jun,2012 11:39:15 AM

    dear all i m litl cnfusd regarding the availability of parts of eon and also are they more expensive than the parts of alto.plz sm1 suggest me.i welcome ur suggestions plzzz...

  • shivam |15 Jun,2012 11:54:58 AM

    wid d given comments i m really happy wid eon

  • vjmathew |28 Jun,2012 04:08:24 PM

    i like eon very much.. very good look. Actually I like i10. But i do not have that much budget. so i will go for EON. currently i am having Indica Xeta GLG (Petrol) i am using this for 4.5 years, only 11500 kms running, i dont have much running, but i will sell this car and planning to by EON. very nice cute car, good looking car. it is not some other 800 cc car which only run on its name tag and people are paying more for nothing

  • meera |06 Jul,2012 08:39:59 PM

    planning to buy eon.....any comments

  • vishal saxena |01 Aug,2012 04:59:25 PM

    Hi pls suggest i am planning to buy Hundai EON-D-Light LPG ,is it best car for me my no is09897738642

  • Syamprasad |13 Oct,2012 04:45:47 PM

    sir. i want to buy a car in the budget of around four lakhs. i have no knowledge in cars. i am a single employee getting net salary under three lakhs per annum. i am very much interested in having a car. if i unknowingly buy a bad car i will be very much disappointed and never recovered financially. so i humbly request could any body give a good and reliable suggestion?

  • dheeraj |16 Oct,2012 12:59:39 PM

    hi to all. im planning to buy Eon Era. this is my second car . I m now owning Daewoo Matiz. Can somebody guide that shoyuld i buy it or not??

  • passang |14 Dec,2012 02:51:08 PM

    Hi!! Eon The best car in its segment. No compare as I drove the car on Delhi highways and its control, pickups,mileage, space. I bought this car on the mouth of May 2012. Its best car in its segment. The Car can be compared with 1000 cc cars but not not with 800cc. Any doubt can call me right. Am fully satisfied with my car!!!

  • Purushottam |18 Dec,2012 11:41:30 PM

    Actually i want buy a car of Rs. 3.50 lacs and living in Delhi city so which car is best for me Santro or EON. pls advice me

  • robinrobin.aptech |19 Mar,2013 06:15:35 PM

    i bant to buy this car in week suggest me plze

  • rajib |10 May,2013 11:05:56 AM

    Which one is better: Maruti Suzuki A Star Vxi or Hyundai Eon Magna ? Am really confused about the choice, price is not the issue. Plz suggest.

  • rahul |04 Jul,2013 10:27:32 PM

    sir. i want to buy a car in the budget of around four lakhs. i have no knowledge in cars.i am very much interested in having a car. if i unknowingly buy a bad car i will be very much disappointed so i humbly request could any body give a good and reliable suggestion?

  • satish |17 Jul,2013 09:27:03 PM

    i am currently looking for a vehicle to be used within city limits and fit for 4 plz suggest as im confused with the eon dlite o, k10 and beat plz suggest or comment.....

  • ankur |16 Aug,2013 11:38:55 PM

    hii guys.... can any one pls tell me what is the avrge of this car on highway in LPG???

  • kamal |01 Jul,2014 03:49:46 PM

    dear all i have eon era + onley six month old i face same power staring filler problem. so plz adivies what i can do.....?

  • puneet hy eon |21 Nov,2014 03:43:41 PM


  • puneet |24 Nov,2014 01:05:16 PM


  • babu |07 Feb,2015 09:10:16 PM

    Hyundai eon not good

  • Ramakant |17 Mar,2015 03:33:59 PM

    I hope hyndai people only updating the reply. no common man adding any comments. Because for many quarrys solutions are given and encouraging people to buy Eon..............................................

  • huuh |07 Jul,2015 03:37:17 PM


  • bahubali shah |20 Jul,2015 12:22:32 AM

    Pl take refunds car money

  • imran ali |08 Aug,2015 06:51:54 PM

    very bad experience for hyundai

  • Pawase Aniruddha Ganpatrao |14 Nov,2015 12:49:05 AM

    I have a plan to take this car.....but....damn....

  • sahib wadhwa |10 Dec,2015 08:19:03 PM

    I have been driving the Hyundai eon for past 3 years.its been a wonderful drive. Comfortable, stylish,good pickup,and mileage is satisfactory.only problem is that it gives jerks when changing the gear.ac is good but consumed too much petrol.

  • do call me |25 Jan,2016 12:40:43 PM

    Nice car must have

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