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    Hyundai EON
    Hyundai EON
    Rs   3.3 - 4.67 Lakh*
    Maruti Alto 800
    Maruti Alto 800
    Rs   2.51 - 3.78 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Hyundai EON
    Hyundai EON
    Rs   3.3 - 4.67 Lakh*
    Renault KWID
    Renault KWID
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    Hyundai EON
    Hyundai EON
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    Maruti Alto K10
    Maruti Alto K10
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    Hyundai EON
    Hyundai EON
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    Datsun redi-GO
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    Hyundai EON
    Hyundai EON
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Hyundai Eon: Wonder car

By for Hyundai EON from New Delhi 2011-10-17 12:55:56.0
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Pros : Low Price,

Cons : not found

Look and Style-From a long period of time I am waiting for Hyundai Eon to be launched since its fits in my budget. Being enthusiastic I reached the dealership and looked at the car, it looks gorgeous in red color like a newly wedded bride. Its look and design are quite similar to Hyundai i10. From the front, the car is blessed with sporty looks. I couldn't control my feelings and finally had undergone a test drive.

Comfort-When I stepped inside, I found the interiors are very spacious and comfortable with enough leg space at the front and rear. I found a unique feature in the car is that it shows low fuel warning that allows the driver to know in advance that the petrol tank needs fuel. Pickup When I put my foot on its accelerator Hyundai Eon offers me the usual acceleration and I crossed the speed of 100 kmph in very few seconds. I had reached the top speed of 120 kmph with out sensing any vibration. Mileage After my test drive I have a discussion with the dealer and he told me that company is claiming to offer a mileage of 21 Kmpl. Hope the hatchback will keep the words. 

Best Features-Being a low priced car I didn't expect much with Hyundai Eon, but the hatchback break all the barriers and come fitted with high standard features. The features include driver side airbag, front fog lamps, and keyless entry. Further, the handling of the car is quite smooth and comfortable at high speeds. 

Needs to improve-Since I have undergone a test drive only, I didn't found any drawbacks yet. 

Overall Experience-Overall, I just say that Hyundai has delivered a wonder car by providing such features at affordable price.

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  • aaa |17 Oct,2011 03:50:23 PM

    800 cc car @ 4 lacs plus onride price..........affordable???

    Sriram |17 Oct,2011 10:36:34 PM

    looks bit costlier

    HPS |19 Oct,2011 01:51:49 PM

    Base model price is much costlier it should be arround 2.15 to 2.20 lacks as petrol prices are very high in our country and before launch there was reumour in the air like this that is less than 2.50 lacks. So common man car dream brokened.

  • babulal parihar |18 Oct,2011 12:35:00 AM

    nise car

    ALAM |18 Oct,2011 10:41:47 AM

    best car

  • chets |18 Oct,2011 10:48:01 AM

    Copied from chevy beat.

  • salman |18 Oct,2011 11:15:05 AM

    launching of new vehicles are like releasing a new movie on every friday but these car manufacturers dont undrestand the need for the hour, esp auto version of new cars...even i try to find some auto version cars,but failed.I tried for maruti A-Star but maruti people themselves said its not a good car. so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz car manufacturers- launch your new models with auto version too.

  • salman |18 Oct,2011 12:15:21 PM

    launching of new vehicles are like releasing a new movie on every friday but these car manufacturers dont undrestand the need for the hour, esp auto version of new cars...even i try to find some auto version cars,but failed.I tried for maruti A-Star but maruti people themselves said its not a good car. so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz car manufacturers- launch your new models with auto version too.

    dpadmakar |19 Oct,2011 10:39:31 AM

    I have a hyundai i10 automatic and have been driving it for 1 year now. very good car, no gear hassles, good service from hyundai. the only complaint is mileage, get around 10-11 kmpl which is not great.

    salman |20 Oct,2011 12:21:10 PM

    Oh really, i m really surprised that u have i10 auto version. Did you ask them ( hyundai people) specifically or its available in auto/manual version??

    abhinav g |25 Oct,2011 02:30:01 PM

    its obvious tat if u have an automatic one the mileage ll be less !!!

  • ajit |18 Oct,2011 02:32:58 PM

    818 cc engine will prove to be a failure for this car with AC on.May not be able to compete with alto in long run.

  • Sunil Shrivastava |19 Oct,2011 07:12:34 PM

    It's really a Very Nice Car in this segment, Very Nice Look, Nice Curbs, Very Good Pickup in running AC, Nice Interior with Unique feature, After Test Drive I have finalized immediate for Sportz Model, It's little bit expensive but It has Worth. Now This will be First Car of My Son of 18 Yrs old on Dhanteras i.e. on Oct. 24th, 2011 in Pristine Blue Color. Thanks Hyndai for a Wonderfull CAR.

    Jay |30 Oct,2011 02:58:20 AM

    Hello Sunil, I would like to congrate you on new car purchase. I am planning to buy Sportz Eon this week. Can you help me with overall satisfaction level and mileage that you rare getting from this new car. Any thoughts well appreciated.

    RANJAN |01 Nov,2011 11:12:18 PM

    i think it is a 10%-15% costlier in 800 cc segment car.top model comes 4 lakhs ...if one's can go 4 lakhs then they may think about Beat,i10,Honda Brio,figo n Etios Liva with more power,comfort,space n safety. it will hard to go in full loaded passenger n with AC.

    Jay |02 Nov,2011 02:00:43 AM

    It seems you haven't compared their top model road prices. Also Figo and Beat has been doing good only in Diesel Segment if compared to petrol cars. If we go for i10 then their mileage is an issue driving in city for daily purpose, giving 8-12 km per liter.

    Vipul Gupta |15 Mar,2012 08:52:06 PM

    Absulutly true dear........

  • shantinath |19 Oct,2011 09:36:43 PM

    800 cc car and price of the vehicle mismatch,to costly car

  • kuntal kumar |19 Oct,2011 10:24:32 PM

    if any body is buying 800cc car in 3.75lacs, then he shoud go for 650cc nano.afterall acceleration of the vehicle in AC on condition always matters.

    kt |06 Nov,2011 10:35:20 AM

    i m agree with kuntal

    g p rajpurohit |27 Nov,2011 09:51:26 PM

    it is only 800cc car. very costly. management should reduce price of eon instead of 375000 price should be rs 225000 only in indian market.

    AIBAN |25 Feb,2012 06:20:05 PM

    I completely disagree. Bought the car bout a month ago. Sprotz model. Pick up is great n no issues when AC is on esp on pick up. Interiors are great.. Drive is very good for 800 cc car....

  • shikhaa sawhney |20 Oct,2011 03:32:16 PM

    I am somehow not convinced with the price of 4.5 lakhs for the top end model- Sportz, which is giving only 800cc. Hyundai has made fool of the common people by saying- affordable price.

  • nixon bhandare |20 Oct,2011 04:26:10 PM

    I absouletly agree with Shikaa Hundai has fooled Comman man by giving wrong hopes of the Price being the lowest with the Petrol Price just increasing month over Month. A suggestion to Hundai Management Discover a Deisel Car with a range of 2 Lks Max inclusive all the charges for the Top Model. Nixon

  • Sinduja Natarajan |20 Oct,2011 09:26:42 PM

    costlier for 800cc car.

  • mohan |22 Oct,2011 03:13:32 PM

    Car is too good and its price is too bad...top model on road price should be around 3.5lakhs for 800cc.Its a car(Joke) of the year.My recommondation to go with spark its LT model on road price is3.97lakhs remember its a 1000cc car.

  • Ashoka |22 Oct,2011 03:15:08 PM

    Agree.They have fooled us by saying as lot of features in small car with aerodynamics look is the reason for High price.But for 800cc its very costly... only Look is Good.

  • v,parameswaran |22 Oct,2011 07:27:33 PM

    Very Good car and my recommondation ti go bye this car.

  • adarsha |28 Oct,2011 03:03:25 PM

    Everything written here is same as company claimed - Its not a low priced car and Power with AC is same as Alto ( Nothing great about it).... Plus point is great look. minus point is leg space in the rear. Overall good car if milage is around 17 in city since alto is already delivering this.

  • Saroj Malakar |01 Nov,2011 11:20:22 AM

    nice car.........

  • kt |06 Nov,2011 10:38:35 AM

    better to go for alto k10..1000 cc engine produces power of 68 ps

    vikramjeet |05 Jan,2012 09:07:16 AM

    what s this car compeble on hill station?

  • Kuldeep Singh |12 Dec,2011 08:23:40 PM

    I am the proud owner of eon sportz from 4 days. I am feeling very lucky to have this car. This is really a wonder car in performance, mileage interior, AC/heater and above all in look. On the very first day drove the car for 260 km from shimla to palampur in HP and gave 20 km /liter. it was a dream ride. the car is really a head turning image, people on the way watching it with wide open eyes and mouth and asking about the car.I have purchased the blue color which is very attractive. the suspension are very good, the handling is very easy. So if you are planing to buy a car then go for Eon sportz. Now I hope that indian road will feel the designer cars. Thanks hyundai

  • vikramjeet |05 Jan,2012 09:05:06 AM

    i like huyndai my frist car santro ibuy old but iam satisfie my next car eon i like look milage and price hyundai tecnology batter to maruti

  • arun |18 Jan,2012 03:30:28 PM

    I have bought the car 3 weeks before. I experienced two problems with this car. 1. Problem with immobilizer If we want to go for a first ride of the day, immobilizer will be off so no engine start. We have to keep the vehicle under the sun for some minutes (to keep warm !?? ) If we are lucky, immobilizer will display without delay. So I think , for emergency, hire a taxi. 2. Hand brake malfunction It goes ahead on slops even though it is in full handbreak. So I have to put the vehicle in 1st gear to go out from the vehicle in such situations. The hyndai team has told me to clear the problem. hoping for the best !!!

  • Manish |30 Jan,2012 10:20:31 PM

    Hey friends, i was planning to buy Eon, but after seeing lot of bad comments, i m a bit confused. no doubt, Eon looks great. plz suggest me whether i should buy it or not.

    friswana |08 Feb,2012 03:20:39 PM

    Definitely u should..

  • navneet |09 Feb,2012 05:18:09 PM

    Its good car must have

  • Ravi Mohan |22 Feb,2012 08:27:13 PM

    I purchased eon magna(o) on 29th Jan,12. I've driven around 1,500km. But I am getting the mileage of only 13-14. When I called to customer care they are saying that after first servicing you'll get the said mileage. I don't know, but I purchased this for mileage only. I am taking it to first servicing. Let c what happens after that.

  • d rajesh |25 Apr,2012 02:33:23 PM

    hi frends i am rajesh i will my a prestin blue eon i fell so good i make a good drive and look is so good my frendes and relatine encrage me to my a tis car eon is gooddddddddd

  • krishna |20 Apr,2013 01:39:20 PM

    go for it.I have brought a EON magna plus LPG.Great driving comfort and luxury inside.done 5000 KMs without any problems.Milage 17 on LPG and 19 on petrol city driving.

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