Worst Car i have seen !!!!!!

By for Force One 2013-09-03 12:15:35.0
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Don't ever buy this car...I have never seen any car lie this...407 or lorry is better than this...No break in this car...the time of sales they will say this is the bestone then innova or scorpio...After 20000 kms a/c will not work properly if we ask the service person he will say only this much will work...interiors are made of world's waste quality of plastics and very old design interior...we will not able to judge how diesel is there in our car...diesel metre is also not workin properly...My suggestion is "PLEASE DOn't WASTE YOUR MONEY BY BUYING THIS CAR"...Better u go for Ford ecosport or Renault Duster or Innova or Scorpio...No pick up in this car if we go to any hill station and v need sudden pick up u wont get it...sometimes a/c automatically gets off...u wont get the mileage as sales person says.. Please dnt buy this car......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jaswant |13 Sep,2013 08:37:11 PM

    AMITABH BACHHAN KA KAAM ADD KARNA HAI VO FORCE ONE SUV KI HO YA ????? FORCE ONE SUV EK CHOR COMPANY = FAULTY = FORCE ONE SUV AMITABH BACHHAN, TV ADD FORCE ONE (SUV ) ALSO TOTALLY FAKED?¦.???? FORCE ONE SUV COMMENT bad force one Are you ready to feel the Force one suv? FAKE = FIRODIA = FAULTY = FORCE ONE SUV .Jaswant Kumar Dagar ?? DL 2C Q 7524 9871505666/9212796666 FORCE ONE SUV KABI KAMIYAB NHI HO PAYEGI KYUKI COMPANY KA DHYAN SIRF GADI SELL KARNE PAR H JO KI EK KABADA H AAP FORCE ONE KA FEEDBACK USSE LE JO GADI KA OWNER H OR JISKI GADI WRKSHOP M KHADI H SHOWROOM M GADI DEKHNE KA KOI FAYDA NHI H COMPANY JOOTH BOL KAR GADI SELL KAR RHI H GADI MAHINE M KAM SE KAM 2 WEEK APKO APNI GADI FORCE ONE KI WRKSHOP M KHADI KARNI PADEGI OR MAHINEE M 2 WEEK APKE PAS RAHEGI KYUNKI IS GADI M KAMI HI ITNI H KI COMPANY KIS KIS PARTS KO CHANGE KAREGI PURI GADI M HI DIKKAT H FORCE ONE SUV PURI FAIL H AAP MUJHSE CONTACT KAR SAKTE H MANE APNE CELL NO. OR KUCH OR CELL NO. B DIYE H KYUNKI AAPKA PASIA WASTE NA HO .FORCE ONE COMPANY HAMARI POCKET MAR RHI H FORCE ONE OWNERS We are the user of SUV FORCE ONE 1. Jaswant Kumar Dagar- DL 2C Q 7524 M -9871505666/09212796666 2. Dr. Lalit Pratap Sharma - DL 5C K 7300 ?? M-08459149449 3. Irshad Ahmad ??DL 1C M 6876 M,-09810197563 4.Shiv Shakti corporate ?? DL 10C F 0666 M- 5.Hemant Garg ?? DL 3C BY 1100 6.Anjali Chauhan ?? DL 3CC R 7777 7.Lakhmi Chand Sharma ?? DL 6C M 1188 8.Chand Singh Gulia ?? DL 1C P 4135 M-09990043900 9.Anil Upadhyay ?? DL 1C P 1861 10.Hawa Singh ?? HR 34F 2820 M-09416063626 12. Principal Rao Ram Chandra?? HR 66A 0021 M- 09896137775 13.Anil Garg ?? HR 60D 7201 14.Praveen Kumar ?? HR 10T 7200 - M,-09871743071 15.Manohar Arora ?? HR 30K 7004 16.Manpreet Kaur ?? HR 51A R 0707 17.Vijay Yadav ?? HR 26B Q 0068 18.Surjeet Yadav ?? HR 26B G 0074 M-09990860069 19.Mukesh Devi ?? UP 16A K 7227 20 JAY BIR - M- 09416303974 21 ASHIS MISHRA- M -9999943175 22 yash M 09971104377 23 SURENDER M- 09999919456 24 SHILPI M-09810094529 25 SANGIV M-09213229611 26 RAMAN M-09468009041 We are the user of SUV FORCE ONE We all 20 persons feel very happy to purchase this SUV as we were strogly recommended by the sales persons of the company and many features were shown in the SUV. But after purchasing SUV we have to face many problem to handling SUV. There are many manufacturing defects and deficiencies are as follows: 1. Force sales person are giving fake features of this vehicle. 2. Job cards opened 99times in a year but there is no result found. 3. So many times we send the vehicle to the agency but no problem rectified. 4. Many times when we drive breaks does not worked and we saved ourself to take vehicle aside the road. 5. Sometimes engine get shutdown automatically and hummering sound comes through the engine. 6. Gears are not work properly and number of times it stuck.around 15 to 20 times the gear stucked.In the company guide lines the the gear will be changed at 40000 km bt after 12000 km the condition of the gear oil was very bad and only this problem is going through the defencel oil also. 7. Air condition does not work at dynamic and static positions.i got sweat in the a/c while sitting in this suv. 8. Steering works as normal its nothing like power steering and get jammed when take 180degree turn. 9. Engine get heated and we feel ruined myself after puchasing it.the engine heats after running continuesly 1 hour at the speed of 120. 10. When we went to the agency they were not able to solve the problems. 11. Agency persons charging at their satisfaction but their work is not as per my satisfaction. 12. When we purchased this vehicle I was told that its mileage about 14km-17 km.per litre but it giving hardly 5-6km.per litre. 13. The meter of the SUV is so attractive but always shows faulty result, specially shows oil even after empty tank.if the temperature is 30 than this shows 40 degree. 14. Vehicle get heated and showrg warning light at the speed of 80 15. Functioning of breaks is not proper.when I drive this suv I always confuse wheather its break will work or not. 16. black Smoke of the engine and outer dust comes in the cabin even after door closed. 17. All seats are trumbling during dynamic condition.after setting this suvs seat around 20 times 18. Air cutting sound comes through the doors. 19. There is no pick-up in my SUV vehicle. 20. Gear box gives uneven sound.after 15000 km gear box starts humming 21.Gear box giving uneven sound and vibration of the shaft irritates in the cabin. 22.Cluster meter does not work properly. 23.Temprature meter shows faulty results. 24.Heavy vibration comes through Desk board. 25.Gear clutch is very hard to press down and many times it failed balance with gears. 26.Coolent bottle breaks and coolent pipe punctured.the coolent pipe and coolent bottle of my car is changed around 4-5 times. 27.LCB is not in regular condition. 28.Hand breaks does not worked. 29.Dispensor is very small and gives more sound that is headache for the rear seat person. 30.Music system is not in good condition. 31.Many fuses are breaked weekly. 32.Paint of my SUV become very dull. 33.Front and rear glass leaked water while at rainy and washable condition.if there is rain water somewhere and if it touches the doors of the suv than the water comes inside the suv through doors. 34.Rear mirror shows faded lights of vehicles behind me. 35.Agency person were said cluster meter is not available in the store. 36.Filter punctured after replacing somany times. 37.Modulator function is unable to giving proper tymings. 38.Viper of both rear and front glass did not work prorperly. 39.Accelator is very hard and sometimes it gone out of control. 40.Oil leaks through the engine. 41.Bearing breaks after every 12,000km. 42.Clutch failed 3times in a year. 43.Engine cover,front liner are made of plastic metal and TAPL motors serviceman says your engine is out of warranty. 44.TAPL motors authorised persons are denied to give response in written condition. 45.TAPL serviceman told me that these are manufacting defects and we are unable to repair them. 46.Nuccles and chimta are not connect properly. 47.Both rear tyres are tinned to body on load condition. 48.There is heavy jerk in the clutch. 49.Uneven sound is comes though steering and uneven door gaps. 50.Head and tail lights are not working properly. 51.This is a sick vehicle which have non curable deseases. 52.We hope nobody should puchase this sick vehicle. Jis gadi m itni kami h or jis gadi ko ye 2013 model m bol rhe h ki usme kami nhi h jabki gear box ,defencel, breaking system,engine ,turbo system all the body vhi h usme koi change nhi h.to ye 2013 model ko new model bol kar ki hamne usme mi dur kar di keh kar force one ko sale kar rhe h.company force one logo ko pagal bna kar gadi sell kar rhi h. force one company jooth bol rhi h jabki gadi ki condition same vahi h. FAKE = FIRODIA = FAULTY = FORCE ONE Amitabh Bachhan?? add is also totally faked?¦?¦?¦!!!!!!!!!! Jassa dagar 9871505666 /9212796666 ?- Force One EX 2596cc, Manual, Diesel, 17.0 kmpl -8,99,000* ?- Force One SX 7 Seating 2149cc, Manual, Diesel, 17.0 kmpl -11,91,291* ?- Force One SX 6 Seating 2149cc, Manual, Diesel, 17.0 kmpl - 11,99,002* ?- Force One SX ABS 7 Seating 2149cc, Manual, Diesel, 17.0 kmpl -12,20,188* Force One SX ABS 6 Seating 2149cc, Manual, Diesel, 17.0 kmpl 12,27,821* When we purchased this vehicle I was told that its mileage about 17 km.per litre but it giving hardly 5-6 km.per litre. FAKE = FIRODIA = FAULTY = FORCE ONE Amitabh Bachhan?? add is also totally faked?¦?¦?¦!!!!!!!!!! Jassa dagar 9871505666 /9212796666

    Rohit |21 Apr,2016 01:18:48 PM

    I want to buy force one suv this my decision is right or wrong plz help me yrrr

  • Imran |31 Oct,2013 01:09:03 PM

    Thanks for your feedback on Force-1.!

  • vivek |04 Dec,2014 11:30:42 PM

    Pros Great Looks, Cons Average Performance,Average Interiors,Average Fuel Efficiency,Except For Name of Force & Merc nothing is very impressive. Worst ever vehicle. I bought Force One 2.6 Ex in November 2013 and could run only 10000 Kms so far as the vehicle is not reliable. I have sufferred two brake fails Abnormal Engine Sound Rattlling Noice from almost all body parts Very lose type of parts and accessories. Almost every 300 Kms a new defect is developed in my SUV even on highways. Could not dare to drive on rough roads terrain. Still it is in dealers workshop and I do'nt know when shall be on road again.I suggest Force Motors to withdraw this SUV from market and refund the money to all customers if they have to keep their goodwill. It has to be taken care of seriously as Rs. 10 Lacs is not a small sum for a buyer

  • vivek |08 Dec,2014 08:57:10 PM

    I am more worried if I have been ditched by selling a defective piece by the company/dealer. I have been using SUVs for last more then 25 years and this is the first SUV of which I am afraid even to drive on highways as almost every 300 KMs a new defect is developed. In present case the vehicle covered hardly 500 KMs after repairs / service and again break got failed with my family on board. The speedometer suddenly stopped working and fuel guage starts stops freequently. About AC & other fitments no words to criticise as they simply do'nt perform.

  • vicky |26 Sep,2015 10:38:23 PM

    Sir even i have the same problem.Can you please tell me what to do now? Urgent

    meya |03 Mar,2016 10:29:55 PM

    I can fight against company and get back ur money by filing case

  • ashif Rawther |17 Oct,2015 07:41:49 PM

    Thank you brother You saved me

  • Sanjeev Kumar Baijal |19 Apr,2016 09:42:37 PM

    Hi I am sanjeev baijal intrested in force one but there is no recepons any one to give test drive at Lucknow.

  • deepak |04 Jul,2016 09:20:42 PM

    So my friends I am buiying this car mai i know the how car porpormance

  • Deepak |23 Jul,2016 11:04:14 AM

    Thanks friends mai be aa car laynewala tha but abi nahi Verry verry Thanks

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