Jeep Compass 4800km Report: Adios Jeep

Published On Nov 03, 2022 By Arun for Jeep Compass

Bidding goodbye was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be!

Jeep Compass

Without a thought, charging cables, loose change, and random receipts get thrown into a cloth bag. There’s a driver patiently waiting right outside, ready to take the Compass back. I’ve removed the little Hulk keychain I lovingly got for the Compass. This feels oddly empty. 

As the Compass is backing out of my parking spot and disappearing towards the exit, it reaffirms a belief. I can sum up the Jeep Compass in one word. And that has to be ‘misunderstood’. Let me explain. 

To begin with, the Compass sits in a segment that, by its own, is quite confused. The Rs 25-35 lakh bracket has to deal with heat from the new-generation compact SUVs that offer features by the bucketload, while fending off the entry-level options from the luxury carmakers. It’s a very fine line that one needs to walk, and the Compass manages to do that with a lot of honesty. 

Jeep Compass Rear

If you were to ask me what I miss the most about the Compass now that it’s gone, I have to say it is the tank-like build. It felt like a safe-space the minute you’d step in. This — to a lot of you willing to shell out the big bucks — is something you’ll primarily appreciate over the smaller SUVs. Then there’s the fact that it’s incredibly close in terms of feel-good to the big brands.

Second, I’d miss the way it drove. The Compass is a driver’s SUV through and through. Tushar and I have done many expressway runs with this. Google Maps’ ETA seemed like a suggestion at the destination. But that powertrain and chassis lend so much confidence to the driver, that it makes you reach for the keys no matter what point B is.  

Jeep Compass Off-roading

For its final assignment, the Compass was called upon to be the backup car for our Scorpio N vs XUV700 story. Boot full of equipment, it managed to fly through an off-road trail we’d chosen to shoot at. Post shoot, I was happy driving the camera car back to the office. 

Jeep Compass Front

So, nearly 5000km worth of driving in a little over three months has made me a whole lot more certain about the Compass. It’s a hoot to drive, has a design that will age gracefully and has just the right amount of features. If you equate price-to-size, or price-to-rear seat space, you might be a little disappointed. You’d also have to make do with a few quirks the Compass has: the random infotainment crashes, the slightly slow gearbox, the weirdly placed boot close switch, the moody air-conditioning. To me, none of them seem like dealbreakers. 

Like most things that are misunderstood, the Compass too needs time. Once you warm up to one, you’d want nothing else. 

Jeep Compass Side

Date Acquired: June 22, 2022

Km reading when acquired: 21,000km

Km done till date: 25,800km

Mileage: 9kmpl (City) | 13.5-15kmpl (Expressway) 


  • Just the right amount of features. 

  • Begs to be driven hard! 

  • 4x4 capability will take you anywhere you point it too! 

  • Solidly built inside out.

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