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Lexus IS review

Lexus is among the world's finest luxury car makers. It comes under the ownership of Toyota, and the vehicles launched by the brand are re vitalized versions of models released under Toyota's label. The company today has a global footprint, with a large share in the market of countries all over the world. Among the line up of launches that the company has planned for Indian roads in the coming year is the Lexus IS. This is an entry level luxury car, and it has been in production since 1998. The model has commanded good sales over the years, and several editions of it have been launched. The latest version of the model came in 2013, and it is a revamped edition all through. It was released across the globe, and after a good response, the company is going to introduce it in our country as well.

This is a luxury vehicle, as well as a compact executive car. It is large and wide in shape, and has a beautifully designed interior cabin as well. The best upholstery and an array of equipment are present within. Beside all of this, the vehicle is also trimmed for a great performance capacity. Delving into a layer of technicalities, it has a powerful V6 engine with a displacement capacity of 3456cc. Coming to the looks of the vehicle, this is a car that builds a great appearance around itself. Despite being large and widely built as a luxury class vehicle, it carries a slender format. It has a low profile, with its overall body given a streamlined shape that suits better performance and sleeker looks at the same time. It has a signature grille that stretches all the way to the lower end of the frontage, the most striking element of the car's design. In addition to this, it has well crafted lines by the side, along with prominently designed wheels.

The inside of the vehicle is layered for the finest experience. It is detailed with rich upholstery, and with the best of all materials lining it together. In addition to this, it is complete on all stereo and equipment needs. The instrument cluster holds an array of features and functions together, meant for the best entertainment altogether. It takes sophistication to a new level, with great equipment such as an app suite, a Bluetooth feature with voice command and a 'Siri' eyes free feature as well.


Its international version comes with a uniquely redesigned exteriors and the same is expected to come in India as well. The vehicle is made with a far more slender and sporty touch. Its overall profile is lower, giving it a dashing look, and allowing it to cruise with a better capacity as well. Its body format is slim, sleek and streamlined, and this is another feature that blends performance with looks. It is crafted to reflect the same exuberance in its build as sports models, despite being a luxury car. The front carries a greatly re designed grille, which stretches all the way to the floor. The full face mesh grills is the most imposing feature of the vehicle's entire design. The emblem of the prominent company is worn at the centre of the mesh grille, large and silver in format. It is shaped in a hourglass format, and stretched to reach both sides of the front. Sleekly styled headlamps are present on either side. The lighting cluster is complete with LEDs, daytime running lights, and all other light features that are required for optimum standards. Beside just giving the vehicle better functionality in its lighting, this adds to the look of the vehicle from the front. The sides of the door are tinted, giving it additional appeal. The rear view mirrors are good looking, and of an electro chromic, auto dimming format. The fenders curving around the wheels are prominent, and alloy wheels in a range of options further accentuate the side profile. The roof-line slopes down gently towards the rear. The back of the vehicle is raised higher, and has a muscular, toned physique. The tail lights are shaped in a greatly eye-catching shape, razor sharp and swiping the sides of the trunk. The emblem of the company rests at the top portion of the rear. Two smaller lights are positioned below this. A black colored furnish is present at the very end of the rear, and two circular exhaust pipes are positioned on either side. Beside all of these, there are other exterior labels that grant the vehicle an additional appeal. The skin is flawlessly made, ensuring the most gleaming look possible. The color schemes vary, and ensure that a personalized touch is given to the appearance, with a great range of colors to choose from. A moonroof at the top, also with a tinted shade, is the crown of the vehicle's features. It ensures that the overall look is wrapped up for the best possible measure. The vehicle's shape and structure is founded on in depth research, ensuring that the air flow around it is graceful. For this reason, the vehicle's overall build is also more masculine and good. All of this and more put together, the vehicle has a dashing appeal through its exteriors.

Exterior Measurements:

The vehicle has strong external measurements, meant to ensure harmony in its build. It stretches for a length of 4665mm, well laid out. The width of the vehicle is also good with 1810mm, going in precision with the length. The short profiled build makes for a good and so the vehicle rises to a height of 1430mm. The wheelbase is also good at 2800mm. All in all, a great balance is struck in the vehicle's external measurements, and this adds to the appeal that it builds.


The cabin is layered with fine accents, and premium material. All brought together, the inside of this luxury vehicle means to hold its passengers in an air of premium quality. To start with, the steering wheel sits at the front, wrapped in fine material. The emblem of the company is emboldened at the center of the steering wheel, and it steals the look of the cabin with its shiny silver appearance. Hosted right before the steering wheel is the speedometer and other instrument readings, with a good illumination upon them. By the side of this is an air conditioning vent. Two wide vents are also situated above the instrument cluster, by the other side. Beneath this, the dashboard is well designed and suits a good look. It carries many functions and switches, and brings the best of aids to the passengers and the driver. A key feature of this cabin is the presence of a small watch between the air vents above the instrument panel. This gives a touch of expensive elegance to the cabin. The gear settles beneath the dashboard. The holder of the geabox merges into the armrest for the seat behind. The seats are structured for ergonomic superiority, and are bolstered sports version seats. They have power adjustable function as well. A lumbar function further facilitates the comfort that they provide for. A heated and ventilated function is present for the front seats, and there are fans in the seat cushions for best comfort in all weather conditions. The rear seats are strategically placed for added legroom, and they have armrests by the sides. There are seatbelts for all the passengers, with the best locking function. The comfort quality is enhanced for the best with a great range of other initiatives. Furthermore, a climate control feature is present, with touch based controls at the front. The instrument cluster has a load of features that helps enhance the ride quality. To start with, a Lexus premium sound system arms the stereo needs, with SiriusXM function. Bluetooth connectivity exists, and a host of other high tech functions are also present.

Interior Comfort:

The seats of the cabin are large and well modeled. They are sports bolstered seats, and they meant to give comfort at speeds. They have many functions to enhance ride quality, ranging from heating and ventilated function, to lumbar function. The air conditioning of the cabin is great, and it is aided by a climate control. Premium material together accents the cabin, ranging from metal to wood. The upholstery is also of the finest quality. A supercar instrument cluster for the speedometer is present, and this grants the best look to the cabin and to the driver. Beside all of this, it also has a great field of techno facilities to bring a better ride. The sound system is great, with two seperate channels for the sound system. Beside this, it covers all regions of the passengers' needs, from cabin connectivity, to navigation when driving, to air conditioning, to safety when parking. This cabin provides to all needs of the passengers without holding back.

Interior Measurements:

The cabin is large, spacious, while the seats are wide and sports bolstered. Legroom and knee room is plenty at both the front and the rear. Beside this, the surface of the cabin also ensures that anyone can sit in here comfortably. Tall, large shouldered and hefty men can relax and enjoy the comfort that the cabin offers. There is additional space for stretching arms and legs as well, and the interior measurements take care of the needs of the passengers well.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

The vehicle is armed with a powerful V6 engine, and it allows this vehicle to score at a top speed somewhere around 220kmph. Furthermore, the acceleration rate is even more stunning. This car takes nothing more than 5.7 seconds to reach 100kmph.

Engine and Performance

Like mentioned above, it is expected to come with a powerful 3.5-litre V6 engine. The powertrain commands a displacement value of 3456cc, a great value for the class of luxury cars. Going further than this, the engine also stuns with many other figures also. It has the ability to churn out a maximum power of 306hp at 4800rpm. This is in accordance with a maximum torque of 375Nm at 4800rpm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just 5.7 seconds, and this is a spectacular figure indeed. It reaches a top speed of around 220kmph, and this is just as amazing as its other specs.


The vehicle delivers premium class performance, while at the same time, ensuring that the softer side of performance is also taken care of. The fuel efficiency is improved with the engines arming the vehicle, and a great mileage is delivered. At 11.9kmpl, the mileage value for the vehicle is strong.

Power of Lexus IS

This vehicle is expected to come with a 3456cc engine under the hood. It has an ability of developing a maximum power of 306hp at 4800rpm. This goes along with a peak torque of 375Nm at 4800rpm.

Braking & Handling

The braking needs of the vehicle are well fulfilled. The brakes at the front and rear are equipped with strong calipers. Therefore, the car is ensured stability when driving. It can rise to speeds, but at the same time, come to a half easily. Cornering is also made easier and safer with this. In addition to this, the suspension of the vehicle is top notch as well. This machine carries a tack tuned chassis that brings the firmest ride stability to the fore. It allows for balance on the roads always, so that the performance is hand in hand with stability at all times. The vehicle implements a load of other features that enhance control and safety. It has an all weather drive function, and this ensures that the safety needs are taken care of whatever the conditions of the road. Performance driving modes also exist for the ride, and they bring better smoother handling and better control for the driver.

Safety & Security

This is a car maker who designs his models for the highest of all functions, and safety is the most imperative among them. All the fundamental aspects of the vehicle's safety are well taken care of. It has tight seatbelts to host the passengers always, and to keep them well secured. The seatbelts are spread over the cabin, arming every passenger. In addition to this, it has an airbag package that shields the passengers always. There is an airbag at the front, and there are airbags by the side structures as well. They all have a greatly minimal deployment time. In addition to this, it has bright lights at the front and the rear, complete with all the necessary features for safety. This includes LEDs, daytime running lamps, turn indicators, courtesy lights, and many others. The wheels are adorned with sophisticated tyres, ensuring that a firm hold exists over the ground always. The safety features are further upgraded with the rear view mirrors by both sides. A parking camera ensures that the vehicle has a view of what's behind when reversing and parking. The braking needs are well taken care of, with a good braking system and superior calipers. The suspension is also great, with both axles equipping the vehicle with balance throughout.


The standard wheels are of alloy, and, although a range of other options exist, all of them are also alloy. The size is all that varies with respect to the wheels. 17 inch wheels, along with 18 inch wheels, are both present to arm the vehicle. Both of them are dressed with the most advanced radials, ensuring that the luxury and the speed that the car provides goes hand in hand with safety and stable driving always.


1. Great performance, especially for the class of luxury cars.

2. Attractive and eye catching external appearance, and streamlined body format.

3. Superior comfort provided with a range of equipment and instruments inside the cabin.

4. Detailed and well laid out cabin, with luxury and elegance within it.

5. A range of personalization and customization options present, for optimum importance to the passengers.



1. It does not offer luxury within it as premium as that of other competing brands.

2. The performance is boosted, but the mileage is left unattended and weak.

3. It is available only with one engine trim as far as we know, and this could be a negative point for performance lovers.

4. The front portion of the vehicle might alienate some of the car maker's model lovers.

5. The ground clearance could be improved.


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New Lexus IS' Pictures Revealed Officially ahead of Detroit Motor Show

Japanese auto major, Toyota which is to unveil the all new Lexus IS at the Detroit Motor Show on January 15 has revealed the first official pictures of the car ahead of that. The car now has got more elegant exterior styling and a more spacious and driver- focused cabin. Even at first glance it is clear to see how faithful Lexus has remained to the acclaimed LF-CC concept car that trailed its design thinking at last year’s Paris motor show. Read Full News

Posted On | January 10, 2013
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