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Top 12 Car Accessories To Wow Dad This Father’s Day

Modified On Jun 24, 2024 10:50 AM By Yashika

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From ventilated seats to a GPS tracker, ensure your father’s day gift adds both comfort and safety to his drives.

Top Father's Day Car Accessory Gifts

In many households, the majority of driving duties are with the dad, and with Father's Day just around the corner, you can gift him something to make those drives safer and better. To make him feel special, here are some car accessory recommendations across different budgets.

Gifts Under Rs 10,000

External Ventilated Seats

Aftermarket Ventilated Seat Covers

These seat covers feature built-in fans that circulate a cool breeze through the perforations of the seat cushion, providing relief in the extreme summer heat. It helps avoid excessive sweating and can keep the user refreshed even on long drives.

Tip: Ensure that any aftermarket ventilated seat covers or modifications do not interfere with your vehicle’s safety features, such as airbags or seat belts.

Back Massage Cushion

Back Massage Cushion

These cushions are equipped with heating elements and rollers that offer adjustable vibration settings designed to alleviate back pain and enhance comfort during drives. This accessory can allow your dad to experience the kind of comfort that is limited to luxury cars, and best enjoyed as a passenger. 

Tip: If used while driving, it may lead to drowsiness, potentially impaired alertness and slower reaction times, which could increase the risk of accidents.

Premium Car Speakers

Premium Car Speakers

For the dads that really value quality sound for a great driving ambience, gifting them the 6-speaker or a 9-speaker audio system could be a great option. These premium-quality speakers provide clear, detailed audio for an amazing listening experience to jam out to your favourite tunes on any drive.

Tip: When considering car speakers, it's important to evaluate their compatibility with your vehicle's existing audio system. Ensure that the speakers match the power output of your car’s stereo for optimal sound quality and performance. Additionally, consider having them professionally installed to ensure they are properly integrated.

Gifts Under Rs 5,000

Dash Cam 

Dash Cam

This device is mounted to your car windshield with the camera facing forwards. It helps record events that occur on the road ahead, providing valuable footage for insurance claims in case of accidents, disputing incorrect traffic challans, and capturing scenic drives for journey vlogging. Some dash cams also have a secondary camera facing the cabin, making them ideal for vlogging.

Tip: Ensure the dash cam is mounted properly without obstructing the driver's view. Improper placement can lead to distractions or visibility issues, which might compromise safety.

Car Tracker 

GPS Tracker for cars

This device is ideal for dads who prioritize vehicle security, allowing them to monitor the location of their vehicle at any moment. These devices work in combination with smartphone applications that allow you to see the current location of the car using GPS tracking technology. It can also be used to track the car when being used by the family and friends or even chauffeur.

Tip: The device should be installed in a discreet location within the vehicle to prevent potential tampering or theft, ensuring the device effectively monitors the car's location.

Heads Up Display

Heads up Display for cars

A Heads Up Display (HUD) for cars is a device that projects important driving information onto the device’s transparent glass, allowing drivers to view data such as speed, navigation directions, and alerts without looking away from the road. This technology minimizes distractions and keeps the driver's eyes focused on the driving environment.

Tip: Ensure that it is correctly aligned and the information is clearly visible without obstructing your view of the road.

Note: Your car warranty may expire if you attach a third party accessory.

Gifts Under Rs 3,000

Vacuum Cleaner 

Vacuum Cleaner for Cars

Many of us must have been scolded for leaving crumbs behind in the car. So gifting a vacuum cleaner to your dad will show that you now care for the car’s cleanliness too. 

A portable car vacuum cleaner is a convenient tool that helps maintain the cleanliness of a vehicle's interior. Compact and powerful, it fits easily in the trunk and effectively removes dirt, dust, and debris from car seats, floors, air vents, USB ports, and other surfaces. While some can be powered by the car’s 12V socket, a battery-powered one could be suitable as well.

Tip: Choose a model with accessible filters and clear maintenance guidelines to ensure it remains in optimal condition. 

Car Tyre Inflator

Car Tyre Inflator

A tyre inflator is an essential tool that enables you to regularly check and maintain proper tyre pressure. In emergency situations, such as  a flat tyre or a slow puncture, a tyre inflator can temporarily fill the tyre, enabling you to safely drive to the nearest tyre repair center. These devices come in various types, including electronic and mechanical models, with many featuring digital displays for easy monitoring. 

Tip: Ensure the inflator comes with a reliable and easy-to-use connector that securely attaches to the tyre's valve stem to prevent air leakage. 

Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

Until very recently, most cars did not offer advanced air filtration systems, while the air outside has become significantly more  polluted. So, gifting your dad a car air purifier can help him to breathe clean air no matter where he’s driving. It removes pollutants, allergens, and odors, ensuring the interior air remains fresh and clean.

Tip: Install the air purifier in a location that doesn't block any dashboard controls or air vents. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the filters based on the manufacturer's instructions, is crucial for optimal performance. 

Gifts Under Rs 1,000

Mobile Holder 

Car Mobile Holder

Most modern cars come with all fancy infotainment systems (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) that can go directly to your smartphone, but many cars still lack these functions. If your household has a slightly older car or a lower variant that does not offer this feature, a mobile holder will be a welcome accessory that stops your dad from taking a hand off the steering wheel to use the phone and getting distracted while driving. 

A mobile holder can be mounted either on the dashboard, or on the central AC vents, or even on a corner of the windshield. It is a practical accessory that secures a smartphone within easy view and reach in your car, facilitating safer driving. By mounting your phone in a stable position on your dashboard or windshield, the holder allows you to use navigation apps and handle calls hands-free, allowing you to stay focussed on the road ahead. 

Tip: Ensure the mobile holder is mounted in a position where it doesn't obstruct the driver's view of the road. It should be within easy reach to minimize distractions

Windshield Sun Shade 

Windshield Sun Shade 

A windshield sun shade is a simple accessory that helps protect the interior of a car from the sun's harmful rays and excessive heat when parked in the open. By reflecting sunlight away from the vehicle, it helps maintain a cooler interior temperature and prevents damage to the dashboard and leatherette upholstery caused by UV exposure.

Tip: Select one that is large enough to cover the entire windshield, perhaps even tailored to the make and model of your dad’s car. This ensures maximum effectiveness in blocking heat and UV rays, keeping the car's interior cooler and better protected.

Wireless Charger 

Wireless Charger

This is a convenient device for dads who appreciate technology. It allows for easy charging—simply placing the phone on the pad charges it automatically, helping to keep the car clutter-free without any cables.

Tip: When selecting a wireless charger, it's wise to choose products from reputable, well-known brands. This ensures that the charger meets safety standards and is less likely to overheat or malfunction. 

Bonus Gift Idea: Full tank of fuel 

With fuel prices always on the rise, something even as simple as a full tank of fuel when the car is almost out of it can be a way of showing your appreciation for everything your dad does. From driving to work, or driving you and the family to all their favourite places and life events, a dad makes sure the car is ready and topped up to go. So why not offer him the same peace of mind this Father’s Day?

Even though we understand that our dads like to be pampered occasionally, Father’s Day isn’t solely about lavish gifts. Small but thoughtful items, like some of the accessories we have stated above, can be a way to show that you pay attention to their struggles and care for them by making their life a little easier. Once you do get the ideal car accessory gift installed, taking a drive with your dad might just be the perfect way to celebrate the day.

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