Suzuki's AllGrip System for everybody to go everywhere

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Suzuki is one of the best names in the market when it comes to funky little small cars for city and urban driving. But the new AllGrip system will certainly change the outlook to a creator of little city run-arounds which are not afraid of wrestling the muddy countryside.

Very soon you’ll be able to buy SX4 S-Cross, which as far as crossovers are considered ticks all the correct boxes. The key to this crossover will the Suzuki’s AllGrip all-wheel-drive system for dynamic driving environments.

The idea

Suzuki wanted to create a system which is easy to use and can be done by anyone and everyone who drives. Several weather conditions prevalent in the country provide a plethora of driving situations, where AWD does become an interesting feature.

Suzuki has made the system extremely easy for anybody to utilise to its full potential. And to add to peace, fuel efficiency was another primary concern for the company before designing the system. A simplistic dial lets you choose and select the 4WD setting ideal for the surface you are driving on.

The selection

-AUTO Mode

The AUTO mode mostly keeps the car in 2WD with an attention to fuel efficient driving. But as soon as sensors detect slippage, it engages 4WD. What you get is peace of mind as the system automatically lets you drive on different road surfaces and decreases unnecessary frictional losses of 4WD by sticking to 2WD when not required. Drivers need not worry about sudden rains or uneven surfaces as the system will manage the drive train and engage 4WD when required.


This is the fun-to-drive mode of AllGrip system for when you fancy that enthusiastic drive through winding roads of the suburbia. While driving vigorously, a driver wants more control than electronic intervention, and that is where the SPORT mode backs off exactly. By enhancing throttle response, transmission reactions and backing off the traction control intervention, the AllGrip 4WD system allows the driver to get more involved in the driving experience.

-SNOW Mode

This mode is for when you are driving on very slippery surfaces, like rain, snow, dirt, gravel, sand, etc. The AllGrip system actually monitors and anticipates slippage of the wheels and shuffles power to the front or rear accordingly.

When changes are detected in the chassis or irregularities in the direction of travel, traction system cuts power and manages the amount to the front or rear wheels to keep your car stable. This inspires confidence in the driver and enables any individual to drive comfortably in harsh road conditions.

-LOCK Mode

Remember those bottom-clenching moments when you get stuck in a gully and desperately pray for wind erosion to clear the road underneath your car. Help is at hand with AllGrip system.

The LOCK mode is for times when your vehicle gets stuck and has trouble gaining grip on the road surface. As the name suggests, LOCK mode allocates power equally to the front and rear wheels, ensuring you get maximum torque while getting through the trick bit. The system brakes to the slipping wheels and powers the wheels with grip to pull you out through wet and slushy gullies.

Other supporting functions such as Synergetic Vehicle Control, ESP and Power Train Control are there to assist AllGrip and keep traction regardless the surface you drive on. This ensures anybody driving stays safe and has peaceful drive while negotiating treacherous surface conditions with ease.

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