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10 things you need to fix to get maximum mileage

Modified On Aug 30, 2014 03:24 PM By Rajpal

When it comes to cars, the word mileage comes immediately in your mind and why not? fuel expenditure is a regular affair and if your car doesn’t deliver a good fuel economy, it can be a big burden on your pocket. Everyone wishes to have a better fuel economy from his car, and here we have some useful tips to get the same. So, if you have a car, which is known to return a better mileage but you are not getting the same, then fix these asap-

10 things you need to fix to get maximum mileage

1.The Driver:

Your driving skills play an important role in what your car delivers. So, you need to evaluate your driving skills-

  • Check if you are using clutch or brake excessively that can affect the fuel economy badly.
  • Always use the engine braking to stop the car, whenever you take off your foot from the accelerator, the engine starts to decelerate, and stops the car gradually and it saves the fuel.
  • On highways, it is advisable to keep the car below 80-100 km/h as if you accelerate the car above 100 km/h it returns upto 15 per cent lesser fuel economy.

2. Fuel

Fuel is the most important thing to run a car, and if you are not getting good quality fuel, whatever you do is useless. For this, it is important that you buy fuel from a trusted pump. If you feel something fishy, you can always ask the dealer for paper filter test or density test. Now-a-days , a lot of people tends to buy high octane or premium fuel, but 90 per cent cars doesn’t need that. The high octane fuel is meant for high performance car, so that it saves their high compression engines from detonation. So, if your user manual says ‘regular’ that stick to it, you will end up saving money.

3. The Aerodynamics:

Aerodynamics is oftenly ignored but a crucial aspect of car’s performance; it is the science of how better a car parts the air on move. Anything that obstructs the airflow causes loss in the performance and fuel economy. Even if your windows are partly / fully open on a high speed can affect both the mileage and performance. Also, it is advisable to not to use any accessories on the exteriors of the car.

4. Tyres and air pressure:

This is a total no-brainer. It is one of the most common things to check your tyre pressures regularly – do it on a regular basis. It just take 2 minutes to stop at fuel station and you can save a lot on fuel. If you won’t keep tyre pressure in check, there are chances of low tyre pressure, which will increase rolling resistance of the tyre on the road. We will also advise you to get low rolling resistance tyres on the next change.  

5. Extra weight

We tend to drive with a lot of unnecessary stuff that increase the overall weight. Extra weight means lower fuel economy, on an average estimation with every 40kg, your car returns 1 km/l lesser mileage. So, it’s time to shed all the un-necessary weight. Things like luggage carrier, front and rear body armours, unused water bottles, golf kit and all those unnecessary things that you uses once in a while, remove these and you will see an improvement in fuel economy.

6. Air filter

Air filter’s prime duty is to protect your engine from ingesting all the dust, dirt and crap in the air.  But all these things make it clog up that gives engine a harder time sucking air through it. Reduced airflow means that the ECM (engine control module) will richen up the mixture, using more petrol to keep the engine running smoothly. So, it is important:  

  • To use a better air filter like K&N, it will improve the performance and fuel economy
  • If you are using OEM one, than we advise you to replace air filter once a year
  • Get it cleaned on time.

7. Engine oil and oil filter

You always remember to get the engine oil on time, but it is not enough. Do you know? fully synthetic engine oil will improve the performance and mileage. Also it need to be replaced less oftenly as it last 5000-15000 km based on the grade. Also, people tends to forget oil filter, we will recommend to get the oil filter replaced on time or better if you get it replaced with every engine oil change.

8. Spark Plugs

If you drive petrol car, then it is important to get the spark plugs replace on time, these doesn’t cost much but can improve performance magically. We recommend you to get your spark plug changed around 30,000 km. Better to go with high performance spark plugs.

9. Fuel Injectors

If the engine is the heart then the injectors are the arteries, so it is important to keep that clean. If you have already done 80,000 km, we will recommend you to get it done. The best way to clean fuel injectors is to have them removed and given an ultrasonic bath. In this process, they put the injectors in a small tub filled with detergent solution that is hit with ultra high frequency vibrations or sound waves. It removes all the carbon deposits from fuel injectors. Clean injectors will give you more even fuel-air mixing improves mileage and performance.

10. Dynamics  

You do notice car’s alignment problem, but that is too late. It tends to unbalance car, when the problem reaches to extreme, the slighter problems go ignored. Any problem, related to dynamics makes your engine work harder, which ultimately make you lose fuel economy. It’s advised to get your vehicle’s wheel alignment and balancing checked on a regular basis.

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