Mahindra Xylo

` 8.4 - 11.3 Lakh*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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  • Economy
    14.0 kmpl
    Service cost
    `3,969 /yr
  • Performance
    2179 cc 
  • Comfort
    Rear AC Vents
  • Safety
    Driver Airbag
  • EMI
    5 years



December 8, 2014: Xylo MPV has been an excellent product for Mahindra. It is available in both BSIII and BSIV certified emission standards. Whereas the BSIII certified variants are sold primarily in areas outside metro cities, the stricter BSIV variants caters primarily to metros. It comes with choice of two diesel engines, and offered in five different trims, namely- D2, D4, H4, H8 and H9.

Mahindra Xylo price list

View Below - Pricing of Diesel Variants
  • Variants
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Variants Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
    D2 Maxx
    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `8.4 Lakh*
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    D2 BS III
    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `8.6 Lakh*
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    D2 Maxx BSIV
    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `8.5 Lakh*
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    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `8.8 Lakh*
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    D4 BS III
    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `9.1 Lakh*
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    2489 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.95 kmpl
    `9.2 Lakh*
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    2179 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.02 kmpl
    `9.4 Lakh*
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    H4 ABS
    2179 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.02 kmpl
    `9.9 Lakh*
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    2179 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.02 kmpl
    `10.7 Lakh*
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    H8 ABS with Airbags
    2179 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 14.02 kmpl
    `11.3 Lakh*
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  • Mahindra Xylo
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*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

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    Mahindra Xylo

    Mahindra Xylo


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    NTDV brings you the first look of Mahindra Xylo

    NTDV brings you the first look of Mahindra Xylo


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Xylo color options

  • Dolphin Grey - Xylo

  • Mist Silver

  • Java Brown

  • Toreador Red - Xylo

  • Diamond White


Variants Fuel Type Mileage (kmpl) Transmission Engine Description Power
City Highway
D2 Maxx Diesel 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
D2 BS III 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
D2 Maxx BSIV 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
D2 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
D4 BS III 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
D4 11.4  14.95  Manual 2489cc 
93.7bhp @ 3600rpm
H4 11.6  14.02  Manual 2179cc 
118.3bhp @ 4000rpm
H4 ABS 11.6  14.02  Manual 2179cc 
118.3bhp @ 4000rpm
H8 11.6  14.02  Manual 2179cc 
118.3bhp @ 4000rpm
H8 ABS with Airbags 11.6  14.02  Manual 2179cc 
118.3bhp @ 4000rpm

Mahindra Xylo review


Mahindra Xylo is a SUV, which is available only in diesel version with two different engines. Being a utility vehicle which will be used for off-roading as well, it is built to be robust in performance and elegant in looks. This fair combination has been brought about by the manufacturing ability of the company. It has various seating options to choose from as per the variant. Its frontage is dominated by a wide radiator grille, a stylish pair of fog lamps and uniquely designed headlight cluster on either sides of the bumper. Its side profile comprises of graphics, chrome accents, black external mirrors and outside door handles. There is ornamentation on the wheels that add to the vehicle's overall image along with the alloy wheels in the top end variants. There are blackout pillars as well as side cladding adding to the side profile's appeal. Along with a spoiler, a pair of rails are present on the roof. At its rear end, its tailgate applique and inserts to airdam enhance the look. Coming to the interiors, there is a 2-DIN music system that can support multiple players and the top end variant has Bluetooth connectivity too and the controls are mounted onto the steering wheel. Features such as power steering, tilt adjustment, central locking and power windows will help in alleviating the driver's effort. Furthermore, there is an intelligent parking assist for parking aid. Safety quotient is enhanced by incorporating with an engine immobilizer, keyless entry, ABS with EBD and many other features. The company is offering a standard warranty of three years or 1,00,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier.

Mahindra Xylo Exterior


There are graphics applied onto its sides and rear as well that look appealing. Along with a pair of alloy wheels in the top end, there are also chrome accents found in the frontage and rear end too. The sides are highlighted by black out pillars, side cladding and black colored outside door handles. These door handles are in body colour for the top end variant. There is a spoiler in the roof end which has an illumination to it. A pair of roof rails are integrated to the roof that offer sportiness to the overall image. Its front fascia has a radiator grille that is in piano black in higher variants and in black is base trims. The bumpers both at front and rear are painted in body colour as a standard feature across all the variants apart from the base ones. The rear windshield has a washer and wiper fixed to it. Top end is blessed with alloy wheels whereas, lower trims have steel wheels with silver painted rims and middle trims have full wheel covers.

Exterior Measurements:

It has pretty large dimensions that stand in consent with its segment. Its overall length is 4520mm and a total width of 1850mm. It stands at a good height of 1880mm and looks tall. It has a low ground clearance of 160mm in base variants and a notch better clearance of 186mm in top end trims. Its wheelbase of 2760mm is very large and allows for a spacious cabin.


Ed's take The interior styling of the Xylo is decent, however it comes loaded with several features like cruise control, voice controls etc. The space on offer is also good in all the three rows.

The interior theme is of premium black and beige, which looks very trendy integrated with fabric with PVC inserts. While the H8 variant is bestowed with premium fabric, the high end trim is blessed to have Italian leather to its seats. Armrests are fitted for the driver and co-driver too plus the second row too is offered with captain seats, which has a multi point adjustment to them. The driver seat is offered with a storage tray too as an add on. The instrument cluster is made in new design. The center bezel is in black in the lower variants, whereas the other trims are offered with a dark grey wood finishing. While the top end trims have been integrated with a digital information system, the others are fitted with a digital/analog clock. A mobile charging power outlet is fitted onto the console in the compartment. Two power outlets are offered to the higher variants. All the trims are provided with sun visors both for the driver as well as to the co-driver. Whereas, the visor on the passenger side is fixed with a vanity mirror in the top end trims. This mirror is additionally offered with illumination. As a standard feature, there is a courtesy lamp fitted to the front and rear parts of the cabin. The lighting in the higher trims are improvised by giving another two lamps additionally even to the third row. These variants are further bestowed with an antenna integrated to their rear wind screens.

Interior Comfort:

Starting from the entertainment section, there is a 2-DIN audio unit decked into the higher trims. The top most end variant is blessed with Bluetooth connectivity and voice command technology too. Further, the audio and the cruise control that is incorporated into this variant have their controls mounted onto the steering wheel. All its variants are fitted with an air-conditioning unit and it possesses a heater and ventilation facility too. There are individual AC vents offered into this series which are of best-in-class technology. All the doors are integrated with power windows. Further, the driver side window has a switch, which is enabled with a one touch down function. Additionally, this window has an anti-pinch quality to it for safety. This feature is offered only in the higher variants and the windows are manually operated in the base trim. On the other hand, a central locking system is offered to all the trims that makes it much more comfortable. Additionally, the top end trims are blessed to have a keyless entry too for added benefit to the driver. Only half a console is provided in the base and mid trims, whereas the other ones are fitted with a full console. These higher variants have a defogger integrated to their rear windscreen. All the variants are incorporated with a fuel lid opener that can be regulated electrically. Furthermore, the top most trim is bestowed with puddle lamps on its front as well as its rear doors.

Interior Measurements:

Owing to a large wheelbase of 2760mm, this series has a capacity to accommodate many occupants. The seating capacity ranges from seven to nine seater depending upon the trim chosen. It has 1260mm of leg space in the front and 1050mm at the rear. A massive trunk room capacity of about 376 litres is offered, which is useful to plan for long trips. This can be further extended up to 900 litres by folding the third row seats. It has a fuel tank which can withhold about 55 litres in it.

Mahindra Xylo Gear

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Ed's take The acceleration produced by the Xylo is good despite its size and weight.


Its mHAWK engine is mated with a five speed manual transmission gear box and can accelerate to speeds of 150 to 156 Kmph. It can also breach the 100 Kmph mark in 15 to 16 seconds. On the other hand, the mDi CRDE engine is also integrated with a five speed manual transmission gear box and can reach from 0 to 100 Kmph in 17 seconds and can gear up to a top speed of 150 to 160 Kmph.

Mahindra Xylo Engine

Engine and Performance

Ed's take The mEagle has good performance, but the mHawk is even better. The drivability is good and the vehicle never feels running out of steam in the city or on the highway.


Its diesel version has two engine options, of which one is a 2.2-litre diesel engine with a displacement capacity of 2179cc. It is based on a double overhead camshaft valve configuration and can generate a maximum power of 118.35bhp at 4000rpm and 280Nm at 2400 to 2800rpm. It runs a common rail direct fuel injection based fuel supply system and is efficient in delivering a mileage of about 11.6 Kmpl when driven under standard city driving conditions and can stretch up to 14.02 Kmpl on runways. It is integrated with a five speed manual transmission gear box and can accelerate to a maximum speed of 150 to 156 Kmph. It can breach 100 Kmph mark within 15 to 16 seconds. ON the other hand, the 2.5-litre engine has a displacement capaciy of about 2489cc. It has four cylinders and sixteen valves to them which are arranged based on a double overhead camshaft valve system. It is capable in producing a maximum power of 93.7bhp at 3600rpm and a torque output of 218Nm at 1400 to 2800rpm range. This engine is mated to a five speed manual transmission gear box which can reach from 0 to 100 Kmph in about 17 seconds and can reach up to 150 to 160 Kmph of top speed. Incorporated with a coomon rail direct injection fuel supply system, it delivers a mileage of 11.4 Kmpl in cities and this can go up to 14.95 Kmph when driven on highways.

Mahindra Xylo Mileage


Ed's take The fuel efficiency of the mEagle engine is good, however it is the mHawk isn’t that efficient and returns about 10-11km/l.


The mHAWK mill which is based on a common rail direct injection based fuel supply system and has a fuel efficiency of 11.6 Kmpl in cities and this can stretch up to 14.02 Kmpl on highways. Its mDI CRDE engine also runs on a common rail direct injection based fuel supply system and can deliver a mileage of about 11.4 Kmpl in cities and about 14.95 Kmpl on runways.

Power of Mahindra Xylo

Ed's take The power produced by the mEagle and mHawk is good and it is the torque availability at almost any rpm that makes it driable.


The 2.5-litre diesel engine has four cylinders and sixteen valves that are arranged based on a double overhead camshaft valve system. It has the ability to generate a maximum power of 93.7bhp at 3600rpm and a peak torque output of 218Nm at 1400 to 2800rpm. Whereas, the 2.2-litre diesel engine which is based on a double overhead camshaft valve system can produce 118.35bhp of power at 4000rpm and 280Nm at 2400 to 2800rpm.

Mahindra Xylo Accessories

Stereo & Accessories

Ed's take :The Xylo’s higher variants come with in-dash music system, and there are several more features like cruise control and voice command for certain controls.


An advanced 2-DIN music system is present in H8 and H9 variants which can support multiple media players. Furthermore, there is a Bluetooth connectivity offered in H9 trim. This also has voice command technology too which are mounted onto the steering wheel. The customer can further customize the vehicle by incorporating many other features such as mud flaps, floor mats, fancy stickers and many others from an authorized dealer at an additional cost.

You can now buy Mahindra Xylo accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Ed's take The braking and handling characteristics of the Xylo is good and it doesn’t feel anytime that it will loose control especially since the time the suspension has been revised.


There is an anti lock braking system incorporated for efficient braking mechanism. This is further coupled with an electronic brake force distribution. The front wheels are fitted with a set of disc brakes whereas the rear ones have the standard pair of drum brakes. In case of suspension, the front axle is fixed with a a double wishbone type with independent suspension and its rear axle is integrated with a multi link coil spring. For better handling, a feature of power steering is bestowed that reduces the driver's effort to a great extent. This steering wheel additionally has a tilt adjustment facility too. Furthermore, it has 5.5 meters of minimum turning radius, which is very advantageous in cornering on narrow roads.

Safety & Security

Ed's take The Xylo comes with ABS in its top variants like E9.


It has a very strong body that can stand against the roughness of terrains of off-roading. At the same time a lot of features are incorporated which will safeguard the occupants from fatal injuries. As mentioned above, the braking mechanism is well equipped with aspects such as an anti lock braking system along with an electronic brake force distribution. This prevents locking of brakes and cause skidding and also will offer stronger grip over all kinds of roads in all conditions. This is only optional in H4 variant. Both driver as well as the co-passenger has airbags in the higher trims whereas is available in H8 as an option. There is an engine immobilizer that freezes the engine upon detecting any unauthorized access to the vehicle and therefore protects the vehicle from thefts. This is available as a standard feature. Additionally, the higher variants are bestowed with intelligent reverse parking assist system to make the parking job much easier without any flaws.

Mahindra Xylo Wheels


A set of 15 inch steel wheels are present for the D2, D4 trims which are further covered with 205/65 R15 sized tubeless radial tyres. Whereas, a trendy pair of alloy wheels are integrated in the H8 and H9 trims which are coupled with radial tubeless tyres of size 215/75 R15. The H4 trim is fixed with a set of steel wheels with 215/75 R15 radial tubeless tyres. The company has offered a full size spare wheel that is present in the boot compartment along with a tool kit to change a flat tyre.


1. Flexible capacity to accommodate occupants .

2. Plenty of comfort aspects.

3. Overall image is appealing and modest.

4. Robust performance for a utility vehicle.

5. Massive boot space is available.


1. Base variants can be offered airbags..

2. Available in very few color options.

3. Lack of ABS as a standard feature to all trims.

4. Low ground clearance.

5. Absence of music system in lower variants.

Mahindra Xylo price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Find On Road Price in Your City
D2 Maxx
8,40,440 8,34,594 8,08,320 8,30,657 8,06,300 8,33,349 8,58,856   Get On Road Price  
8,62,338 8,56,487 8,29,418 8,52,552 8,27,397 8,55,244 8,80,963   Get On Road Price  
D2 Maxx BSIV
8,54,038 8,48,610 8,21,857 8,44,675 8,19,840 8,47,362 8,72,933   Get On Road Price  
8,75,639 8,70,274 8,42,732 8,66,339 8,40,714 8,69,028 8,94,873   Get On Road Price  
9,07,140 9,01,407 8,72,722 8,97,475 8,70,703 9,00,164 9,26,320   Get On Road Price  
9,20,439 9,15,078 8,85,927 9,11,149 8,83,905 9,13,834 9,40,112   Get On Road Price  
9,43,338 9,40,694 9,08,935 9,25,003 8,97,253 9,37,724 9,64,240   Get On Road Price  
9,86,639 9,82,423 9,50,797 9,68,456 9,39,117 9,81,178 10,08,125   Get On Road Price  
10,68,973 10,35,871 10,54,617 10,28,788 9,89,635 10,71,696 10,61,975   Get On Road Price  
H8 ABS with Airbags
11,30,639 11,27,664 10,90,849 11,11,378 10,76,937 11,26,418 11,54,737   Get On Road Price  

Road test

New Mahindra Xylo E9
New Mahindra Xylo E9 Road Test
The muscular and rugged Xylo was the first MPV (Multi Utility Vehicle) from Mahindra’s stable. It was launched a couple of years back and was sold in good numbers. The Xylo was the only alternative to the MPV from Toyota, the Innova. The outgoing Mahindra Xylo was known for its reliability and spacious interiors, but the MPV also lacked in a few areas.  We will speak of them in detail in the later part of the review. Mahindra who is riding high with the grand success of their XUV 500, recently launched the revamped version of Xylo which included a host of new stuff coming on to it. read more

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  • Review: mahindra Xylo E8
    By rijo| November 06, 2009 | 11417 Views
    Mahindra Xylo E8 (with ABS) Review. I am an owner of the Xylo E8 variant and I am madly in love with the car, which has satisfied me to the core with everything it has to offer. The Xylo is a car which takes u by storm the first time you take a ride on it. The xylo which comes in the MUV segment of cars, according to me is one of the finest vehic... Read Full Review
  • Mahindra Xylo H8 spacious MPV with improved features
    By shankar| May 20, 2013 | 7947 Views
    Well, the all new Mahindra Xylo H8, which was launched recently in Indian markets is an improved model and it is launched as a replacement for E series Xylo. Soon after its launch, it caught my attention as it was launched with some improvements in its features. I was looking for purchasing an affordable MPV and I have searched for a lot of models ... Read Full Review
  • Mahindra Xylo; indeed happy legs!!
    By anurag| August 14, 2010 | 4751 Views
    I already owned a Maruti Wagon R and wanted to buy an SUV/MUV for myself as the second vehicle. For any one wanting to pick a car in this category, Toyota Innova becomes an ideal choice and so was mine. I went on a test drive for Toyota innova, Tata Safari and Mahindra Xylo. My initial notions about all the three suddenly took a flip after my exper... Read Full Review
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Mahindra Xylo in news

  • Refreshed Mahindra Xylo Launched @ Rs. 7.52 lakh
    Posted On | September 23, 2014 | 12124 Views
    In a bid to increase Xylo's sales, Mahindra has introduced updated Xylo at a price of Rs. 7.52 lakh (BSIII) and Rs. 7.66 (BSIV) (All Ex Showroom New Delhi). The refreshed MUV comes with both mechanical and cosmetic changes. The new Xylo comes in five trims, namely, D2, D4, H4, H8 and and the top-of-the-line H9 and is priced in between Rs. 7.52 to 10.3 lakh. Read Full News
  • Mahindra launches Xylo D2 Maxx 9 seater at Rs 7.12 lakh
    Posted On | October 16, 2013 | 14713 Views
    India's leading utility vehicle maker Mahindra & Mahindra has today launched the Xylo D2 MAXX with 9 seats option, which makes it the first 9-seater Xylo model. Priced at Rs 7.12 lakh (BS3, ex-showroom, Mumbai), this variant gets side-facing rear seats in additon to the regualar model. The company claims the Xylo D2 MAXX to have received a new look front grille with Mahindra logo, new bumper with sporty air dams and wheel arches, giving it a distinct look. Read Full News
  • Mahindra Launches H-Series Xylo in India at Rs. 8.23 lakh
    Posted On | May 10, 2013 | 13935 Views
    After teasing the Mahindra Xylo H-Series on its official Facebook page, Mahindra & Mahindra has now finally launched the H-Series Xylo in India for Rs. 8.23 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). The Xylo H-Series has been made available in three variants H4, H8 and H9. The H-Series Xylo will now be made available in dolphin grey colour. The H8 and H9 are priced similar to that of the outgoing E-Series Variants. The Xylo will now sport the more powerful mHawk engine that does its duty to the all Scorpio LX and above variants. Read Full News
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