How to Keep your Cars Interior Clean?

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From long drives to short road trips, hauling the kids to and from sports practice to taking them for a movie, your car gets messy and filthy every now and then. It is important to keep your car clean and maintain that fresh smell over a long period. Giving your car a quick bubble bath regularly is  easier than cleaning the interior mess. Below are some tips to help you do this job easily and keep the car interior fresh and clean.

Clear Out the Trash

The foremost step to have a beaming and neat interior is to take out the trash from the car. Spare some time from your schedule and clean out all the mess such as napkins, papers, wrappers, dust, etc. from each corner.

Thorough Vacuuming

Vacuum the car thoroughly to clean up the dust that settle down everyday in the small nook and cracks. Remove the seat covers and floor mats and vacuum the seats and carpet intensively. Take floor mats and covers outside the vehicle and then clean them. Use the soft brush attachment to clean the dainty areas such as dashboard, doors and centre console.

Cleaning the Upholstery

You can use various upholstery cleaners available in the market to wipe off the dirt from the seats and carpets. You just need to spray the cleaner, rub, and the dirt is gone, wipe the stain thoroughly with dry cloth. Regular laundry detergent will also work, in case any upholstery cleaner is not available.

Clean the Leather

In case you have leather seats, it is strictly recommended to use leather care products as other products can make it sticky. Take care well and use soft cotton towel instead of paper towel as it can leave scratches.

Remove the Old Stickers

Scrape off the old faded stickers or decals on the car window with the help of a plastic putty knife. Use an old towel dabbed in warm water to remove the sticky residue left behind. And now clean the area gently by scrubbing and wiping it off.

Clean the Windows

Clean the windows from inside and outside using a window cleaner and a soft lint-free cotton cloth. Roll down the windshields and clean off the dust and dirt, accumulated at the top.

Kill the Bad Odour

If your car smells reeky even after all the cleaning, try out a natural fragrance car air freshener and spray it on all the carpeted and upholstered areas.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking and having food and beverages inside the car as the smell of tobacco and food stays for a longer period in the car cabin. Once this smell gets absorbed in the interior of the car, it is difficult to get rid of them.

Get a Trash Bag

Always carry a trash bag to put off the empty drink cans, food wrappers, used napkins, etc. in the car. A designated place for rubbish will help you keep the car clean. Use some old plastic bag for this purpose and do not forget to replace it every week.

Be Organized

Get a handy backseat organizer to keep the kids’ stuff such as toys, books, games, iPads, water bottles, etc., organized in the specified compartments.

Be Ready for a Spill

Keep disinfecting wipes and napkins in your car to blot up and remove the stickiness of an inevitable spill.

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