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Very Helpful: A Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist For Used and New Car

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So, you've done the test drive. You've bargained over the price. You've found the best car finance deal also. And now it's the time to drive out your new car from the dealer's yard. But before you leave the showroom, you must do some important checks to ensure that your new car is unblemished.

Pre-Registration Inspection

Before you begin, inform your dealer that you want to do a pre-registration check. A pre-registration inspection is performed at dealer's yard before the registration of the car on your name. You can request for a different unit, if you notice any faults or problems at this stage. Once registered in your name, it is almost impossible that dealer will replace that unit in case any defects are found.


We strongly suggest you to take the delivery of your vehicle in the daylight hours. After the sunlight fades it becomes difficult to spot minor faults and changes in color shades.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-Delivery inspection is made at the showroom when you are taking delivery. This time make sure that everything matches the pre-registration inspection checklist and all the accessories you were promised have been fitted. You should adequately test all the accessories and features before leaving the showroom with the car.

Take Along

  • Take a camera with you to capture photos of your shining brand new car and for the case you notice some defects.
  • Take along one of your friend/ acquaintance as they might also point out things that you have overlooked.
  • Take along a music CD / USB drive to test the car’s music system.
  • We strongly recommend you to take a printed copy of the checklist for the Pre-delivery inspection.

Pre-Registration and Pre-Delivery Checklist

We’ve tried to list out some small but important check points to look for before you sign that dotted line and take your car home.

1. Let the car be parked into an open space, avoiding shadows with adequate sunlight falling on the car.

2. Walk around the car and inspect the exterior carefully.

  • Look for dents, scratches or marks, if any.
  • Spot the differences in the shade of color on different body panels, if any.

3. Check every window and windowpane corners for the manufacturer's mark to ensure that the batch number and year of manufacture is same and correct.

4. Walk around the car again to take photos.

  • One from each side - front, back, left, right
  • And an angular shot from all the corners

5. In any new car the engine area is generally clean. Open the bonnet and inspect:

  • Cut/re-assembled wires
  • Oil spill signs
  • Damaged plastic parts

6. As the engine, the boot space should also be clean. Inspect the boot for:

  • Toolkit (if provided)
  • Jack and Spanner
  • Stepney
  • Damaged plastic parts
  • Cut/re-assembled wires

7. Check the spare tire and wheel, it should look absolutely new and unused and properly fixed.

8. Ensure that all the doors, bonnet lid and boot lid, open and close easily. There should be no scratch marks on the edges and signs of tampering with the rubber piping.

9. Make sure all the door locks open and close smoothly. Also check the remote key locking system and driver's controls, if your car has central locking system.

10. Inspect whether or not, each window rolls up and down easily. Check the controls on all the doors and the driver's window, if the car has power windows.

11. Investigate the inside of the car to ensure everything looks brand new without marks or scratches. Go through:

  • Dashboard
  • Roof liner
  • Doors
  • Seats
  • Arm-rests (if available)
  • Parcel Tray (if available)

12. Check the odometer and ensure that it reads under 100 kms.

13. Start the car and test all the electrical components for your satisfaction. Test the:

  • Air conditioner
  • Music system
  • Horn
  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Brake lights
  • Parking lights
  • Wipers
  • Fog lights (if available)

14. Confirm from the dealer that all the accessories you have purchased are installed prior to delivery.

15. Go through all the music system functionalities carefully:

  • Check all the ports such as CD, USB, Radio, Aux input, etc.
  • Test all the controls.
  • Set the system at your preferred volume and test the speakers through the fader controls for any crackling or disturbance.

16. With the sales executive in the passenger seat next to you, test drive the car again to test the acceleration and braking of the car and let him brief you about all the features and the way to use them correctly.

17. Test the gear shift and make sure you are able to shift through each gear easily.

18. Study all the documents such as:

  • All payment receipts
  • Invoice and Sale Certificate
  • Owner’s manual and manuals for other equipment
  • Insurance Policy
  • RC Book / Registration Copy or Temporary Registration
  • PUC Certificate
  • Car Warranty documents
  • Warranty card for the music system
  • Warranty card for the battery
  • Warranty card for the tyres

19. Double-check whether the spelling of your name on the documents is correct or not.

20. Verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle registration number, Engine Number, and Chassis Number are correctly mentioned.

21. Ask for the duplicate key to the car and ensure you can lock , unlock and start the car with it. That’s it! Share the sweet with the people around and drive off with your brand new ride.

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