Hyundai Accent 2011 available at Rs 501,900

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Hyundai Accent 2011 will come with a price tag of Rs 501,900 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the South Korean silently launched the retouched version of Hyundai Accent. The company with the unveiling of the new edition in the car model also revealed the prices.

The new edition of Hyundai Accent gets a transformation which makes it look more savvy. With the chrome finished front grille, the exterior is changed. A revamp in the waistline molding is now crafted with chrome inserts which was earlier body coloured.


Hyundai Accent

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Arvind Saxena, the Director of Marketing and Sales at HMIL said that the Hyundai Accent 2011 edition comes with executive styling which has helped the car giving an exclusive look. The change is an ongoing process in which the auto company change the car as per the buyers' preference. Also addition of new advanced features in the cars make it more upmarket. He also said that Hyundai Accent 2011 is expected to become popular.

Hyundai introduced its aristocratic car model Hyundai Accent in the year 1999. The car was also introduced in LPG and CNG versions. The South Korean car maker has introduced more than 3 lakh cars in the global auto markets.


Hyundai Accent

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At present, Hyundai Motors' Indian arm ships its car models in more than 115 countries. The company produces seven of its car models from the Sriperumbudur unit which is located near Chennai. They are Hyundai Santro, Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20, Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Verna Transform, Hyundai Sonata transform and the recently launched Hyundai Santa Fe.

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Asked By mohit 26 Mar,2011 05:31:56 PM

very nice car big and smart

Reply By gyanendra sharma 10 May,2011 10:53:29 AM

thank u boss

Asked By prince philip 29 Mar,2011 07:44:02 AM

very comfortable car in affordable price................

Reply By shriganesh 29 Mar,2011 08:03:05 AM

Did they changed whine.. Or it is still SOHC?

Asked By CarDekho Team 29 Mar,2011 08:28:14 AM

The engine and other technicalities remain the same, its more of a cosmetic upgrade.

Asked By Sagar Limbachiya 29 Mar,2011 08:41:35 AM

Accent CRDI is still available or not? if not then will it come again or not?

Asked By Humbert Antao 29 Mar,2011 11:12:22 AM

What is new, it looks the same old horse

Asked By Vishwa 29 Mar,2011 11:14:03 AM

Is new Hyundai Accent comes with an Auto transmission ?

Asked By op sharma 29 Mar,2011 11:28:56 AM

Is it come on diesal version

Reply By dd 27 Jun,2011 04:47:06 PM

not sure

Asked By CRB 29 Mar,2011 12:46:22 PM

whats changes made in new version? is there any additional.....

Asked By azhar 29 Mar,2011 02:37:39 PM

It is the same old Accent..clearing off the old stock ..

Reply By DESHPANDE 30 Mar,2011 08:56:14 AM

Its well said, CLEARING OF OLD STOCK..These buggers are just doing it since last two and half years..just xxxxing of the reputation of Huyndai..

Asked By CarDekho Team 29 Mar,2011 03:30:13 PM

The new version of the Accent has got cosmetic changes only.

Asked By CarDekho Team 29 Mar,2011 03:32:27 PM

THere is no Automatic option on the Accent.

Asked By CarDekho Team 29 Mar,2011 03:32:55 PM

There is no Diesel option for the Accent.

Asked By Amit 29 Mar,2011 04:04:54 PM

price is too good but features about it & whats the import cost in india

Asked By veeresh 29 Mar,2011 06:51:47 PM

is it petrol or disel? for rs 5,01,900

Asked By harish 29 Mar,2011 06:54:45 PM

i want to see the original picture of this new version............

Asked By Suraj Kumar Rashmi 29 Mar,2011 08:52:01 PM

Is it available in lpg executive version

Asked By PRAKASH OJHA 29 Mar,2011 09:21:24 PM

what ever disel version price of accent 2011 in indore

Reply By prakhar singh 30 Mar,2011 02:35:46 PM

Whats new in this new version of accent as compared to the older model.

Asked By CarDekho Team 29 Mar,2011 09:32:56 PM

There is no LPG or Diesel version of the new Accent.

Asked By Sunil Chaudhry 29 Mar,2011 11:13:47 PM

why diesel version was discontinued in Accent, to promote Verna or Swift.

Asked By indrajit mukhopadhyay 30 Mar,2011 12:32:40 AM

it's got a real class and superb looks

Asked By n.g.ramamoorti 30 Mar,2011 07:29:36 AM

its same,old wine in a new bottle............nothing new guys

Asked By Tushar Khot 30 Mar,2011 08:18:13 AM

Sir, shall u tell me the on road price of new hyundai Accent?

Asked By rahul 30 Mar,2011 09:31:43 AM

its not a perfect car

Asked By madhu vo 30 Mar,2011 09:54:17 AM

Sir, This New Hyundai accent is available in navy canteen? and price

Asked By CarDekho Team 30 Mar,2011 10:14:31 AM

The Hyundai Accent is what the Maruti Esteem was, a real winner and a sort of an iconic car, its been around for long and the maintenance is very cheap and so are the spares for the Accent.

Asked By jitendra kashyap 30 Mar,2011 10:51:00 AM

this car should come in diesel version then it will hit maruti dezire/manza/ and even sx-4 and vento and ford cars are away from competition. i suggest HML to think about launching of this car again diesel version and also relaunch HYUDAI GETS In new avtaar

Asked By s.s. chauhan 30 Mar,2011 11:25:07 AM

What is new in the car? it looks like same as old & what about saftey measures/ features fitted in the car?

Asked By inderjeet yadav 30 Mar,2011 01:13:17 PM

we will want in desal version of hundi accent . becouse it my faverte desle car...........

Asked By biplabi patnaik 30 Mar,2011 02:55:49 PM

What about the milage? Has any homework been done? With the increasing Petrol Prices, Cars should be fuel efficient.

Asked By vinayak goel 30 Mar,2011 05:24:47 PM

its perfect car is accent in indian market very good milage

Asked By vinayak goel 30 Mar,2011 05:25:10 PM

good car accent

Asked By vinayak goel 30 Mar,2011 05:26:00 PM

delhi on road price please top model

Asked By Mihir 30 Mar,2011 09:00:29 PM

why r they not launching diesel version.. they cant compete etios even in petrol.

Asked By pranabdutta 30 Mar,2011 11:55:02 PM

accent disel price

Asked By Munish Mehndiratta 31 Mar,2011 12:00:14 AM

very nice new model of accent my favourite car of hyundai accent its perfect car is accent in indian market very good milage we will want in desal version of hundi accent . becouse it my faverte desle ca Sir, shall u tell me the on road price of new hyundai Accent? and diesel model accent launched the date mere pass bhi accent hai maine new leni hai is liye kab tak wait karni hogi plz tell us diesel model lena hai pehle bhi diesel model hai kab tak wait kare hum jada wait toh nahi karni hogi sir plz reply this question

Reply By mohinder sharma 31 Mar,2011 05:27:22 PM

i think accent will be available in petrol and lpg.and its trend has gone.try some different new models like toyota etios or volksvagen vento.go with trend.or some good upcoming models.accent shoul not be your 1st and last car.!

Asked By Munish Mehndiratta 31 Mar,2011 12:01:40 AM

my mail id is gmail ki id hai & facebook ki id hai

Asked By CarDekho Team 31 Mar,2011 09:01:31 AM

The new refreshed Accent is only available in Petrol and LPG version.

Asked By satish chowdary 31 Mar,2011 11:00:20 AM

Accent CRDI is still available or not? if not then will it come again or not?

Asked By CarDekho Team 31 Mar,2011 11:11:51 AM

The Accent CRDI is no longer available tho it was a wonderful fuel efficient car. The Accent currently is available in 2 options, 1.5L Petrol and LPG.

Asked By MD JAMIL 31 Mar,2011 11:45:57 AM

this vehicle is so many as well as so much beautiful. i must like this car why not.may be i will purchae this vehicle.

Asked By Vidya Bhushan Prasad 31 Mar,2011 01:55:55 PM


Reply By mohinder sharma 31 Mar,2011 05:16:34 PM

pleeeease do not expect a good mileage from hyundai...its not a japnese car?

Asked By CarDekho Team 31 Mar,2011 02:01:33 PM

The tech specs on the 2011 Accent remains the same So does the fuel efficiency.

Asked By suresh 31 Mar,2011 03:50:08 PM

nice, on road cost pls

Reply By CarDekho Team 31 Mar,2011 05:25:12 PM

The prices for the 2011 Accent remain more or less the same as the outgoing one.

Asked By RAHUL 01 Apr,2011 11:22:17 AM

old car cnt be sold by chnages

Asked By pankaj arya 01 Apr,2011 10:14:56 PM

old accent car performmance very bad

Asked By ajaykumar 02 Apr,2011 11:21:41 AM

being a 3 cylinder car do u think the cost is genuine. I think it is highly priced

Reply By ratnakumar 03 Apr,2011 06:16:58 PM

It is ok .What will be the price on road at Coimbatore Tamilnadu

Asked By CarDekho Team 03 Apr,2011 07:33:38 PM

The prices for the 2011 Accent remain the same and unchanged as the earlier Accent.

Asked By Bikram Rahi 04 Apr,2011 06:10:25 PM

Oeeewwwwwssmmmm CAR..... MY fav car this budget....gud performance...attractive luk.. everything is perfect.... in 5 lacs budget ...ACCENT is the best car...

Asked By Jignesh 05 Apr,2011 12:01:54 AM

what will be the on road price for accent 2011 in Ahmedabad....???

Asked By CarDekho Team 05 Apr,2011 05:46:27 AM

The price for the 2011 Accent remains unchanged and same as the earlier Accent.

Asked By anand 05 Apr,2011 11:34:48 AM

what about crdi version. Wil it come soon or not?

Asked By CarDekho Team 05 Apr,2011 11:56:15 AM

No diesel on the Accent as of now.

Asked By Vikram 05 Apr,2011 12:44:05 PM

Why is Accent LPG is not available in Hyderabad ?

Asked By sridhar 05 Apr,2011 05:09:27 PM

what is the on road price in bangalore

Asked By shivakumar 06 Apr,2011 12:23:24 PM

very nice car wat about CRDI varient?is it avilabale r not atlest later?

Reply By CarDekho Team 06 Apr,2011 12:26:06 PM

There is no CRDI version of the Accent.

Asked By pradeep kumar jain 07 Apr,2011 05:03:56 AM

Good 3 box car with easy city driveablity and comfort running @ Rs. 1.14/km in city on company fitted CNG with poorest sales and after sales services by Himgiri Hyundai, poor committments honoured. They have charged Rs. 61,000.00 for Company fitted CNG without any bill. The discounts & freebies given on car was manipulated.

Reply By Mohit Sabharwal 14 Apr,2011 05:55:08 PM

No dude, cng costs Rs. 2.5/km in city, as the engine is big in size so how it is possible to generate 1.14/km in city.... and you also made the wrong deal, 61000 is very big amount for this, locally CNG KIT is not more than 23/24000 (12 ltr.), and varranty will also not void after this....

Reply By Sumit 18 Jul,2011 10:07:58 AM

The same happened with me they installed cng in my accent for 63,500 rupees.They didnt give me bill or mention cng in RC the cng is CEV fitted and they say it is not fitted in company it is braught to delhi and then fitted by CEV located in Kalkaji New Delhi.

Asked By Mohit Sabharwal 14 Apr,2011 05:48:47 PM

I Just buy Accent recently of app. 6 lakks with base tube and all accessories, awesome car..., and it is ready to compete with others which are 2 to 3 lakhs higher in price as compare to this... overall nice looks, grand pickup with 1500 CC engine, no dout Accent can chase anyone on the road within 5/6 seconds.., dashing performance... i am very gald to buy this car..., but new model is still looking same, where is the difference....

Reply By jitu 22 Aug,2011 12:30:53 PM

nais car

Asked By Kashish Aggarwal 24 Apr,2011 03:08:08 PM

Is this come in Diesel version


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