I am completely zapped with Vento!

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Pros : Stylish and elegant exteriors, class leading and sporty interiors, spacious cabin, decent boot space

Cons : Lack of competitive features which are available in other cars of same segment.

Look and Style: I am looking to buy a new sedan car and recently I got a chance to test drive Volkswagen Vento. I am very much impressed with its overall performance and its appearance. The luxurious styling of the car can attract any sedan lover. The front radiator grille with Volkswagen monogram further enhances the overall beauty of the car. The stylish headlamps and indicators provide a distinct and luxurious look. The rear too looks stylish and comes equipped with square shaped tail lamps which gives it an upmarket look. Comfort: As I stepped inside Vento, I was amazed with the overall ambience and interior of the car. The high quality and class apart interiors make it luxurious. The roomy cabin of Vento sedan accommodates five adults comfortably. Car offers decent boot space to carry your daily luggage bags. Pick-up: Volkswagen Vento delivers an impressive output power as car accelerates to 100 km per hour mark in just few seconds. Mileage: As per company norms diesel Vento gives an impressive fuel economy of 15.8 km/l in city conditions and 20.5 km/l on highways. Best Features: Luxurious interiors, sporty exteriors, advanced features, high safety features and good fuel economy are few of its best features. Need to Improve: New features need to be added as other cars of same segment come equipped with new technological features. Overall Experience: In my opinion Volkswagen Vento is one of the best sedan cars available in the market which offers  all comfort and luxury features along with decent performance.

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  • Prafulla |29 Mar,2012 10:09:00 AM

    I am using VENTO highline Petrol since last more than One year. When i first saw VENTO i was fall in love with this German made car. It is really a very good car with its beautiful Look & aerodynamic shape, Has very good Interiors & Panel gives complete information. It also gives the alarm when your car is due for serving & start counting days after due dates. I am completely satisfied with the Car & its performance . Hats off to German Technology!!!

  • noushad salam |29 Mar,2012 11:47:29 AM

    ITS 100% TRUE, I PURCHASE VENTO ALMOST 7 MONTHS BACK AFTER MAKING SEVERAL TEST DRIVE (ALMOST ALL THE CARS: Chevrolet Aveo and Optra, Tata Inigo and Manza, Maruti Sx4 and Dezire, Toyota Etios, Ford Feista, Hundai Accent, Fiat Linea, Honda City and my Vento - Atlast 2 of them were selected vento and City, and at last decided to go for vento: which was the best of all best.

  • Nitin |29 Mar,2012 11:54:16 AM

    I have vento trend line. I am not at all happy with the ground clearance of the car specially from the front side. Moreover the parts in the front side under the engine are made of fiber which breaks while driving over a speed breakers. On a normal speed breaker no matter how carefully you driver car will hit the road making a damage to the fiber parts. It also does not have any kind of shield under it to protect those parts unlike vent diesel or high line model. When I spoke to volkwagen manager his reply was these models are expensive than the vent trendline so they must have something extra in it and they can not do any thing about it but suggested me not to drive where you think is going to hit under the car. It's not even a year and I have to run to the workshop every 2-3 months to replace some thing or the other spare part. Now I hardly take this car out knowing how the Indian roads are and this car is probably good to drive on German roads but not in India.

  • SS |29 Mar,2012 12:06:52 PM

    Nitin, I have the same problem as you. I have a Vento Hi Line Diesel car which I bought in August 2011. The car is otherwise wonderful to drive and very fuel efficent......but the moment you have 4 adults ...and God forbid, some luggage in the boot.... even a small speedbreaker is a nightmare. The ground clearence / suspension is pathetic. I thought the Honda city was bad in this....but the Vento is worse. VW needs to correct this....I know a lot of prospective customers who have moved away from the car because of this. The reply from the agency is this is a problem we have in all cars...when I went to gwt mine checked.

  • Ramani |29 Mar,2012 01:13:56 PM

    Hi Folks, I own Vento Diesel Trendline. Low ground clearance is one serious problem. Another i encounter occasionally is the sudden acceleration which the car acquires probably due to the computerized engine management system. The car speeds on its own without pressure on the pedal, and that to at unwanted times /places when we would have slowed down due to traffic ahead. A question to fellow vento owners: With 12months / 15k service duration, how does one handle the dirt under the hood. Do we take it to the local car wash?. I see exposed copper coils in the engine compartments. Is it safe to take it local car wash??

    Manoj Nair |29 Mar,2012 03:17:12 PM

    Hello Ramani for your information get your vento water washed by the dealer only,for reasons unknown Volkswagon has covered the car under body with a metal sheet. So using a high pressure jet by local car wash can do damage. The water may enter through open space in the covered sheet and will stay inside and cause serious corrosion with time. For whatever right reasons volkswagon has done this modification in Indian models will prove to be a mistake shortly

    Ravishankar |30 Mar,2012 11:06:49 AM

    I agree with you Ramani. I too own TL Diesel that is hardly 3 months old. Clocked 5500 kms so far. My recent family trip with 4 adults and a kid (13 years) with boot loaded - the car did decently well in terms of performance on bad and ghat sections. However, ground clearance, dusty villages, and AC effectiveness were the 3 areas of concern throughout the journey. I had gone to the workshop (@ 3000 KM) regarding AC problem. It gave a foul smell when I take out the car after parking in hot sun for about an hour (when its hot inside the cabin). It goes off slowly. They changed or cleaned the filters but that was of little use. I still feel the power of AC is not that effective -compared to my old hatch back. Also the AC vents - two of them were broken and fell inside which were replaced by new one - free of cost as it was only 1 1/2 months old at that time. Now one more went brokeoff and might fall inside the duct any time. The quality of AC vents are tooo bad / low in quality for a sedan of this class. The car speeds on its own without pressure on the pedal, and that to at unwanted times /places when we would have slowed down due to traffic ahead -----Same here. I am to take the car for a wash to the workshop as the dust gathered during the recent trip scared me. About 2cm of thin dust gathered over the boot and bumper of the car. Shall let you know what they say.

    Amalraj |30 Mar,2012 05:10:40 PM

    I too purchased a VW Trendline petrol a month before and have the same ground clearance problem while coming across any spead breakers. I have checked up the tyre air pressure and that was around 35PSI. I have increased to 38 PSI pressure and it is for better. May be VW advise what exact tyre pressure we should fix. One thing i noticed if the pressure around 38 PSI, for a single man driving the journey is not smooth over pumpy road. But with 3 to 4 people load the journey is comfortable. Please comment

    Gautam |03 May,2012 06:48:18 PM

    I also have the same problem. My car is driven 5000 km . There is a foul smell from the AC ducts whn I start the car. Also, it speeds up without putting any pressure on pedal. Else everything seems fine.

  • Nitin More |30 Mar,2012 11:52:22 AM

    i want to buy vento please advice

  • Arvind |30 Mar,2012 07:52:09 PM

    I love my Vento TDi .... the car is too damn gud. But the problems mentioned above are a lttle painful. Besides, I am annoyed by two major deficiencies: one, there is no remote for the music system (I have to nag the driver to change channel) and two, the tray behind the rear seat tilts towards the seat .... .so if I keep any stuff there, then it slides down !!!! Overall, a very gud performing machine ! And yes, besides the surprised Voluntary acceleration, the car spurts a lot at low speed !!!!

  • venkataraman |31 Mar,2012 11:10:22 AM

    I have a highline diesel 4 moths old and done 10,000 kms good really, but the small problems could be corrected by giving little bit of attention by providing a dead pedal which would really add a lot of driving comfort during long drives( clutch foot rest ) which even a santro has. The second one is they could have provided a VGT which even the first generation VERNA had. The problem lot of people complain about low ground clearence is for me at last i found that the mud flaps hit the speed breakers and make you disturbed in lot of occasions and thats what i understood from my ca.

  • C.PRAKASH |31 Mar,2012 11:48:34 AM

    I own VW Vento Trendline Petrol for last 5 months and use it in Hyderabad.It has a very serious problem with GROUND CLEARENCE.With 4 passengers in car the under carriage touches speed breakers damaging the parts.The vehicle is not suitable for taking it to air-port or Golf-Course and unsuitable to use as a family car due to above defect.There are also a few design defects- the wiper on driver's side can not be lifted for cleaning the wind screen like all other cars- also,for applying Parking Break first arm-rest is required to be folded.The services of Hyderabad dealer are far from satisfactory-Vehicle was delivered with out PDI just after washing (tyre pressure was 18-23, Clock was not set & extended warranty certifcate is yet to be delivered).I am sure the brand VW will suffer irrepairable damage unless corrective actions are taken to rectify above defects.It appears due to above defects in VW Vento purchasing time tested HOND CITY would be a better option

  • murali |01 Apr,2012 04:16:02 PM

    I do feel the car looks great for the money. but after reading all these feed backs, getting an hitch should I really go for it! or ETIOS is better?

    Sanjeev |21 Apr,2012 10:53:48 AM

    can't even compare Ethios and Vento. I have driven both. While Ethios is a good car, it completely misses on pickup /power. Also quality-wise I felt vento is better. ( but it is pricey as well!) If you feel passionate about driving, go for vento. If price is the main concern and you dont care about handling, pickup, acceleration then Ethio s would suit you better. my opinion

  • sachin |09 Apr,2012 01:09:51 PM

    I purchased Vento HL - petrol in Dec 11 and completed 4400 KM. I have checked mileage for almost 7-8 times and it is around 15 ( ±1 KM per L ). Taknk full to tank full. My driving is mixed ( 50-50 - city and highway ).Before vento purchase, I was confused for whcih car to finalize ). I had test drive of fludic / City / Ford fieats / classic. Vento is far far better than all these other carns in the segment in terms of ride quality / engine refinement / seat comfort / build quality. To those who want to purchase a car, I advise.. just go for it. Salute to German engineering.

  • Sanjeev |21 Apr,2012 10:48:38 AM

    I have owned vento TDI for around one and half years. The car is amazing. I beats its rivals in evry department: pickup, style, handling and perofrmance. It does have limitations as some features are missing, but I am ok wih it. It is better than some of the pricer cars like top of the line Hyundai fludic with bigger engine. Even after so many months, the car bring smile to your face when you step on the pedal.

  • abhay |28 Apr,2012 10:44:13 AM

    i bought a vento highline diesel last year in july and not at all satisfied with this car. has some major issues like it broke down at 5000kms as all the coolent had vanished without any visible leakage. on asking them they changed the entire coolent unit free of cost, but the same problem still persist and i have to fill the coolent time to time. has some problem in rear windwos.ac was never effective and now middle vents has stopped giving air and one of the vents has broken and fell inside by itself. on asking the dealer they say it is a very common problem in diesel model of some batch. but company is not ready to do anything as cars having problems in india is in very small percentage so its nt worthy to do r&d for some cars. suspension is also not up to the mark... really disheartened with a giant in automobile industry.

  • Manu |31 May,2012 11:50:15 AM

    I just wish the car manufacturers would visit some forums and act on customer feed back , and yes make sure the dealerships treat customers properly . Was looking at Vento as the main option but after going through this thread , I am really not so sure anymore . I am a married guy , no kids yet but family visits are regular and we do go on trips with friends . Above all i am definitley going to drive it on Indian roads with a generous topping of speed breakers and pot holes so a car which hits bottom almost every time with 4 people onboard thats a bad buy . Also the ac vents breaking and falling/ foul smell from AC seems like quite wide spread . I am an engineer by profession and i deal with a wide variety of machines and have always been a fan of German /European stuff .. but honestly this is a lill disappointing .. anyways VW wont go out of business if one man doesnt buy .. BUt would be good if they cud rectify these small irritants .. Thnks for the reviews guys.. u saved me a few broken bottoms ( i have a lot of decent sized speed breakers on the roads i frequent ) .. good day

  • Jude De souza |31 Oct,2014 03:19:19 PM

    I have a highline diesel done 20,000 kms good really, but the small problems all the AC vents are broken and have fallen inside .Anybody who owns one please push the center of the adjusting AC vent & all of them will sink inside.The Goa dealer has refused to give the same on warranty.Very Very poor German Quality. We had Opel ,Ford, Swift , Zen & the vents lasted till the vehicle was sold in scrap..I will never buy a V W again.

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