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Rating of Volkswagen Polo 2009-2013
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Do read it if ur planin to buy this

for Petrol Trendline 1.2L

Look and Style Excellent Comfort Best when compared with Swift, i20, fabia.  Pickup I never thought 3 cylinder engine will be that powerful, considering the size of 3 cylinder, 75 bhp is more than enough Mileage I rather should not speak about this as I’m done with 524 km till yet and car is 2 weeks old but I know something that I have spent 3538.25 to travel 524 km so in short my average comes to be 6-7 per liter but may be coz it very new. Best Features Front passengers seats way to comfortable, steering way to light, car literally floats, way to smooth, car is so silent that u have look towards the rpm gauge to confirm if the engine is on or not. Needs to improve Spare Labor, rear seats leg room (But doesn’t matter to me coz I’m never gonna sit at the back, and it doesn’t matter to me if the person at back is comfortable or not Huh) Overall Experience Car is dam awesome, I’m thrilled, I cant get my eyes of her, I’m obsessed with her, if u want to go for a car is premium segment go for this one with your eyes closed, she does speak on ur behalf, she is aggressive, she has her own attitude or I should say dominating attitude, when u park it anywhere, for me ur car speaks ur personality and kind of person ur, so if ur a toad go for i20, if ur dull go for fabia, and if urnot sure why ur so popular go for swift, but if ur kind of person who creates his own rules creates ur own opinion, does what u really like to do and make ur own way regardless million are following that same route VW is what you need. She will never give u a reason to complain, speed breaker is too high, not to worry I’ll take care of that, I have no road available so any which way I have to get over the footpath to make my own way, not to worry I’ll handle that for u. seriously sayin she never complains. Now after talkin too much about her let me get ur attention towards few things, she nothing less than a elephant, in order to maintain that quality for sure u have to spend money, having said that repair is bit expensive or in other words very expensive. Now this being a two weeks old car and I’m talkin about repair this doesn’t sound good right but that was my own fault L I took my car for stereo fit and that guy while connectin the amp drilled through the door for earth connection and while doin so he drilled through the floor wires, took it to vw has after that I started facein issue the door light was always on, They took 5 hours to rectify the issue as I was neither sure if that is the issue so what they did they located that its coz of that particular connection and cable were touchin the car body coz of which light was always on, so they tapped that particular wire and told me that my car is ready, so at point of bill they gave me a bill for Rs 2000 to tape that particular wire :-o I was bit shocked but that they told me We charge Rs 350 / hour for labour We worked for 5 hours = 350 * 5 =    1750 + 250 (for taping the wire) and they were nice enough to tell me that we have included the tax in this amount only so u don’t have to pay over 2000 + tax LOL they are so nice, So basically guys my point is if 2000 was my bill for just to tape a wire what the future, no doubt I’m happy way to happy, and I have no regrets, but I’m talkin about u guys who are planning to buy this be sure even in future if u come across any issue and I they will spare entire day just to rectify that particular issue what u gonna pay as labor 8 hours * 350 =  2800 dammmmmmmmmmmmmm And yes good news is that there is capping on every service for labor that is 1600… which does mean regardless how much time they will spen on ur car labor will not increase more than 1600 :D But if ur ready for these things Go buy it today, oh u can’t get it L coz u first have to book it LOL :D go get ur polo booked today it’s one awesome car…

Amit Modi
On: Nov 08, 2011 | 4533 Views
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