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A True and Unbeatable Victor in its Segment...

By for Tata Tiago 2017-01-20 19:01:28.0
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A car often attributed as 'A True and Unbeatable Victor' is always the champion, with respect to sales and purchases, accolades and good reviews. Surely the Tata Tiago deserves to be called nothing short of a 'True and Unbeatable Victor' as it accomplishes everything that is required to be fulfilled in it's Segment. This includes possessing a chunky exterior appearance, decent leg space for comfortable seating, an engine that delivers good amount of power, various safety features and substantial storage space. The car leaves no stone unturned when it concerns itself with fulfilling the buyer's requirements. Here is my detailed evaluation of the Tiago which would be very useful for buyers to make a choice:-


The car comes in an array of chic colours. I chose the colour, 'Sunburst Orange' as it blends with the chunky-looking exterior of the Tiago. Tata cars have evolved drastically in the past few years. Out of all their designs in the hatchback segment, I liked the design of the Tiago the most as the flow of each part is such that it looks very attention- grabbing. This includes the well-designed front and rear headlamps as well as the tail lamps, the hexagonal front grille and the alloys that add a great touch to the exteriors of the car.


As soon as a person steps inside this new and plush car by Tata, the person feels warmly welcomed. Well, that's simply because of the superior craftsmanship of the Tiago's interior. The honeycombed plastic, knitted roof, well-cushioned seats and chrome finished buttons make the Tiago's interior the best in it's segment. The cabin is also quite airy which gives you a good view of the outside. Space wise it's very comfortable for 3 adults and there is enough legroom and thigh support for the rear passengers.

Drive Quality and Performance:-

The vehicle is powered with a 1.2 litre Revotron engine which delivers good amount of power but it can be refined further. The ride is quite smooth and the car can go over bumps and potholes with ample ease. The steering is very responsive. The car has two driving modes:- Eco and City. Eco mode is used during traffic jams to save fuel and deliver good mileage whereas City mode is primarily used when people are on highways in order to travel faster. The Tiago is quite fuel efficient as you get a superb 17-18 kmpl of mileage in the city and 19-20 kmpl on highways. Further with a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres your visits to fuel stations will be minimized.


Since practicality is a major concern for any potential buyer, Tata has ensured that their cars have plenty storage space. This is quite noticeable in the Tiago as you get 22 interior storage spaces. The glove box is chilled and has a button to open it. The 242 litre boot is also deep so a suitcase can fit in easily.


Passengers are assured safety when they are travelling in this car as you get Airbags, ABS and EBD which you get only in the higher variants.


Finally Tata Motors seem to have got the right features and product design for the Tiago. It's a well packed car which is also not overpriced so one should just go for it. I wish the Tiago all the very best!

  • Tata Tiago
  • Tata Tiago
  • Tata Tiago
  • Tata Tiago
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  • Sumati Bahree |25 Jan,2017 08:13:31 PM

    useful information, detailed analysis

  • SACHIN |03 Feb,2017 06:53:04 PM


  • lokesh chaudhary |09 Feb,2017 07:15:49 PM


  • KABIR BAHREE |11 Feb,2017 09:14:49 PM

    Yes Sachin, Tiago is availible with a 1.05 litre Revotorq diesel engine which in my opinion is better refined than the petrol one. The car also has city and eco driving modes. Eco is used at low speeds or during traffic jams to save fuel whereas City is used on highways to accelerate faster. The Tiago would be the best buy for you. It comes equipped with a host of additional features and also is value for money. Don't just blindly remove Tiago from your list because of the brand name.

    saurabh |07 Aug,2017 05:38:07 PM

    Does the cabin vibrate a lot while vehicle is not running but engine is running? example: traffic jam

    Harish |02 Sep,2017 10:38:11 PM

    Hello Kabir, I am planning to buy Tiago XZ petrol model, as you are owner of same model can you suggest me what is the performance of vehicle while travelling long distance (400-500 KM). Although lot of features are present in the top model but I am in fix that at very low cost these feature are offered, as compared to others. Will these features compromises the performance.

  • satyavardhan |20 Mar,2017 12:22:43 AM

    can i buy petrol basic model?

  • KABIR BAHREE |20 Mar,2017 06:26:49 PM

    Hi Satyavardhan, I wouldn't actually suggest you to go for the basic XB variant as it lacks a lot of key features. To go along with today's modern life, go for the XT Optional variant that has features that add up to personal convenience. However, if price is a problem, go for the XE Optional or XM Optional. XM Optional would be my pick. I will strongly suggest you to look at the Optional variants because they have airbags and safety is very important these days.

  • Jayendra |28 Mar,2017 09:10:37 AM

    Considering resale value and tata brand should I go with this compared to hyundai grand i10 ?

    KABIR BAHREE |30 Mar,2017 08:00:15 AM

    Hi Jayendra, Your resale value depends upon various factors like the brand, model, variant and the car's condition. Tata's name is spoilt but now the cars are improving and hence resale value will be better. If you keep the car in a good shape, you can also get much more money. Grand i10 is also commendable, but the heavy pricing will give you limited features. My friend too had a bad experience with Hyundai. I am very happy with my Tiago and I will strongly suggest you to go for Tiago itself.

  • Anamitra Ghosh Mukherjee |20 Apr,2017 09:44:05 PM

    Hi Kabir, this is Anamitra from kolkata. I am planning to buy the XE variant in petrol. firstly thinking of buying the XB variant but after reading through your review i changed my mind. Since the budget is a concern, so i need your help in this. Is interior differs in each and every model? Last but not the least which model you are using?

    KABIR BAHREE |21 Apr,2017 08:52:49 PM

    Hi Anamitra, I am using the XZ variant that is the top variant but since your budget is a problem, look at XB variant but if you don't mind spending a bit extra to get more features, look at the XE (O) variant. In terms of interiors, there is not much difference but the XB is sparsely equipped in terms of features. It depends upon your needs as the XB can do the basics but XE gives you upmarket feel. But, The XB trim doesn't get an optional variant so you will not get airbags. (O)-optional

    Anamitra Ghosh Mukherjee |22 Apr,2017 11:56:05 AM

    Since you are using the top end model of the tiago, in a full specification it is shown that ABS with EBD is only in XZ variant. So, does it concern any buyer about the safety measures? or is it ok of not having this feature? Another thing is that cooled glove box is only present in XZ model.

  • Anamitra Ghosh Mukherjee |22 Apr,2017 12:16:30 PM

    For how long you are using our car? and how is it performing? How is the mileage in city and in highway?

  • KABIR BAHREE |23 Apr,2017 09:49:47 AM

    It is about 6 months since I have started using my car. Overall, I am really satisfied with it but the engine and the AC are two things which are a bit noisy. Performance is fine and the car gives me 17-18 kmpl in city driving and 19-20 on highways but it gives me that figure when I drive in the correct gear and don't use AC and infotainment system much. If you use these two things a lot, then it can give you about 15-16 kmpl in city traffic and 17-18 kmpl on highways.

  • KABIR BAHREE |23 Apr,2017 10:23:03 AM

    ABS is feature for skid-free driving and EBD is for sharp turns. They are good features that will keep you safe. If you can extend your budget for extra safety, it is worth it but if budget is a problem, airbags can do the needful on safety. Glovebox cooling is fine for taking ice creams and chocolates so that they don't melt. In my opinion, it is not that important unless if it is a major requirement.

  • rajesh |01 May,2017 09:20:48 AM

    how much you paid for the XZ trim? any regrets for buying this car now? please tell me. i am thinking of buying XZ trim in june this year.

    KABIR BAHREE |08 May,2017 05:14:26 PM

    Hi Rajesh, The prices depend on the city you live so it is better to ask the dealer. The engine is a bit noisy otherwise no regrets and I am very happy with my decision of buying the Tiago.

  • subhash |19 May,2017 01:07:43 AM

    hi, I am planning to buy a car..two cars in my mind one is Tiago XZ petrol model and Hyundai Grand i10 sportz model.One of my frnd suggest that to buy grand i10 bcz its a top selling model and body matrial was really good . I checked reviews and i findout that Tiago has lot of features and price is too affordable for me...i m littile bit confuse about this.......????

    suhail |29 May,2017 04:06:18 PM

    I brought Tiago XZ , this is my second car and i am automobile savy. I should say this , is a great car with lot of options....go trough the team BHP Tiago review, you will get the minute details of the car... from the experts.. no douth this is value for money.. i got a good feed back from a tiago owner who owns it close to a year..

    himansu |28 Sep,2017 03:21:43 PM

    Dear Suhail, I am planing to purchase my 1st car and Tiago indeed is the best choice, But when i got suggestions from friends, they suggested not to go for TATA. As per them, TATA needs heavy maintenance. Please clarify this, if it really needs lot of maintenance or we can rely on it as maruti suzuki cars?

  • Vijayendra |13 Jul,2017 12:16:20 PM

    Hi, I am really not sure what to say about this car. There are great reviews all over, but only I know the experience I am going through after purchasing petrol xz a couple of months back. I do not deny the interiors and exteriors, but is it what a car is all about. I have had 20 years of experience with different cars, but this car does not have mileage in bangalore city whatsover - getting 10 kms without Ac, 8 with Ac on. In highway 14 without AC, 12 with ac on. I am just kicking myself.

  • devesh meena |21 Jul,2017 11:37:15 AM

    I am planning to buy Tiago XZ Diesel car. but i am confused to spend on this top model by considering all features of this car, please suggest as that any other option to buy another car for that amount range.

  • himansu |28 Sep,2017 03:23:19 PM

    I am planning to purchase my 1st car and Tiago indeed is the best choice, But when I took suggestions from my friends, they suggested not to go for TATA. As per them, TATA needs heavy maintenance. Please clarify this, if it really needs a lot of maintenance or we can rely on it?

  • VISHAL JADHAV |11 Oct,2017 03:11:49 PM

    Hi Kabir, I m planning to my first car, but little bit confused for should i go for Auto transmission or Mannual and also tell me about mileage bcoz i seen most reviews for mileage is not good it is only 9 to 12 km

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