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Pros : Pickup, ground clearance, comfort.

Cons : Looks.

Look and Style: The car's look is not that much attractive.

Comfort: The car is comfortable as it is 14 ft and its ground clearance is 180mm, the car offers you an SUV plus a sedan look.

Pickup: The pickup of 1.3 diesel engine has a good pickup much more than the recently came Hyundai Creta. The Creta's engine noise is bitter and it does not have good pickup not even in 1.6 engine as well but the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross has the best pickup in 1.3 also.

Mileage: There is no problem in 1.3 diesel engine as it gives up an average of 23kmpl without AC and 21kmpl with AC.

Best Features: The interior look us attractive, it is comfortable and the boot space is also big.

Needs to improve: The pricing is higher than others in this SUV segment.

Overall Experience: The pickup was better and it is overall good for a long journey.

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  • popli |26 Aug,2015 12:12:35 AM

    useless review

    Gyanendra |30 Sep,2015 08:00:47 PM

    Right--inexperienced review---

    dhaivat rajyaguru |22 Nov,2015 09:01:33 AM

    Sahi baat hai...

  • gaurav |27 Aug,2015 11:15:03 PM

    I didnt find d car worth the price quoted

    Rupsing Rongpi |02 Sep,2015 08:58:21 AM

    The price is too high

  • Japneet Singh |29 Aug,2015 04:15:23 PM

    One of the best suv cars with fully loaded fetures.

    Tarundeep Singh |29 Aug,2015 04:21:08 PM

    You're saying right ??

    Japneet Singh |29 Aug,2015 04:23:25 PM

    Yes I am always saying right

    shubham |18 Oct,2015 11:02:43 PM

    It is not a suv.

    amit singh |16 Nov,2015 09:54:36 AM

    Sir this car is not an SUV its a premium crossover , there is a big difference between crossover and SUV ......

  • shad |30 Aug,2015 10:16:09 PM

    It's not trustworthy to go for any higher budget maruti products since not a single one has delivered an outstanding service in terms of maintainence as well as after Sales Grand vitara, sx4, kizhashi, baleno, gypsy, ciaz, all were much talked but failed

    arpit |11 Sep,2015 01:10:58 PM

    Ciaz is quite successful car and in terms of performance pickup and mileage specially.

    Manav Sharma |17 Oct,2015 06:21:17 PM

    U r right ciaz is a good and successful car by maruti

    Rahul |17 Sep,2015 03:37:51 PM

    Shut ur fuck mouth u asshole do u even know about maruti cars they are now no 1in india...... Go die if u dont like d cars but dont use such words...

    shad |26 Jan,2016 07:52:18 AM

    First u shutup u mother Fucker don't know anything. Check the sales figure for past six months and laudu u will see maruti's only low budget cars make it to top 10 whereas in c2 segment hondacity makes it regular in top 10 for past 1 year jhattu.

    nikhil agrawall |03 Feb,2016 11:58:18 PM

    Mr Shad. U seems to be a new in market. There is no comparison of s cross in 10lac range vehicle. I owned all maruti cars and there service and products are fully satisfactory.

    vickyraj |24 Feb,2016 12:55:44 AM

    There is no other automotive company in India....which has this much trust of people....

  • Mathivanan |31 Aug,2015 11:21:58 PM

    How about Engine sound,any comments?

    shyamje |01 Sep,2015 07:12:36 PM

    Price is much high-- 1600cc engine is good but in maruti class ---creata and duster driving and comfort much better and more reliable---ciaz is better in maruti class--

    Aadrrr |13 Nov,2015 07:26:40 PM

    But if we compare the power and torque and fuel efficiency with any other car in the segment it is value for money.. And if we come to the pricing after the discounts of 1.6 it is worth the buying cost

    Puneet Gupta |06 Sep,2015 11:02:27 AM

    Inside cabin, more than duster or creta. Big drawback

  • krishan |01 Sep,2015 09:12:34 PM

    Waste ans useless car.maruti should work on looks.

    ishan |09 Oct,2015 09:20:30 AM

    yes correct ... need more stylish body like hyundai creta

  • Rupsing Rongpi |02 Sep,2015 09:04:50 AM

    Mileage is not a matter wen compared this product with Renault duster. I think its better to go for either terrano or duster

  • ashif Rawther |04 Sep,2015 10:32:35 PM

    I think all of you are responding good Duster terrano ceosport ect.. All are good But S-cross is made by maruti suzuki I trust the com

    dhaivat rajyaguru |22 Nov,2015 09:13:52 AM

    Maruti suzuki s-cross scored 0/5 in crash test. Because it is made by low quality materials by maruti.

  • Puneet Gupta |06 Sep,2015 11:01:17 AM

    If one is looking for a SUV, then S Cross is not the car for you. If you are looking for a premium hatch, with good build quality, decent features, primarily drivable in cities and occasional highways, S Cross will be a good choice.

    Rupsing Rongpi |07 Sep,2015 08:44:22 AM

    Its true puneet bhai but the price is too much!

  • pavan |06 Sep,2015 11:56:40 PM

    hello sir , Iam planning buy 1.3 lt , wanted to know if the car feels sluggish with full load ?

  • sunil |07 Sep,2015 04:41:35 PM

    Specially rear look is not attractive ...maruti should work out on taillight

  • Abhishek |07 Sep,2015 07:16:34 PM

    S cross is going to fail badly in the indian market due to following reasons: 1. Less attractive body shape not appealing to youth. 2. High pricing. (Should be atleast 1 Lac cheaper). 3. Lack of petrol engine will rule out customers who dont travel much. 4. Selling through NEXA will tremendously reduce the selling numbers. 5. Creation of four segments in both 1.3 litres and 1.6 litres makes no sense. There should have been only two versions; Delta and Alpha.

    singh |08 Sep,2015 08:28:33 PM

    S cross best car but price is very high

    Reddy |14 Sep,2015 08:36:39 PM

    Looks wise not so attractive. Price is too much.

  • singh |08 Sep,2015 08:29:11 PM

    Best best best

  • chintan |10 Sep,2015 01:58:50 PM

    Looks poorer and overpriced. . I dont think dis will be successfully. ... may be another fail car of a star sx4 . Ritz..baleno...

  • sks |10 Sep,2015 10:58:35 PM

    Took a test drive n u will come to know that s cross my s really superb.pickup comfort is much better than ecosport n duster....don't go on my review only it

    ishan |01 Feb,2016 02:42:28 AM

    u r ryt bro i also said ...first drive then decide

  • arpit |11 Sep,2015 01:09:35 PM

    A well performance car with regards to pickup , mileage, performance. Comes with some additional features as compared to the other cars in this segment. Overall satisfactory car in this price range and value for money when we talks about 1.2l engine.

  • mayank |13 Sep,2015 08:15:09 AM

    If i have a less highway travels ( mainly once or twice a month) and only the city ridng so which engine i should opt for (1.3 or 1.6 ) ?

    Arvind Kumar Yadav |02 Oct,2015 04:28:04 PM

    1.3 L zeta & alpha anyone

    ishan |01 Feb,2016 02:44:12 AM

    if u want milage go for 1.3 ..otherwiss u want power or not bother for milege go for 1.6

  • Arpit |14 Sep,2015 06:59:38 PM

    Awesome superb

    gbr |14 Sep,2015 08:34:01 PM

    Compare with other 'Cross' vehicles, not with SUV s. It is over priced, should be at least less by 2 lakhs.

  • GBReddy |14 Sep,2015 08:38:42 PM

    This not fair to compare with Creta, a SUV.

  • vijay |15 Sep,2015 08:48:40 PM

    Nice car ????????

  • santhosh |23 Sep,2015 10:56:34 PM

    Bro am planning to buy 1.3lt s cross , cau tell how it pulls in full load

    kumar |05 Oct,2015 11:05:39 PM

    It is a crosover not suv rear suspension is not good. Frequent down gear required. As compare with other cross over car it is costly

  • shetal |06 Oct,2015 03:34:07 PM


  • yuusdhj |06 Oct,2015 03:34:15 PM

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  • thmoo |07 Oct,2015 02:40:24 PM


  • Manav Sharma |17 Oct,2015 06:18:50 PM

    Hlo... This is a right review about s cross look

  • shubham |18 Oct,2015 11:01:51 PM

    Price of SUV and getting a hatchback. I think its stupidity. The competitors are i20 and the price is of a SUV. ??????????

    omveer |12 Nov,2015 09:14:43 PM

    Nice car as compare to creta mileage is good creta plastic equality is not good

  • Sabby |19 Oct,2015 01:53:57 PM

    Confused between creta or s cross so anybdy help to suggest who is better

  • vaibhav Pardhi |29 Oct,2015 02:40:44 PM

    Celerio zxi or Baleno delta?? Please suggest.

    nazaar |18 Nov,2015 01:57:25 PM

    I think you should go for baleno delta.

  • dhaivat rajyaguru |22 Nov,2015 09:09:45 AM

    Creta's pickup is best in class. It does 0-100 in 11 secs & scross takes 13 secs to do the same. U dnt know anything abt creta and still critisizing it. Creta has got most refined engine in its segment. Creta has got more powerful engine then maruti's 1.3

  • Mohit arora |06 Dec,2015 08:45:14 AM

    I also want to purchase but due to new version i am confused i purchase or not If some one suggest me please suggest so i can decision to purchase this car

  • sudesh |13 Dec,2015 10:57:52 AM

    ????? ???? very nice

  • sahil |25 Dec,2015 08:27:01 AM

    Creta is much much better than scross

  • siva |27 Dec,2015 10:57:52 PM

    I buy new s cross 1.3 last week its wonderful performance. Pick up, space, mainly suspension it so nice Great experience. Its worth for money Minus Its have no rear Ac vent Minimize boot space

  • Pawan Kr Vashist |24 Jan,2016 07:50:59 PM

    When it was launched ,& After having the test Drive, as my 33 years driving Experience concluded that Ground Clearance should be 200 mm for indian Roads,7seaters,hybrid tech. i.e minor changes if included in the present MUV will be fine. Rest is OK

  • ishan |01 Feb,2016 02:39:43 AM

    i have s cross ...its a huge hatchback car....feel of suv nd comfort of its al rounder most of mportant brand of maruti suzuki....i think its good package of car...including price with fully loaded feuters first drive then decide

  • vickyraj |24 Feb,2016 12:54:07 AM

    Best car..... No other other commentator..... Its just slaps creata, duster...and all other cross overs.....

  • muneer |08 Mar,2016 01:54:49 AM

    Frnds im plang 2 buy 1.6 alpha if yu hav any suggnts..

  • prasanta |12 Mar,2016 11:22:02 PM

    high price bcose Maruti has to buy engine from fiat. you can get the same engine in avventura at just 7.8lakhs with better suspension and build quality. aur kitna dhoka khaoge! get a punto or avventura..

  • naveen kumar |23 May,2016 02:16:26 PM

    Which is best across zeta 200 or brezza zdi+ please tell me I want book it

  • kumar |05 Mar,2017 09:54:22 PM

    Maruti s cross is a faulty car its rear suspension brakes and infotainment system are giving daily problem and rear bumper body line is upset.

  • kumar |05 Mar,2017 09:54:42 PM

    Maruti s cross is a faulty car its rear suspension brakes and infotainment system are giving daily problem and rear bumper body line is upset.

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