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Pros : Good cabin space, excellent fuel economy, smooth handling

Cons : a bit boxy like Logan, needs more safety measures

Look and Style I got my new car on 7th of this month and on the next day went for a long drive (a total of 450 Kms). The car is nice to look at, though it may not win world Miss Beauty Contest. But, I feel looks are not as important as the performance. It seems that Mahindra sacrificed aerodynamics for providing a bigger cabin. It is O.K. Comfort The car is very comfortable. During my long drive from Shimla to Yamunanagar in heavy rain, I did not feel tired. I am 65 years old having heart problem as well. The steering is responsive and a new driver has to be a bit careful as one gets immediate feedback from the steering. handling is excellent and I did not feel that I was driving a big car. The seats are fine and quite wide and there is ampe leg room both in front and also in the back. Three headrests are appreciable which provide comfort to the passengers sitting at the back. The suspension is good and the car was able to absorb pot holes from Shimla to Kalka withour any trouble. Pickup The engine is good though it emits less PS than Manza etc. Still the pickup was good. Drivers chnaging from Petrol to Diesel will find a small lag, but that is natural. This car did not have much lag and pick up was fine. The car being new, it is difficult to give a final word. But it seems that after second or third service, the engine will come up to its maximum power and the pick up will be good. I feel that a bit more could be added. There was no trouble in accelerating the car, though I was careful not to rev the engine beyond 2500rpm. Even at 1900rpm, the car was hitting 80Kmph. Mileage The best part of Verito Diesel is its fuel economy. With fuel prices sky rocketing, a car with good fuel economy will be welcome by Indian drivers. From Shimla to Yamunanagar (Total of 225 Kms with 86 Kms of Hill track) in rains, the car gave 23.6 Km per Litre. On my way back to Shimla, again in heavy rains and trafic jam at Pinjaur and Parwanoo (God save the drivers who become victims of the jam at these two places), the average fuel consumption was 20.8 Km per Litre. Kindly remember, the car has done only 550 Kilometers in all. I think the way I drive (not using brakes much) and driving at moderate speeds, this car, after third service will give more than 25 Kms per Litre. Well Done Verito. Best Features Good, Mileage, Ample cabin space, big boot. Needs to improve For me the car is fine as such, yet a bit more aerodynamic body will sound good. Audio system in all varients, more safety features. Overall Experience My experience was wonderful. I really enjoyed the ride and felt quite safe.

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  • mayur |13 Jul,2011 08:57:16 AM

    how verito's perfomans in CNG?

    harsh |13 Jul,2011 02:07:10 PM

    cng is for cars which has excellent power.verito by default has low power and adding cng could further reduce power up to 30%. would not recommend for verito. you may go for cng accent.

    Monty |19 Jul,2011 10:30:56 PM

    With average of app 20 km per liter diesel in city and close to 25 km/ltr on highway, one actually CNG is not required in verito.

  • DR.M.S.BARUAH |29 Aug,2011 05:22:11 PM

    Sir, I plan to buy Mahindra Verito Diseal Version,As most of my friends got Swift Desire diseal,But I prefer Verito ,from the review it shows that you have vast knowledge in driving.Sir Kindly suggest me weath I will go for Swift Desire diseal or Verito Diseal Version. Dr.M.S.Baruah Guwahati,Assam

    Dr. Keshav Sharma |29 Aug,2011 05:38:41 PM

    Dear Dr. Baruah. Thanks for the question. At the outset I would like to make it clear that selection of a car depends upon one's need. Now I opted for Verito after test driving a number of cars including Linea, Honda City etc. I wanted a diesel car with ample boot space and cabin space. And Verito fitted the bill. Though the engine is a bit underpowered, but then we are not going to participate in rally. This car has widest cabin and three persons can sit very comfortably in the back. Also even after driving it for hours continuously, I was not feeling tired (though I have three blockages in my heart). So if you do not bother about the looks (which are always deceiving), then Verito is a good car. A number of my friends who have Logan told me that they were fully satisfied. The fuel saving is great. My car is new and has done 1850 Kms. Still it is ging more than 25 Kms/L in plains and 19 to 20 Km/L in hills. Not bad. The parts are now cheaper as compared to the prices of logan parts a few years ago. Mahindra service is good. Kindly see to it that you have some good dealer of Mahindra there at your place. I have driven Swift Desire too. It is a good car with good engine and fuel economy. But three persons cannot sit comfortably in the back seats. And height is also less than that of Verito. Otherwise it is a good car. Verito will cost you nearly 6 lakhs for D4 version (M&M have increased the price by about 6000.00). Inj case you are interested in D6, it is OK. You get airbag (driver side) and ABS etc. But you will have shell out about 60000.00 more. Now my suggestions is this. If you drive at a moderate speed and want a car with good handling features, then Verito is the choice. Kindly do by it. As I wrote somewhere, I could have bough a very high end car, but then there is fun to waste money on features that are seldom used by a senior person like me. In case you like more suggestions, kindly call me at 093185-33276. Thanks.

    DR.M.S.BARUAH |29 Aug,2011 06:30:04 PM

    sir After your reply I decided to buy Mahindra Verito as I reguired a spacious car with fuel efficient as we travel a lot .It is true that we are not going to perticipate in any car really.Sir from your long experience kindly suggest me which of the colour is easy to mantain ,as I found it defficult to select the colour.

    fremiot |12 Oct,2011 07:29:57 PM

    thanx. for the nice review.with the current fuel prices sky-high ,i too am planning to purchase a verito

  • Dr. Keshav Sharma |29 Aug,2011 05:44:36 PM

    Correction please: Kindly read there is no fun.... instead of there is fun..... (Last but one line).

  • Dr. Keshav Sharma |29 Aug,2011 07:07:52 PM

    Dear Dr. Saheb. Thanks for the reply ans also for selecting Verito. I like white (Diamond White) colour as it is a sober colour and scratches do not show prominently. The selection of colour may also be done on the basis of your Moon Sign (rashi). Colours like red etc. fade gradually and the car looks very dated after sometime. So any shade of White will do. Rest is your own preference. Thanks.

  • Sathiya K |02 Sep,2011 01:27:00 PM

    Dear Dr.Keshav Sharma Dear DR.M.S.BARUA, First of foremost thing , i shall thank you both for the above conversation, which had really given me the perfect answers to the collection of questions that i wanted to check about Verito. I am likely to go for Verito booking.

  • Dr. Keshav Sharma |04 Sep,2011 03:52:47 PM

    Thanks Mr. Sathiya K. Just now I came back from my lecture tour of Panjab and drove this car for about 800 Kms. The car did very well. After three services and 10000 Kms, the car will settle down and will perform better. I got about 26 Km/L in plains and about 19 Kms. in hills with AC on (in plains). Not bad.

    Muthuramalingam |17 Sep,2011 02:10:12 PM

    Dear sir thank you for your coments i very much confused after reading all the riviews but after see your rivew about mahindara vetrio i became very cleared about the idea of my car buying for my papa who was stay in chennai thank you once again Regards Muthuramalingam Singapore

  • navindra jain |23 Sep,2011 08:35:25 PM

    sir,I read review and talk bitween you dr.keshav I decided to parchach a mahendra verito disel . I to ask you what you including in PERFORMANCE of the car as I read many other reviews .They give two star in PERFORMANCE please explain me.

    Dr. Keshav Sharma |23 Sep,2011 09:20:32 PM

    Dear Mr. Jain. Thanks for the comment. I have stated in my reviews that decision to buy a car depends upon many factors namely need, money, etc. Verito is a car well suited for mature persons and who would like to have ample cabin and boot space. I am testing this car and I found that Verito is quite good. Only two days ago, I came back after travelling for more than 650 kilometers in bad weather and worse roads, hill track as well and the car behaved very well. The overall average came out to be 22.9 Kms/Litre. The roads were very bad with huge potholes. I wrote what I found out myself. Hence if you want a good car with ample room and good fuel economy, then this is a good family car. One more thing. Verito shows its strength when driven at higher velocities. I have found people who have been driving Logan at very high speed and still the car behaves very well. I test drove other cars as well, but then those cars were not serving my purpose. Hope this helps.

    Samir |10 Jun,2012 12:52:43 AM

    Sir, I read all your reviews/comments. Honestly, I liked it. But most of the times you have talked about pros only. Kindly mention the cons as well.They are helpful in taking decision. Regards!

  • raj |30 Sep,2011 05:16:18 PM

    what is the top speed of this car...........

  • Dr. Keshav Sharma |30 Sep,2011 08:27:38 PM

    Dear Mr. Raj. Top speed of Verito is claimed to be 160 Kms/hour. I never tried it and will never touch this speed. What I feel that in Indian conditions, even on National Highways, the top speed limit is 90 Kms/Hr. And this is more than enough. There is a video clip on You Tube where Logan is being pushed to limits, about 160 or even beyond. You can view it.

  • Dr. Keshav |30 Sep,2011 08:29:33 PM

    Well friends. I am putting my Verito D4 to tough tests. On 15th of this month, I started my journey to Dehradun from Shimla. As the short route to Dehradun (Kumarhatti to Nahan etc) is under heavy repairs, I decided to travel via Chandigarh, Sahzadpur, Kala Amb, Nahan and then to Dehradun. From Shimla to Chandigarh, the journey was very easy and most comfortable and the average came out to be 29.4 Kms/Ltr. From Chandigarh to Kala Amb, again the road was quite good. From Kala Amb to Nahan, the road was full of pot holes. It was difficult to decide whether potholes were in the road or road was in the potholes. The speed was just 15 to 20 Km/hr. Even big trucks were having a tough time. Well the average was just 18.1 kms/Ltr. From Nahan to Dehradun, the road was somewhat good though for some kilometers it was quite bad.. I returned after two days via Haridwar, Yamunanagar, Ambala, Chandigarh and then to Shimla. From Roorkee to Saharanpur, the road was again full of king size potholes and driving was quite a task. Well, the car took its beating but both of us survived the ordeal. The total journey was about 600 Kilometers and overall average came our to be 22.3 Kms/Litre. Not bad keeping in view the condition of the roads. My car has been through first service. This time I found Verito showing more power and better handling. I hope after second service, Verito will perform better. I may also add the car is solid and is capable of taking good amount of punishment. I am satisfied. Well done Verito. I may also mention that my plan of organising fun rally of Logan-Verito rally in Shimla had to be cancelled as the local Mahindra dealer refused to give me the addresses of Logan-Verito owners. He thinks that the addresses are National Secrets. He did not have the courtesy to send a formal reply. So much so for the dealer's attitude. Are Mahindra people listening?

  • DR.M.S.BARUAH |11 Oct,2011 01:20:02 PM

    Sir, I am Dr.Baruah from Assam and as per youe valuable advise and after considering the all aspect I finally brought Verito D4 on 26th of Sep.As I belongs to Shillong which is a hilly station under the State of Meghalaya.Last week I travelled with all my family members from Diphu where I stay for my secvice to Shillong on the ocassion of Durga Puja.Today I back to Diphu.During this trip I travelled 1026 K.M.and I found this car is excellent to drive in hilly area and plains.I got average 21 /K.M.as I use to drive 100-110/km hr.Today I am greatful to you for your suggestion and I found this is the one of the best car for Indian road and for my family.

  • beljo |15 Oct,2011 04:52:29 PM

    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments now i dont have nothing more to ask once more thanks a lot

  • pradeep |27 Oct,2011 12:24:38 PM

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all your reviews. I have been trying to buy a car with good fuel efficiency, with good boot space and also with good resale value. I wonder how verito would compete in the resale market.

  • Ravi Kiran |18 Nov,2011 01:31:49 PM

    i am thanking you all for your valuable sugessions.

  • Dr. Keshav |10 Jun,2012 08:26:27 AM

    Dear All. I could not write my observations about Verito. Now my car has done 18000 Kms in 10 months. Let me say that the car never gave me any trouble. Though this car is a bit under powered, but to me, who travels all alone, this is not an issue. Fuel efficency is very good. Recently I travelled about 700 Kms with AC full on and at places the road was hilly and lot of trafic jam at many places. The car gave 21 Kms/Ltr. Not bad at all. The car gives more than 23 to 24 Kms/Ltr without AC. If Mahindra and Mahindra add a bit of more power and fixes better tyres, then this car will become a real useful family car.

  • hameed |19 Dec,2012 08:17:37 AM

    good car

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