Hyundai Verna Fluidic best sedan in its class

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Pros : Good looks, good average, excellent interiors.

Cons : Not yet found any.

Look and Style Recently I have purchased a new Hyundai Verna Fluidic. It's around three months since I bought my new car. Before this car I had a Maruti SX4. As compared to my earlier car this new Hyundai Fuidic have sporty looks and have an eye catchy appearance. It can attract anyone with its robust design. Comfort: The interiors are best in class. It provides a high standard of comfort and luxury to the passengers. One can't feel franctic on long drive. There is enough leg space at both front and rear. Along with this various advanced features are also present in Hyundai Verna Fluidic like dual toned dashboard, unique air purifier, high quality multimedia system and many more.

Pickup: A high powered engine is used by Hyundai in this new sedan which is capable of reaching the speed of 0-60 kmph in just 4.87 seconds. Mileage Talking about the fuel efficiency of my new Hyundai Verna Fluidic, it provides a mileage of 20 Kmpl on highways and around 18 Kmpl on city conditions. Best Features The feature I like most in my Hyundai Verna Fluidic is the high quality interior which offers high standard of comfort. I never feel tedious on my long drive. In addition to this the sedan is a fuel efficient car. Furthermore the Suspension ratio and Gear shifting of the car is a breeze. One can't experience a bumpy drive even on water logged and muddy roads. Needs to improve Its very early to figure out any issue in this car. Its around three months since I am driving this car and during this span of time I am very much satisfied with its performance. Since I haven't faced any single issue yet. Overall Experience During the time of these three months I found that this is really one of the best sedan in the market. If someone is looking to buy a new sedan then I suggest to go for Hyundai Verna Fluidic. Its a master piece by Hyundai.

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  • thiraviam |21 Aug,2011 09:02:13 PM

    Thanx for sharing. I booked for 1.6 crdi sx. somebody told rear seat is uncofortable, low height. Is it a problem ? another complaint is turbo charger. It decrease the mileage while driving below 1500 rpm. So how can handle these two problems ?

    chatur raj |25 Aug,2011 08:18:02 AM

    chaina made ka baap hai hyundai....... only interiors are gud..if you love chaina items go for dis and enjoy the body pain........ 1st no control high speed... 2nd no head room... feel like wearing cap... 3rd back seat not comfrtable ...... 4th Cabin is very noisy...... 5th suspension r worst.... no body control 6th light power steering... i think hyundai is the no 1 worst company .... better go for sx 4, or vento...atlist u vl get comfort in drive... if petrol go for honda city .... very very nice car...

    Shantanu |01 Sep,2011 03:38:38 AM

    Mr Chatur, i think you are fit for Maruti only for your knowledge its not China made,Hyundai is Korean.

    akhilj |23 Jan,2012 05:09:42 PM

    dont speak about cars if u r illitrate about car

    jay |04 Jul,2013 04:15:28 PM

    Dude. (its about Fluidic) 1. It is a highly responsive car. 2. Head clearance is decent enough for average Indian height. 3. Rear seats are equally comfortable. (mine is driven by a chauffeur and i sit at back) 4. The noise you are talking about must be coming from your music system. 5. It is a soft suspension car, which does not provide a rugged feel, but a smooth drive. 6. Power steering means Light steering. I have shifted from SX4 to Verna Fluidic CRDI SX (O) and have no regrets. Ground clearance is as same as Honda City. and final word Its China and not Chaina and hyundai is not chinese.

    Virender Singh |21 Apr,2016 08:46:20 PM

    I'm having CRDI 1.6 SX new 4S fluidic and enjoying this car. Driven 6000 km. I will say no other car is comparable to this car in this segment.

    ckgopikumar |25 Aug,2011 03:29:09 PM

    hai Chatu raj............tx. i bot a Honda city today. it is superb. b ut a big in this small roads i was bit worried. i had a santro till date. anyhow happy to read ur comments. th once again

    sudhakar |08 Dec,2011 02:30:10 PM

    dnt book verna fludic, the ground clearance is very bad, my verna is not worth the money i paid..

  • linu m ninan |23 Aug,2011 08:25:39 AM

    Totaly hyped!!!mileage 20km is utter nonsence. Cabin is very noisy when driven on poor road conditions

    rajan thapa |25 Aug,2011 08:00:55 AM

    s ur rite boss......

    jatin |05 Jan,2012 01:10:55 AM

    bro , the mileage in city is 15 plus or 17-18 if you drive sanely. but on the highways i never got less than 20. Trust me, i usually get 22 plus on the highways.

    jay |04 Jul,2013 04:17:16 PM

    so do I. I get 14-15 in city and have experienced (Once) even 25 at highway (without compromising on power/speed). It all depends on your handling.

  • vijay chanchlani |23 Aug,2011 10:10:07 AM

    There is a long waiting period, dealers are asking for extra premium.vehicle is good enough, but cant buy by giving premium.

  • ravi |23 Aug,2011 10:25:15 AM

    ground clearance is poor at humps it will brush the platform

  • ravi |23 Aug,2011 10:25:59 AM

    mileage in reality is 15-16 in city i think its good for such a big elephant

  • ravi |23 Aug,2011 10:26:49 AM

    no vehicles in dealerships dont pay premium and all wait nothing will happen

  • sayeed |23 Aug,2011 10:29:05 AM

    You have not specified whether you have a petrol or diesel version, either way the mileage you have mentioned sounds very unrealistic. No doubt the car is very good with features loaded and good interior.

  • ravi |23 Aug,2011 10:34:35 AM

    rear middle seat is uncomfortable due to cup holder will drop in

  • praveen |23 Aug,2011 06:51:30 PM

    My new verna 1.6 sx Diesel has covered 5800 kms in 2 months. Mileage is around 19 on highways and 17 on II tier cities. Cabin is cool, nt much of a noise inside.

    linu m ninan |25 Aug,2011 04:41:32 PM

    Sir while driving just reduce the volume of music!!! And while travelling in hyway even old fiat will feel smooth for that u dont have to spend aroud 10lk

    Praveen |25 Aug,2011 06:01:16 PM

    Sir 1st no control high speed - I am not a racer like u... Handling is good at high speeds around 120 km/hr 2nd no head room feel like wearing cap - Complete nonsense.... Seating comfort and headroom are clean for average human beings! 3rd back seat not comfrtable - U better try an Innvova! 4th Cabin is very noisy - I tried driving with my music system off...... 5th suspension r worst - They r light but not worst 6th light power steering - Thats EPS! U better buy a car, try driving it for 5000 kms and post a comment! Hope u are a proud owner of the old Fiat trying to compare it with all new cars! Good Luck Sir!

    linu m ninan |25 Aug,2011 07:37:27 PM

    Sir,i think u have mixed up my comment as well as chatur rajs be frank i own verna transform from last october,i have driven 18000km.this is my 4th sedan,of this i found this car more powerfull.when we compare cars in this segment the space can be matched with sx4 , veritoand lenia, manza is more spacious.u please check the quality of the bumber by just pressing with ur thumb!!next moment u will feel to keep at least a good distance from the vehicle in front of u,while driving on hyway it feels excelent! But when on normal roads the cabin is more noicesy,and please see while driving acurve in average speed if we happen tojump into small pathholes we can feel the vehicle slightly pulling out of the curves this can be dangerous attimes.but if u ask why i bought this car,just because of power and looks!!rest all i came to learn while using in differnt roadconditions

    jatin |05 Jan,2012 01:20:34 AM

    Sir, I understand that you have a verna transform, but everyone is comparing the new verna here & the new is nothing like the old one. Even the engines are not the same. The cabin noise is not an issue at all. The cabin insulation is best after the new fiesta. About the quality - A lancer banged into my verna from behind with a lot of speed. :( But inspite of that got nothing on my bumper except a few scratches. Even the lancer guy was amazed.

    anubhav |13 Jun,2012 03:12:57 PM

    gud one praveen.... ur absolutely ri8

  • Rhys |23 Aug,2011 07:41:50 PM

    Hi....ive booked my 1.6 sx(o)diesel crdi auto transmission bout 3 months back.Initially the dealer said that it would be delivered in 2 months time but now they say it would take at least anothet for the tor version. Any comments ??????????

    linu m ninan |25 Aug,2011 04:47:27 PM

    God is with u!!!!u have time now to change ur decesion , think fast and act, not to regret later. Why u spend 10lak for a chineeees toy!!!!!!!!!!

    jatin |11 May,2012 11:49:07 AM

    I dont think u read any kinda reviews before posting anything.. For ur info its korean and BTW. it is far far better than linea. And if you dont wanna trust me its fine. perhaps you wont even trust the autocar or ndtv guys who clearly compared the 4 cars of this segment and verna came out as the winner , not to mention the FIAT LINEA came the last .lol

  • sanjay jain |24 Aug,2011 11:28:53 AM

    I bought fluidic verna one month back, the most lacking point in this car is ground clearance .It is very poor on a low bump,even if 2persons are sitting.The base of of the car will go of on poth holed roads.Very disappointing factor in the car.

  • tejas patel |24 Aug,2011 08:35:40 PM

    i want to buy the new verna fluidic so i want to clear some point so pls contect me.

  • Tarvinder Singh 'Jaspal |24 Aug,2011 09:36:56 PM

    i bought this car 3 months back... i hv got the maximum mileage of 22.4 on highway n 18 within the city.. although ground clearance is a smoll issue... but otherwise an awsum car.. The best car of Hyundai so far..

  • chatur raj |25 Aug,2011 08:17:40 AM

    chaina made ka baap hai hyundai....... only interiors are gud..if you love chaina items go for dis and enjoy the body pain........ 1st no control high speed... 2nd no head room... feel like wearing cap... 3rd back seat not comfrtable ...... 4th Cabin is very noisy...... 5th suspension r worst.... no body control 6th light power steering... i think hyundai is the no 1 worst company .... better go for sx 4, or vento...atlist u vl get comfort in drive... if petrol go for honda city .... very very nice car...

  • shekhar |31 Aug,2011 02:17:33 AM

    Hi Friends, I am looking to buy a sedan, Verna , Vento , Linea or Ford . Please advise. Looking for low maint and decent mileage.

    ishayu |26 Oct,2011 03:47:52 PM

    go for verna its best

  • Anil |31 Aug,2011 08:48:38 PM

    HI all looking to choose between Vento trendline, SX4 VDI and Verna 1.4 fluidic. Which is best

  • natesha |01 Sep,2011 01:12:27 PM

    i want to purchase verna fuldic wherther it is food or not

    ishayu |24 Dec,2011 12:54:46 AM

    go for verna its the best car in this segment but don't go for automatic transmission the mileage in automatic is about 8 in cities and 12 in highways very poor

    jatin |05 Jan,2012 01:23:24 AM

    well ..1st of all.. Its not food ..:P sorry, just kidding. Its a very good car, driving it for the past 3 months. :)

  • Pavan |27 Sep,2011 08:35:05 AM

    Hey Anoop, I heard that the ride quality isnt that good .. doesnt feel planted on the road at high speeds.. is this true ? Its between this or the new Ford Fiesta .. need all the input that i can get .. thanks

  • Sunny |09 Oct,2011 11:20:31 AM

    Waiting for 6-8 months not worthwhile....who said pay n wait for your car...

  • ishayu |26 Oct,2011 03:49:53 PM

    i want to buy a car in sedan but i an confused between manza petrol or dzire petrol

  • arun |29 Nov,2011 12:16:16 PM

    dear ... pls tell me the correct mileage for 1.4crdi ...verna fluidic

  • Arun |06 Dec,2011 11:40:02 AM

    How is the ground clearance, heard many of the road humps will be touched...?

    ishayu |24 Dec,2011 12:58:02 AM

    ya ground clearence is not sufficient some bumps will touch the base but accept this it is a excellent car

    jatin |05 Jan,2012 01:26:09 AM

    yes , some bumps (improper ones)will touch a bit, but the ground clearance is better than honda city. I have both.

  • Aryan, kolkata |07 Dec,2011 10:42:09 AM

    hii guys i m planning to buy a car within 10 lacs with sporty looks and desent mileage(diesel).please suggest me which car will better for me bcoz it would be my first car. thanks ®ards,,,,,,,,,

    linu m ninan |05 Jan,2012 08:00:42 AM

    Go for toyota etios,its worth for money,good mileage,less maintenance,good built quality,they have comprmised in interior

  • akhilj |23 Jan,2012 05:19:05 PM

    verna fluidic rocksss its having coupe like design

  • Dhiren |13 Mar,2012 12:11:24 PM

    I am driving CRDI since last six observed by most the ground clerance is a thing of worry,pls write using spacers can overcome this complaint.

  • KUNALDUTTA |10 Apr,2012 05:39:50 PM

    I am planning to by car with budget of 10lakhs.But getting confusedin ford fiesta & Huyandi fludic verna.Since lot of guys are complaining about ground cleareance of verna. Pls suggest.And what about new honda city. launched this year.

  • Arvind |27 Apr,2012 12:33:16 AM

    I am planning to buy a sedan car but am just not able decide which I should opt for because it seems like every car has its own disadvantages. I currently own a santro for 7 years and it almost never had any serious problems. So, I do trust hyundai brand and which in turn made me interested in verna fluidic. I should say, it looks gorgeous inside out and engine's got good power and stability of the vehicle was excellent. But rear seats r a little cramped but I think over the time u can get used to it. Handling was good but not upto the mark though. My question is, few people advised me not to buy this. They think, it has low ground clearance. I mean, is 165 mm really not enough for Indian roads? and they also say that mileage is horrible(around 10 kpl for disel, it seems)!! com'on, is it really so? at least 13-14 would be acceptable when we are spending more than 10 lakhs.. Please give me your opinion. If it's not worth it, I would rather go for vento or rapid or etios.

  • Vishnu |17 May,2012 03:48:43 PM

    Hi i recently got the 1.6 Sx Crdi Verna. The car Rokz! Very good interiors. Amazing power, Well equipped with features. My car ran only 460kms overall till now. Giving low mileage. Is it because the car is new? Will it give more mileage after? And please tell me some ways to increase mileage. :)

  • kiran |23 Jul,2012 11:25:59 PM

    The car is really good with high end features and the only thing that lacks this super car is its ground clearance...I can't make a showoff with this car as i cant take this into my appartments becoz of its ground clearance.better luck next car..

  • parmod kaushal |21 Feb,2013 09:48:56 AM

    I wanna purchase as soon as possible

  • amit |15 Jun,2014 01:28:08 PM

    Hi, I am planning to purchase Verna Fluidic 1.4 VTVT CX model (Petrol). Can any one plz tell howz the performance of this car & what is the mileage.

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