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I20 - Awesome diesel hatchback

By for Hyundai Elite i20 from Erode 2010-09-04 12:06:28.0
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Pros : powerful engine, appearance, quality etc...

Cons : front bumper is low from ground

I own the i20 Asta CRDi (Diesel) for more than six months. The engine is powerful and requires low maintenance. Company fitted Audio system is really good except radio. Interior plastic quality is good. When you sit inside i20, we won't feel like sitting inside the small car. The car is lovely to drive, easy to overtake other cars as well. Highway driving is good as well at high speeds(160kmph). Steering is very light at low speeds and tight at high speeds. Gear shift is smooth. Brakes are solid as all wheels have disc brakes. Seats are good and the seat cover is not required. When auto-lock is enabled, the door automatically gets locked when we reach 40 km/hr(don't know whether we can change the speed value). Also, auto-unlock will unlock car once the key is removed. Auto-lock and unlock will be disabled by default, ask Hyundai service to enable it. This car satisfies most of my expectations like gadgets and gizmos, performance, mileage, exterior and interior appearance and quality, factory fitted audio system, steering, airbags, boot space, etc. The only thing I hate in the car is low ground clearance when the car is fully occupied. I have changed tyres to Yokohama ES100 (195/60 R14) for increased performance and comfort. At first, I felt this car is overpriced but now I am satisfied with it. 

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  • rapidfire |16 Sep,2010 03:12:06 AM

    Hi, As per your reviews it appears that i20 diesel is the best car in its segment/class.Okay, it's like, I am planning to purchase i20 Asta-ABS (for low maintenance and long life), however, some of my friends suggested and reading on forums that one should go for diesel variant coz it good in mileage and costs low to pocket. I just wanted a brief suggestion from you that it is really worth to go for a diesel instead of petrol. Its around 1.2 lac higher than the Asta, which i'm planning to buy. So its getting difficult for me that for which variant should I go. My usage are very less in weekdays, whereas in weekends i'll cover around 100kms. Suggestion from anyone will be greatly appreciated and really help me to decide the car. Note: Don't want to go for Swift as its engine is changed now and I don't like punto and fabia's look. So, only have to choose either from i20 petrol or diesel.

  • Vishal |16 Sep,2010 06:27:52 PM

    yes i agree wid u, even i have got one booked and am eagerly watin for the delievery. If pssble kindly let me know about the mileage u are getting from the car.

  • Jay |18 Sep,2010 08:20:43 PM

    @rapidfire: I drove both I20 petrol and diesel before buying. I20 petrol engine is not impressive and lacks power whereas diesel engine is very much impressive for me. Maintenance is low and good in mileage, also its good with power when you need :) Diesel engine is a lot better compared to petrol. Diesel engine satisfied my expectations. You can test drive both petrol and diesel variant yourself to know the difference. @Vishal am getting 15-18 kmpl as per my driving conditions. May be if u drive smooth, you might get around 20 kmpl :) New I20 diesel with 6th gear may give you additional 1 or 2 mileage in highways.

  • Vishal |19 Sep,2010 04:33:46 AM

    Hi Jay, It's me Vishal (rapidfire) :) First of all, thnx a ton for replying. After posting the above comment, I luckily got the chance to test drive both i20 1.4 (Asta) and Swift (vdi) on the same day (My Good Luck :)). First I drive, i20, the moment i sit inside the car it feels like awesome (can compared to luxury cars). It was mid night (around 4AM), so the car interiors was like wow, i loved it (especially the red color led's). The car starts without no noise, mean i didn't find when the engine gets started. The car i was driving was a 7-8 month old car having 5 gears. I instantly put the car on highway, changed the gear from 2-3 (it was near 1900 rpm) and it give a shoot like anything. I was actually surprised by that much pickup from a diesel car. I put the car on or 4 gear and the car was near 100 :) (((What I'm trying to explain here is that when we go for a test drive, those car's are dedicatedly for test drives only, but when the car actually runs on the roads from morning to evening then its a different thing. Thats why I'd choose a 7-8 month old car for test drive))). I must say that the my experience was superb and full of excitement. I drive around 3-4 kms and it overall satisfied my expectations which i am actually looking for. You won't believe, I'd already paid 20k advance for petrol Asta which I cancelled and booked the diesel one (Asta). I've also taken the test drive of swift (7-8 months old) as well, the car pickup is better than i20 (i must say). But pickup is not everything (bit compromising here..lolsss). When I sit inside the i20, it gives me a wow feeling whereas the feeling inside the swift was ok ok :( Frankly saying I didn't like the car from inside, especially the dash board. For me definitely i20 diesel is the best car. Just waiting for the mine one now :) (will update once i get the car). Jay, It would be great if you provide me with some driving tips for new car. This is my second car (earlier was 800). One more thing, will the 6th gear in i20 affects the overall pickup of the car ?? (never droved the car having 6 gears) Thnx again??

  • Jay |20 Sep,2010 04:38:00 PM

    @vishal: congrats dude! For so many thanks, you are welcome(talk in friendly way, no need of thanks). Yeah, sitting inside I20 feels good for me as well. You liked red color leds but you will get only blue color leds in new I20, tell me how blue color leds are? once you get the car(i have not seen I20 with blue leds inside so far). The diesel engine noise is there but we wont notice inside the car, thanks to insulation :) i get the test drive thing what you told, i too drove my friends I20 diesel and petrol both. i suggested you for test drive in general because everyone wont have friends with the car which we like to test(hehe). If you need pick up just keep the car above 1900 rpm(turbo kicks around 1800 rpm i guess) most of the times then you will feel like flying(lolz). 6th gear wont affect anything, but its useless inside city. In NH, if you drive more than 130kmph then you can shift for 6th gear. You might be able to maintain mileage even at high speeds with 6th gear(usually when i go high speeds like 150kmph, mileage drops). I have no personal experience about 6th gear, you can add review for the 6th gear(:P). Tips: am not a pro with cars. Usually i dont go beyond 3000rpm(a tip from my I20 friend) but sometimes i go till 4000rpm(lolz) and very rarely even more(not recommended). Get an extended warranty for 3 years when Hyundai offers(it might be useful). If you like performance, change for better tyres(optional though). Welcome to the I20 diesel club and write your review for your new I20 diesel as well :)

  • k.subramanian |30 Sep,2010 12:33:05 PM

    since ur usage is 100 kms daily i would recommend u to go for a diesel car.if ur usage is less than 50 km daily, then petrol version is the best

  • Vishal |03 Oct,2010 07:30:28 AM

    Hey Jay !! how things going on...i hope you doin great. All of your suggestions/instructions are welcomed and accepted :) Might be within 1 or 2 weeks i'll get the car (acc. to the dealer) so, lets hope for the best. Sure, once i'll get the car, till the time i get used to it, i'll post the reviews for sure. Okay, one thing i would like to ask, do you have any experience with the car in hilly roads...coz i travel in hilly roads once in a month (around 200kms).I checked the forums and didn't find any good reviews regarding driving i20 in hilly roads. Yeah, i found one but that was drastically against the car. They said that the car is not capable for hilly areas, they compared it with 800 :( . But i think that review was for the i20 petrol, and this car indeed has a small engine 1.2L. When I took the test drive of i20 petrol, i personally didn't liked that much. It was ok-ok driving experience. Hope the diesel will not disappoint me in terms of anything, hilly areas too. If you have some reviews/experience, loved to hear that. :)

  • vamshee |08 Oct,2010 01:56:12 PM

    hi.. all's fine. i often hear diesel cars maintainance is high. i am planning to go for a petrol i20. any suggestions or opinions are welcome. moreoner, i have a soft corner towards swift :-)

  • Jay |10 Oct,2010 10:45:19 PM

    @vishal: hi dude, yesterday i went for hill station and i didnt face any problem. I20 petrol might have problem but not I20 diesel for me. I too read that review but its for I20 petrol. Me and my friend went for a hill station and no problems faced. My friend was drifting while we were going upwards. We had a lot of fun while driving, it was one of the best experience i had. Now you have booked and you can try yourself.

  • Jay |10 Oct,2010 10:57:47 PM

    @vamshee: hi, I20 diesel maintenance is low. But its based on usage of the car. If your usage is less then better go for petrol(swift) or else diesel would be best and fuel efficient :)

  • ch gopal krishna |03 Nov,2010 10:59:25 PM

    i am in a view to take i20 but in dilemma whether to take disel or petrol version my usage is only weekends with my family even if i go long only about 200-250km to and fro from my native place but in reviews they are saying it is better to go for diesel version when compared to petrol because of engine capacity is some what low

  • arun |10 Nov,2010 09:03:56 AM

    sexy car dudes i never saw this type of car in its class.../

  • arun |10 Nov,2010 09:04:56 AM

    everyone has to try this car once....///nice car....i having now i20 crdi...sportz...///

  • Mitul |15 Nov,2010 11:07:04 PM

    HI Vishal/Jay, It was very useful to read your complete conversation. I have one question about GROUND CLEARENCE. is i20 touches the bumps? As i am planning to buy New 1.4 ASTA with AVN. I couldn't find any review of new ASTA with AVN if you have any links please share.

  • vsrajesh |25 Nov,2010 09:14:56 AM

    i am planning to buy a i20 diesel asta 1.4 and so all ur reviews were very positive but just one thing which i heard is about the resale value is less, is it true, anyway i donot mean to sell it in the near future but may be after 5 to 6 years. what it the mileage? how much kms is the service done.what is the service cost

  • CarDekho Team |26 Nov,2010 05:40:12 PM

    Resale value for all brands and cars has gone down as now people change cars often. Dont worry Hyundai and Maruti hold their ground much better than some of the other brands in the used car market, go ahead with the i20 Diesel its one of the best and most powerful Diesel hatch around. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • kapel. |30 Nov,2010 05:54:55 PM

    whih ar model i should go with fully loaded features.

  • Arunkumar |02 Jan,2011 09:44:00 AM

    HI friends 2 days back i booked i20Asta crdi car. its very good car but i have some dought . i20 car have front and rear guards ( steel guards) . pla tellme if available . wher ?

    Jay |07 Apr,2011 10:41:18 PM

    Its not available as far as i know. i looked for it already and people said its not possible to fit in I20. Guards are mostly for SUV or MUV cars like Toyota Innova, i guess.

  • priyangshu |08 Jan,2011 01:55:42 PM

    I also booked one i20crdi magna at Akash hyundai nagaon assam on 18th December.Delivery date given 10-11th January.Waiting for my korian beauty.

    Jay |07 Apr,2011 10:42:17 PM

    Cool :)

  • vinsh |04 Apr,2011 06:32:46 PM

    Great Work Jay ,, But any IDEA about how much Yur Girl Friendz Like the Car ,,? mean are They Crazy about I20 Asta ;)

    Jay |07 Apr,2011 10:43:13 PM

    no idea. ask ur gf and let me knw.

  • shashi |07 Apr,2012 12:36:27 PM

    i have booked my i20 sports CRDi, after much analysis of about 7-8 months, on net reviews, talking to users. today i got the test drive an it was just awesome superb pickup and comfort, earlier i decided to go with ford figo then swift (thinking why to pay about 1.0L extra for hyundai)but when i sat in i20 believe me u will feel being inside a luxary car, great space seating comfort and ofcourse looks the killer one. even the extra money u pay is worth n not extra. this car deserves that. secondly the largest hyundai service ntk in any city( after tata n maruti). its too early for me to say about the milage but definitely a diesel car in good run will give 20kmpl(any brand). one thing i would like to say ford people speak too much, empty vessel more noise( thats where they hit user mind, n used cheap quality material, with low durability as seen in various blogs, figo vibrates and gets rusted easily in months). swift good option but not that original swift engine as earlier maruti dealer told me and ofcourse too common so dropped swift. finally i20 sports CRDi. will be writing soon after a few thousand kms.

  • sasi |27 Jan,2013 06:02:54 PM

    Hi Jay/vishal..Thannks much for ur decent and valuable comments. I've decided to book i20 diesel. I'm worried about maintanence cost in diesel. Is that maintnenance cost is high compared to petrol?. Probalbly ill use 200 kms per week. Thanks,

  • sasi |27 Jan,2013 06:05:52 PM

    Hi Jay, Im really surprised, i belong to Erode too..:) Pls provide me ur contact no. My maild id: sasidharan89@hotmail.com I'm waiting for ur comments

  • Gurhappy |16 Jul,2015 12:29:24 AM

    Bhai me NEW gadi lani chunda ha i20 le la

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