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Rating of Hyundai Grand i10 2016-2017
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Hyundai Grand i10 CNG Review

for Magna

Hello friends, After using Hyundai Eon for 2. 5 years I purchased Grand i10 for better power. With the car costing, I also paid 70k for Hyundai CNG. After a month CNG fitment was done. First, let's talk about 1-month petrol usage. No doubt in comfort, suspensions it is far better than EON but the main issue is mileage and for it is very important as my daily run is approx 45-50 km. I got mileage 10-11 Kmpl with AC in Pune city traffic conditions. It was peak traffic time due to rainy season. I think it will give 12-13 kmpl in normal traffic conditions. Now I switch to CNG. If we drive on CNG, it is obvious to get less power and pickup but for me, mileage is more important. With 4 passengers, AC on, slopes and 70 kg cylinder you will feel lag. I asked the dealer to increase pickup and it seems better now but still not like petrol, but I m ok with it. Now I am getting mileage 18-19 km per kg on CNG in city traffic. Hopefully, I would get around 23 on highways. So simple rule is whatever mileage u get on petrol, u will get approx 1. 5 times on CNG. Approx 8.5 kg CNG is filled in the cylinder. Calculation of CNG mileage: Every morning Initial 2 km are run on petrol before auto switching to CNG, so I calculated CNG mileage after deducting that 2-3 km on petrol. Suppose I filled 8kg CNG and in 4 days total my car runs 160 km when CNG is over. Now 2-3 km per day on petrol I will deduct 10 km for 4 days, so total run on CNG will be 160-10=150. Mileage would be 150/8=19 km per KG. Pros: Better mileage than petrol. Hyundai looks and CNG combination. Cylinder comes with a cover, not given in Maruti. Comes with 2-year warranty. Rear suspensions are changed to harder suspensions to bear the load of the cylinder. Cons: CNG service is not available with all dealers, Maruti has better CNG service network. CNG fitment is after factory, so it will be included in RC once petrol RC reaches you. You need to wait first for petrol RC. In Maruti cars, it is fitted in the factory so RC comes with CNG. Mileage may be bit less than Maruti CNG cars. I observed Celerio CNG tuning was bit smoother than Hyundai. Now if you don't like Maruti looks, interior etc but want CNG then you can go ahead with Hyundai cars with CNG. I liked Hyundai cars than Maruti so opted for it with CNG. Suggestions: Due to warranty, If you want Hyundai CNG then first wait for Petrol RC then ask the dealer for fitment. If there is no petrol RC then You cannot register for CNG. CNG pump may deny filling CNG without CNG plate. The unnecessary cylinder will lie in boot space. Same kind of kits can be fitted outside in 35 k only. So if you want to drive the car on petrol for approx 1 year then fit that 35 k sequential CNG kit. In that 1 year, you will come to know about any issue in the car other if any issue comes then the dealer may blame that externally fitted CNG. If the daily run is 40-50 km then, to save 70k you will need to run your car on CNG for 2 years. To save 35k it will take 1 year. So choosing a nearby external CNG kit also gain good option for quick service.

Sachin Singh
On: Oct 23, 2016 | 11084 Views
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