Confused and Disappointed.

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Pros : Looks and comfort

Cons : Pick up, battery

Look and Style: It looks great. No issues with the appearance. Comfort is also equally good especially spacing behind. Pickup: Not happy at all. Pick up drops frequently on long stretches of steep roads. In fact an Eon was able to outrun my car on the highway. Recently 1 day back my car batteries failed. I called the service centre and they say it's because I got the autostart model. Apparently I need to use the car everyday for an hour, otherwise my batteries fail. How odd is that.?? My car is hardly a month old so im really disappointed. Mileage: Its ok. 20 on highways and within city around 15. Best Features: The look. Needs to improve: Really needs to do something about the the batteries. Overall Experience: Ok . Not Great

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  • san |25 Nov,2013 04:33:13 PM

    Mr. Gale Kathleen, Please can you share with us which car are you using... diesel or petrol? Regarding battery issue, there is no mandate that you should use the car every day. I have a Grand Diesel with push button start and even after 3 days of not using it, I do not have any battery issues. May be you are having a faulty battery - why don't you give a try to get the battery replaced as it is under warranty?

    Gale |27 Nov,2013 07:34:07 PM

    I am using the petrol sportz version. Anyway wat i can say is that yday the representative from the hyundai showroom called after checking the car and said that many i10 grand with autostart were facing the same problems. Many complaints have come. There is some kind of a software issue with the newly launched models. So now they have agreed to upgrade the software today. If the pproblem still persists they have agreed to change the batteries. So im expecting my car back tomorrow. Waiting to c the outcome .

    Ramesh Kumar |28 Jan,2014 05:27:58 PM

    Dear Gale, I am planning procure the GRAND I 10 SPORTZ version. pls. feed give the your feed back after your facing the battery issue now that software all upgraded or still they have same isssue. Ramesh

    Gale Kathleen |29 Jan,2014 08:46:15 AM

    Yes my car has been updated. So far now there are no problems. Im just hoping that in future I dont have an issue again. Please think twice and make sure you get a commitment on paper from your dealer regarding battery drainage issue and software updation before purchasing this car.

    puneet |08 Dec,2014 04:02:06 PM

    Reply to gar

    Gagan Chawla |24 Jan,2015 09:26:13 AM

    Gagan Chawla I am doing job in hyundai showroom as a sales Manager. There are no any issue with push button start any car. Dear change Ur car battery if uunder warranty grand car is good performance car if any clarification. Plz call me o. +919814500765

    spider |10 Mar,2016 11:22:11 AM

    Sir what is the mileage of this car if v drive in reverse gear

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    puneet |08 Dec,2014 03:58:17 PM

    Hi it s a grt car

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    gcycy |23 Jul,2015 03:57:03 PM

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    jagadish rajbingshi |19 Dec,2015 09:11:36 PM

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  • Kunal |27 Nov,2013 05:47:45 PM

    Hello, I went to the dealer last weekend to purchase the body cover for grand i10. There i found a free check-up camp being organized by Hyundai and they ran some upgrade program. The services GM told me that there were a few complaints abt battery getting completely drained and that's why this camp. I also met the person who had this complain and he told that it happened on the highway. He called the 24x7 support and they too couldn't find the cause of the battery being drained off. They took the car and if I remember, they got the battery replaced. Regards, Kunal

    Gale Kathleen |27 Nov,2013 07:37:34 PM

    Yes thanks . The sales person said its because of a software glitch with autostart models. Now they are upgrading the software. Tomo i should get my car back from the service centre. Waiting to c if further battery problems persists.

    Wadhwa |08 Jan,2014 11:18:24 PM

    Hi Gale...Is thebattery problem still persisting after software upgarde

  • ASWIN KUMAR |28 Nov,2013 02:09:41 PM

    I am planning to buy grand i10 asta(petrol), but after the above written battery issue... I am confused. please reply me. Whtether your problem has solved or not. I have choosed grand i10 asta (petrol) over maruti suzuki swift vxi(petrol) confused in between swift and grand i10. please help. regards aswin.

    Kunal |28 Nov,2013 02:35:53 PM

    Hi Aswin, I was out of station for 4 days and my car didn't give me any problem when I was back yesterday. Even though i had not faced this issue, the software was upgraded last Saturday by Hyundai. So, I don't think there is much to worry about this. Regards, Kunal

    Gale |28 Nov,2013 02:51:30 PM

    The main issue I have is after purchase of a brand new car, I expect it to be perfect. If i had known about this software issue in the beginning I definitely would not have bought this car. I hope this helps you. After all there is so much of money invested into buying a car and as a customer I want the best.

    Manish |12 Dec,2013 03:31:28 PM

    dont worry not a big issue i m using grand crdi sports version not a issue of battery till date my daily running is 100 km

    adsde |19 Jan,2014 01:13:14 PM

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    Laxmi |30 Jan,2014 05:44:30 PM

    Do not buy boss.

    ASWIN KUMAR |01 Feb,2014 07:44:14 AM

    do not buy which one grand i10 or wsift ???

  • Rishi |30 Nov,2013 03:33:16 PM

    i want to purchase new grand i10 Desieal car , can you help me out , it is batter or not

    Abdulgani K.Tamboli |09 Jan,2014 05:14:50 PM

    Hyundai peoples are not providing good service

    Laxmi |30 Jan,2014 05:45:50 PM

    Do not buy boss

    dsafsdf |01 Apr,2014 07:08:44 PM

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  • Manoj rawat |01 Dec,2013 08:10:02 PM

    i want to buy grand i10( petrol/diesel) version. will you pls advice me to go with grand i10 in petrol / diesel or swift . as due to above cases in battery issue i am little bit confused.

  • neha |01 Dec,2013 11:00:30 PM

    i want to buy I 10 grand pertrol version but i confused do to battery issue plz advice can i go or not .

    Puneet |24 Sep,2014 10:48:17 PM

    do not purchase. i am facing lot of issues. Regards, Puneet 09888704085

  • kiran rathod |04 Dec,2013 08:32:36 PM

    i purchased grand i10 magna petrol version on 10/10/2013. first time i faced battery problem but they charge from other car and it start working. and i satisfy with other function. but at present i am very very disappointed and i fill bad. because there is definately some major battery related problem. even we did not use for 4 days battery go down completed and not easily recharge.. but we have to do this experiment for solving future problems..and i do not know why hyundai launch this car without testing properly. now i am very very irritate.. ...friends i want to know that if i give car for first service and for solving this battery problem to other dealer because i purchase from gandhinagar and now i am in mehsana

  • siva |05 Dec,2013 11:03:41 AM

    Hi, I purchased Grand i10 Car Sportz petrol model 2 months back and using daily. 1 week I went to my home town and after coming back when I tried to start my car it's not working. Then called up showroom and they came, verified and said battery got dried. One thing I'm not clear why battery gets dried in just 1 week that too Petrol version. Showpeople said for Grand i10 model there is one new feature i.e to switch on/off which will be under steering when you donot use car for more than 4 days to avoid from battery drying. But still this should be an additional feature but removing existing feature and irrititating customers. And also we need to call showroom for getting battery recharge

  • Kunal |06 Dec,2013 03:01:00 PM

    Hi siva and Kiran, Please check my comment from 28 Nov. Please contact your dealer to upgrade the software. The cause seems to be a microchip which drains out the battery due to wrong programming. I have kept my car without use for 4 days twice after software upgrade and haven't had the problem yet. Regards, Kunal

  • Sunil |06 Dec,2013 06:25:26 PM

    Huffffffff.... That's a relaxing news by Kunal. I was really tensed going for Grand i10. Now that you said software update solved the problem i can happily buy with smile :) Thanks

  • kumar |08 Dec,2013 12:04:36 AM

    Thanks u all to discuss the week point of Hyundai Grand i10. This is really helpful for me as I have booked grand i10 and it would be a chek for me before delivery to ask this to showroom guys.

  • Vivek Sharma |09 Dec,2013 01:33:21 PM

    I'm planning to buy Grand i10 in the month of Feb & March 2014. After going through the above comments regarding the battery drian out, i'm very confused. Is the battery issue solved in upcoming cars or Not?

  • Kunal |09 Dec,2013 04:49:26 PM

    Guys, I am pretty satisfied with the car so far with no complains yet. TOUCHWOOD !! :) Regarding the battery drain out issue, software upgrade should fix it ; however, there is also a button to switch OFF the battery just below the steering. It's a yellow colour toggle button. It is in ON position by default. While going away for more than a couple of days you can switch if OFF just as a precaution. Hope this helps ! Regards, Kunal

    AW Xavier |16 Jan,2014 11:02:17 PM

    Hi Mr Kunal, your note to isolate the battery is valuable, even if software problem is resolved. I am planning to buy Grand i10 petrol, but now in confusion. While browsing some of the sites including Cardeko, I noticed the mileage as 12 in city. Whereas Hyundai claim is 15.9 in city and 19 plus on highway. Can you share the results you have from your car. In case if you have diesel, that is also alright, as I find similar information 15 kpl in city for diesel version. Note: I had test drive of petrol and diesel.The car is comfortable, spacious, good power in petrol version, lacks power and noisy in diesel version, all in city bumper to bumper traffic conditrion and narrow lanes.

  • Mrinal |16 Dec,2013 11:50:53 AM

    Guys, I too faced similar issue of battery drain within 10 days of purchase of petrol sportz Grand i10. Got very disappointed due to this. At the very first time, they sent the 24x7 assistance team at my home and they started the car with an advise to drive car daily to avoid such problem. But, mandatory drive daily!! Unfortunately, I was out for 5 days after this and, again it developed the same issue. This time they jump started the car and took to the service station. Apparently, Hyundai in-house technical team visited the dealer's service station and fixed the issue. Though I am not aware of any software upgrade, they mentioned that there was issue of power leakage and the same is fixed. After that, I never had any issue.. ya, touchwood!! Perhaps Hyundai should look into this and provide a key-in start option too, if auto push button doesn't help.

  • sivaram |24 Dec,2013 10:51:13 AM

    Hi, Iam planning to buy a i10 grand petrol version. What is the mileage you are getting in this vehicle?

  • SHAIK GOHAR |29 Dec,2013 10:29:41 PM

    Dear All, please let me know i like to buy Grand i10 Manga (petrol) by next month, please advice shall i go for that or wait.

  • k guha |04 Jan,2014 01:20:43 PM

    grand i10 battery problem solved till date or not.

  • Manish |06 Jan,2014 03:18:03 PM

    Has the battery drain issue in grand i10 (Sportz) been resolved yet or not... really confused shall i go for grand i10 or search for some other car....

  • Kunal |06 Jan,2014 03:39:55 PM

    I haven't faced the issue yet. Even before upgrade I didn't have any issue.

  • Mayur |11 Jan,2014 06:51:02 PM

    I want to buy Grand i10 petrol (Sportz),but by reading all above discussion I am confused and I am worried about its mileage too.Can anybody tell its mileage and battery drain problem still persist or not?

  • davis |12 Jan,2014 05:01:43 PM

    I have purchased a grand i10 sportz petrol in 3rd week of Dec 13. No such battery drain problem was faced till today even I kept this car idle for more than 10 days.

    ss |19 Feb,2014 02:25:40 PM

    This indeed a great news that new lots are free from this issue

  • Rajesh |13 Jan,2014 11:38:00 AM

    I want to buy i10 Grand Magna, plz tell me how was the performance and mileage. Music system not available in this model. Music system Compatibility option available in the market? Plz help me

  • ss pillai |26 Jan,2014 10:26:11 PM

    Hello, the message re: battery drain out even within few days of purchase of this car is quite alarming. A car manufacturing company like Hyundai should look into this on top priority and fix it. I have booked an I10 Grand Sportz to be delivered first week of Feb but now I am in a state of confusion - to be or not to be ?? Appreciate comments from Hyundai Team.

  • Gale Kathleen |29 Jan,2014 08:53:00 AM

    Yes I definately feel the same way. I expect atleast the hyundai guys to inform me of these problems before I make a purchase. Its not like they are unaware of it. Also Im paying quite a substantial amount compared to the other cars in the market. Its really disappointing and frustrating when u get up in the morning, ready to drop your kid to school and work and your brand new car is completely dead on you.....

  • Gale Kathleen |29 Jan,2014 08:57:21 AM

    I have updated my car recently. Im not facing this issue now. But wat if this happens again in future after a year or so. Then my warranty will run out and i will have to shell out money to fix this problem. Henceforth I will never buy a new car in the market. Will only buy tried and tested already existing new cars only.

  • b v shankara narayna rao |02 Feb,2014 11:00:27 PM

    i am taking delivery of hundai grand i10 tmw. Trust Trust Hyundai team has properly addressed all the manufacturing glitches pointed out by other customers.......

    pete |27 Feb,2014 07:16:23 AM

    After you bought the vehicle on the 2nd of Feb, have you had any issues with the change? have you parked the vehicle for a few days and then tried starting the car?

  • b v shankara narayna rao |02 Feb,2014 11:02:23 PM

    How is hyundai after sales service in bangalore. Users can you please guide me

  • gale kathleen |05 Feb,2014 12:26:06 PM

    My car's battery died again yday afternoon. Inspite of updating the software, this has happened. Extremely angry and disappointed. The service guys are now saying that they have to renew the updation. I cant believe this. Please dont purchase i10 grand. Seems the car is defective.

    AW Xavier |20 Feb,2014 01:36:10 AM

    There are several opinion stating no problem of battery drain, but you have the problem even after software update. Can you post further action by hyundai and present status. Note: i understand the problem was addressed by hyundai but details are unavailable with marketing team of the dealer in Bangalore.

  • Kunal |07 Feb,2014 08:20:59 PM

    Okay, my car was parked without use for 9 days and no battery drain issues. So, please don't worry if anyone wants to buy this car.

  • bijoy |10 Feb,2014 03:31:48 PM

    i brought grand i10 of Dec 13 but till date on problem .AC is superb .I had Wagon R and exchanged it for Grand i10.I have driven Figo and Swift ( both in long trips) and during both ride my left leg had small muscle cramps( exhausted light pain).But with Grand i10 I don't have this problem this may be due to the new technology of hyundai( both gear system & stearing system). Mine is Asta version( without ABS& airbag) the money I spent is worth it with the features offered in this car( keyless entry- superb,electric movable rear view mirror,rear window wiper with defoager,in-built music system,rear parking sensor,spacious rear seat- three adults & one child can comfortably sit.Only disadvantage of the height adjustable driver seat, which is just a advt gimmick, no use of this feature.

  • satish |19 Feb,2014 01:19:37 PM

    Dear All, There is absolute no issue of batteries or software etc.. I got petrol sportz on 17th oct-13. Till now, there is no single issue of my car (touchwood). I even kept it stationary for 7-8 days each month,as i tour every month to out locations. Still there is no issue of battery or other thing. Space is good - even 4 adults travelled in it (backseat) without much discomfort. Music- sound are good - (no need to insert woofers for music lovers), Milage - Pune city - 15 o 17. - daily running - 30 kms Highway - 22 to 24 (petrol), you wont belive but till date i have travelled 4 to 5 times on Express way and other highway - Milage is awesome. Interiors & exteriors will definetly make you fall in love with it. only concern is the pick up on ghat ways. One of the above comment is right that pick up falls on extreme streched way. Other things is the suspensions - Feel like car is punctured when it goes into ditch or kattccha road. It could have been much stronger. Apart from these two concerns, car is awesome. ** Would like to see more grand i10s on road as whenever i have came accrossed with other Grand i10 car, the respective owners have smiled and given a hint that we are proud of our car.. Go and just get it.!!

  • Piyush Patel |25 Feb,2014 11:37:00 AM

    looks great. No issues with the appearance. Comfort is also equally good especially spacing behind. Recently 1 day back my car batteries failed. two times I called the service centre and they say its becuse i got the autostart model. Apparantly i need to use the car everyday for an hour, otherwise my batteries fail. How odd is that.?? My car is hardly a month old so im really disappointed. Mileage: Its ok. 20 on highways and within city around 16. Best Features: The look. Needs to improve: Really needs to20 do something about the the batteries. Overall Experience: Ok . Battery is really weeks this model

  • Amit Singh |25 Feb,2014 05:33:13 PM

    Dear all please tell me , i want to buy G 10 will you explain wheater i go for petrol or diseal my monthly running is about 100-150 km regards Asingh

    kishore reddy |03 Jul,2015 11:38:57 PM

    Blindly go for petrol

  • Ravinder |15 Mar,2014 07:28:56 AM

    hey friend ..i want to purchase a new car. but i m confuse dbtween ..i20 magna,grand i10 Asta, Figo titanium. Please hel friends. Is there any serious issue about battery in Grand i10. and what about their milage in city.

  • pritam |06 Apr,2014 08:39:52 PM

    hi guys, I am planning to buy Grand i10 diesel sportz version. is it good decision ? please reply...

  • b hazra |29 Apr,2014 01:47:19 PM

    hey frnds, i am from jamshedpur, Jharkhand, i plan to buy a car but i am confused which car is good whether it is swift, grand i10 or hundai xent please advice me there is price factore also, here on road price of swift vxi is 5,40,000, grand i10 (m) 4, 84,000 and xcent price is 5,08,000

  • indrajeet |10 May,2014 09:33:42 PM

    hi friends planning to buy G i10, kindly let me know wether any issues are still with its battery , and regarding mileage and othe things

  • Indrajeet |10 May,2014 09:34:39 PM

    planning for sportz petrol

  • ashish |19 May,2014 05:05:47 PM

    hi frds, I bought grand I 10 (petrol) Asta on 2nd of May 2014. Before, I was also confused with swift but truly after going through all the details and comparison from head to toe of both the cars, I fill proud to be the owner of grand i10. features r excellent , interior and exterior looks grt, and offcorse the comfort is very high as compare to swift.. as i have not got the number for election purpose, but still drove the car in my area and wood touch I did't faced any problem with the car.

  • Prashant |21 May,2014 02:21:21 PM

    Hi Guys, I'm also planning to go for Grandi10 Sportz petrol model. Kindly let me know if the battery issue is still there or it has been completely resolved in the currently available models. Thanks!

    G.N.Srinivasan |26 May,2014 10:12:42 PM

    I too faced the problem with the battery when i stopped my Grand ASTA petrol for three days.I took it in Sep 2013.It happened after 1 st service. then the dealear took it and installed the soft wear. After that i did not stop for more than one day .I have to wait and watch.

    puneet pathak |08 Dec,2014 05:21:52 PM

    Rep 2 reply

  • Naga |02 Jun,2014 09:03:24 PM

    Hi, I have purchased Asta ( o) petrol on 2nd may , travelled 1500 kms during one month. I am very much satisfied with this car when compared to swift ( looks outgoing). Mileage is approx 14.0 now and I expect this will improve after first oil change. This is my first car, driving after 14.0 years after learning from driving school, I am really happy with this car. I suggest that this is very good hatch back and I recommend to go for it with its awesome features. value for money car.

  • Karan |04 Jun,2014 03:26:36 AM

    Dear All, Firstly thanks everyone for your valuable feedback's. After going through all the above comments, I would like to know is the Battery issue with Grand I10 persist or its resolved. I want to use this car twice in a week as I have another hatch car Daewoo Matiz 2000 model for daily use however started giving me some startup problems this days. Please suggest would it be good to choose Grand if am planning to take my vehicle out twice a week. thank you.

  • avi |04 Jun,2014 11:51:44 PM


  • avi |04 Jun,2014 11:55:41 PM

    Hi ppl! I had almost decided to go for G-i10 Sportz Diesel model, was supposed to book the vehicle in a couple of days. Now after reading so many comments regarding the battery issue, i'm a bit reluctant. Can anybody let me know if this problem still persists?? Thanks!

  • Shiv |30 Jun,2014 02:46:54 PM

    Even I decided to buy the car but now I will rethink....

  • yongstars |30 Jul,2014 07:04:02 PM

    Hello friends, i have decided to buy Grand i 10 magna. Now i am confused that after reading all the comments stated above, i came to know that Grand i 10 is having battery issue. Is this problem still exist or if i ordered in August month 2014, will i get updated system software installed to overcome battery issue. Please suggest me friends. Your suggestion through experience is highly solicited.

  • Ravindra |15 Aug,2014 01:33:53 PM

    Hello, friends I m the first time buyer of any four wheeler and concentrating on Hyundai Petrol cars. My budget is 6-7 Lacs. I have decided to purchase Grand i 10 ASTA (Option) Petrol Grand i 10. But after reading the reviews about the battery drain problem in Grand i 10, I m little confused about this Car. as I m not the regular user of the car except on Holidays or Weekend . I m little afraid if I dont use the car for 4-5 days my car will also give battery drain problem. What should I do ?. But I liked the car specially its features in such budget. Pl advise the after completing nearly one year after the aririval of the car in market, whether the battery problem still persists in this car.

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  • abhishek |27 May,2015 10:02:35 PM

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  • rajeev |09 Aug,2015 09:57:00 PM

    Company shud rectify it's battery ñ auto start problems

  • satish bishnoi |21 Sep,2015 11:57:23 AM

    Celerio zxi optional is better or grand i 10 asta.plz guide me.

    Devendrareddy |31 Jan,2016 10:52:28 PM

    Grand I10 Asta better

  • jekil |05 Oct,2015 12:20:34 PM

    Hello all I am planning to buy petrol version sports model for grand i10 Can you suggest me petrol or diesel which is best for me Per month max driving 1100km. Also anyone ans me about maintaince Thank you.

    VK Datta Alwar |17 Nov,2015 10:17:35 PM

    Hallo Jekill- I am proud owner of Grand I 10. Purchased on 19 Oct 21 015. It is amazing car No battery issue. It is value for money. Mileage is good. Good keyless entry. Electric folding OVRM . Sound quality is superb.u can go for without any second thoug

  • Ashvin panchal |20 Nov,2015 06:07:58 PM

    Hi I want to by grand i10 diesel but what if I will not drive or start car for 7 to 10 days is there any battery issue or additional maintainance cost ?

  • Teja |28 Nov,2015 09:40:56 AM

    I am planning to buy grand i10 sportz petrol variant . Pls suggest me on mileage and other cons of this car

  • sandeep |08 Dec,2015 04:26:35 PM

    It is a good car,look is sporty

  • jagadish rajbingshi |19 Dec,2015 09:26:17 PM

    HYUNDAI DECEMBER best offers (Zero down payment ,Free Insurance ,Cash and exchange Bonus) Eon : savings up to 46,065 I10 saving up to : 52,754 Grand i10 savings up to : 63,316 Xcent savings up to : 64,583 For mor info call 8724991463 for guwahati

  • dinanath mili |23 Dec,2015 07:50:53 PM

    nice car . i had buy top model.

  • Deepankar |28 Dec,2015 10:49:12 AM

    I am planning to buy basic CNG version for commercial purposes...please suggest

  • raghav aggarwal |14 Mar,2016 06:58:17 PM

    Is there a problem of suspension on your car?

  • pranjal |17 Mar,2016 02:43:42 PM

    Is the battery issue of grand i10 asta is solved now or not

  • Apoorv Dandavate |26 Apr,2016 09:01:03 PM

    I don't agree with you coz I have the same car with autostart feature nothing is going wrong. The batteries are working good and the performance is also good. There can be some technical problem In some cars

  • Rajesh Sharma |22 May,2016 03:16:37 PM

    Is it petrol .

    ravi |23 Dec,2016 11:02:44 AM

    Plz advice iam planning to buy grand i10 sportz in this month how the vehicle performance

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