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Ford Fiesta Classic - A true classic

for 1.6 Duratec LXI

Look and Style - As the name suggests, this car is the classic edition of the Ford Fiesta model. In my opinion the name is a keeper considering that Ford India has been true to its word and given a 'classic' feel to the car. If you're one of those people who prefer their cars to have that slight vintage look, then this car will definitely be on your list. Its got those big soft-focus front and rear lights that you usually get with the older models which I personally prefer over the newer sleeker lights that most cars have today.   Comfort – The comfort levels on the car are simply awesome. Being a tall person plenty of leg room is something I consider a must in any car I purchase. The Fiesta lives up to its promise of being a classic and delivers plenty of leg room for both the rear passengers and those in front. The suspensions are a bit on the stiffer side of things but I'm not complaining considering its a cost-cut segment entry car.   Pickup – The pickup on this car to be honest is as expected, average. The transmission is slightly soggy specially if you're among those people who shift from second. But then again, its to be expected for the price you're being asked to pay.   Mileage – Enough praise for the car. In terms of the mileage of Ford Fiesta Classic, this car is definitely an under achiever. Considering that the older models hand out almost twice the mileage, this is definitely one of the things that will deter Indian consumers. The Fiesta Classic will probably give you a mileage of around 8-10 Kmpl within the city and around 12-14 Kmpl on the highway.   Best Features – I've always considered the smaller things to be the more important ones. The Fiesta classic has given the passengers a nice new reading lamp for those long journeys! The surprisingly good air conditioning is also worth mentioning. And obviously the classic look of the car would top the 'best feature' list any day.    Needs to improve – Mileage and transmission. The Ford Fiesta mileage needs to be given an obvious priority considering the Indian fanaticism for fuel efficient cars. Transmission also needs more tweaking since the shifts get slightly unresponsive after a while.    Overall Experience – All in all I'm fairly happy with this neat little car. In spite of the bad fuel efficiency and soggy transmission, you will still proclaim it as yours with some pride.   

By zeyad khan
On: May 28, 2012 | 4370 Views
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May 31, 2012 4:23:47 PM

Kindly tell the mileage is for petrol or diesel model

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    j.jeny wesslin
    May 29, 2012 12:29:47 PM

    Hey what is the top speed???

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    Jun 5, 2012 11:38:04 AM

    dear jeny can u please suggest that about grond clearence of this car. bcoz i am buying this car 1.4 diesel exi version. but one of my friend told that ground clearence is bad comparing to the desire. waiting for ur valuable feed back.

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      Ford Fiesta Classic
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