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Proud owner of the Ford Ecosport -Titanium 1.5 Diesel variant

By for Ford EcoSport 2013-07-02 22:52:38.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : looks, driving comfort and tons of features

Cons : Rear seat space

Look and Style: The car looks superb. It looks much better than I had seen in any video or photo. Style is very contemporary; I could not have asked for a better-looking car. I love it.

Comfort: I've not noticed any discomfort. More space in rear seat would have been a definite plus. Adequate leg room is there, definitely better than the Duster ( the main reason why I did not purchase Duster). 

Pickup: I have not driven it on a highway. City driving is comfortable. Gear shifts and pick up is excellent. On third gear, you may feel a little delay for a couple of seconds.

Mileage: I am not sure as it is too early to call. The console says it is 15kmpl.

Best Features: Looks and drivability.

Needs to improve: I did not like the glove compartment as I have to struggle to close it.

Overall Experience: It's superb, and I am very happy with the decision.

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  • Bunny |03 Jul,2013 03:12:34 PM

    I have booked a white Ecosport Titanium. Good to hear that the car is performing well. It is a far better deal than Duster, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. The dealer says he will deliver by July end. Fingers crossed. Cheers and Congrats!

    abhishek |07 Jul,2013 06:31:06 AM

    hi bunny...i also booked d same ecosport...i.e. white in diesel....i just want to ask when did u book ur car??

    Bunny |09 Jul,2013 03:42:30 PM

    Hi Abhishek, I booked on 28th June. I am expecting to get it by July end. Let's see!

    satishkumar |30 Apr,2015 07:42:42 AM

    Hi bunny, I am will to book ford ecosport petrol, I have compared with hundai i20 active, which u feel better. Now ur using ford ecosport, how is pickup and ac in d cabin, how much time taking. Reply me.

    ajeet |13 Nov,2015 10:45:02 PM

    Plz call to me

  • souraj |03 Jul,2013 08:33:55 PM

    Dont even compare this small kid with Mature DUSTER..Duster is like MAN and EcoSports is like Kid. They are both no where near to comparision. The ECOSPORTS is value for money for those who opt to buy Polo or I20. Duster performance, Interior and Comfortable is no where matching with ecosports. Ecosports in terms of look pretty good but doesnt have SUV look. It looks similar to Honda JAZZ but ofcourse little bit bigger in size. Duster has real Muscular Look.

    rahul |07 Jul,2013 10:18:25 AM

    well , I would call duster an old Man rather than a man , looking at its looks, features (lack of it) and comfort. The new Kid Ecosport is far-far better than the old man.

    Vamshee |03 Apr,2016 08:47:59 PM

    Is there navigator within it

    Vamshee |11 Apr,2016 07:27:14 AM

    Is there navigator assistance

    Pankaj |09 Jul,2013 12:08:08 PM

    Looking your interest on SUV the so-called Mature duster has no comparison with Polo or i20 who are class apart the in their segments. Duster is obsolete in its look, someone rightly said its old man than a man LOL. If you really value for money buy SUV's in real terms. Although I don't possess a Duster or Ecosport but i would count Ecosport than the old Hyundai Santa Fe looking Duster.

    kuldeep |12 Jul,2013 09:49:16 AM

    sorry ,pls check again and update about duster power ,price , mileage and above all after sale service .thanx

    Dalvi |14 Sep,2015 02:37:53 PM

    What about dusters look .. Its too bulgy kind . Ugly looking

    Aryan |13 Jul,2013 11:33:20 AM

    Duster's Old story man ford ecosport is so stylish , it gotta lot of features , and a very affordable price tag wat could u ask for more guys dont compare duster with ecosport .duster aint even near it buddies!

    souraj |14 Jul,2013 02:09:39 PM

    Guys, if you like ecosports go for it..Who is stopping you. im..not going for ecosports..bcos interior are same and the driving is same is Fiesta. Doesnt worth it..

    Justin Peter |23 Aug,2013 10:01:18 PM

    I am a NRI living in Australia and i was looking for a good, stylish safe and secure car like what we get in Australia but couldn't find any cars around 9-11 laks budget. Even innova which cost 14 lakhs got only 2 airbags and not much safety features. After livng in australia for a while i have learned one thing Safety first. I am very happy that ecosport gives 6 airbag which is common in Top countries like US and Australia provide in their cars. I have met in an accident 1.5 years ago and curtain airbag on the side saved my life in my toyota prado here in Australia. Also features like EBD, ABS, HLA, TSC etc are really important. If you pay money , you have to look at many features too not just the size of the car. Auto climate control is a must in indian weather. Cooled glocebox adds luxury. Cant realy compare OLD Duster with ecosport. Duster is just a big piece of shit. if you are looking at the size of the car go for an ambassidor. Any way i ahve found what i have looking for. Thanks ford for your the real invention for india.

    ankit |04 Sep,2015 01:08:15 AM

    Why leaving out the BAAP of all SUVs in almost same price bracket.... TATA SAFARI STORME. Except mileage i dont think there is any shortcomings, Humongous looks, road presence, High on power @ 140+ bhp & 300+ torque, most comfortable seats & space

    saurabh |14 Oct,2015 08:51:33 AM

    Duster has only looks but when u hop inside u will see that interiors are very dull n outdated. Rear seats aren't comfortable n no leg room space.

    Aayush Saran |19 Dec,2015 11:33:14 AM

    After reading your post I couldn't stop laughing.😂Ecosport is far better than the Duster,have u seen the interior of duster,It not even in a shape to compare it with Maruti 800.The seat are like u are sitting on a wooden chair,I agree the boot space is more but the cabin space is less.Do you get a cooled glove box or a push to start or 6 airbag or stereo with voice command and emergency assist.Do you get a EBD or ABS,Automatic headlamps,Follow me home headlamps,LED lights,60:40 split rear seat,Rain sensing wipers,Indicators on ORVM,,Automatic climate control,Bluetooth compatibility.Have you seen the sales of Duster and Ecosport its like adding a zero after the last digit of the the number sale of Duster.U can compare the service station.According to me now Duster is a Granddad and Ecosport the Man.

    ajiith |28 Feb,2016 11:05:01 PM

    Honda jazz or ecosport?which one is better

    Manas |22 Jun,2016 01:42:15 PM

    Hi souraj... Duster is good car car. The car is known for its style. Duster is first compact suv in India. Duster is excellent car. You are right. Duster is nice car, but please don't insult ecosport.ðŸ'­!! Duster has some features that ecosport haven't,like duster's boot space is more than ecosport and more bhp power than ecosport. But there are some more featrures that only ecosport have and not available with duster like:- Bluthooth conectivity, synk iPhone, cruise control, real split seats, push button start, automatic shift,alloy wheels(black alloy wheels are also available.)etc. So please don!t insult ecosport!!!!

  • sanu sugathan |04 Jul,2013 11:12:19 PM

    i booked petrole base model. now rethinking to shift to trend. whats your opinion?is it worth?

    R.K |09 Jul,2013 03:02:23 PM

    Its really worth going for Trend,mainly because it got ABS

  • palekar |05 Jul,2013 07:14:09 AM

    I m confused,whether to buy 1.5 diesel Titanium or 1.0 ecoboost titanium.i m a little skeptical about 1.0 ecoboost as it is not a proven engine and whether it will give promised mileage.

    Ashish Surlakar |17 Jul,2013 04:11:46 PM

    if mileage is nt a concern u go for 1.5 titaium or else go for 1.0 titanium

  • Manoj |07 Jul,2013 07:30:06 PM

    Confused about titanium diesel or petrol echo boost 1.0. any body has mileage figures of echo boost 1.0 ?

    Ashish Surlakar |17 Jul,2013 04:16:22 PM

    first u have to make a decision whtr petrol or diesel, thn choose the model . if u drive kms more than 50 thn select diesel or else petrol will be a better option, Eco boost is a very good engine , gr8 in handling but the power for diesel variant will be more believe in urself, select wat u like :)

  • Kartheek |08 Jul,2013 04:24:31 PM

    I have driven the 1.0 ecoboost engine on a Ford Focus here in Germany. No Doubt its better than the diesel but there is a price difference. The performance is very impressive for a 1.0 ( same size as an alto engine :) which you should compare to a normal 1.0 engine. The engine is quite popular in europe as there is no road tax for the car as it emits very low Carbon emissions. Focus and Ecosport are more or less have the same weight and I assume that the engine will do the same justice wth ecosport. The engine can go upto 130-140kmph without any problems on the German highways.

  • Prabhat |10 Jul,2013 06:29:19 PM

    Hi Guys, I am planning to go for Ford Ecosport 1.5 titanium AT petrol. Wants to know when could be the delivery of automatic transmission cars seeing that the normal manual ones are going to take 3 months. Also want to know about performance and mileage. Does AT comes with keyless entry and push button start.

  • vijay gandhi |10 Jul,2013 10:47:42 PM

    really amazing ride of ecosport I book this car now

  • Nagarjuna |12 Jul,2013 07:46:41 AM

    Awesome exterior quality nd looks, good pickup, easy cluch nd gear shift. Overall great compact SUV.

  • kuldeep |12 Jul,2013 09:55:10 AM

    booked trend 1.5 diesel on 29th june ,waiting for my turn ,booked after comparing duster ,artiga and eco sports.i found it value for money .

  • Narasimha |13 Jul,2013 08:36:13 PM

    Looking at the recent ignition issue of diesel variant, is it worth wait for some more time to book to get the feedback and on-road stability. Can any one comment/suggest on this?

    rahul |13 Jul,2013 10:34:46 PM

    well the so called ignition issue is really nothing but just a minor repositioning of a part. I got it done today and it as really nothing serious. If you like the car go ahead and purchase, these small issues hardly matters

    Ashish Surlakar |17 Jul,2013 04:19:26 PM

    rahul said it right for you go ahead me also waiting for delivery expected in oct itseems

  • Manish |15 Jul,2013 08:01:44 PM

    I have booked base version - Ambeiente Petrol. As per dealer 3 months but practically when can I expect delivery? Also, I could't find any review of this model or engine (not automatic). Can you please share if came across any? What the fuel economy of this 1.5L Ti-vct engine for Ecosport? I drive 30 KMs daily & say 50 KM on weekends, is it wise to upgrade to Diesel for 2L price dif ference?

    Ashish Surlakar |17 Jul,2013 04:28:40 PM

    Dear manish Petrol 1.5 L will give you a mileage of around 2 to 3 kms less than what the company promises, expect around 12 kms at an average, If u confused between petrol nd diesel than thr is always a conflict between it, if u looking to sell the car in 5 to 7 years than diesel will be good , if u looking to use the vehicle for 10yrs or more, than petrol is good ford petrol vehicles wil give u less exchange value at an overall i can say that it will be better if u go for 1.0 ecoboost , its an amazing engine

  • rahul |16 Jul,2013 10:42:35 PM

    Further update on Ecosport 1.5 Diesel after 2 weeks of driving:- First of all, I'm as happy with my decision to purchase this car, it is everything I wanted for the money that I paid. There are various posts I-??ve read comparing Ecosports and Duster and the so called lack of performance (pick up etc) in Ecopsort. Let me be very candid, I-??ve only test drove Duster so do not want to comment on its performance or lack of it, but there is nothing lacking that I found in the Ecosports performance. Yes, it did took me some time in getting used to when to shift the gears (at which speed) compared to my old car, but once I got the feel of it there are no issues. In fact I find it very easy to drive (in traffic of city like Delhi), did not feel it lacking power or anything (except maybe a better pickup in 3rd gear around 30-??s ). It is easy to handle and drives like a charm. So do not listen to those duster enthusiast unnecessarily making a big deal out of nothing. The SYNC feature is very useful - anyone who takes a lot of calls during drive time, you would just love this feature and safe. There are few things that could be improved and will enhance driving pleasure in Ecosports:- 1.The horn (so essential in India) is lightly hard to reach in the middle of the steering. 2.Having turn indicator on left of steering is not a good idea -??specially for folks who have more than one car (like I do and drive themselves)-it is a bit confusing and have to make a little bit of effort to remember that when you switch cars. 3.Some of the side pockets plastic could have been more sturdy, otherwise the interiors are very good . 4. last one - not having an option for choosing LED head lights is bad - I personally wanted that very bad. Wish that could be included as an optional / charged feature in ecosport.

    taran |31 Dec,2013 08:39:36 PM

    what problem do u get on 3d gear, everyone is complaning about this nd is it worth buying ecosport disel 1.5 ltr. whats milage are u getting on your ecosport,

  • saju |19 Jul,2013 04:25:01 PM

    wait, minimum six months for the correct feed back from the correct owners,then decide.

  • nsr |20 Jul,2013 06:51:04 PM

    Hi, I am planning to book ES - Trend diesel. But i have heared that Ford cars want lots of maintenance and it sucks lots of money.... Is that true... ?

  • Amit |24 Jul,2013 12:39:43 AM

    Hi, I have booked 1.5L petrol base version. I will be driving 1000KM/month. I am bit confused whether i should go for diesel 1.5L or stay with petrol only. I don't have any plan to sell this car in next 8-10 years. Please suggest me which one will be an economical choice considering the usage and the time span. Can I upgrade ambient version with some new accessories like ABS and RPS without opting for trend model. Can anyone give me the idea about the engine efficiency of 1.5L petrol engine. Couldn't find any video/review for petrol base version. Since it has got the same petrol engine what new fiesta has but will it be sufficient for heavy vehicle like ES.

  • Rajesh Raj |30 Jul,2013 05:41:31 PM

    Hi All, I booked the Titanium 1.5 TDCi on 4 july and still waiting for an update from them, certainly they did tell me that it would take time for delivery (3-6 months), they also hinted it was the buffer period they are taking but it would be delivered very soon. Still have not hear anything from them. Now i get to hear it would take 6 months. Is every one having to wait for 6 months ??? Thanks, Rajesh Raj

  • robin |31 Jul,2013 02:45:53 PM

    Guys why u all worry so much, ecosport is a proven product which over took the sale of duster in Brazil, soon after its launch. Yes i do agree that Ford is endlessly keeping its customers ,enventually who may be forced to opt for other cars . I have fully paid for a white titanium (O) and still waiting since a month.

    Sujit |20 Oct,2013 10:09:11 PM

    Hi robin, By now you must've got your ES. I booked on 29th June. I've been asked to meet the dealer for making the full pmt. I was surprised to note that the wait after full pmt is that long! They promised delivery by Diwali. (4th Nov). Now I'm not sure I believe them.

  • srikanth |02 Aug,2013 05:35:28 PM

    eco sports extra fitting details and cost plz tell me and send details my email id raghavendrasreekanth@gmail.com

  • Prabhu |04 Aug,2013 11:13:11 AM

    Booked 1.5L Diesel Ecosport Titanium (O) on July 17th and waiting for the delivery. Reviews on the net say that running board cannot be fitted for titanium optional models since curtain airbag sensors doesn't permit but when asked in the ford nobody clear in their answers. Any suggestions would be really useful more tweeters are part of titanium optional or not??

  • hp singh |04 Aug,2013 12:01:02 PM

    I am confused what to buy i 20 diesel or ecosport diesel. can any one heilp me ???

  • AJ |10 Aug,2013 05:12:07 PM

    I had booked a 1.5L trend petrol ecosport but i'll get it aftrer 6 months, does anyone has received his/her 1.5L petrol model yet?

  • avnesh yadav |13 Aug,2013 11:59:51 PM


  • Rajesh Raj |17 Aug,2013 09:31:27 AM

    Asked By avnesh yadav 13 Aug,2013 11:59:51 PM I PLANNING TO BUY ECOSPORT. I AM VERY CONFUSE ABOUT ITS MAINTENACE COST AND SERVICE COST. I ALSO WANT TO KNOW WHEATHER I GO FOR DISEL OR PETROL. MY MAX LIMIT IS 5-6.5 LACKS. SO I CAN ONLY GO TO BUY BASE MODEL IN DISEL OR PETROL.I BELONGS TO RUARL AREA OF U.P. PLS. SUGGEST ME. RE : Certainly you can, however it would be over and above 6.5 lack to get even the basic ecosport on road, if you are not intending to drive a lot then go for petrol. after sale service for ford is not that bad however is not the most economical compared to the market. However if u can extend your extend to about 8 -9 lack you will not regret with the feed back we are getting :).

  • nitin lilani |30 Aug,2013 03:10:18 PM


  • fareed |20 Sep,2013 02:39:47 PM

    ford logo costs Rs1000,antenna costs Rs610, head gasket costs Rs109 in 2007 and Rs1875 in 2012,which shows potential ford owners will think twice before buying a Ford for draining savings of a ford owner by hiking the cost of spare parts to leverage the profit margin all the time!

  • Danish |01 Mar,2014 11:00:12 PM

    Worst Ford car till now. My money is totally wasted. Don't nuy this car

  • ankit bhutani |02 Apr,2014 03:23:19 PM

    i loved the punch of 1.0 ecoboost engine. gr8 job by ford. it is much better to drive in the city compared to diesel when you want to overtake or just want to have the punch at low speeds not sure the top speed though. i want to book it but waiting period is what stopping me. i have one question which has nothing to do with this subject. i want to know why non of the automaker is producing everyday good specious practical sedan with mid engine, rear wheel drive. i dont belong to auto industry so i am not sure how much will it cost more to change these things in lets say skoda superb or honda accord or even smaller car like jetta or octavia.

  • Qumail Hussain |17 Jun,2015 05:29:57 PM

    I just booked ecosport titanium 1.5 tdci(o) So friends tell me honestly ist a good decision or bad? Thank you

  • Mraj |17 Jul,2015 11:13:56 PM

    Based on my 18 month experience i can say the car is good only problem i found is very poor average of 15.5 kmpl for Diesel titanium. Till date 17000 kM.

    TestJdj |12 Aug,2015 11:43:22 AM

    Trst test test test

  • DrHlua Chawngthu |29 Sep,2015 10:14:01 AM

    I bought Diesel Titanium option on 19th Sept 2015...and love it. Driving comfort and features satisfactory. But mileage is about 11-12km/l in my city Aizawl.

  • Truth Speaker |04 Dec,2015 10:47:30 PM

    Wowww.!! What a car so best in class and so spacious that even 4 people can sit in the back row without any difficulties. Mileage is superior and power is best so fab car. . Ford has done a very good job. .. Value for money is that I got 100% what I need

  • shoaib |28 Dec,2015 10:37:59 PM

    Same experience.....excellent

  • Suraj Goyal |15 Jan,2016 06:12:37 PM

    It's the best car I ever have.

  • shine |09 Apr,2016 05:13:49 PM

    Any ford vehicle will eat your pockets in the long run..i have the experience

    Rohit |20 Apr,2016 05:15:30 AM

    Why? Not gives the mileage?

  • Mohan Kumar Yadav |16 May,2016 02:08:21 PM

    Lovely and comfortable

  • Jithin Sekhar |20 Aug,2017 02:29:27 PM

    Hi , i would like to Know ecosport Titanium Petrol VS Honda City Petrol VMT Variant. like it,s Service cost, Spare parts rate, Mileage, Re sale value etc.. i am very confused which is better to buy. already i have booked ecosport Titanium 1.5. Please Advice.

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