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    Datsun GO Plus
    Datsun GO Plus
    Rs   3.91 - 5.2 Lakh*
    Maruti Ertiga
    Maruti Ertiga
    Rs   6.34 - 10.69 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Datsun GO Plus
    Datsun GO Plus
    Rs   3.91 - 5.2 Lakh*
    Datsun GO
    Datsun GO
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    Datsun GO Plus
    Datsun GO Plus
    Rs   3.91 - 5.2 Lakh*
    Renault KWID
    Renault KWID
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    Datsun GO Plus
    Datsun GO Plus
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    Mahindra KUV100 NXT
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    Datsun GO Plus
    Datsun GO Plus
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Datsun Go Plus - A complete family car with killer pricing

By for Datsun GO Plus 2015-02-03 20:08:55.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Spacious, Superb Ride Quality, Appearance

Cons : Mileage could have been more, Safety can be added, 3rd row seats need to get more space

My cousin bought Datsun Go Plus (Petrol Variant T) last Wednesday and we went for a trip to Ajmer. The car is good at the price offered. I drove it for half an hour on highway and would say it has got the superb ride quality. Interior is fine and comfortable as it's spacious inside. As I was going through the features, I found following things interesting.

Looks are fine enough to catch some eyes on the road. Datsun has done a great job in this department.

Instrument Panel: It is a multi-info display showing odometer, tripmeter, distance to empty info. There is an ordinary audio system with Aux input. Single USB port and dual speakers are connected to it.

Interior - A lot of space, comfortable seating, air quality control Rear AC vents are missing. It's a 7 seater and got 3rd row seating but only for kids as it lacks space for an adult.

Exterior - The exterior was not up to my expectations, no rear wiper

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  • rajesh |06 Feb,2015 08:23:04 PM

    Nice nice nice car

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:15:06 AM

    sir pls express your review after good some experience

  • BOVAS JACOB |07 Feb,2015 11:45:02 AM

    I like this car but about its' service I am not confronted and though Nissan having enough show rooms and service centers take no initiate in it and if some wants to have a change to another like Micra and Sunny want to know whether it is possible exchanging Datsun or go plus with it. Having these kind of doubts I hold to buy the car other i am ready always to buy it.

    Yeshwant Gawas |28 Dec,2016 04:04:14 PM

    I liked the car & taken test drive ,it was comfortable in driving . Look from outside is ok not that attractive, A lot of space, comfortable seating, air quality control ok, Rear AC vents are missing. It's a 7 seater and got 3rd row seating but only for kids as it lacks space for an adult. Safety air bags are only for driver, its required for the front seat passenger also. Certain futures like navigator screen and all is required as other vehicle have it in this range.

    test |23 Mar,2017 03:49:46 PM


    karthikeyan |07 Dec,2017 03:14:35 PM

    i too went a test drv but when u actually own you will feel the pinch. dont go for this model

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:13:48 AM

    don't buy datsun cars . else i have to pray god for u

  • dalu lal |08 Feb,2015 10:38:02 PM

    Dalu lal jat

  • Ishwar |15 Feb,2015 07:46:57 AM

    Dealar names in karnatak

    Ganesh naik |14 Mar,2015 03:59:56 AM

    Excelsior Datsun Survey no. 37-2A3,2B3, Krishna, Kottara Chowki Jn, NH-17,Derabali Village, Mangalore ? 575006. Karnataka Mangalore,Karnataka, +919972277777

  • balwant singh |19 Feb,2015 02:55:18 PM

    plz provide dealers details in ambala, availability in CSD and price detaills.

  • satish |19 Feb,2015 06:40:08 PM

    Guys... pls help me ... which color i should go for ? I have see gold and red but not other Go plus car colour. Can anyone post Grey and silver coor of go plus? please. And also suggest which color i should go for?

    arif |02 Mar,2015 02:34:42 PM

    White colour

    bhavesh |03 Mar,2015 07:15:16 AM

    Gray colour nice

    sulphy ali |08 Mar,2015 11:10:12 PM

    I bought grey color. Superb.

    Anjan |05 Apr,2015 07:12:14 AM

    White color - need to maintain Grey - Good Silver - might look like a yellow Board car Ruby - Sacrachs wont be vilsble

    shiva |25 Apr,2015 05:52:32 PM

    Where are you from buying the car

    karthikeyan |07 Dec,2017 03:15:40 PM

    better not to go for datsun go or go +

  • Rajendra Meena |02 Mar,2015 08:54:05 PM

    ?? ???????? ???? 9785364437 ?????? ???? ???????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ???????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? 110 kmph ????? ???????

  • waseem Ahmed |07 Mar,2015 10:03:43 PM

    Why is it not safe driving beyond 120 KMPH?

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:16:26 AM

    buying this car itself is not safe then speed ???

  • ajay |13 Mar,2015 02:07:13 PM

    I m planning to by datson go plus top model. But i heard that its build quality is not good to make it cheap price car. Is it true? Plz anybody answer me who have it or who seen this car at showroom Overall i like this car Plz reply me

    Anjan |05 Apr,2015 07:07:14 AM

    We took this car(top end), Build quality is good, You can go for this car... I rate 4 out of 5 for Datsun Go Plus T.

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:18:02 AM

    sorry sir i pitty u . you will fell the pinch on the go. better try to .....

    Pankaj gupta |10 May,2015 06:51:16 PM

    no it is not true

    Anil Kumar Battulawa |12 Apr,2017 12:11:17 PM

    I too heard that, the build quality is very poor. I have realised from my friend who bought this car and returned after 3-4 days itself. He found that, when 4 persons sat in the car, the car totally bent down. So, I would not suggest to buy this car.

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 09:53:02 AM

    for god sake dont buy this car. you will experience a painful owning this car. better do some donation instead of buying this car

  • SHIYAD SHAHIL |14 Mar,2015 01:53:25 AM

    im also in this doubt...

  • dinesh bhardwaj |15 Mar,2015 12:08:41 AM

    Even i took test drive, car is nice. Worried think is only that what will be the market value, service network,spare part availability in future. so wanted to wait to buy.

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 09:54:25 AM

    painful owning never think of redi go, go, go+

  • sudhir |18 Mar,2015 12:09:21 AM

    Expanded the dealer for better service from Sudhir osmanabad m.s.

  • Anjan |05 Apr,2015 07:15:22 AM

    White - Need Maintenance Silver - Looks like Yellow white car Grey - Scratches might be visible Gold - not good Ruby - Scratches might not be visible

  • veeresh |05 Apr,2015 09:33:03 PM

    i want to buy this car but some \body has told that its KMPl is only 16 KMPL and the Rear Space is only for kids not adults can not sit their is that true ? please answer me those who has got this car

    Deva Ananth |06 Apr,2015 08:43:57 AM

    Yes third row only for kids..adults can not sit in proper position..

    baliram Jagtap |14 Apr,2015 08:54:19 PM

    I have bought Datsun go plus t last month. I lives in villege where roads are rough pitty. I got 17.3 kmpl on second third gear avarage speed. If you want to do differnt..... buy this car

    khemraj |01 May,2015 12:35:29 PM

    Ajmer me delar kon hai

    Joshua |14 Dec,2016 12:34:30 PM

    With ac or not

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 09:57:23 AM

    dear frnd u are so blessed that u like ur car and gives u good milage but it is a painful experience for me it give only 9.3kmpl worst gear shifting and risky over taking experience

    Terence |21 Jan,2018 10:23:37 PM

    Hi Karthik, You are confronting mostly all good reviews, even i too about some bad reviews... Do you own this car, can you give some thing very clear on what kind of issues you are facing ?

    Raj |09 Apr,2018 10:24:17 PM

    Dear Karthi, I could see that you have been trying to help the buyers with your valuable reviews and the painful experiences you had so far, however please let us know the make and the model, driving conditions, city of driving, with ac / without ac, City or Highway, so that we can file a compliant to Datsun. Based on other reviews, i could see that the mileage is not that low, not sure if the model which you have is the problematic. By the way, i still do not own the car yet, however planning

  • kamal deep |05 May,2015 01:32:15 AM

    I want some offers from this car like ex bonus & other consetion pl reply me anybody and tell me where's the dealer in Ludhiana phone no and address

  • madhu |06 May,2015 07:10:56 PM

    What about the 13inch wheel

  • muneer |07 May,2015 09:42:33 AM

    I wana buy ds car ..plz advise me as ifeel its exteror bult quelty is very soft...

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:04:53 AM

    thank god u have not purchased . never think to buy this car. i have painful ownership. dont carried away just say no to datsun groups of cars

    Raj Singh |19 Dec,2017 02:38:25 PM


  • satish kumar |10 May,2015 10:49:41 PM

    Can anybody tell me about its ground clearane ans size of tyres, equal to swift....or not

    JSB |24 May,2015 06:57:13 PM

    Ground clearance is 170 mm Its equal to swift dzire but more than swift......

    Ketan |23 Feb,2017 01:12:29 PM

    You can check the specifications on carwale or cardekho.com sites where you can compare cars with respect to specifications. I have booked Go + T and the car is good. Very good for the cost of it. Some features ( basic ) should have been there like the front left power window cant be operated from Drivier's seat. Mirrors can not be internally adjusted. 14' wheels should have been there. Ride quality is very good especially suspensions soak bumps nicely. Front seats are comfortable.

  • Ajinkya |03 Jun,2015 02:28:46 PM

    What its maintainance cost n r they parts available in market

    Ketan |23 Feb,2017 01:15:42 PM

    Check below site for maintenance. I just found it. Better to check yourself but this looks helpful. Not aware on the spare parts https://www.cardekho.com/datsun-go-plus/service-cost.htm

    Srinivasan |04 Oct,2017 11:31:56 PM

    Spare parts service is good...

  • RK prabhu |14 Aug,2015 08:50:20 PM

    Back look is not good

  • SALINLAL |23 Sep,2015 05:30:30 PM

    I want to buy dutson go plus. I got a test drive. Every thing I am satisfied except the dash board. Please add a closed dash board in it. I want to buy this car with in four to five months. It is possible to upgrade..????

  • varsha singh |16 Jun,2016 03:48:44 PM

    plz provide dealer name in Allahabad.. and is this available in csd

  • BIJU THOMAS |17 Dec,2016 02:27:49 PM


  • Jagannathan Santhanam |11 Jan,2017 05:00:40 PM

    I have purchased Datsun Go + T(O). Really it is a good car for this price. As in the earlier comments the dash board needs some upgradation. But I have bought and changed the audio system, fitted with reverse camera and a good seat cover and made as per my convenience. Better to buy this car and spend around 30/35 K to make fully loaded including navigation as all provisions are there. Regarding mileage it gives around 16+ in city driving and I have to check in highway. Good car.

  • Ketan |23 Feb,2017 01:16:39 PM

    Can anyone suggest a tyre upgrade for the Go + as current 155/70 - 13 are too tiny.

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:01:02 AM

    better think of selling away the car dont invest in this car

  • pandi durai |14 Mar,2017 01:21:14 PM

    good review

  • kiran |15 Apr,2017 03:45:05 PM

    dear all, can i change Tyre of Datsun go plus 13inch to chang14 or 15 size. pls. suggest me.

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:02:42 AM

    give up don't pull it along with. sell it away and have peace full sleep. i am experience the painful ownership od this car

  • T M Ramesh |20 May,2017 07:19:44 PM

    Just test drove & booked the car GO + anniversary edition, will have it delivered next week. Will share city & highway driving by month end !

    Laloo Patel |11 Sep,2017 01:53:44 PM

    Can u plz share ur reviews for GO+ anniversary edition!! Exited to get one plz. Thanks

    karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 10:00:03 AM

    sir wait if u can cancel the booking it is good dont have a painful ownership

  • Subrata Paul |14 Sep,2017 12:39:01 PM

    I am having a terrible time after I decided to go for a new DATSUN GO+ Anniversary model in Apr 2017. I got this Car from one Dealer SPARSH NISSAN at Raja Puri, Dwarka & the services are awfully disgusting at their Service Station at Shanti Garden, Dwarka. My car is giving a mileage of about 10Km/lit whereas it claims to give about 19.8-21Km/lt on city/Highway drive. I have visited the workshop 12 times in 5 months & test ride etc done four times & nothing concluded. Don't purchase this car.

  • karthikeyan |16 Dec,2017 09:58:47 AM

    same here sir having a painful ownership

  • Rakesh Kumar |26 Jan,2018 09:07:18 AM

    I want to by this car

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