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Best MPV in india

By for Datsun GO Plus 2015-05-30 18:54:22.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Ride quality, spacious, Build quality, control and safety, comfort, fuel efficient, easy maintenance

Cons : Nothing noted yet

Look and Style: Classic MPV look and looks even better when you add spoiler and roof rails and moduling.

Comfort: The great engineering in space provides best in budget comfort and the Air conditioner with filter is the one best from all I have tested in its segment. Best car for long routes and even in city stop go traffic. And MDS music system is also a great offering, best quality sound o/p through two speakers in front row. (no doubt you can assemble another music system having CD player and two additional speakers from DATSUN, Sony, Pioneer etc. with additional accessory costing).


Pickup obviously will be the best as it comprises the Nissan Micra Active 1200cc, 70BHP, 3 cyl, 12 valves engine. The accelerator responds quickly and cruising is much smoother and traction control is best. Catches 0-100 kmph within 15 seconds as we tested on highway. And one of the best feature is the torquiest motor which gives high torque (about 105NM within the shortest RPM range in its segment).


I have driven our new Go in 3 days about 250kms and last average reading was 15.8km/l. I have driven it mostly in the heavy traffic of Rajkot city. So you can judge this beast can deliver an excellent mileage!!!

Best Features

- Engineered space. It may look that there is not enough space but once you step in you can realise that it offers best seating space and arrangement, cargo volume and head room as compared to other cars in its budget (there is also provision of sliding and inclinable seats in first row). If you are having a family of 7-8 members and going for buying a 4-6 lakh budget car then this will be the best option for you - my personal advise is don't waste your money in any other car and just 'go ' for this car!!! You will be happy!!

- Build quality and strong suspension. The suspension having a trailing arm and H-beam structure responds quickly to bumps and ensures comfort and balancing. Also, when you push the car in bends at speed it ensures body dynamic and lower downs the centrifugal force and would help increasing the perpendicular force to ensure grip on road.

- Electric motor driven power steering is superbly responsive. Speed sensitive power steering ensures control indeed. The best one!

- Engine is designed in such a way that regular maintenance can be carried out easily.

- Electronic fuel injection system ensures engine safety and responsiveness.

- Classic and detailed electronic trip meter.

- Good quality fabric seats. Provides good leg support and comfort in long journeys.

- Accessories are best designed in its segment.

Overall Experience

Satisfied with the car we have bought. Thank you Datsun for launching this vehicle in India. Hope people will soon accept these cars and start having a classic driving experience and stop following the blind path of buying cars by counting number of sales it have made!!! go for this car!!!

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  • himanshu |02 Jun,2015 11:30:21 PM

    Dear friend how much money we have spend for extra acessories like roof rail and other???? Plz reply

    Harin |03 Jun,2015 11:51:01 AM

    As per the rates of rajkot city, in round about 15000 INR I have assembled ( from after market) 1. speed sensitive auto door lock and remote central lock 2. Reverse alarm and security system ( though the car has central locking and engine immobilizer system inbuilt but I added alarm also) - ( costing of both 1 and 2 is 3200 INR with 3 years warranty) 3. Sun control film ( Company fitted window is alto having transparent tint film but I added RTO approved 70% UV protection film with the costing of 2200) 4. full body moduling ( Corner and side protectors - with total costing of 2100) 5. steering cover ( full leather and stitched- 600 rs) 6.Roof rails having luggage capacity ( 1800 rs) 7. Universal Mobile charging socket ( 450 rs - 1.5A rating ) 8. Perfume - ( AER hanging type - 350 rs) 9. Silencer chrome for looks and protection ( 600 rs) 10. MDS auxilary cable ( 200 rs ) 11. Seat velvet ( all 3 rows - total 850rs) 12. Window curtains - raissin - all 4 windows total 400rs) 13. Car cover - High quality polymer ( 2200 rs ) ( though company gives one of thin covers worth rs 1800, but I bought one of high quality W/R 2200, you can also do that ) Now I am planning to add : 1. Spoiler ( about 4000 ) 2. Leather seat covers ( though the company fittted fabric seats are superbly comfortable and of good quality but I would prefer to cover the seats to protect it against stains and bleach about 7500 rs ) Company gives you Floor matting and splash guards for free.

    himanshu |04 Jun,2015 02:34:16 PM

    Thanks harin And good luck for happy and safe driving dost

    rishab |03 Jul,2015 01:05:57 PM

    Hi Harin, I am planning to buy Go Plus T.Please send the pics of your cars (interior & exterior) to my email ID rish.jais@gmail.com Thanks, Ritesh

    sandeep pawar |07 Jul,2015 07:30:00 PM

    Mr.Harin i am planning to buy Go+. Will u plz mail ur car photos including interior & exterior, so that way i can modify from showroom.My mail id is spsorbet@yahoo.com

    Atender Singh |07 Jul,2015 08:48:45 PM

    Can u please mail me the pic of this car with modified interior n exterior at atendersinghcheetah@gmail.com

    Abdul Mandal |26 Jul,2015 09:18:39 PM

    Hi harin ji, I am planning to buy the top model at next month . Kindly send the snap of your car.my mail Id is Abdulodud1978@gmail.com

    ali mohammed |10 Aug,2015 04:55:53 PM

    hy please send pic of your go plus thnx for your useful comments

    Devidas ingale |22 Sep,2015 06:33:13 PM

    Hii harin ..good review friend..pls mail me the photos of your car..my email id is ddjune29@gmail.com

    Robin |09 Apr,2016 04:05:00 PM

    Hi harin thnx for the valuable feedback... Can you send the pics of your modified interiors and exteriors of your car and how is the performance after 1 year of use

    Harin |03 Jun,2015 12:31:51 PM

    As per the rates of rajkot city in round about 15000 INR I have assembled : 1. Speed sensitive auto door lock and remote central lock 2. high pitch reverse alarm and security system( anti theft plus temper ajar and warning alarm) ( though car has central lock and engine immobilizer system inbuilt but I added alarm also) ( costing of both 1 and 2 is around 3200 INR with 3 years warranty ) 3. full body moduling ( corner and side protectors - total 2100 rs) 4. roof rails having higher luggage capacity ( 1800 rs) 5. Steering cover ( full leather and stitched type - 600 rs) 6. Silencer chrome for looks and protection ( 650 rs) 7. Sun control film ( though company fitted windows are having tint type film but I added RTO approved 70% UV protection film for better care worth rs 2200 ) 8. Car cover ( high quality polymer type worth rs 2200 ) ( company gives you one worth rs 1800 but it is of thin material so I preffered to buy one from after market - the car is having in built water drain outlets in doors and roofs so no worry of raining to spoil the car exterior) 9. MDS aux cable ( 200 rs) 10. Car Perfume ( AER hanging type - 350 rs ) 11. Universal mobile charger ( 450 rs - 1.5A rating) 12. seat velvet ( all 3 rows total 850 rs) 13. window curtains ( all 4 glasses - total 400 rs) 14. Clock and temp. indicator - 400 rs) I bargained and paid round 15000 rs , you can also do that... :p Now I am planning to add : 1. Spoiler ( worth rs 4000 ) 2. Leather seat covers ( Though the company fitted fabric seats are of superb quality and much comfortable but I would like to protect them from stains and bleach ! ) ( cost : about 7500 rs - I will assemble it from company of course because the after market products are not having a 'go +' badge ! :p ) Company gives you floor matting and splash guards/ mud guards for free.

    Harin |03 Jun,2015 12:38:14 PM

    I had added door protectors also worth rs 350 ...

  • Harin |03 Jun,2015 12:40:04 PM

    all the accessories mentioned above are from after market . First consult your dealer and if you crack a deal lower then the after market prices then go with the company assembled accessories.

    Ajinkya |03 Jun,2015 02:37:59 PM

    Can u show pic of ur car with accessories fitted n can we change its alloy wheels into stylish wheels n different bigger tyers for more grip

    Harin |03 Jun,2015 11:41:58 PM

    yes obviously you can change the alloy wheels to the one having dimensions from 155/70 R13 to 155/70 R14 and considering the styling the company offers full alloy wheels with additional costing instead of the normal radial tires with the 'DATSUN' rim plate. And one good news is that in very short period the company will start assembling 'apollo' tyres instead of 'strada'(news from the dealer) . Mine is having 'strada's . I think there is no option of image uploading here so tell me your email address i will mail the photos of my car you in mail.

  • satish salunkhe |10 Jun,2015 01:11:20 AM

    Dear Friend, I am planning to go for selling my 2006 santro Xo model to go for car having 7/8 seat option. I need your personal advice, as you also might have gone through the comparision between datasun go+ with ertiga, mobilio, lodgy. As compare to other cars this car is having less features. I want your experience so far with your car in following regards, 1 Mileage- in city and highway (as promised is it really giving) 2 Maintaince cost 3 comfor for back row 4 top speed with which we can drive 5 any other observations...... also if you dont mind pics of your car. please mail me on satishssalunkhe@gmail.com

  • Harin |12 Jun,2015 03:45:57 PM

    First of all let me make one thing clear that if you are planning to buy a car greater than the budget of 7-8 lacs( which might be an ertiga- Vxi or Vdi costing you 7-10 lacs, a mobilio costing you 9-12 lacs or a lodgy costing you 9-13 lacs ) then these all will obviously offer you more cosmetic features, body design and overall performance ( except mileage might be !) , But the main difference between Datsun Go+ and all these MPVs is the offerings it gives considering the cost. So now, if you are planning to purchase a car within the budget of 4-6 lacs and searching for a car offering you the best end user features that you will need in your car then Go+ is the best option for you. Now, to the point , 1. Mileage : I mentioned above that For the first 3 days I tested the mileage in heavy traffic areas of Rajkot city and the average reading was about 15.7km/l . Now after 1250kms ( about 670kms on highway and others in city) the mileage reading has been stable on 16.4km/l . I have not reseted it a single time and is the ODO mileage reading. So You can expect that this car will never bother you about its fuel economy. and even you can get more mileage than I am having depending on your driving conditions. ( one most important point i would like to mention is that I have driven the car always in full load condition wiz. 7 adult person in the car and heavy luggage tied on the roof rails and Air conditioner always running during highway journeys and in city without luggage but with all the 7 seats occupied by adults !! you know, we indian drivers are best in carrying fully loaded vehicles in any condition !! :P still there will be no effect on the mileage. So, this car is the best fuel economic from all the MPVs in india right now. 2. Maintenance cost : Now, First of all, there is the best one Nissan Micra active engine which is designed such a way that monitoring your car for routine check ups be an easy task . Even the parts used in are ones available in aftermarket scenarios if needed to be replaced after 3-4 years. The engine comprises of electronic fuel injection system with the fuel filters inbuilt so irregularities in fuel and other parameters will never bother the engine to malfunction and engine will be finely responsive whenever you put your leg on accelerator. Then under the chases it is having a strong iron bar support and as mentioned in the review it is having the best and strongest suspension system which comprises of a H-type beam support with the damping coils so the maintenance costs considering the under the chases issues will be cut at its tail !!! :P The electrical systems in the car e.g. MDP steering, Power windows, Sensor assemblies, immobilizer unit etc. are from my point of view are the normally isolated from the outer peripherals but always functioning ones. These all are designed such a way that normally nothing will happen to them but if unfortunately then there will be an easily available replacement of it The best part for buying this car is the company gives you a 4 years AND unlimited km extended warranty with an additional cost of 2000-3000 rs. covering full engine protection and other problems so once you have bought this car you have to do nothing else then driving this car and enjoying !!! just refer to the service schedules and apply regular services given by the dealer. 3. Comfort in the back row : There are some misconceptions about the 3rd row in the Datsun go+ such as its not useful, its only for children(which indeed is for) etc. But let me tell you one thing, on indian roads we hacve seen many times 7-8 people seating in a hatchback (like wagonR, i10 etc.) by adjusting their selves somehow and are having a journey even on longer routes in such conditions. But this MPV is truly a multipurpose one which alows 2 more adults in the 3rd row and believe me they can seat comfort-fully so it is a truly 5+2 seater MPV. and think another utility it offers when the 3rd row is not in use you can fold it and can have a cargo space of 350ltrs which is the highest one in its segment. ( when 7-8 passengers are inside you can use roof rails to tie your luggage as every utility driver does.) 4. Top speed : As I have appreciated earlier, it is having the powerful but still fuel economic BS4 emission norm 1200cc engine. I am not racing this engine yet because my car is new and I would rather like to get the mechanicals adjusted till 2000-3000kms but according to my experiance on the NH8 (rajkot-ahmedabad) I have clocked my car at 130km/h and the RPM reading was 3000-4000 in the 5th gear so you can judge that at the full RPM range it may catch speeds upto 160-180km/h if one wishes. ( I personally believe that speed limits should be always considered !!! ) This car is having nice suspension and on road isolation so road irregularities will not affect the performance and driving experience at all. 5. I personally suggest you that if you are going to buy a car in the 4-6 lac. budget then just 'Go+' for this car. But if you are having a higher budget capacity ( 7-12 lacs) then go for ertiga lodgy mobilioenjoy etc. This car is best one in short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have mailed you pics of my go+ ... you may check it out..... and congrats in advance for your new car..... :) :) :)

    jins thomas |16 Jun,2015 07:18:02 PM

    Hai Harin.. thnks for the valuable report given by u about your go+ car. Can u please mail me the photos of your modified datsun go+ including inside photos, coz am planning to buy the top model in this segment. Mail id: jinsthomaskunjunju@gmail.com

    Ganesh |20 Jun,2015 01:13:01 PM

    HII HARIN....nice feedback..... Can u also mail me da photos of ur car wid additional fitments plz....mail id kinganesh0005@gmail.com

    ali mohammed |20 Jun,2015 04:11:43 PM

    hy harin thnx for all ur advise i am also looking to buy this car can ubsend me ur car pictures my email is is alipathan98@gmaul.com

    Parashar |21 Jun,2015 05:55:43 PM

    Dear Harin, pls mail me your cars photo on my email ID. I am planning to book Datsun Go Plus T model at the end of this month, so i will get idea for accessories. Its request. parashar_darji@yahoo.co.in Thanks Parashar Darji

    venki |22 Jun,2015 02:12:04 PM

    Hi Harin, thanks for sharing short and sweet review. I am also planning to buying this car in a month. Could you plz share me the pics, will be helpful for me to take a decision :)

    ventest |22 Jun,2015 02:12:50 PM

    Forgot to mention my email d.venkateswaran@gmail.com

    Santanu karmakar |11 Jul,2015 07:47:50 AM

    Hi Harin..thanks for your review.it really helps. Can you please send me your modified go+ pic to my mailid santanukarmakar@hotmail.com. Is there a way we can change the wheels, like if we want to put something bigger than the wheels it provides. The only thing I am concerned about is airbags. From safty prospective is it okay? Can we put airbags seperately in it.

    ikhlas kaxi |22 Nov,2015 01:24:11 PM

    Hi harin I am also planning to buy this MUV. Can you send me the accesories images of u r vahicle. My email is kazi.tech09@gmail.com

  • Parashar darji |15 Jun,2015 06:53:39 PM

    Dear Harin, pls mail me your cars photo on my email ID. I am planning to book Datsun Go Plus T model at the end of this month, so i will get idea for accessories. Its request. parashar_darji@yahoo.co.in Thanks Parashar Darji

  • nilesh b |16 Jun,2015 11:44:01 PM

    Dear Harin kindly send me your datsun Go+ cars photos plz on my email id nileshnbelavale82@rediffmail.com thanks

    anand |17 Jun,2015 07:55:32 PM

    Pl mail to me also to santhosh00330@yahoo.com...thanks in advance

    sunil |20 Jun,2015 09:01:25 PM

    Pls send details

  • pradeep |22 Jun,2015 03:47:31 PM

    Can any one tell me the waiting time for delivery for this car.

  • prakash |23 Jun,2015 01:06:03 AM

    Can u please tell me about it having air bag or not

    himanshu |24 Jun,2015 09:23:05 PM

    Now airbags available in datsun go plus t option just more 19000 rs added in top model

  • Harin |27 Jun,2015 02:49:46 PM

    Sorry all.. for late reply... I have mailed photos to all .... and answer to the airbag question is : yes ... it is available in datsun go plus t model with additional costing of 18000-23000 ( depending upon showroom and city of purchasing) ... AND YES IN THE LAST.. It is the best car... purchase it... you will be happy ..... its mileage is increasing with days driven.... :D I am really happy with the car I have.. and its performance is also getting good and very good ... now it catches 0-100 in less than 14 seconds !!! Great sporty MPV !! And last but not the least.. its Air conditioning system is very well performing due to smart drive belt assembly... I checked it.... cools faster than any car in its segment... very practical car ....

    Kaushik Das |28 Jun,2015 12:00:28 AM

    Hey Harin, I am from west bengal, siliguri. I was wondering if u could send me pics of ur car at mca.das@gmail.com. Harin, one more thing I heard that its interior is very minimalistic. What's ur opinion? I was planning to buy it on December/January.

  • himanshu |27 Jun,2015 08:58:54 PM

    Dear harin plz send ur datsun go plus car photo on my e-mail id himanshuonline123@rediffmail.com Sorry for trouble dost From-dr.himanshu kevadia surat gujarat

  • Harin |28 Jun,2015 01:20:29 PM

    Kaushik ji, according to me the interior is You will get what u need , Not the funkier functionalities such as steering mounted controls(adding excessive strobes to engine processor system), or flashy music systems, bla-bla things holders etc. but you will get a decent classic looking grain feel leather dashboard and good quality fabric upholstery(which gets even better after you add leather covers provided by company with additional costing) and the doors which are made of strong fiber and individual door power window controls. So your car will be a classic one with more space and more options of custom assembling considering the interior.... However once you step inside the car you will get a feeling of peace. I personally believe that one going for buying a 4-6 lac. budget Hatchback should with no doubt go with this practically designed car. I currently am using the mobile docking station provided by company which is definitely a good one considering the sound o/p quality and all, after 3-4 months i will assemble a screen and DVD player. Means you can customize the car according to your need. And after all you are getting the NIssan 1200cc powerful petrol engine in your budget plus a real multipurpose utility vehicle. Think of that. I have mailed the photos.

    ravi |28 Jun,2015 09:59:12 PM

    Hi harin I have no words for your valuable feedback ...as it is being very helpful for me to make a good decision ...I am planning to buy its T option model on my birthday next month...Plz e-mail your car snaps on ravibirare@yahoo.co.in Thanks bro :)

    ashraf |11 Jul,2015 10:29:30 AM

    Mr Harin Congrats I read all of ur reviews and it is very helpful. Pls send me ur customised datsuns picture ashrafkc14@gmail.com Currently I am working in middle east and looking for a budget car for my nest vacation. Thanks

  • vinay |28 Jun,2015 05:43:15 PM

    hey harin i am very much interested to buy.. i want the ground clearance and mail me ur car photos which you have modified with interiors and extra fittings and also your total trip of ride upto now at mail:reddyvinay619@gmail.com

  • kumar |28 Jun,2015 09:21:35 PM

    Dear Harin, I am planning to buy Datsun Go Plus T model. Please send your car photos it will help me to finalize accessories. Thanks Kumar

    Harin |29 Jun,2015 01:48:43 PM

    Kumar ji , please mention your email id...

    Dear Harin Ji |29 Jun,2015 03:51:07 PM

    I am planning to buy Datsun Go Plus T model. Please send your car photos it will help me to finalize interior accessories. Thank......Deepak

    Harin |30 Jun,2015 11:15:17 AM

    deepak ji , please mention your email id.. :D

    kumar |29 Jun,2015 09:31:22 PM

    senjan99@gmail.com Sorry

    kumar |02 Jul,2015 01:28:48 PM

    Hi Harin, I am booked Datsun Go Plus T model. Expect delivery on / before 10th July 15. Please suggest the must & need accessories for my Car. And also send your car interior & exterior photos to email id senjan99@gmail.com. Thanks and regards K.Senthilkumar

  • Nirmala |02 Jul,2015 10:27:44 AM

    Sir Please send the pics of your cars (interior & exterior) to my email ID goyal.nirmala@gmail.com. Also please suggest whether this car is suitable for long journeys or not. Thanks

  • ritesh |03 Jul,2015 01:04:44 PM

    Hi Harin, I am planning to buy Go Plus T.Please send the pics of your cars (interior & exterior) to my email ID rish.jais@gmail.com Thanks, Ritesh

  • NIRANJN DAS |05 Jul,2015 10:35:34 PM

    Sir, please send the photos of your datsun go plus car in my email id. I am also planning to buy the car.your reviews will help me a lot.my email id is......tapuniranjan@gmail.com I am eagerly waiting for your mail.

  • Harin |06 Jul,2015 03:00:10 PM

    sorry all for late reply... I have mailed the pics..... And kumar ji ... congrats ... you have made a perfect choice..... and one good nes about my car.... it no delivers mileage of 20.5km/l.,.... unbelievable,. !!! and the must needed accessories are listed in my very first reply... It may cost you about 15000 rs.... however you can customize your car more with what you want... best thing is to use your fresh car for 10-11 days and judge what you want within it..... congrats again..... have the best time with your car and family.. :)

    kumar |06 Jul,2015 04:57:00 PM

    Thank you Harin.

    rohan patange |08 Jul,2015 08:45:50 PM

    Harin thanx for such review.. m having small dry-fruit business .. sometime i need to travel with 500 kg of dryfruits .. is this car is capable for this??.. now m using Hyundai Getz .. n m always carry around 200-300 kg .. so i m looking for such vehicle that will carry such wight.. rohan.patange2010@gmail.com is my mail id.. plz send ur cars photos :)

    Dora |13 Jul,2015 11:28:55 AM

    Dear Harin Pls send ur modified car pics to srvishnu9@yahoo.com Thanks for your valuable feedback. I'm getting my go+ t mileage around 19 kmpl. I'm new to driving as well. No experience in driving but still I'm getting decent fuel economy.

    sat |30 Jul,2015 10:08:01 PM

    Hello sir please send your go+ photos to my mail id satvnv.ss@gmail.com

    ali mohammed |26 Aug,2015 02:46:53 AM

    hy harin i read your review i am planning to buy this car plz send me your pic ot go plus my email id is alipathan98@yahoo.com thnx

    Ashutosh |10 Sep,2015 03:31:27 AM

    Hi Harin ji u have given such a valuable feedback and I am planning to buy Datsun Go + T option. As u have already added so many accessories in ur car both exterior and interior so plse will u share ur car snaps wide me. aag.chaube@gmail.com

    Aravind |24 Oct,2015 01:10:02 PM

    Awesome feedback Mr. Harin. Please send pics to my email as well. aravindtheone@gmail.com Thanks in advance.

    A K Sinha |14 Nov,2015 11:55:19 AM

    Please show ur car on aksinhalko@gmail.com. Ur review seems very useful. Thanks

    rakesh darji |16 May,2016 05:49:04 PM

    I want to buy this car on next month...plz send me ur modified car pics.. At optomdrakesh@gmail.com... Thanks for ur valuable reviews

    subhendu Datta |25 Dec,2016 11:17:57 PM

    Hi, Harin....merry christmas to u. I am planning to purchase GO plus T Celebration... U r using this car probably more than a year.. can u pls inform me current mileage and as whole how you are feeling right now. Also kindly mail me interior and exterior of ur modified car...also suggest can i change tyre size. Awaiting for your earlier reply. Subhendu Datta.

  • pabitra ghosh |23 Jul,2015 04:47:39 AM

    Mr.Harin, I just read all of the reviews... now its requested to you please send me the interior & exterior pictures of your car.. also the customised pictures of full body design from different viewing angles.. wanna buy this car..Awaiting your reply ..

  • pabitra ghosh |23 Jul,2015 04:55:26 AM

    My mail Id - pabitra.013@gmail.com , pabitra.0013@gmail.com . Awaiting your valuable quick response...

  • Aakarshit Sharma |23 Jul,2015 06:44:52 PM

    Hi I am planning to buy this car so can you please tell me about its central locking. is it with key or manual. and also about its music system I herd its sound is not good Is it so.

  • gautam |26 Jul,2015 07:13:26 PM

    There are any possibility of diesel engine in datson go

  • praveen |08 Aug,2015 12:49:32 AM

    Hai send the pictures of ur car to my mail Id gpk6782@gmail.com.

  • ashish |08 Aug,2015 10:04:41 PM

    Hi sir i m also planing to buy this car this year and can you pls send your car's snap at barotia.ashish@gmail.com i shall be thankfull to you

  • Ishan |17 Aug,2015 09:18:00 AM

    hi harin, I m planning to purchase the car by this week. I would be very obliged if u can mail me the pictures of ur car as I would also like to modify my cat to improve its looks. My mail id is royalsuppliers.siliguri@gmail.com Thank you

  • sangeet |23 Aug,2015 03:04:22 PM

    Hi Harin I want a car under 5-6 lakh and go+ is suitable for me..but i just want to know whether its possible to make rear window as a power window or not..and is there any way to put bigger tyre and alloy wheel in it..

  • sangeet |23 Aug,2015 03:10:25 PM

    And one more thing is there any possibility that go+ will come with ABS and will you please mail me photo of yours customized go+ raazcreativeraaz24.7@gmail.com

  • jaspreet singh |19 Sep,2015 02:13:23 AM

    Hi harin ji,i am one of those who read ur useful feedback and views.i m planing to have a datsun go+ on this diwali.Can u please send me pics of ur customised car,it'll very helpful.my email id is rishu404014@gmail.com

  • Ajeet Singh |21 Sep,2015 11:37:56 PM

    Hi Harin ji, Very very helpful review... thnx for those. If u may plz share the pic of ur car at ajeet.pratap2006@gmail.com Thnx & Regards Ajeet

  • shivam |12 Oct,2015 08:49:45 PM


  • SALINLAL |13 Oct,2015 11:14:43 AM

    Dear friend My name is Salin lal. I just want to know that if it is possible for a closed glow box in go plus in future months . because I plan to buy goplus with in three to four months. I think it will be better if a closed glow box .

  • SALINLAL |13 Oct,2015 11:16:08 AM

    Dear Friend Can u send our car's pic My email I'd . salinlalsl@gmail.com

  • Avinash Prasad |16 Apr,2016 02:58:36 PM

    Superb review i have ever read.. I m also buying this car within this month. I will drive this car as an when the loan gets approved. Will share my review after buying it

  • sgbk |19 May,2016 09:01:29 AM

    I'm planing to buy go plus but Some peoples said me, this car's cabin and tyres makes noise!

  • faizan |01 Feb,2017 08:20:58 PM

    hi harin i am from surat and i am going to buy this car in this month. i read your review and im expecting your car pictures please harin send me your car picture on my mail at faizan2794@gmail.com

  • Arindam Saha |17 Jul,2017 11:27:07 PM

    hey harin, I am planning to buy Datsun Go Plus -top model at next month . Kindly send the snaps of your car interior & exterior specially on the extra acessories not given by them .my mail Id is arindams346@gmail.com.

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