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A very smart family car with a very big heart

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A very smart family car with a very big heart

I have been driving the Datsun Go plus for One year and five months now and I can comfortably advice anyone to purchase this great car. With a few reasons below: Size: Never be fooled by the lengthy looks of the Go plus. Nissan has cerefully designed the vehicle to be a sub four meter vehicle. You will never get any problems parking in tight spots. If you look carefully at the Go plus, its front part (from the drivers seat to the front part is very compact - which saves loads of space for better use in the cabin. If you fear to purchase the Go plus because of tight parking positions worry not! Fuel economy: Great fuel economy, you are assured of getting 15KPL without any problem even with terrible driving. The cheetah gearbox: Let me start with the gearbox, which I find to be one of the best part of the car. The gearbox has tall ratios from the third gear, so you will find this car to be fast compared to its engine size. For city driving in third gear will give you decent speeds. On highways the car drives very fast at low RPMs. Just follow the speedometer gear guidels to enjoy this beautiful car! The gearshifts gets even more smoother after 5,000 KMS of driving. Engine torque: The engine torque compared to the body weight is also excellent. The car drives well even at 1500-2000RPMs, it drives just like a diesel and does not require very high revs. Accelerator is best responsive when it is not pressed to the floor - another thing I love about this car. After about 4,000 KMs the engine breaks in, fuel consumption improves, and the vehicle becomes much lighter and swifter. Smart driving options: The front lights are adjustbale from inside; The Datsun Go Plus has self adjusting wipers which adopt to vehicle speeds. You will love the Go plus's intelligent steering wheel, which hardens and softens according to the road speeds. And for driving on steep slopes, engine braking is much better than many manual vehicles - Th Go Plus will apply engine braking at appropriate intervals and maintain thee required road speeds. This intelligent engine braking (which I do not see even Datsun advertising it) will release engine braking when the brakes have been applied and the car is approaching complete stopping. Excellent turning radius: You will love the turning radius of the Go plus. The turning radius of the Go plus (just like most Nissans) rivals that of the premium cars such as the Mercedes Benzes. For U turns you just take a turn from the inside lane without any problem - which leaves from behind you moving. Large boot space: Boot space is awesome. I brought the Go plus because of the boot space and- the third row is best used for luggage, or for children - never expect adults to travel comfortably there - but that is acceptable taking consideration of the price of the Go Plus (one cannot get everything).. As for the luggage, three large suitcases can comfortably be placed in the boot, leaving loads of more space for more bags on top. The AC is powerful enough for the cabin. Car entertainment: I opted for a full radio system. With the additional speakers which come with the radio system, I get very good sound system in the Go plus. Low maintenance: In terms of maintenance, the Go Plus is a very low maintenance car. The Datsun Go Plus carries over the Nissan tradition of delivering low maintenance vehicles. I have been a Nissan owner for more than ten years now after owning Toyotas. Ever since I find Nissans to be cars which are more durable and require less maintanance - even in situations where parts are a bit expensive- and with the Go Plus, the car carries the same Nissan tradition because maintanance costs are lower than the published ones for the vehicle - for the last one year and a half . Lack of timing belt a pig plus: The Datsun Go Plus also carries a Nissan engine, so there is no timing belt in the engine to worry about - This is one other reason to love the Go Plus with a timing chained engine. With a timing chain you have one less worry for a road breakdown, as well as timing belt replacement costs. Strong shock absorbers: The shock absorbers of the Go Plus are designed for higher loads than the Datsun Go. As a result the Go Plus rides excellently on road humps. In fact you do not need to slow down on most road humps. The shock absorbers being a little it stiff makes the car ride properly on tarmacked roads. The only downside of the stiff shock absorbers is a little thud noise when you hit potholes. But to sum it all, I prefer shock absorbers to be on the stiff side than being soft. The shock absorbers also hold the car well on tight turns. Ground clearance and approach angles: The ground clearance, the approach angle and the departure angles of the Go plus are also points which sets the car apart to one of the most popular vehicles on Indian roads. Since I started driving the Go plus, i have never encountered any incident of scraping the front bumper, even in places where the most popular and loved car in India scrapes he road. - Just compare the distance from the front to the wheels between the two vehicles and you will understand what I mean. Sitting and driving positions: The seating position in front of the Go plus is as roomy as any other premium vehicle. I also like the arrangement of the front seats in relation to the parking brake and the - bench-like front seat design, which makes it easy to get out of the vehicle through the passengers door in tight parking spots. Less is beautiful: having driven premium cars all my life before i came to India in 2015, i find the Go plus as a true reflection of what automobile should be. With the three cylinder engine, one wiper blade, one inside light and less accessories - it means fewer things are bound to fail, and when they fail it means less costs replacing the failed parts. The beautiful and unique looks: One other thing you will love when driving the Go plus is the fact that there are few on the road. The car has premium looks. In fact so fat I have met three people who said they will get one after learning about its price. My wishlist: The Go Plus is a well designed vehicle holding so many unique secrets which most car owners are unaware. Despite its strong qualities, i also have a few things i wish the Go plus could have: Glove compartment: I wish the vehicle has a lockable glove compartment. Better brakes when fully laden: Never expect to stop the Go plus at the same distance when it is fully laden with seven adults. I think the Go plus will be best marketed as a five seater with space for two children. Personally i would wish it was just a five seater, the rear seat removed to add more luggage space and the cost of the seat could transferred to offer a full music system, ,or an automatic air conditioning system. I wish there was a two years warranty: Datsuns, carrying the Nissan heart are not expected to break easily. I do not understand why Nissan is not offering a two year warranty - similar to rival Korean vehicles.

By ala
On: Apr 23, 2017 | 710 Views
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