Chevrolet Sail sedan a complete family car

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Pros : Less expensive price, great body design, impressive mileage

Cons : Engine displacement, nice interiors

If you are looking to purchase a new car that is spacious and less expensive then here is the vehicle Chevrolet Sail sedan, which was launched recently in the markets. Recently I have brought it so that I could make regular trips to some tourist destinations with my family. I was quite surprised to see the price of this car as its base price was just about Rs. 5.07 lakh. However, I have bought top end diesel version as I had plans to get most featured car. I have bought the new Chevrolet Sail LT variant for which I have paid just Rs. 7.64 lakh. It is a sibling of the Sail hatchback and it is powered by 1.3 liter diesel engine. To be honest, I am very satisfied with the performance and the mileage of this car and moreover, it has got some decent set of features that paid best value for money. The interior of the car is well design and the features are impressive. It has got all the basic and standard that include music player, power steering, power windows, air conditioner, ABS and many more features that would certainly make you satisfy.


I have only one complaint about this car and it is about its engine cubic capacity. The company should have opted to install at least 1.5 liter engine that could have suited the sedan class vehicle. But this clearly indicated the company's intention to bring down the price of the vehicle. My car is blessed with 1.3 liter SMARTECH turbo diesel engine that is displaced at 1248cc. This engine has the ability to make 76.9Bhp of power and makes 205Nm of torque. What really impressive about this vehicle is its ability to give away 22.1Kmpl of mileage. This is one of the main advantage of the car that impressed me a lot. I never though that a sedan car would give so much of mileage. As far as its style is concerned, the car has some aggressive body design. Its front view is much like its sibling Chevrolet Sail Hatch.


At the front, it has got a decent design grille with Chevrolet Logo integrated on it and it has got a body colored bumper with integrated air dam. The overall view of the car is very simple and decent that caught my attention in the first view. I would give full marks to this new car, which is specially designed for Indian families. It has huge interior space, tons of features, good specifications and most importantly, it has a very affordable price tag.  

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  • Sheru Khan |18 Feb,2013 09:40:21 PM

    can some body tell about exact , practical fuel efficiency of petrol Chev SAIL.

    varun |06 Jul,2014 12:23:16 PM

    in city it give you 10-12 with ac and on highway 15-17 with ac fully loaded

  • jh |20 Feb,2013 12:59:40 PM

    7.64 on road? which city? in mumbai - lower end is above 8 lac.

    rajeev |22 Feb,2013 02:46:59 PM


  • senthil |26 Feb,2013 10:55:02 PM

    i plan to take this car.... so that can i take this car? is it economic...

  • P K Ghosh |27 Feb,2013 04:09:11 PM

    I am keen to buy SAIL sedan-Petrol version. I want to know its mileage under city driving condition in Kolkata. Also please let me know in which other country this model has been launched or, it has been launched only in India? How does it compare with Swift-Dezire in terms of mileage & on road price in Kolkata & driving comfort ? An early & correct response will enable me to decide my choice of car purchase within March2013

    Anil Kumar Bhat B |27 Apr,2013 11:54:46 AM

    Its selling in great numbers in china almost the most sold vehicle in china...

  • jithin kumar |27 Feb,2013 04:20:33 PM

    hi i have booked the petrol ABS version 7 days before and according to me its a good car in segment :-) go ahead and buy it if u can ... it gives a milage of 18.2 on highway and the dealer told me its will surely give an milage of 17+ on highway .. and these are quite compitative figures as other sedans petrol probably wont give much ... swift desire is also a good option but its like nowadays everyone hav a swift haha!! so i was not interested its not a bad car but SAil is much bigger than swift desire ... :-) if ur looking for space .. and engine is good for the car :-) if ur looking for a decent ride :-) NOte this car is not ment for any pro street car races haha!!!! so basically its a good car and can go in 145 KM/HR in no difficulty ...

    Raj |28 Feb,2013 04:25:13 AM

    When are u taking the delivery ?Kindly provide the feedback after few days use..hows much milegae its providing in a city ?

    jithin |11 Jun,2013 12:53:38 AM

    hello i contacted dealer and changed it into a sail 1.3 diesel ls ABS from petrol :-) my diesel milage is around 20+ with ac on highways actually my car went 880 kms in full tank diesel now tats a fact ... :-) with 90% time AC on

    praveen |06 Mar,2013 09:56:31 AM

    hey jithin u got delivery of the car i booked the petrol version but they are not given the delevery yet they said some problem with petrol cars

    Prateek Rajput |14 Mar,2013 08:10:21 PM

    Ya they told me too that production of the car has stopped, & petrol version has a minimum waiting time of two & a half months.... Is it true????

    jithin kumar |11 Jun,2013 12:55:16 AM

    i changed the car from petrol to diesel wrote a letter to the dealer and he happily changed the model and gave me .. even note that i had taken a loan from HDFC haha :-)

    Chetan |06 Apr,2013 03:26:32 PM

    Hi, Did u received your car, has it been delivered to you. As came to know from prev reviews that GM is facing huge problems in deliveries and inspite of large bookings its not meeting the delivery expectations. Is this true, pls suggest as i am planning to buy Sail petrol Thx chetan

    surjit singh |17 May,2013 03:32:13 PM

    I booked a sail sedan petrol on 3-4-2013. I was told that the car will be delivered with in a month but now the dealer is making excuse day by day and gave me expected date of 25th May.

    Manish |23 Jun,2013 01:14:08 AM

    Hi surjeet, have you got the delivery, i have also taken sail ls abs petrol version and it is giving me an average of approx 10 in city with AC, they claims it to be 18, what is the avg of your car pls tell, i have spoke to the dealer and they say that it will improve after service, i have run the vehicle 1800 km since may 2013

  • Raj |28 Feb,2013 04:21:36 AM

    This car looks very much like the SX4 but in terms of interiors its no where near and even sx4 is around 200 mm lenghthier. But the fuel consumption of sx4 is gives around 9 on city(petrol) So can anyone using petrol variant. of sail give a feedback how much is the avg a crowded city like Kolata

  • Prasad Cherian |28 Feb,2013 07:37:59 PM

    I want to know about the petrol consumption of sail sedan .

  • Bhargo |01 Mar,2013 11:37:03 PM

    I want to buy Petrol version of SAIL Sedan. Can any body(who is using SAIL Sedan Petrol version) inform what is the practical mileage in city conditions & on higway as I am thinking to go for Petrol instead of Diesel - Rgs

  • Srinivas Durbha |03 Mar,2013 01:43:59 PM

    Planning to buy a diesel sedan. Can anyone tell me which is a better car? Chevrolet Sail or Nissan Sunny

    Prateek Rajput |14 Mar,2013 08:12:22 PM

    Ofcourse Sunny.....

  • Nilanjan Mitra |04 Mar,2013 01:54:51 PM

    9kmpl in city..??whats the milage of Swift Dzire petrol in city??

  • gajinder singh |05 Mar,2013 09:39:41 AM

    Planning to buy a diesel sedan. Can anyone tell me which is a better car? Chevrolet Sail sedan or Swift-Dezire in terms of mileage & on road price in chandigarh & driving comfort ? An early & correct response will enable me to decide my choice of car purchase within March2013, I want to know its mileage under city driving condition in chandigarh,,

  • praveen |06 Mar,2013 09:59:35 AM

    hey i like to know any got the petrol variant sail sedan .. i booked the car but dealer keep on postponing the date of delivery and now he says there is some problem with petrol cars so i am fully confussed u friends any one got the car ..hws the performance...

  • SHEREZAD |07 Mar,2013 02:11:10 AM

    should I buy sail or etios which car is better

    vikrant choudhary |12 Jun,2013 12:52:03 PM

    Maruti swift dzire is the best car for you. this car is most popular car in its segment. you should by it.

  • sachin |07 Mar,2013 01:02:47 PM

    i am planning to buy sail petrol version & i also plan to fit CNG kit in that, can it is a advisable option.

  • ibrahim |07 Mar,2013 06:27:39 PM

    i am planning to buy sail petrol version & i also plan to fit CNG kit in that, can it is a advisable option. and please tell me price of diesel version.

  • sachin potdar |08 Mar,2013 04:40:38 PM

    Hello All, I am planing for car in couple of month. Please suggest about SAIL petrol ? How it perform for smoothness. Vs. Dezire

  • Ashutosh dewangan |14 Mar,2013 05:37:26 PM

    Hi every one. I am planning to by a car of sedan C segment and shortlisted Sail Sedan and Toyota Etios. Please any one can give me valueable suggenstions on this issue to make the decision easier. My budget is upto Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

  • sundararajan |19 Mar,2013 08:11:24 PM

    The sail is the clear winner. If the u see the price of top end diesel car of the three you will find the difference. Etios is almost 100k more compare to sail. The Swift dezire is little more than sail but maruti is not giving the benefit of less than 4meter exice benefit to the customers. If marti price is 50k less than the sail then dezire is the worth for money. At the present condition sail is the value for the money and intelligent choice also. And more over the Chevy 3 year maintenance is a good option also. 5 year warranty for engine and transmission. And one more thing is now a days you can see lot taxi in etios . It has become like indica taxi

  • Mohit |29 Mar,2013 12:14:47 PM

    My dealer is postponing the delivery date again and again for LS ABS Petrol version, do anyone have any firm update on why the things are getting late.

  • neera gupta |31 Mar,2013 11:35:51 PM

    nobody telling practical mileage petrol version is giving under actual city ride conditions....

  • harish |08 Apr,2013 11:33:06 AM

    MY CHOICE THIS CAR..11-04-2013

  • chinju |11 Apr,2013 04:12:21 AM

    I would like to know the on-road price for Chevrolet Sail Sedan (Base Petrol) in Trivandrum,Kerala?

  • Mohit |15 Apr,2013 01:28:43 PM

    Dear Folks- Gotten the delivery of LS ABS Petrol (14 days back), but am big upset with the fuel efficiency, getting only 10 KM/Ltr, hardly, car ran only 280 kms only with 27.23 ltr (2000/- fuel) with AC on and off say 50-50. Apart from above my dealer says that he also put 5 ltrs of fuel in the car??? Pick up and other features are ok..... Any questions..I may answer for your better decision.... on petrol variant only......

    Manish |20 Apr,2013 06:28:09 PM

    Hi Can any one let me know how much time it takes to get the delivery...

    Mohit |22 Apr,2013 09:25:12 AM

    Manish, My dealer took complete one month, however I didn't get the colour i booked...

    Manish Singh |23 Apr,2013 10:22:09 PM

    Hi Mohit, How is the this too bad...

    Mohit |24 Apr,2013 09:17:23 AM

    Hello Manish, It's increasing gradually, last time I have gotten appx. 11.5Kms/Ltr, yesterday I got it checked with dealer and again the answer was that it will increase after first service. Hoping for some betterment.

    Manish |24 Apr,2013 10:27:17 AM

    Thanks Mohit...I think first service will increase the mileage but not that much what chrevolet is promising.. Hope for the best..Being a Sedan if this car gives 15km/lt it will a class to drive. Meanwhile I have booked Sail LS ABS Petrol . Waiting for the delivery...

    iksh |25 Apr,2013 02:18:41 PM

    hey mohit... i guess u have a petrol version...what about CNG compatibity with sail petrol engine...whats ur plan...?

    Mohit |25 Apr,2013 03:23:57 PM

    Hello Iksh, my monthly running is not more than 800-900 Km's so didn't enquire even fr the option.

    ayan |27 Apr,2013 08:54:22 PM

    Hi Mohit, I am planning to buy this car, in petrol version. Can you please tell me about its driveability in the city ... means does it require to make frequent gear shifts compared to other cars? and what about the pick-up?

    Mohit |30 Apr,2013 09:25:40 AM

    Hello Ayan, I am almost 1000 KM done with the vehicle. In city I am getting maximum 11.5 KM/Ltr and on a trip of appx 350 Kms on highway it delivered around 13 only, further rightly commented by someone earlier that the vehicles suffers on high speed, means if you are onto the 5th gear and need to have a sudden break to reduce the speed to 50 KM's then even 800 or Alto may get better pickup, but sedan takes a lot of time to recover, it seems at times that speed can not be achieved without shifting the gear. Even in city you need to shift the gears very often. AC also do not perform as it should be......Furher after sales is also not so good, I did a complaint on the vehicle as there were some cabin sounds from the back door side and front wind screen side, after two visits to the dealer they are not able to dignose from where the noise is coming and they are requesting to visit again for the same. Thanks......

    ayan |03 May,2013 07:45:28 AM

    mohit, thanks a lot for your reply and the feedback. It is really helpful.

    Mohan |13 Jul,2013 05:50:39 PM

    Its correct!! I am also not happy with SAIL LT ABS Petrol version. All what is mentioned above is precisely correct. For me, its barely giving 9 km/litre and on highway its around 10.5 km/litre. Very true, pickup is really bad. And after sales service and its dealers are also absolutely snobbish.... I think we all owners of this car should unite on Social Media like Facebook and bring GM to task ? What do you guys say ?

  • leks |03 May,2013 11:13:33 PM

    I am new owner of Sail Sedan LT ABS Petrol. I have completed 600 KM in namma bengalooru city. I am getting 15KMPL in city. Since its a new car I am driving under 2.5 RPM for better drive-in till first service. I never crossed 70KMPH at any time.

  • prasad raju |25 May,2013 09:40:11 AM

    hi i am planning to buy sail sedan diesel version kindly give me some good is its performance on hilly roads?are there any unusual sounds coming? does it climb hilly regions easily if it is fully loaded? I am having doubt on 1.3 L engine this engine capacity related to power and pickup and overall performance of the engine ?

  • gajindersingh |05 Jun,2013 11:28:28 PM

    hi sir plz advice me sail sedan diesel car mileage for user review in city and highway, regarding to mileage, resent consumer review too used a sail sedan diesel car.?

  • krishang |24 Jun,2013 11:12:41 AM

    Is it recommendable to fit a CNG kit in Sail petrol ? Is it compatible ?

  • Magesh |11 Dec,2013 04:22:26 PM

    HI all, I request you please provide the correct feedback. One of them telling that its best of all but some of them telling that its worst of all. Please any one confirm the diesel car mileage in city and highway. if u r getting low mileage means then u r using the car roughly right? Please reply me properly as a middle class family member. Regards, Magesh.

  • Harshal |01 Feb,2014 11:30:27 PM

    pls advice. which diesel car should I go for ?? chevrolet sail 1.3 ls lbs / swift Dezire VDI / Honda amaze S

    vivek |12 May,2015 02:05:01 PM

    Chevrolet sail sedan

  • ABCD |20 Nov,2014 04:10:33 PM

    Sjmsnzsn jsjdnjss. Jsjdjeejn s jabs so ssjsb so. A sow aha aha an sbswejjsbsbssb

  • dhananjay kumar |22 Mar,2015 05:35:50 PM

    I have bought sail 1.2 ls abs in december 2014 .in my opinion it is best car in this price tag.i am amàzed by its style, suspension, running sound, interior, fuel economy and boot space.i can only say what a car at such low price tag.

  • prasannavijaybbbvpvpp vpp |23 Mar,2015 11:54:30 AM

    I want buy a car sail plz canu tel me what is mileage of this carin local

  • Anand Mehta |19 Dec,2016 07:51:00 PM

    Chevy Sail UVA petrol base model. bought in May-2014. converted to CNG in Feb-2015 @14000 Km. as on 19-12-2016, 72,000 kms driven. still runs like the first day. no complaints at all. delivers 24-25 km/kg. just regular maintenance as per the manual. nothing more. VALUE FOR MONEY.

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