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  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA review

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    A part of history in itself, Chevrolet has reopened its India operations with the Chevrolet Spark. Ever since, the company has been enjoying a loyal customer base among the Indian automobile owners. The latest inclusion to the Chevrolet wagon is the all new Chevrolet SAIL. The company claims this to be one of the most stylish cars in the markets, which it reiterated in its advertisement, guaranteeing that the new Chevrolet SAIL offers more style than expected and more admirers than asked for. These innovative attempts by the company assure one of the efforts by General Motors in launching this vehicle with the Indian market as a key concern. The quality of the interiors is made reminiscent of premium top end sedans and the exteriors feature an aerodynamically designed framework that blends with the streets yet retains its unique character. The stylish Chevrolet SAIL features an option of choosing either a petrol version or a diesel version. While the petrol version guarantees better pick up, the diesel scores with better mileage, and considering the increasing costs of fuel, diesel seems a more feasible option for mileage centred customers. The advert displays the stylish features of Chevrolet SAIL in a simple 13 second time frame, giving enough to understand the gravity and leaving out enough to increase the anticipation. The SAIL is designed with a better aerodynamic factor as well as large interior spacing, which the company claims is best in its class. 

    Chevrolet Sail Road Test Review

    2013-02-26 11:25:33.0

    Very few companies have been able to re-invent themselves in the Indian automobile market. But with Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet successfully breathed fresh air, which pushed forward its operations in India with more Indian-centric models. A comfortable player in hatchback models and compact SUVs, Chevrolet launched Sail as an attempt to explore the sedan class. The expert review of the same was done by Rachit Hirani.

    The review follows the picturesque locales of Mumbai where the car complements the roads. The new Sail comes in both petrol as well as diesel variants. As Rachit points out, the front view of the car is similar to Chevrolet Cruze with perfectly positioned headlamps, which blend in seamlessly with the exteriors. The rear however is reminiscent of Chevrolet Aveo, the key difference between the two being the number plate position. Though the exteriors remind of individual cars created by Chevrolet over the years, the spacious interiors are much like Chevrolet Sail U-VA. The ergonomically designed interiors with perfectly spaced seating give a pleasing appeal to the sedan. The power window controls are in the middle and most of the controls are also aligned at the middle part of the dashboard. As Rachit observes, the Bluetooth controls can be improved and the interior materials can be a tad better. The boot space is large enough to fit luggage for small vacations. The main USP of the Sail is its large legroom and smart rear seating arrangement that provides enough space for three people to sit comfortably as even the chassis is flattened at the middle section of seats.


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    Campaigning the new SAIL, GM launched an advertisements explaining the customers about the internal technical specifications along with the technical pride and resources the company harnessed over the years. The advertisement titled ‘SAIL 1.3 litre SDE SMARTECH Engine’ GM displayed its latest innovation 1.3-litre SDE SMARTECH engine. The new engine offers an output of 78 PS at 4000 rpm. The exclusive research by GM’s Powertrain Division at Turin and with high intellectual resources from GM Pune and GM Banglore, helped in creating the unique engine that delivers high performance, fuel efficiency while maintaining the cost effective profile.

    Being a refined version of the award winning 4-cylinder, SDE engine which GM designed in collaboration with Fiat. The new variant has fixed geometry turbochargers which provide powerful drive while maintaining the stability and precision even at low rpm. The turbochargers provide 205Nm of torque at 1750 rpm. GM used light weight material for the body of engine so that the effective friction and weight of the vehicle is maintained. The intake manifold is also designed using light weight plastic which also improved the torque. Mileage of 22.1 kmpl is another improvement in the new version, which the company attained by using Common Rail Fuel injection system. One of the common issues faced by diesel engines include the NVH effects that, if not given attention to, cripple the driving experience. The 1.3-litre SDE SMARTECH engine controls this problem by using low inertia valve trains with hydraulic lash adjusters. The mileage is improved by using DDHC 4 valves per cylinder. The pistons are lightweight and are coated with graphite to reduce friction. The graphite coating is done both on the piston skirts as well as top grooves.

    GM claims that the vehicle has increased durability by using fractured connecting rods. In the wake of ecologically concerned engineering, GM created the new engine so as to meet the demands of the planet. The engine is electrically operated and and designed in water EGR mechanism. The NOx emissions are also reduced by using pneumatically controlled bypass valve. Any further emissions are reduced by using closed coupled diesel oxidation catalyst.

    On a whole, the Chevrolet's new engine acts as a perfect package for catering the needs of contemporary consumers of the Indian market. The engine is designed creating a perfect balance between fuel efficiency, cost and reliability that GM has been offering since decades.

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    India is a constant attraction to the world. The vibrant culture is something that drew many countries and industries towards the nation. GM’s new advertisement creates a sense of the world looking at one of the important markets in the world. The advertisement features a remix cover, of an old Indian classic movie, being sung by a Westerner. This insinuates that ‘the world is looking at you with love and admiration’ which is the main essence of the track. The track being developed by a westerner singing Hindi lyrics every now and then is a pleasant effort by GM which is trying to increase the sales of SAIL to 48,000 units.

    The advertisement titled ‘Chevrolet SAIL TV Commercial’ starts with a person who seems stressed and calls for his son to head back, probably home. The scene continues with display of SAIL’s large leg space where a skateboard fits under the seat with ease. The video progresses by showing the suspension setup offered by Chevrolet Sail on Indian roads by showing successive speed breakers. The fabric upholstery is shown during the video to be comfortable and style oriented. The graphic silhouettes on the traffic symbols turn to notice the vehicle with the track suggesting “Tumsa nahi dekha” (never seen anything like you). This reference also stands for the affordable range in which the SAIL is launched with the 22 kmpl mileage and 1248cc engine capacity. GM introduced its 1.3-litre SDE SMARTECH engine which is a revised version of GM and Fiat’s award winning 1.3 SDE engine. The SAIL offers a decent interiors. The driver is shown to be relaxed, which shows that the drive is a comfortable one where one can enjoy instead of getting stressed.

    All through, his son’s amusement over all the attention being received by most unlikely admirers. In terms of style, the vehicle remains compact while spacious in its design which improves the collective feel of driving as an experience, further. The SAIL comes in five variants Base, LS, LS ABS and LT ABS. Security is improved in higher end variants as they have their airbags and ABS, EBD making the drive a safe experience. The video concludes with Chevrolet assuring that the SAIL has ‘more style than you expected and gives more admirers than you asked for’. With a simple 0.45 second advertisement and a lasting impression, the advertisement leaves views tapping feet to the background track.

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    Chevrolet Sail U-VA the first offspring of the GM-SAIC marriage bears immense responsibility of succeeding the brand after the failure of Aveo U-VA in the cut throat and brutally competitive hatchback segment. Spawned for the emerging world economies Sail-UVA interiors surprise you as they have no similarity with its siblings already running on Indian road. The interiors come in light brown and beige color theme that enhances the depth. The cabin area is simplistic in terms of layout what catches the eye is the triangular door handles and kinks of the central console that adds drama to the simplicity. A lot of plastic has been used which surely could have been chucked of, the example being the dashboard  plastic quality is seriously non-reflective. The orange backlit central cluster and info display that brings back the charisma with comfortable seating area and seats being well padded with crisp upholstery with decent amount of legroom space are some of the plus points that definitely works in the favor of the hatch. The knobs and controls, boot release and bonnet release button are well placed and within reach of the passengers and driver. Coming to the entertainment side, the 2-DIn music system is average if you are looking for a decent sound system, the added features like AUX, USB port and Bluetooth audio playback are the saviours here.

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