I have done 2000 km with Chevy Cruze LTZ Auto transmission. Its superb

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Pros : Excellent Car, Value for Money, Way ahead of Jetta, Laura in power, refined engine, great car

Cons : Not really significant to influence a decision

I have driven 2000 km in 2 weeks with this car LTZ Auto.Auto Transmission is superb & provides effortless driving. It's superb.,the power is awesome and jettas, lauras, civics, altis fall way behind. I had test driven these cars before making a decision and I feel today I made a right decision. features are excellent, key less entry, button start, sunroof, great layout of interiors, superb dashboard. Comfort & luxury are the words when you are in the car, Exteriors are simply superb, bold and all this can give other cars an inferiority complex. I have got a mileage of @ 11 km on mixed driving 70 % highways, 30 % city & at speeds exceeding 150 kph. Braking is superb, great control, max speed reached so far 170 km/h , without much effort and I am told it can reach 200 ! but a risk on Indian roads.loads of leg space, storage space in the boot is ok. Effortless driving, only effort required is while honking !engine is fine tuned, absolutely wonderful for a diesel machine to have isolated noise & vibrations. The moon roof is a nice feature for kids to enjoy..all finger touch operations except horn. rear comfort is good and so is leg space. Other cars I liked was jetta but did not opt for it, as for rear leg space they have ac louver which takes too much space and adds to discomfort the middle passenger , its got less features and is expensive as well.skoda A.S.Service is horrible, cruze with 150 hp is way ahead of 104 hp by laura and jetta. hence can't be compared really. I hope GM would value customers & keep them happy & if they do, they will lead this segment. AT is 6 speed & gears provide good advances while overtaking. USB , bluetooth should have been included. Plastics on door interiors, floor could have been better

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  • carlover |17 Feb,2010 08:18:16 PM

    very happy to read your review ! i was debating between cruze and skoda.. you just helped me make up my mind.

  • kartik |19 Feb,2010 05:31:33 AM

    Hi, I am planning to buy the cruze.. however, am js confused between the MT and the AT. Can you please throw some more light on the AT. The dealer tells me its triptronic with paddle shift. is it comfortable. Good review by you. Thanks

    Raunac |13 Dec,2010 10:07:37 AM

    hey buy mt... ull b able 2 handle it..!!!! awesum car..

    atul |02 Sep,2011 09:56:50 PM

    call me 9899007366

    varun |04 May,2012 03:59:14 PM

    Buy the automatic if you do city driving, since the car is on the heavier side and can get a little tiring driving around in the city. the pick up of the AT is nearly as good as the manual and you wont feel left behind if u race with a manual. so dont worry about the pick up. Also, just research the report on the clutch plate of the AT if you do a lot of city driving, since these cars have a tendency to lose their clutch plate and that can prove to be extremely expensive.

  • steeve |21 Feb,2010 12:57:48 PM

    thanks, gone in for a LTZ automatic as it seems better,and excellent value 4 money for triptronic 6 gears diesel vehicle

  • Arun |07 Mar,2010 08:20:22 AM

    How is the ground clearance with full load of five passengers? I am seriously contemplating buying it. I am told that although it is 165 and Civic is more, apparently it is much better because of its suspension and wheel base!

    abraham |28 Dec,2010 12:08:49 AM

    Ground clearance is good. With a little care we can negotiate any road even with full load :) . On paper it is lower than civic but never scrapes on speed breakers:)

    gmprasad |26 Jan,2011 01:52:36 PM

    true ground clearance is good. never scrapes on speed breakers

  • Ravi Varma |08 Mar,2010 04:49:12 AM

    Ground clearance with five loaded passengers is good, I had no problems whatsoever, In fact this was a main aspect when I decided no for Civic-less ground clearance, hits speed breakers and small height obstructions easily. You can test ride and check it on bumps at higher speeds..

    Nikhil |06 Mar,2015 06:35:39 AM

    Hello Ravi, I read quite a lot of your opinions about cruze. I have zeroed in on an used 2011 petrol variant which has clocked 50K kms. From your experience, how much do you spend on your annual maintenance?

  • Partheban |09 Mar,2010 04:29:35 AM

    Thanks for the review. I have bukd a Cruze LTZ Black AT Waiting for delivery on March 23rd 2010 As told by Mr Ravi Varma, plastic quality and a little bit of trimming in interiors especiallly in leather seats are required. But its not much a concern. But customers who buy this segment would expect the leather quality to be much more premier ..Rest all CRUZE itself is a value for money car irrespective of LT, LTZ o AT.. All these models are value for money compared to its competitors..Thats the reason u need to really think while going for other car....People also say that u have a good resale value for Laura.. Thats because its a proven vehicle..But surely Cruze is much more better car in terms of features, value for money..So it would be proved and it would have a good resale value similar to CAPTIVA...So if people consider this as a concern, please dont as all cars will have a less resale value in the coming years as all brands will load with differenct cars n the next 2 years...

    vishal |13 Apr,2011 02:22:53 PM

    Hey could you please tell me how much did u pay for the ltz model and are you happy with the car, cause i heard from some people that there is a wobble after the speed of 100 , casue i am keen on buying the at model do u suggest it and how do u compare it with the new jetta that is to launch in 2nd half of this year

  • Ravi Varma |09 Mar,2010 06:17:10 AM

    Please note that Jetta

  • Ravi Varma |09 Mar,2010 06:18:34 AM

    1. Laura ?? High on maintenance costs, poor after sale service back up, a bit of arrogance in the showroom staff. Low on power, old TDI technology engine. Average Looks , 6 speed AT is good 2. Jetta - High on maintenance costs, Low on power, old TDI technology engine. Average Looks Jetta has a AC louver at middle of rear seat floor space. This is a big obstruction for the middle seat passenger. I wonder how has this been made. 6 speed AT is good and nice, good handling 3. Civic - Great car , low on mileage though and ground clearance, My friend owing it mentioned the under body at high speed will scratch all times on rough roads, seed breakers. 5 ??speed AT 4. Altis ?? Good car but I found Civic better. 5 speed AT Reasons for opting for Cruze 1. Power , CRDI engine, great looks, superb interior layout, loads of features, Sun Roof, 6 speed auto transmission, well tuned engine, excellent pick up, sturdy , good safety rating, good leg space , shoulder space for 5 adults , I am 6 ft tall and no issues on head space either in front or rear. AT offers lots of comfort and effortless driving. Price ?? Value for money I think for all above. Please note that Jetta

  • Ravi Varma |09 Mar,2010 06:20:13 AM

    Please note that Jetta

  • amardeep |23 Mar,2010 01:53:39 PM

    A very useful analysis. Very helpful. I think almost all questions in any prospective buyer's mind have been answered. However, I would like to have some firsthand comments on the handling of the car. Especially steering accuracy, feedback, etc. Personally I have found the Ford ikon 1.6 petrol (one of my car) steering the best amongst various cars I have driven. A comparison with Ford ikon would be most helpful. Secondly, any inputs on ownership costs?

    anup |02 Feb,2011 02:28:20 PM

    Hi Amardeep, i have test drove the Cruze its just amazing. I own a Ford Ikon 1.6 and i feel the steering of cruze is slightly better. Power is deffinitly better then Ikon 1.6

  • Ravi Varma |24 Mar,2010 10:20:07 AM

    Hi Amardeep, The handling is good, i did not find any issues with it. Steering is responsive and does what we intend to. I havent driven ikon 1.6 petrol, so cant comment on comparison with it. Ownership costs : Mileage i have mentioned in above review, maintenance too early to comment, I have now driven @ 3600 km and no costs as of now, I guess being GM the costs will be on lower side as compared to Ford/Skoda/VW.

    Debotosh Bhattacharya |11 Jan,2011 04:11:58 PM

    Dear Ravi, Thanks for the graet Inputs. BTW I'm a Mitshubishi Fan & have been driving Lancers for past 8 years. I bought two of them, one after the other. Is the 0-100 better in Cruze than Lancer? Is the durability/maintainance Free as good as lancer? Can It handle all terrains & is the cornering & steering as good as lancer in High speeds? Lotz of questions for you.... :)Kindly help & please add further info as I really want to buy this car. Regards Debotosh Bhattacharya.

    farrukh |20 Jun,2011 05:20:20 PM

    i would say its much much better then LAncer fuel wise, safety wise, look wise , performance wise

  • Amardeep |27 Mar,2010 02:48:59 PM

    Hi Ravi! Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I think I too wil go in for the Cruze. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. Happy Motoring!

  • Saurabh |14 Apr,2010 06:08:49 AM

    I think these feedback and comments are great to bring someone mind to rest in terms of comparing all possible option in this segment. I have myself test drive and evaluated Laura, Cruze and other cars and found Cruze to be best among the lot with loads of features and cheaper than others. I have booked for myself and exitingly waiting for delivery in about 10 days :)

  • Saurabh |14 Apr,2010 06:09:36 AM

    sorry choose the wrong rating

  • alok |28 Apr,2010 06:05:17 AM

    i m planning to buy CRUZE or ALTIS...please help which one is better..i drive basically for daily needs highways are less for me...please suggest...which car has a good resale value...and is value for money..

  • ravi varma |28 Apr,2010 02:18:10 PM

    Hello Alok, Between Altis

  • Prankey |22 May,2010 12:54:18 AM

    I had a tough day test driving a Cruze today. As soon as I saw the car, I tried to compare it with a Civic (find it a closest match in terms of look and segment). I felt Civic looks much more elegant externally. I wasn't pleased with the single tone grey leather interior as we have now got used to dual tone interior. Sun roof looked good with sliding cover. However let me clarify that while looking to buy a car, I am test driving cars right through B till D segment and comparing their features, comfort and refinement while evaluating value for money. Based on these parameters, I was not at all impressed with the LTZ variant's On-road price tag of Rs. 16 Lac in Bangalore. I was frank with the sales executive who brought the vehicle, comparing each feature and performance with vehicles from other and same segments. The car he had brought was showing a computed overall mileage figure of 9.9kmpl. Was not very pleased with the figure. Getting in the car: Was happy to know that you just need to touch a sensor on the driver door handle to lock the car (barring the need for using the remote or the key to open the door). Sales person Arun suggested that this feature essentially locks the car after you get out and touch the door (or someone wants to open it other than you). However this feature, he suggested would work only if you have the key nearby (could not understand the real use). Got inside the car by unlocking through the key, seat was reasonably comfortable, however was not impressed by the push button start button (keyless operation, any buyers). I am quite used to using the keys now that I personally feel more comfortable entering the key and turning it round to start the vehicle. Anyway, started the car, noticed that the clutch lever caries some of the engine vibration inside the car (was surprised, that the clutch do not use the drive by wire technology as used in the likes of Swift/Dzire, SX4, Fiesta, etc. Clutch was eventually harder than the modern petrol vehicles. Test drive car had alignment issue! Cant understand why Chevy could not maintain their test drive vehicles down to such basic issues. Right wheel had some rattling sound like some bush or brake canister component was loose! When discussed such issues with the sales executive, he just suggested that it is expected out of a test drive vehicle! (listeners, waddaya feel???) Anyway, moved the vehicle to test it in a long Kanakapura Road with mixed road conditions and cornering "opportunities". Talking about the features, I could not stop myself from comparing with those in the likes of Xylo, Manza, Scorpios (some of these car has the same of more of these "Gizmos"). Driving experience: I felt reasonably comfortable driving the car, but was still annoyed with the pricing of the car in Bangalore. Suspension was reasonably balanced for rough and high speed driving. Tyres seemed the same "JK Vectra" Tyres found in SX4 ZXI (not very impressed with the choice in a D segment car??). Could not test much beyond this point due to the below amusing part: Sales Executive Arun was quite annoyed when I kept comparing the car with those from the lower segment cars!! He suggested if I had really checked on the features of Cruze before requesting a test drive (what type of question was that?? excuse me!). Nevertheless, I kept driving along to test all the features of the car. Still I was unable to stop thinking about the price tag, as I felt that while Laura had less powered engine (TDI), I felt its performance comparable to that of the Cruze (plus I really liked the looks of Laura and Civic - both inside out, even when these vehicles do not have some of the "Gizmos" like Rain sensor, Air Quality Monitor - I like this feature in Cruze like in Petrol Elentra). However, at this price tag, I felt that the AC should have a air filtering unit like the plasma ionizers we get these days in our home ACs, Clutch should have been hydraulic drive by wire like in Swift, Headlamps should have been Xenon like in Laura and last but not the least, looks! I feel the looks of Laura and Civic are far superior (both inside and outside). Rear suspension, not independent like in Civic. Center dashboard was hitting my knees making me remember good old Alto, talk of legroom.. When requested the sales executive to justify the price tag, he got extremely annoyed and asked me to go for an Indica instead (he seemed to be an under prepared, extremely arrogant sales person). I lost my cool this time and requested him not to suggest a car as I know quite well on how to evaluate the cars. He got more annoyed and quite surprisingly started a BIG argument that I am comparing Cruze with the lower segment cars and INSULTING HIM!!! Boy I lost it completely this time, took an immediate U turn and headed straight to my home. Afterwards it was my wife sitting on the back seat trying to contain such egoistic, arrogant and misbehaving sales staff I EVER COME across!! (Did you, ever?). When I suggested that I am talking about the vehicle and when did I insult him, he suggested that he has never come across a customer who criticize the car to such an extent and he has sold 25 cars in a month (big deal, can someone figure out what was going on his mind when I was honestly comparing the car with others?). Seriously, there were quite a lot of heated arguments there on and my wife and my daughter had to listen to the music till we reached home. Have to report this issue and escalate it to the top management and ask for clarification on the grounds they hire such misbehaving staff (that too sales, for a D segment car like their flagship Cruze). This person was asking me "Do you know who I am?" like he was the CEO of Chevy (GM, baby, now I am having a feeling for you on how you lost it all, globally). Comments, welcome. Enjoy the ride..

    Debotosh Bhattacharya |11 Jan,2011 04:18:55 PM

    Ohhhh...Wow Man...Wonderfull Review. I really appreciate. U r one good narator. Keep it up !!

    RiteshRN |25 Mar,2011 01:27:54 AM

    @Ramkey: The sales guy couldve handled you better to start with! Having said that, your comparisons are not justified and your opinions very subjective...may be thats what the sales guy might have gotten slapped with and lost his civility, which is totally unjustified by any any human standard. Hard clutch and the rattling noise is the only genuine concerns I could pick out of your posts which is indeed a cause for concern. BTW, the cruze does have a hydraulic clutch system, what made you think otherwise? The DBW technology is used for accelerator peddle and not clutches!!! Electronic clutch systems are aids in sequential, DSG paddle shifters or auto boxes only as of today in the market. Dont be confused and dont confuse the readers. There is no other car in our market giving you similar or more features, so dont be greedy and look for more out of whats already a best bet :) p.s: Xenons, plasma ionizers, hydraulic clutch with DBW...well, you seem to be wanting way too much for 15lacs eh??? If Chevrolet gives you all that well I wont be surprised if you'll ask for bulletproof glass and a lawn inside the car! LOL, easy mate...

    Jayant |20 Feb,2012 12:15:25 PM

    I think the sales guy has no much control over price than 5%. more over cribbing about the car(even though you don't like it) should be kept for your self until you finish the test drive only then can you discuss them one by one with the sales guy. Any person will be irritated when he is taunted time and again for the product he is selling.

    DV |20 Feb,2012 09:48:40 PM

    not much substance other than critisizing the salesman and the looks. Who cares!

  • Rajiv |23 May,2010 08:50:36 PM

    cruze AT vs Altis AT, really confused. pls help me. as my driver says all chevrolet cars give starting problem in while and can brake down anywhere. he is toally against, i havent heard people saying 2 good about chevy cars myself. but i m keen for cruze AT, looking at featues, pls advice? owner of cruze pls, ur commetns wil be helpful. would appreciate if u can mail me ur comments. thanks

    ashish |07 Aug,2011 05:19:47 PM

    I use a Aveo. Its been 5 years... No complaints.. Never been to the mechanic for any repairs-- who says chevy cars give problems..... Before this had a Icon (Full of problems) Had a Maruti (lot of issues)--- Now thinking about a Cruze.. Test driven it recently-- Amazing. Maybe the milage could have been better...

  • ravi varma |24 May,2010 10:19:51 AM

    Hello Rajiv Well Altis is petrol

  • Ravi Varma |24 May,2010 10:21:41 AM

    Rajin Post me your i.d so that i can mail you. Comments are not appearing here , i dont know why ? may be some problem with system

  • Ravi Varma |24 May,2010 10:29:31 AM

    Prankey, I can only say that If you are happy with SX4 , Fiesta, Alto why are you looking at other cars like civic/cruze ? Keyless entry is a advanced features and helps in security of car. Its bloody tough to duplicate it and steal the car. Key start etc are mindsets. BMW/Benz/Audi are also giving keyless entry, You think they are complicated ? its our mind which is resisting the change. If you found that Laura 1.9 TDI 105 bhp is at par with Cruze 150 bhp, 2.0 L CRDI then you are misleading. Pl see thats stats torque, time for 0-100 and you will know what is what. OK you can compare 2.0 L CRDI Laura with Cruze BUT not 1.9 L TDI. Pricewas its @ 2.5 lakhs heavier than Cruze AT. You know TDI is to be replaced by CRDI since it doesnt meet Euro 4 norms ? So jetta, laura will now shift to CRDI like they did for Passat. WIth comments above i really did not get what you actually mean in real sense, what you looked for etc. About a arrogant sales man i dont want to comments its individual.

  • Ravi Varma |24 May,2010 10:32:22 AM

    Rajiv, WIth cruze diesel you have more power and pickup than Altis. Altis is sluggish (Test drive yourself) Cruze has 6 speed AT/ Altis has 5 speed AT. Cruze interior layout is excellent and also from outside. Its also has moon roof and many features which altis doesnt have. I would say Cruze. There is not starting trouble, no one can afford it for cars in this segment or rather any segment because it will finish their market. Technology today is far better to have such troubles.

    George Alex |13 Apr,2011 06:31:32 AM

    Hi Ravi ,your reviews are all helpful.I am also confused on choosing between a Honda Civic AT and Cruze LTZ AT.I dont mind whether its petrol or diesel.I am looking for low maintenance and service cost and a reliable car.People says Civic ground clearance seems low with full load,and for Chevy its not a reliable car with many manufacturing defaults and starting trouble.Which one will you suggest.

  • R.Stephen |25 May,2010 01:03:33 AM

    Thanks for all the reviews, especially Ravi Varma, youurs is given with a lot of technical knowledge. I appreciate you. I just got quotation today for Cruze. I hope that I will get my cruze white diamond colour. All the best to you all.

  • Biju |01 Jun,2010 12:21:45 AM

    Ravi Varma, I had taken a test drive of this car while ago. I would like to get your honest opinion on two issues which surfaced to me while driving. 1) The front console on the left leg side is projected too much that it hits your left leg and I was getting a feeling that there is no enough space to keep your left leg comfortable while driving ( I was testing a manual drive mode), obviously left leg play more important part in driving. 2) The drive quality at low speeds around 30-45 kmph was found bumpy.

  • Ravi Varma |01 Jun,2010 09:33:53 AM

    Hello Biju, 1. I did not notice this. I am 6 ft tall and really did not feel this. May be you should try another test drive by adjusting the seat height and position in itself. The seat height can be adjusted. 2. At low speeds for manual transmission I feel the turbo lag sets in and causes this for a while. Moment the rpm increases and turbo gets activated its normal. By a bumpy drive you are relating to engine Or the shock absorbers ? I am relating to engine here. Hope this answers.

  • R Stephen |08 Jun,2010 11:28:37 PM

    hi....I bought my Cruze LTZ on 31st May. It s really a great car. As I always say "Think big

  • Ravi Varma |09 Jun,2010 09:39:00 AM

    Hi Stephen Congrats.. Enjoy your drive... All the best

  • vybhav |19 Jul,2010 11:11:21 AM

    Ravi Varma thanks for helping us know more about Cruze. I just want to know is the cruze having the same seating like civic or like every other car.

  • vybhav |19 Jul,2010 11:12:24 AM

    i mean is it comfort or relaxed seating....

  • Ravi Varma |19 Jul,2010 12:04:07 PM

    Hello Vybhav I think this is individual feeling and depends on the seat position and angle set. Cant really answer this, perhaps u shall take long drives with both cars.

  • Ravi Varma |19 Jul,2010 12:05:51 PM

    Hello Friends I have now done 9000 km with my cruze and had no issue so far. Others who have bought cruze how is your experience ? Wish you all Happy

  • Raju |19 Jul,2010 12:31:58 PM

    Hello Ravi Varma, Pl let me know, which variant you are using

  • Ravi Varma |19 Jul,2010 01:00:21 PM

    Hell Raju, My cruze is LTZ Auto Transmission.

  • pandian |20 Jul,2010 11:42:30 PM

    hi frnds .. can any one sugess cruze is good vechile after 15000 kms ....

  • Dinesh |28 Jul,2010 10:28:15 AM

    Thanks dude.....

  • viveksheel azad |04 Aug,2010 02:11:01 PM

    After days of researching on the internet, I am still confused about the best car for me. I find that for my budget of Rs.10-15 lakh, there are many options but no one car which hits you as the RIGHT ONE. Laura makes more sense than Jetta but is very expensive to maintain not to mention the horror stories of after sales service and ass. Altis although beckoned initially is not favoured because of comparitively poor engine. Innova makes more sense than Altis. Now I've read a lot of good things about Cruze and have shortlisted Cruze LTZ MT and Innova 2.5 VX. I haven't yet test driven these two versions. Please guide me.

  • Ravi Varma |04 Aug,2010 07:25:25 PM

    Hello Vivek, Cruze and Innova are in completely different league

  • vivek sheel azad |05 Aug,2010 10:56:32 AM

    You are right Ravi.The price bracket is (although innova is still slightly on the lower side)what warrants the comparison. I have more or less made up my mind to go for either of these. Both have their own USPs.Innova because after about 2 years or so it can be easily rented out or leased as a cab and even resale value would be reasonable as far as I can gather.That would be a buffer to go for a luxury sedan of a higher bracket.Presently I drive to the hills annually during the holidays and the extra space provided by the innova would be very handy. Cruze because since except for the holidays about a month each year, my highway travel is very limited. It seems to a good city car in its category. A dilemma. What would you suggest?

  • Ravi Varma |05 Aug,2010 11:04:13 AM

    Hello Vivek, Cruze is very good on highways and also in city. Now it depends on how many people travel for holiday. if you have @ 7 obvious choice is Innova. But with 7 people the luggage space is a problem in Innova since you cramp in much behind the rear seats.U have to then log them on the roof. Well the control,speed amd manuoverability of a car cannot be compared with a SUV like Innova. Its a choice based on number of people travelling. If u are 5 go for Cruze if you are 7 Innova

  • vivek sheel azad |05 Aug,2010 12:05:19 PM

    Thanks a lot Ravi. That was very prompt. I think I'll bother you one last time. How would you rate them on value for money(Cruze LTZ M and Innova 2.5 VX)? I agree that with 7 people and their luggage, it would be cramped but generally the trips are of a short duration and we are light travellers.The one drawback for Innova is its cab image. The cruze seems an answer to that. If you had to make this choice which would you pick? I believe a new version Innova is to be launched next week or so.

  • Surya |05 Aug,2010 03:37:43 PM

    For a budget of 12-18 lakhs, which is the most value for money car to buy? Laura,Cruze or Altis? What is the difference of maintenance cost of these three vehicles?

  • ravi varma |05 Aug,2010 05:07:44 PM

    vivek. . .if were uu n i had 7 people too travel then innova. . if i had 5 then cruze. . .surya for ur budget i wud say cruze. .

  • vivek sheel azad |05 Aug,2010 06:20:40 PM

    Thanks again. We are a family of four but generally holiday with parents so 6-8 people. I think it'll be best to test drive and then decide. I am prepared to wait for 15-20 days.

  • rajesh |09 Aug,2010 12:48:54 AM

    ravi, how is ur cruze now have you completed 15000km, people say that it starts to mke more noise is it true, anyway ia have booked my cruze ltz and am having second thoughts now, help me

  • Ravi Varma |09 Aug,2010 08:19:31 AM

    Hello Rajesh, I have now done @ 9800 km. Its smooth and good. This engine of Cruze is a refined version of Captiva. Hence if you want to verify this aspect of noise, test drive a captiva which is more than say 30-40 k and u will find urself that all these news are gossips. For instance you can even test drive optra magnum which has a lower version of engine than cruze. I has driven a magnum which was 80 k and found no issues. Don't believe is statements which people are making because I think no one must have done 15 k to comment about it. As a bench mark you can try with Captiva/ Optra magnum. I think Cruze is a super sedan and worth the buy.

  • RAJIV GUPTA |12 Aug,2010 01:14:18 PM

    hello ravi, i have decided to buy cruze AT. considering my bad experience with skoda regarding cost of maintenance and repair charges, am a little worried on maintainance costs. dealer is offering me all inclusive maintainance package for Rs.34000 for 45000 kms. do you have a view on likely maintainance costs later on. secondly are you just a very satisfied user or related to the company somehow. kindly be honest

  • Ravi Varma |13 Aug,2010 08:59:26 AM

    Hello Rajiv, First and foremost I am not connected to GM/Chevy in any way and I am only a customer of them. Before choosing Cruze I took almost 8 months to decide and did lot of study of cars like Laura, Jetta, Civic, Altis. I am not aware on any service package what dealer if offering. Now my service at 10,000 km is due for Cruze and will be done shortly. Then I will know the cost involved. But I guess the service is free. Consumables will be charged. All in all Rs 34,000 for 45,000 km look to me HUGE. WHy do u want to take it ? The car has warranty of 100,000 km , so why do u worry with service packs. If anything crops us its GM's baby to fix. I think that amount if huge and without pack u will save a lot , I feel so. I havent taken any pack. Hope this answers. Right now I dont have a idea on maintenance cost since for @ 9800 km i havent paid anything. Service is free. Oil will cost something and so will the filters. Happy

  • Govind |22 Aug,2010 10:31:28 PM

    Hi guys,i am thinking to go for the cruze. i am from a hilly area. So is the clearance a bother.what is the difference btn LT and LTZ?.Does any of the variants have rear A/C vents?.If not is it a big bother?.what is the mileage that u guys actually get?Is the sunroof compleatley openable to air?please reply.

  • ravi varma |23 Aug,2010 08:35:35 PM

    Hello Govind, LT

  • madhav |26 Aug,2010 11:56:56 AM

    hi ravi .. . hey most confusing is to decide between cruze and altis diesel . . on one side u have a fully laoded diesel rocket with feature matching with superb . .. but a chevy tag and bit not relaxing as altis ... on other its the japaneese .. though old fashioned wooden interior but class in itself .. . lovely engine and very relaxing all confused please if anybody can help

  • ravi varma |26 Aug,2010 08:11:57 PM

    hello madhav. . altis diesel has a small engine. .1.4 litres if i m right. its not comparable with cruze which has solid rrfined engine. .i dont think chevy tag shall be a issue. . test drive and u wil find out whst is what. . my choice is cruze. .if u refer to altis petrol still it lags behind in power pick up etc. .a moon roof great interior layout superb engine. . i agree internal plastic should have been better. .but honestly for a d segment car a small diesel engine will mske it sluggidh much like linea. .u wont enjoy the drive. . test it

  • Govind |30 Aug,2010 01:18:42 PM

    Hi ravi, thanks for the fact that you took an effort to reply.But your reply is not visible on the page.It would be very helpful if you can post it again or if you can post it on my email id - govin007@gmil.com

  • ravi varma |30 Aug,2010 02:12:42 PM

    Hello Govind, Well my comments are below 1. LT

  • Ravi Varma |30 Aug,2010 02:13:06 PM

    Hello Govind, 1. LT

  • Sandhya |01 Sep,2010 12:44:33 PM

    Hi Ravi. What's your take on the Vento esp. the diesel higline? Is it VFM? Is it a good buy?

  • Ravi Varma |01 Sep,2010 01:11:44 PM

    Hello Sandhya, On Vento I think its got a small engine @ 1.4 L and it shall be in the league of Honda City / Linea. C segment . .It shall be good car since its from VW but check on the operating costs and spares, i understand thats very expensive for VW and their network of service centres isnt that strong. Anyway a test drive and actual look is must. I havent seen it only read about it.

  • Sandhya |01 Sep,2010 09:56:41 PM

    Thanks Ravi. I too am apprehensive about operating costs and the weak dealer network.I was surprised that although the car was launched in Jaipur, the dealer didn't have a display vehicle even 15 days after the launch.He claimed to have booked 17 units though. I also need to know whether and what is the difference between Innova 2.5 VX diesel 7 seater and Innova 2.5 diesel V 7 seater.

  • Ravi Varma |01 Sep,2010 10:23:45 PM

    Hi Sandhya, Sorry I have no idea of Innova .. U r looking for a sedan / SUV ? Ravi

  • Lokesh |09 Sep,2010 12:44:28 PM

    I have just ordered LTZ for myself and was very happy with the performance for the same, compared it to all Civic, Altis, Jetta

  • Sandhya |10 Sep,2010 11:17:13 AM

    Hi Ravi.To start with we were looking for an upgrade as the second family car for a family of four. Currently are very happy with Santro Xing. The budget being 10-15 lakh.Have test driven the Laura, Altis diesel, ANHC, Civic,Vento highline,Innova V.We have an option of a CSD advantage.Haven't yet tried the Cruze so strongly recommended by you.A sedan or a muv is still a bit of a dilemma since riding comfort of the above cars is slightly better and cabin space marginally so. Leaving out Innova that is.This is in comparison with Xing.Yes they certainly have better features esp. safety and many cosmetic ones.I guess its a battle between practicality and esteem needs.I don't see a very major advantage of a sedan over a muv and any major disadvantage of a muv over a sedan.My husband is somehow not very open to a Chevy product.Am clubbing innova with them is because of the price range. The above cars esp.Laura have an almost noiseless engine whereas innova has a certain amount of engine noise in the cabin but then least depreciation and lots of space plus pretty good engine.The only drawback is the taxi image and maybe the engine noise.Basically looking for the best product which this amount of money can buy.Cost of maintenance is a concern.Peace of mind is the ultimate aim. I think will take another couple of days to decide.Any advice?

  • Ravi Varma |10 Sep,2010 12:36:26 PM

    Hi Sandhya, Between Innova

  • Ravi Varma |10 Sep,2010 12:37:15 PM

    Between Innova

  • Sandhya |10 Sep,2010 12:41:41 PM

    Between Innova and Vento since still not test driven Cruze.

  • Ravi Varma |13 Sep,2010 03:26:06 AM

    Between Innova

  • Ravi Varma |13 Sep,2010 08:44:50 AM

    Hi Sandhya, trying to post message but doesnt appear on screen,mail me your i.d of hypro@vsnl.net

  • Ravi Varma |13 Sep,2010 08:45:43 AM

    Hi Sandhya, Between Innova

  • abi |26 Sep,2010 08:28:05 PM

    Hi Ravi.. My doubts are about the mileage of LTZ AT. Wht is ur info on that ?

  • ravi |26 Sep,2010 09:09:17 PM

    for at i get in city with ac about 10.5 on highway at normal speeds below 100 i got about 16 at higher speeds about 160 its around 11 . . trust this answers

  • Shriram |29 Sep,2010 09:43:17 PM

    Hi Ravi Have you compared the AT transmission of Cruze with others like Honda stable of City, Civic and Accord...I understand that their AT box is the latest..similar is the DSG AT box of VW-Passat...any views.... Shriram

  • Ravi Varma |30 Sep,2010 11:52:04 AM

    Hi Shriram, I know that for City & Civic the gear box is 5 speed AT whereas Cruze if 6 speed AT. More number of speeds provide more smoother shifts. Accord/VW Passat I am not aware since it wasn't in the list of cars I evaluated. You can test drive to check yourself. Regards

  • ThomAS |15 Oct,2010 11:16:00 PM


  • Ravi Varma |16 Oct,2010 10:47:19 AM

    Hello Thomas, I hope you have read my review. Now I have driven my Cruze more than @ 12000 km and I am quite happy. I would recommend it. However I would also suggest test drive Cruze, Jetta and Laura and you would also perhaps go for Cruze.

  • Capt Rahul Deshpande |16 Oct,2010 06:56:39 PM

    Hi Ravi Varma,want to decide between the Laura n cruze LTZ(Manual), cud u give me a few tips plz? U really seem to have done a lot of good research. Also one point is dat dont u think rear leg space is a lil less in Cruze compared to the Laura?

  • Ravi Varma |16 Oct,2010 07:08:45 PM

    Hello Capt Rahul, Check if Laura is now offering 2.0 L CRDI , earlier they had 1.9 L TDI which is outdated now.I a not sure what they offer latest. Yes I did lot of search before deciding on Cruze. I found it more value for money, feature packed , power packed and less on maintenance. (SKODA A.s.s is quite a lot , you can check on this and their service isnt great either). On rear leg space - As per dimensions the rear leg space doesnt seem less in Cruze, nor in practice did I find it less. (but i drive most times and dont use rear seat) but no one complained to me that its less. I dont think it shall be a issue. Many others points have been written by me above already. I hope it helps. Happy driving

  • Vishal |27 Oct,2010 02:43:16 AM

    Hello Ravi Varma, I am planning to buy the Cruze, could you please guide me with which model to buy, i would rather opt for the manual engine,so please suggest me which one to buy between LT and LTZ. Waiting for your valuable feedback. Vishal.

  • Ravi Varma |27 Oct,2010 09:03:13 AM

    Hello Vishal, It depends on features you want. If you want the moon roof (sun roof), its LTZ. Children enjoy this part and also adults. Its nice and fun. Leather upholstery etc. Chk the feature list and your choice. Happy driving

  • kevin |29 Oct,2010 04:04:39 PM

    Hai Ravi,I recently test drove a diesel high line vento and found it a gud vfm car coz of its impressive performance n mileage (20-18 kmpl is what vw claims)but the long waiting period of 6 months or more is holdin me back from booking it.After readin ur review on cruze, am really thinkin of buyin a cruze. Am totally impressed by its looks n performance, so all i wanna know is the mileage of cruze MT.

  • Ravi Varma |29 Oct,2010 07:16:24 PM

    Hello Kevin, I have AT and with that as mentioned above i get @ 10.2 to 10.5 in city with AC and I drive fast. When I have patiently driven on highways @ 90 kmph I got a mileage of @ 15-16 with AT. I guess MT will be better than AT by @ 1.5 to 2 km/l. I have heard that with MT cruze gives @ 18-19 if driven patiently @ 70-80 km/h. You can see it on the odometer MID when you test drive. Trust this clarifies. These are actual figures I have got. Vento cannot be compared with Cruze though. I guess Vento is 1.4 L or 1.5 L engine 100 hp and Cruze is 2.0 L 150 hp. Ravi

  • Sandhya |31 Oct,2010 10:32:37 AM

    Hi Ravi. Since you were also a part of our long decision making process,thought I'll inform you that we have finally bought our second car. It is cruze LTZ manual.It was the last car we test drove and convinced my husband to overlook his apprehension regarding the Chevy tag.It was a close tie with Laura whose interiors I find are more elegant and built more solid probably but Cruze has a much better dealer network,presumably lower cost of maintenance and a more powerful engine.It feels more contemporary and is available through csd.Its just 3 days old and we are loving the excellent ride quality.My husband loves to drive it and it feels great. The sun roof kind of clinched it for us since the kids were absolutely smitten by it. I notice however that there's only about 1.5-2 inches of space between the roof and my husband's head and well it is easier to get in and out of Santro for him.He's 5'10. Innova was a different league,a great vehicle but certainly not a smart executive car.So its smiles all around for now. Thanks for your advice.

  • Ravi Varma |09 Nov,2010 09:28:16 AM

    Hello Sandhya Congrats and I hope you will enjoy the drive in Cruze. Happy Diwali and have a nice time with your cruze...

  • nitesh nainwal |22 Nov,2010 09:33:48 PM

    hi Ravi,i wont to buy cruze ltz auto transmation.i like this sedan car beacuse the feature of this car is very nice but the big promblem that i m liveing in Nainital it's a hill area so the automatic transmation car is better for hills and my maonthely runing is 1500 km.this car is value for money.

  • abi |22 Nov,2010 09:49:20 PM

    Hi Ravi... I have read a lot of other reviews in the same site, where bad remarks about the after sale services of chevy have been mentioned, that too with great disappointment and anger... What is ur take on that ???

  • Ravi Varma |23 Nov,2010 05:35:19 PM

    Hello Nitesh - Auto Transmission is absolutely fine with hills and steep climbs. No issue , in fact better I would say , go for it. AT Thanks Ravi

  • Ravi Varma |23 Nov,2010 05:38:54 PM

    Hello Abi, I havent yet had any issue with Chevy After Sale. I have a U-VA which is now @ 3 years no issues and now Cruze which is now @ 10 months, have done @ 15 k, 3 services and no issues. If with any centre you have issues , take it with them strongly and write to higher ups. The one review above by Mr Prankey seems to be playing pranks and you can see the comparsions are haywire. I wont take it. I have had a good experiennce..

  • ranjitsinh |25 Nov,2010 04:33:09 PM

    plese tell me about sirvice.some peple tell sirvise is very bed & puar this is right or wrong.

    CarDekho Team |26 Nov,2010 09:47:15 AM

    The Cruze is the most powerful car in its segment. Its got superb looks and build quality. Chevrolet has the 3 year cashless maintenance offer on all its cars we advise you to go for that scheme. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Ravi Varma |25 Nov,2010 08:30:59 PM

    i have no issues with service. i hsd a good experience . .

  • Sasidharan |28 Dec,2010 11:39:39 AM

    I bought an automatic transmission Cruze about six weeks ago and have done approximately 1700 KM. I have been quite pleased with it till yesterday. My car while driving (D position) suddenly felt like it went into neutral gear and the wheels did not respond to the engine. The car gently came to a stop and wouldn't respond to even manual gear shift also. I tried on multiple occasion to restart the engine and shift to D position but there was a total disconnect between the engine and the wheels. The Chevrolet service center stated that they have never seen this before and are trying to configure whether it is software glitch. Has any one experienced this or any comments on this problem. Thanks

  • Ravi Varma |28 Dec,2010 12:18:31 PM

    Sasidharan, my goodness, surprised to know it.. i have now done @ 16000 km but did not face any such issue luckily touch wood. .Does this mean that your car doesnt run at all even with manual gears ? what does GM has to say about it ? I hope the problem is rectified soonest for you and GM shall do everything to solve it at earliest

    Sasidharan |28 Dec,2010 01:43:25 PM

    The GM service center is trying to figure out the cause for it. They have been told the cables (I suppose the transmission) also by the GM center. I believe they have been contacting other service centers also to find out the exact reason for this. I just hope they will figure out and fix it. Sasidharan

  • Sasidharan |01 Jan,2011 02:49:39 PM

    My car was at the GM service center three times during this week for the same problem ie. while driving in the D position (automatic transmission)suddenly the car feels as if the gear has moved to N position with engine totally disconnected from the wheels and the car comes to a slow stop. Initially the cables were all checked the car was programmed (ECM) and yet the problem persists. I feel it must be an electronic sensing problem but whatever it is, it is now a little bit scary to take the car on the road. Unfortunately when the GM tecnicians drive it they have not experienced it as this problem comes and goes sporadically. If any one has experienced anything similar to this please respond. Thanks

  • harbir |22 Jan,2011 11:18:55 PM

    Hi I want to purchase car in new delhi I live in rural area. I wnt to purchase from SX4.linea,octavia,cruje. I havnt exp about car purchase. Can some one help me.

    CarDekho Team |25 Jan,2011 02:43:49 PM

    Dear User, We would suggest you to go for Maruti Sx4 as it has got sufficient ground clearance and also the service network of Maruti Suzuki is wide spread, where as other mentioned brand's service network can be a problem rural areas. Also the maintenance cost of Maruti Sx4 is nominal. Thanks

  • rakesh |28 Jan,2011 05:23:55 PM

    Thank you Mr. Ravi. nice to see your response to every person who asked anything about cruze. I really appreciate it. Anyways I am also planning to buy a cruze(a petrol version would have been better). I had read in a review that fiat linea has a better ride in city than cruze. Moreover it is a diesel car which needs more maintenance than petrol one. But I am confused among cruze, civic and laura. pl comment.

  • Ravi Varma |28 Jan,2011 05:56:27 PM

    Hello Mr Rakesh, thanks for your observation and comments, Well Linea is a different car than Cruze, Civic & laura. If you are looking for petrol I think it shall be between laura and civiv and altis. I would rate Civic but a issue is its ground clearance, if you are driving more in city then civic. But if you are looking for power , I would say Cruze. I am driving 60 % in city and I have a smooth ride since its AT. AT realy helps in a city. @ maintenance now a days diesel cars have excellent technology and they are bnot heavy on maintenance like in the olden days. Test drive a cruze AT and civic AT and find out what suits you. I have now done @ 18000 km on cruze and its a very smooth drive and i am quite happy. No issues of maintenance. I would still say its between cruze and civic. All the best.

  • rakesh |29 Jan,2011 11:11:13 AM

    Thank you for your response Mr. Ravi. you are so prompt. one more clarification i want if you don't mind.Feature wise I see Linea T-Jet has more of it than Cruze but lacks in power. As i have not to take part in a race what factors/features in the cruze insist me to buy it and with more price(than Linea t-jet). keep away petrol/diesel and mileage consideration. today i took test drive of linea and city.both are good.and i have to take test drive of cruze and civic.lets see. waiting for your reply.thank you.

  • Ravi Varma |29 Jan,2011 12:12:28 PM

    Mr Rakesh I think you can compare Linea and City. Cruze & Civic belong to another segment. Inside space and may other features are a definite plus in Crize & Civic than Linea/City. Ride, comfort , stability etc. Decide on the segment so that the choice is then clearer. Test drive all the cars and you will notice the difference. I can tell you Linea definitely lacks the power needed to move ahead swiftly

  • rakesh |09 Feb,2011 12:00:50 AM

    thank you Mr. Ravi. before taking test drive and sit inside it is not possible to compare Linea and Cruze. you are right, cruze and civic belong to other segment. i took drive of both linea and cruze and difference was evident. linea t-jet is surly have more power than other variants but cruze was an eye opener if we think of pick up. Although i took test drive of cruze LTZ in the city at evening rush hr but will take another test drive soon on the express way.It is stylish inside and outside both. but i feel it has somewhat little space in comparison with civic and do not feel the same exhilaration and luxury as in the civic cockpit. anyways, tomorrow i will take test drive of civic and after that i will decide finally.

  • YASH SAINI |19 Feb,2011 11:14:31 PM

    hey mr ravi!I'm a delhiite n would like to share a bit of my experience with u since my office is located in an industrial areA where some roads r extremely in a bad condition, a monthly highway drive, also for my kids affection for THE suv's i decided to go for one of these - endeavour, fortuner or pajero and a sedan wouldnt be problem too..considering the fact for its ride quality on bad uneven roads but as my sons suggested only one sedan i.e. cruze,so i decided to test drive it too,though i liked the civic and knew jetta and skoda's maintenance costs were too high so i left them all i experienced the test drive of fortuner and then cruze and as soon as i saw the cruze inside and outside,its crisp lines and the bold looks with its scintillating dashboard and damn powerful quiet engine 150ps at 4000rpm,safety ratings,cruise control,peps n sooo much!.. and after the so relieving effortless test drive of the AT in traffic on the rugged condition roads.. i was totally impressed...And i didn't test drive any other car and as soon as my sons got to learn it's full features they were surprisingly overwhelmed too so that made me buy the cruze LTZ AT and probably i'm getting the cruze with all-new minor interior changes and add-ons..1.)soft leathers instead of hard ones..2.)gray seats used to get dirty so black leather seats..3.)instead of dual tone dashboard..there is single dark pewter gray color..3.)USB input..and more..i guess its the new 2011 cruze....but the MT model will be here at 25th feb...however, AT will take some more weeks !! the sales execut. is suggesting us to go for the 34k package which told by him includes the oil(oil is charged at 3 services in 10 free services..cost 24k(8k each)),filter cost,etc....all the extra charges will exceed much more than 34k if not taken the package...so what would you advise now??... thankyou.

  • Ravi Varma |20 Feb,2011 08:06:20 PM

    Hello Mr Yash, Glad to know you liked Cruze, AT is for sure such a boon and effortless driving. its simply great. on 3k package i am not sure but would say take it.. i have now done @ 19 k on cruze. i have spent till date @ 9 on services and oil changes , filter changes etc. one oil change is @ 6 k if i remember right and its done after 15000 km . this 34 k package is for 3 years ? or some specific km ? All the best , happy and safe driving

  • jitin |01 Mar,2011 03:46:35 PM

    HI, i was suppose to buy Laura Elegance, one of my friend suggested me Chevy Cruze. i contatced delaer in Mumbai, i came to know, Refrshed Cruze is coming in day or 2, On sunday, i saw new cruze with new greyish colour like laura. and wondefull new Black leather seats like having a ride in AUDI. and some more new features added. I booked New Greyish colour - LTZ - Auto. Production not started yet, will get delivery in last week of march.

  • Ravi Varma |01 Mar,2011 04:44:59 PM

    Hello Jitin, Congrats. I think its a good decision. Glad to know that Cruze now comes with USB and blue tooth. Perhaps I would like to upgrade mine with these gadgets if its possible. Auto is great, its so comfortable to drive and effortless. Happy & Safe Driving

  • Manish Basia |17 Mar,2011 07:36:31 PM

    which is a better car Cruze 2.0 150 bhp A/T with Tiptronic or Laura 2.0 140 bhp A/T with DGS. according to me laura is better as with dgs gear shift time is lesser than tiptronic and in laura torque starts at 1700rmp where as in cruze its starts at 2600rmp.............

  • Mahesh |18 Mar,2011 08:05:38 AM

    I was planning to by a car, cruze or altis. Worried about service of chevi cars in bangalore as every one gave me a bad review abt service except 1 or 2 gave me some good review.

  • Ravi Varma |18 Mar,2011 02:45:29 PM

    Hello : Manish : Cruze 6 speed AT is clutch to clutch shift. It doesnt have lag. For AT the torque really doesnt make a difference. for manual gears it does result in a slight lag. You can also notice that Cruze 0-100 is @ 9.1 sec as against Laura 1.9 of 11.2 secs and 2.0 L is @ 10 seconds. I am not very sure @ 2.0 L figures. You can test drive both and take a call. In my review above I have listed several points which prompted my decision to go for Cruze. All the best

  • Ravi Varma |18 Mar,2011 02:48:29 PM

    Hello Mahesh : In Altis and Cruze for sure go for Cruze. After Sale is relative term and I did not have any bad experience till date. Secondly the vehicle wont need any apart from regular service. Since cruze is selling in huge numbers GM will have to come up with more and more service stations. I dont think its a point to worry. If you own a GM car and had a bad experience then its upto you. Test drive Altis and Cruze and see the obvious difference

  • gowtham |18 Mar,2011 10:37:23 PM

    Sx4 or cruise which 1 to buy?

  • Ravi Varma |19 Mar,2011 09:39:26 AM

    Gowtham , SX4 and Cruze cannot be compared. Nor on price nor on features. It depends upon what is ur budget and which features you are keen on.

  • Manish Basia |19 Mar,2011 11:26:45 AM

    thanx Ravi

  • Akhil |19 Mar,2011 08:44:06 PM

    I am planning to buy a Honda city. Do you think it is worth spending some more money and buying this car. And can you frankly tell me it's mileage in the city.....??? Pr is there any other car better than this?????

  • Ravi Varma |21 Mar,2011 12:34:49 PM

    Hello Akhil, Honda city and Cruze are of different league. Now whether you want to spend more money for a change in segment is totally upto you. You can see difference between City & Civic. If you think you want Civic segment car then Cruze will enter in. @ Mielage in city : I am getting @ 10.8 km/litre in city with Auto Transmission. On highway I have seen it to be @ 14.5 km/litre

  • Renju C R |25 Mar,2011 03:14:08 PM

    Any one please tell me about the Maintenance of the Car(Cruze). Previously i'm having one Octavia, which dried my pocket very much for its Maintenance. Now i'm very much concern about this Car.

  • Ravi Varma |26 Mar,2011 09:23:05 AM

    Hello Renju, Cruze is a comparitively new car so maintenance cost data is difficult. I have now done @ 25000 km so far. I have spent @ Rs 8000=00 on servcing , oil change, filter changes etc. Tyres are still good and i guess they will serve me another @ 15- 20000 km. Brake liners may need a change in another 5000 km i belive they cost @ Rs 12000 k. This is the data i have with me with my car . I understand that for AT the brake liners wear out faster than manual transmission cars. I hope with this data you can compare. We can say @ Rs 0.6 /km maintenance excpet tyre wear out.

  • Saini |29 Mar,2011 02:10:30 PM

    Finally i got my new chevrolet cruze LTZ AT in a white diamond color...it took almost 2 months from the date of delivery and so now the wait was totally worth it...the sun visor has vanity mirror with lights ... the entertainment system just got Blouetooth and USB.....seats cushion more softer and the seats are now jet black...im lovin' it!...

    soni sardar |16 Jul,2012 11:32:45 PM

    Whats the city mileage u get? Am looking for a 2011 cruze model

  • varunseth |12 Apr,2011 07:55:31 PM

    seems you are more of a marketing executive for some random car brand then being a perspective buyer

  • Ravi Varma |13 Apr,2011 09:30:57 AM

    Varunseth : I am not a buyer, if you read all comments and reviews you will notice i am a car owner. About your guess work I need not comment since everyone is free to opinion about whatever he feels like. A random car for you is a good car for me . You may be owning Benz , BMW's or AUDI's which doesnt mean other cars of subdue.

  • Ravi Varma |13 Apr,2011 05:59:30 PM

    Hi Vishal : I bought my car for Rs 15.5 lakhs on raod in Jan last year. Its AT. I have driven till @ 190 km/h now. No wobble. For wobbling it must be a bad tyre or mis alignment or imabalanced wheel. Go for AT. I dont know about new Jetta. Jetta is good car also. But check the price and cost of spares. bcos when i checked Jetta it was 18.5 Lakhs and that too for 1.9 LTDI old technology engine. Another thing to watch out in Jetta is the rear AC louver location. It makes middle person on rear seat uncomfortable a lot.

  • rahul |19 Apr,2011 06:49:58 PM

    guys please suggest me cruze or wait for new verna rb

  • Owais |26 May,2011 04:16:41 PM

    I have done 3000kms on my cruze LTZ-AT and I am very happy with the performance.

  • Dr George |04 Jun,2011 09:53:42 PM

    great review,congrats Mr.Ravi ! After comparing many cars I have decided to replace my 2006 corolla with Cruz AT.It is great V.F.M.

  • Ravi Varma |06 Jun,2011 09:26:06 AM

    Owais, George thanks for letting me know your views and thoughts. All the best to you all and wish you a safe drive. My car has now done 26 k and is running quite well.

  • Manish Basia |29 Jun,2011 02:16:56 PM

    I bought cruze AT and its jst 800km and I feel that it don't leave clutch till second gear. till second gear i feel that car is running on half clutch on third gear I feel its normal. Pls tell me is it normal or there is some problem in my car.

  • Ravi Varma |29 Jun,2011 02:25:53 PM

    Hello Manish, This is not normal. Pl check the car , did you try driving in manual mode ? is the feeling the same ? You shall get it checked and also as a alternate test drive another AT cruze and you will know the difference.

  • vivek |13 Jul,2011 10:40:56 PM

    Hi ravi, I am bit confused between MT and AT of Cruz LTZ. driving in city traffic I need quick response, the zip and punch which AT lacks. I test drove MT. It responds with a lag but has more punch when required. The gear shift in MT however looked bit tardy and shift was not butter smooth. Is it because the test vehicle was not maintained ( had done 34000Kms) Please help me make a selection between AT and MT. Budget is not a constraint. Would appreciate early response. Regards

    Ravi Varma |14 Jul,2011 10:37:33 AM

    Hello Vivek, I would for sure and certain recommend AT. You will realise the benfits of effortless drive, smooth acceleration w/o any jerk at all. It has adequate pick up since the engine in itself is very powerful. compared to MT it has a sligh lesser pickup (slight !!) , you barely need to go to manual mode in AT to feel the punch. I would say AT.

    vivek |14 Jul,2011 09:46:34 PM

    Thank you ravi. I would take your advise and book my Cruise AT tomorrow on Guru Poornima day. regards

  • Ravi Varma |15 Jul,2011 09:02:52 AM

    Hi Vivek, All the best and wish you a happy safe comfortable drive. It will give me more satisfaction when you would enjoy the drive and would be convinced that you took a good decision. All the best Ravi

  • GAURAV |30 Jul,2011 09:12:40 PM

    hello, i m confused between laura diesel and cruze ltz manual.my one relative owns laura and says it has mileage of 20kms/ltr. is it true? wt is the actual mileage of cruze ltz manual. wt abt the maintanence costs of cruze? i live in hilly area. is there any ground clearance issue with cruze? plz help me out. which car do u recommend

  • CarDekho Team |30 Jul,2011 09:15:46 PM

    @GAURAV - There are no ground clearance issues with either of the cars, both are very good car models to choose from. Yes the Laura does give 17-19kmpl easily but the maintenance is slightly more than the Cruze which on the other hand is a very powerful car. If you want best in class quality and fit finish and mileage go for the Laura but if you want power and performance get the Cruze.

  • atul |02 Sep,2011 09:58:24 PM

    call me if any one to know more about cruze and price in delhi 9899007366 / 8826996094

  • Dr.George |01 Dec,2011 07:48:19 PM

    My cruz AT has done 4500km & I am fully satisfied.Last week I met with an accident and had to replace front bumper and two tyres. They offerd me an emergency service and I must say the cost was very reasonable, and very prompt.Nothing extra was charged for the breakdown service !!

  • SAMEER |23 Jan,2012 09:51:05 AM


  • M.K.SINGH |29 Feb,2012 03:22:21 PM

    Hi Can any one comment on milage, ex. show room price in delhi (best deal) for Cruze LTZ MT which I plan to book. Also comment on low speed drive and drive comfort. M K Singh

  • kumar |02 Apr,2012 07:28:50 PM

    car is great just bought one AT only milage is an issue getting only 7 in city hope to get at least 10 then its great VFM car otherwise is fantastic to drive even in city yet to take it to highway.

  • Prithviraj Patil |29 Jul,2012 04:58:34 AM

    The worst experience buying Chevrolet Cruze From Unique Automobiles Kolhapur Maharashtra @ I was assured from the dealer aswell as the Area Sales Manager of Chevrolet, That there is not going to launch any upgraded version of Chevrolet Cruze for upcoming 1year, So I decided to buy the Car, They had Given me Delivery of Car on 30th April and the Car was having issue of engine oil leakage and having repainted bonnet ,So I decided to file case againts them but they assured Me of Giving Car replacement and then they Delivered, Me New Car on 16th May, But the Tax of RTO was paid on 30th April 2012, They changed the Chassis number an Engine number on the Paper of RTO because, The RTO tax had been increased from the 1st May 2012 by 65000 Rupees, These is the best Example how these Dealer Fool Pepole aswell as RTO Department

  • Vignesh |06 Jun,2017 10:31:48 PM

    Wats the mileage of automatic transmission cruze

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    By Kashish | 2017-04-13 12:49:36.0 | 1023 Views

    CHEVY CRUZE :-it can be termed as one of the best car in its segment ....

  • Legend Sedan
    By gursimar | 2017-01-06 16:58:42.0 | 622 Views

    Chevrolet's Cruze is technically updated, the best sedan in India ...

  • Cruze Up Your Life
    By Suman | 2017-01-02 19:18:46.0 | 61 Views

    Chevrolet Cruze is the best car, though I have a diesel variant but po...

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