Chevrolet Cruz: Luxury par excellence!!

By for Chevrolet Cruze from Pune 2010-04-28 15:11:53.0
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Pros : looks are mesmerizing, interiors are spacious, comfortable and smooth driving

Cons : not many

I have been reading a number of reviews on Chevrolet Cruz and after my personal experience with the car, I feel it deserves to be written well about. So, with this review, I wanna share my experience that I personally had in my city Pune. I went to a dealer outlet here in the city and was quite happy with the reciprocation from their side. I was also feeling quite confident as I had already done my home-work before going for the test drive. Friends, I was stunned at the exterior looks of the car the moment I saw it first. Beautifully drawn lines makes the car look awesome. The interiors are thoughtful with well-placed buttons all over the console. I really like the sunroof but was a bit concerned that whether this would increase the air-drag if opened while driving. The inbuilt music player sounds cool with a descent bass balance. Anyone sitting inside the car would surely notice the escape feature in case of emergency. The boot space is massive, sufficiently enough for a small family. The seating is very comfortable and the driver would love driving this luxury. Although this was a test drive but I really had a good ides of various features that I had read before coming to the test drive.

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  • Shinky |30 Apr,2010 06:55:30 AM

    True True True!! but I am getting a better mileage than what you have suggested here:)

  • Radhika |03 May,2010 09:06:04 AM

    What is the average mileage in Chevrolet cruz?? is it doing really good...I found the review quite impressive and useful and wanna buy this car now...pls suggest me!!

  • Ram |07 May,2010 11:31:51 PM

    Sexy Car, Amazing performance, Technology and Safety at the best.

  • Prankey |22 May,2010 12:56:19 AM

    I had a tough day test driving a Cruze today. As soon as I saw the car, I tried to compare it with a Civic (find it a closest match in terms of look and segment). I felt Civic looks much more elegant externally. I wasn't pleased with the single tone grey leather interior as we have now got used to dual tone interior. Sun roof looked good with sliding cover. However let me clarify that while looking to buy a car, I am test driving cars right through B till D segment and comparing their features, comfort and refinement while evaluating value for money. Based on these parameters, I was not at all impressed with the LTZ variant's On-road price tag of Rs. 16 Lac in Bangalore. I was frank with the sales executive who brought the vehicle, comparing each feature and performance with vehicles from other and same segments. The car he had brought was showing a computed overall mileage figure of 9.9kmpl. Was not very pleased with the figure. Getting in the car: Was happy to know that you just need to touch a sensor on the driver door handle to lock the car (barring the need for using the remote or the key to open the door). Sales person Arun suggested that this feature essentially locks the car after you get out and touch the door (or someone wants to open it other than you). However this feature, he suggested would work only if you have the key nearby (could not understand the real use). Got inside the car by unlocking through the key, seat was reasonably comfortable, however was not impressed by the push button start button (keyless operation, any buyers). I am quite used to using the keys now that I personally feel more comfortable entering the key and turning it round to start the vehicle. Anyway, started the car, noticed that the clutch lever caries some of the engine vibration inside the car (was surprised, that the clutch do not use the drive by wire technology as used in the likes of Swift/Dzire, SX4, Fiesta, etc. Clutch was eventually harder than the modern petrol vehicles. Test drive car had alignment issue! Cant understand why Chevy could not maintain their test drive vehicles down to such basic issues. Right wheel had some rattling sound like some bush or brake canister component was loose! When discussed such issues with the sales executive, he just suggested that it is expected out of a test drive vehicle! (listeners, waddaya feel???) Anyway, moved the vehicle to test it in a long Kanakapura Road with mixed road conditions and cornering "opportunities". Talking about the features, I could not stop myself from comparing with those in the likes of Xylo, Manza, Scorpios (some of these car has the same of more of these "Gizmos"). Driving experience: I felt reasonably comfortable driving the car, but was still annoyed with the pricing of the car in Bangalore. Suspension was reasonably balanced for rough and high speed driving. Tyres seemed the same "JK Vectra" Tyres found in SX4 ZXI (not very impressed with the choice in a D segment car??). Could not test much beyond this point due to the below amusing part: Sales Executive Arun was quite annoyed when I kept comparing the car with those from the lower segment cars!! He suggested if I had really checked on the features of Cruze before requesting a test drive (what type of question was that?? excuse me!). Nevertheless, I kept driving along to test all the features of the car. Still I was unable to stop thinking about the price tag, as I felt that while Laura had less powered engine (TDI), I felt its performance comparable to that of the Cruze (plus I really liked the looks of Laura and Civic - both inside out, even when these vehicles do not have some of the "Gizmos" like Rain sensor, Air Quality Monitor - I like this feature in Cruze like in Petrol Elentra). However, at this price tag, I felt that the AC should have a air filtering unit like the plasma ionizers we get these days in our home ACs, Clutch should have been hydraulic drive by wire like in Swift, Headlamps should have been Xenon like in Laura and last but not the least, looks! I feel the looks of Laura and Civic are far superior (both inside and outside). Rear suspension, not independent like in Civic. Center dashboard was hitting my knees making me remember good old Alto, talk of legroom.. When requested the sales executive to justify the price tag, he got extremely annoyed and asked me to go for an Indica instead (he seemed to be an under prepared, extremely arrogant sales person). I lost my cool this time and requested him not to suggest a car as I know quite well on how to evaluate the cars. He got more annoyed and quite surprisingly started a BIG argument that I am comparing Cruze with the lower segment cars and INSULTING HIM!!! Boy I lost it completely this time, took an immediate U turn and headed straight to my home. Afterwards it was my wife sitting on the back seat trying to contain such egoistic, arrogant and misbehaving sales staff I EVER COME across!! (Did you, ever?). When I suggested that I am talking about the vehicle and when did I insult him, he suggested that he has never come across a customer who criticize the car to such an extent and he has sold 25 cars in a month (big deal, can someone figure out what was going on his mind when I was honestly comparing the car with others?). Seriously, there were quite a lot of heated arguments there on and my wife and my daughter had to listen to the music till we reached home. Have to report this issue and escalate it to the top management and ask for clarification on the grounds they hire such misbehaving staff (that too sales, for a D segment car like their flagship Cruze). This person was asking me "Do you know who I am?" like he was the CEO of Chevy (GM, baby, now I am having a feeling for you on how you lost it all, globally). Comments, welcome. Enjoy the ride..

    Dr. Car |19 Nov,2010 03:19:28 PM

    Dear Mr. Prankey, Other than the price tag( which seems to have got your goat ) your review of the car itself is pretty good. You also seem to have major issues with sales staff and marketing strategies of the GM brand in general, and your Chennai dealer in particular. At the rate at which U are comparing every car , expecting the heaven and earth out of them and then crying over a price tag, I am guessing U are one of those gentlemen who talk BIG , think BIG but drive around in beaten up 1980 Maruti 800. Take home message, the Cruze is a good car, the Chennai dealer isnt... hey India has more than just a chennai dealer !!! enjoy the Cruze

    gagan |01 Dec,2010 08:09:48 PM

    hello Mr. how would you feel if someone comes your home and starts cribbing about it.. and finding faults only... there is no problem with the cruze... problem arises if yoy start comparing it and finding out why not. I believe GM has done a good job and still working on resolving some problems in the next edition launching in 2011. Don't go be the test drive vehicles... its been driven by crap people for fun.. mileage and hdlg suffers..

  • Dr.Cyberpatrol |17 Jun,2010 11:50:33 PM

    Was this a car review or a review about the marketing skills of GM staff ??? Excuse me Mr Prankey. I think you are blaming GM for the high taxes in Bangalore. In other states Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc the on road price for LTZ is < 14.45. So I believe Cruze is quite a bargain.

  • Bynge |05 Aug,2010 02:30:54 AM

    Prankey, here is my guess. You are a North Indian who fights with waiters. Jokes apart. Most of your points seem to be comming from a budda adami, you don't like keyles entry and keyless start/stopo button ?. Omg, you were comparing Cruze with Xylo, Manza ?. My best guess is you couldn't afford the car and probably the sales guy felt that you are wasting his time. Or else why would you even compare it with B segment cars??

  • Aj |20 Sep,2010 09:30:07 PM

    Good on Prankey!! You get fired right away for such behavior by a sales-person if you were in their(GM) origin country. And rest bunch of shits out here don't know what they buy and drive and can write racist comments only!!

  • maxx |22 Dec,2010 09:25:58 PM

    cruze rulessssssssssssssssssss............................. be it the japanwse or germans in this segment the cruze is just better than its competation and it is a benchmark.............................its a clear winner....................thank god it doesnt hav plastic build like corolla or civic.....better than laura and jetta in every angle......

  • Ganesh |07 Feb,2011 10:41:16 AM

    I am still very much impressed by Chev. Cruz car. I approched dealer in Guwahati in mid July 2010. But the so called Manager was so reluctant in giving me a quotation that I was very upset and instatly decided to switch over to Honda Cielo. He pressed upon me to buy the car from Dibrugarh instead of Guwahati. I persisted my choice and then the manager very reluctantly issued a quotation, he didnot have a pen to sign upon it and even had no Envelop for putting the quotation in. Whatever may be, it`s over now. I still follow Chev. Cruz and happy to see it march ahead of others.

  • Harshal |15 Feb,2011 12:47:54 PM

    Yesterday on 14feb I test drove it and really impressed with its massive sheer power which can beat any in its segment...This car can reach to 220kmph(saw on youtube)...I managed to reach easily 160kmph yestday...exterior and interior best in class...looks are simply amazing...0-100 in mind boggling 9 secs..wonderful... Simply cruze is top class Boss in segment...good bye to laura's and Jetta's

  • nirav wostan |10 Aug,2011 04:56:11 PM

    With you in Cruz on road yud experience as if u r on a cruise over a call sea...ur in full control well over 150 zooms....its indeed a diesel rocket...its a with it about 6 months..take my word for it..dont give it a 2nd thought.

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