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Used BMW

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The Used BMW are available in Diesel & Petrol fuel types. There are 475 Used BMW Diesel and 89 Used BMW Petrol available starting at price of 7,25,000. The popular second hand diesel cars among these are BMW X1, BMW 3 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series & BMW 1 Series.

Popular Used BMW Models

Here are few top Used BMW models listed which includes BMW X1, BMW 3 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series & BMW 1 Series. The most popular model is the Used BMW X1 BMW X1 is the lowest price car at price 9,75,000 Lakhs from this listing. While the most high priced used car in the given listing is BMW X1 at price 27,50,000 Lakhs.

There are many used cars in view comprising Hatchback, Sedans, SUV, Luxury, Convertible & Coupe present in the given listing.


Total 150 Used BMW SUV available in listings. BMW X1 is the lowest price Used BMW SUV priced at 9,75,000. Most popular Used BMW SUV is BMW X1 priced at 14,50,000. The current top Used BMW SUV in listing are BMW X1, BMW X5, BMW X3 & BMW X6.

Used BMW Sedans

There are 34 used sedan cars available in the listing. Lowest price Used BMW Automatic Sedans available is BMW 5 Series at the price of 9,50,000. While the most expensive Used BMW Automatic Sedans priced at 66,00,000 is BMW X6.

Used BMW Hatchback

Listing includes 7 Used Hatchback cars. Small cars are very popular in India. Out of the car listing available the most popular Used BMW Hatchback is BMW 1 Series priced at 23,00,000. These used cars are available with prices ranging between 18,50,000 to 25,00,000.

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