Emergency Ambulance Response

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Emergency Numbers
102 Ambulances
101 Fire
CarDekho aims to promote road safety and reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries on the roads leveraging innovative products, services, and educational programs.

Why Road safety is Important?

Every hour India reports


Road Accidents
According to a report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), India reports 57 Road Accidents every hour.


Serious injuries
According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, India report 34 serious injuries every hour due to road accident.


India reports 18 deaths per hour due to road accidents as per NCRB.

Book Ambulance through Medulance

Help / Rescues the Patient in case of the Emergency situation by doing just a click. Medulance Ambulance comes right in front of the door for help.
Book Ambulance

Accident Emergency Plan


Calmly access the situation & ensure safety

Access the situation without panicking and ensure safety for everyone.

Secure & assist the injured ones

Secure and assist the injured ones carefully. If crash is severe, call an Ambulance immediately.

Call Emergency Services

Access the situation and call the emergency services (Ambulance, Fire, Police)

Coordinate and make way for Emergency team

Clear the way for the emergency team and assist them in rescuing the injured ones.
Road Safety Measures
  • Seat Belts – Always remember to put on the seat belt before starting the car and setting off to the next destination.
  • If you have small kids on board then do have an approved kid’s seat in the vehicle of better safety of the child.
  • Do refer and comply with traffic rules as they are the best way to safeguard yourself and the vehicle against any mishap.
  • Do not drink and drive as this is one major factor for maximum accidents in our country.
  • Use of a cell phone while driving is a strict no, as it distracts the user and might cause serious accidents. If at all there is a requirement to do so then pullover at the correct stop to one side and attend the call.
  • Avoid switching lanes frequently as lane driving is safe driving.
  • Never assume that the driver in front of you is going to do exactly what he/she portrays.For example it is not necessary that the car in front which has its left indicator on then it would go in the same direction. It could be that the driver forgot to turn it off so never assume.
This is part of CarDekho's CSR initiative as road safety is not only our social responsibility but it's a step towards creating a safer, sustainable transportation system for everyone.