Tata Safari Storme Reliability Report

Published On Apr 22, 2014 By Rahul for Tata Safari Storme

Tata Safari is the first premium SUV that India got. It has been a made for Indians by the Indians, as it was manufactured by the home-grown brand Tata Motors, back in 1998. Since, then the chassis has remained the same and now Tata has introduced the Safari Storme that is based on the X2 platform. We get our hands on the Safari Storme and find out how good it is in the long run. Read our reliability reports to understand more about the Safari Storme.

Report I:

The Safari Storme we got is a 4x4 and it was built on the X2 platform. We have driven all the other engines of the previous Safaris and what realy impressed us the most is the refinement. The new Safari Storme engine is a VARiCOR and it is far more refined than the DiCOR, and even the vibrations are less. What really makes a difference in the VARiCOR is the torque at low rpm, which enhances the drivability in the city. The power delivery is a lot linear and the X2 as a platform is lighter than the previous generation making it a lot lighter as well.

The spare wheel is now mounted underneath the car to reduce the rear door vibrations. This is an advantage, however the new Safari Storme now has a smaller fuel tank before of this. This is a 50-litre tank instead of the 65 litres. The other advantage of this Safari's reduction in vibration is the dual mass flywheel which balances the engine much better than the conventional flywheel.

Report II:

The drivability in city has been improved and even the final drive ratios are changed. The Safari Storme's engine is efficient as well, it gives about 11-13km/l in inter-city and highway driving. What else has been improved is the handling of the SUV. The Safari Storme has been built with a lighter and a more flexible chassis, this has improved the handling of the vehicle drastically. The brakes are responsive and do not feel spongy at any time, even the feel of the pedal is good.

The ride is still plaint and it doesn't feel stiff at any point. The road shocks and bumps even on bad roads and potholes is well taken care by the suspension. We have driven on bad road and broken tarmac too, but the ride is sublime. The steering feedback is good but it doesn't weigh up much. The Safari Storme drives well and the driving dynamics is a massive improvement over the previous Safari.

Report III:

The interiors of the Safari Storme look a lot similar, but these are brand new. The seats are thinner than the previous car. The fit and finish is much better than the previous Safari and even the look and feel is good too. However, the built quality still needs some improvement. The new seats aren't very comfortable for long distance trip, when you compare to the older Safari. This is still more supportive and comfortable than the competition.

The audio controls are there even on the stock instead of the steering wheel. The headlamp controls are moved to the right hand side below the AC vent. The music system is good and even comes with Bluetooth. The Tata Safari Storme has a shorter turning radius and this makes it easier to drive in the city, especially in tight lanes.

Advantages of the Safari Storme:

  • Ride Quality
  • Space and Comfort
  • Handling
  • Power

Things that need improvement:

  • Plastic quality
  • More features

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