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Published On Apr 07, 2015 07:45 PM By Abhijeet

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The iconic MINI has been a revolution ever since its first inception. An absolute plethora of versions came through, Clubman, Countryman, Coupe, Roadster, Paceman and on and on. But two very new ones are surely to get eyeballs rolling, the MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe and the MINI Paceman Adventure.

MINI Paceman Adventure

This one comes through a joint effort from young apprentices and their instructors at the BMWs Munich facility. The collaborative team picked up a MINI Cooper S Paceman as the base and worked on it extensively converting it a two seat adventure vehicle along with a pickup style cargo area at the rear.

The adventurous spirit is reflected by the fact that it has a powerful turbocharged engine combined with all-wheel drive ALL4 system. The suspension has been modified and a number of unique features onboard make this one a very versatile car to do whatever you fancy.

A powerful output of 184bhp from that turbocharged engine ensures gutsy performance on smooth tarmac, and the all-wheel drive system helps it along when the roads are not that smooth. The passenger area ends right behind the front seats, from where the huge (for a MINI) cargo area for luggage, tools and equipment begins.

A butch looking solid roof rack accommodates the spare wheel. The MINI Paceman Adventure is an ideal car for driving on gravel roads, wading through muddy tracks or on dusty desert trails. The snorkel-like roof level air intake means that MINI Paceman Adventure could tackle a challenging river crossing and breathe in air.

Additional lights mounted on the front cross member aid visibility in night travelling, while special off-road tyres with wide and deep treads guarantee the ample traction whatever be the surface. The MINI Paceman Adventure features exclusive Jungle Green metallic paintwork. BMW clearly states that the MINI Paceman Adventure is a one-off and there are no plans for series production at all, so all you can do is drool.

MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe

This one is just a little too hard to miss, isn’t it? You have seen chrome on the headlamp, rear light and radiator grille surrounds and many other design features, however MINI has decided the argument about ‘how much chrome’ shall be ended by featuring it to the entire body of the car. This special feature has been developed exclusively for the MINI 3 door. At the unveiling of this model, MINI asked photojournalists who wish to attend the event that it will be compulsory to wear sunglasses and that it is not possible to permit the use of flash due to physically uncontrollable reflections!!

Chrome sits at the crux of unique visual details and has been part of the MINI tradition with that go-kart drive appeal and that beautiful central instrument in the cockpit. Recent MINI models have sort of ditched much use of chrome but this one shall truly bring back the glory days, in excess though on one car.

This MINI turns into a piece of art with the entire vehicle given a chrome surface as an optional extra. The assembly hall lights were dimmed during assembly of the new MINI 3 door with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe and the operating speed of the conveyor belt reduced to give employees the opportunity to check their clothing and hair in the reflection of the MINI body.

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