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Owning a car is, perhaps, the most expensive investment next to owning a house. Your car needs some extra care so that it performs well and is as good as new even after many years. From exterior aesthetics to under-the-hood parts and components, your car needs attention in many areas so that it stays free from trouble.  When you find yourself with a vehicle that is not running properly, not only is it imperative to have a professional workshop technician diagnose your car, it is equally important to fix the issues using the right spare parts.

From the smallest of the screws to complex components and systems, it is hard to pick a specific car part as the “most significant” one. Yet, with a lot of car drivers taking to the roads every single day, there are a handful of parts that they need to be aware of to experience a safe drive, every time they get behind the wheel.

Brakes: Braking system is crucial to the safety of the vehicle occupants. While it takes a professional technician to check if brake parts such as the brake pads, discs or brake fluid need replacement, one can be aware of some early warnings signs for possible brakes malfunction. These include

  • Long stopping distance and excessive pedal effort
  • If the vehicle pulls to one side when brakes are applied
  • Excessive screeching or grinding noise while applying brakes
  • Pedal nearly touching the floorboard before the brakes become operational

Batteries: Car batteries usually last for a long period of time (an average of 2-3 years) and show very few symptoms to indicate battery replacement. While the best time to choose and buy a car battery is before the present one gives up all together, it is always good to look at the following tips before choosing the replacement battery.

  • In addition to having the right voltage and terminal placements, choosing a battery of the right size is extremely important. Batteries come in different group sizes to fit the car’s battery tray and it is important to ensure that they fit securely under the hood. Refer to the car manufacturer’s manual to know the car’s specific battery size.  
  • Cold cranking amps (CCA) measure the battery’s ability to start a car even in an extremely cold climate. Choosing a battery with a high CCA is particularly advantageous for vehicles that are driven in extreme climates. Always refer to the owner’s manual and follow the CCA rating specified for your car battery.
  • Choose a battery with the ideal warranty period. Most batteries have pro-rated warranty. While you may get a partial reimbursement during pro-rated warranty, the amount of reimbursement upon battery failure may not match that of a free-replacement warranty. If the battery is under warranty period, make sure to check its condition. Low water levels, improper installations or inappropriate supply of power from the alternator can make the warranty clauses void.

Filters: Regardless of the car being driven in cities or off-road conditions, filters play a crucial role in protecting important components of the vehicle, and its occupants. While certain airborne particles can harm passengers, or cause the engine to stall; impurities in oil and/or combustion residues and abrasions in the fuel results in the wear-and-tear of critical engine components. Air Filter, cabin filter, oil filters, and fuel filters keep everything running clean in the car. Neglecting them can result in serious damage to the vehicle in many ways. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s manual for routine maintenance to ensure that the filters are in optimal condition for the best performance on the road.

Engine Oil: Engine oil for your vehicle is as vital as blood is to the human body. Changing the oil as per the vehicle manufacturers’ suggested schedule is important to keep your vehicle’s engine running longer. It is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation while choosing the right grade and specification of the engine oil, which is made assuming that the vehicle will be driven in standard weather conditions experienced across the country, where the vehicle is sold.

Wiper Blades: Having a clear view of the road ahead during all types of weather conditions is a prerequisite for safe driving. Although an important component, the working condition of car wiper blades are often neglected until it’s most needed. That’s why taking the time to think about preventive maintenance on your windshield wiper blades is critical to safe driving. A noticeable change in driving visibility or problems such as streaking, chattering etc. leads to disturbed visibility. Any one of these signs is an indication of wear requiring immediate replacement of the wiper blades. Checking and replacing the wiper blades every 6-12 months should be part of the preventive maintenance plan. Waiting until they fail is dangerous and risky for all road users. It is also a good practice to ensure that the windshield cleaning reservoir is filled with the right proportion of windshield fluid and water.

Genuine Parts: When it comes to replacing the spare parts of your vehicle, always insist on using genuine spare parts. Although non-genuine parts may look real, they may have never been tested to work for your vehicle and often compromise on the quality and safety attributes that come with genuine parts. Made from high quality materials to precise specifications and tested to be perfectly compatible for your vehicle, genuine parts will save you from expensive repairs, assuring you of optimal performance of the vehicle.

With over 125 years of expertise in the field of automotive solutions and services, technology from Bosch assures mobility of people with a comprehensive and world-class range of genuine replacement parts for passenger cars. Experience a truly world-class drive with Bosch Auto Parts. Find out more at

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